World Cup 2010: Organiser Danny Jordaan contemplating vuvuzela ban after complaints

Organisers doing their best to minimise impact...
Danny Jordaan, South Africa’s World Cup organising chief, has said that vuvuzelas may be banned from inside stadiums after a number of complaints from broadcasters and supporters.

The almost constant sound of the horn-like instrument has so far overpowered much of the usual singing and atmosphere usually generated during games.

When asked by BBC Sport whether they would be banned, Jordaan said that it was a possibility.

"If there are grounds to do so, yes," he said.

"We did say that if any land on the pitch in anger we will take action."

French captain Patrice Evra has already complained about the noise generated by the instruments, claiming that his side’s recent poor display against Uruguay was due in part to the sound of the vuvuzelas.

"We can't sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas. People start playing them from 6am,” he explained

"We can't hear one another out on the pitch because of them."

Jordaan claims that the organisers are doing what they can to minimise the effect of the noise.

"We've tried to get some order," he said.

"We have asked for no vuvuzelas during national anthems or stadium announcements. It's difficult but we're trying to manage the best we can.

"We've had some broadcasters and individuals [complaining] and it's something we are evaluating on an on-going basis."

Jordaan also admitted that he was not a fan of the instruments himself.

“I would prefer singing,” he added.

"It's always been a great generator of a wonderful atmosphere in stadiums and I would try to encourage them to sing.

"In the days of the struggle [against apartheid] we were singing, all through our history it's our ability to sing that inspired and drove the emotions."

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