Brazil legend Djalma Santos dies aged 84

The ex-Palmeiras star is considered one of the greatest right-backs in history and lifted two World Cups during his illustrious career

Two-time World Cup-winning Brazil legend Djalma Santos has died aged 84 of pneumonia.

The former Selecao star represented his country 98 times and played at a remarkable four World Cups, winning two of them in 1958 and 1962.

Santos, widely regarded as one of the greatest right-backs ever, was taken to hospital with pneumonia on January 1 and fought for over six months with the condition before passing away in Uberaba on Tuesday.

He started his illustrious, four-decade spanning career with Portuguesa in 1948 joined Palmeiras in 1959 and retired following a year-long stint at Atletico Paranaense in 1970 at the age of 41.

Despite defenders having a reputation for regularly racking up cards, Santos was never sent off in his career and he is currently one of only two players - Franz Beckenbauer being the other - to feature in three World Cup All-Star Teams.