Rangers eyeing move to Premier League

The club's chief executive has declared that the only English team bigger than his side is Manchester United, and also believes Barcelona and Madrid would want them in La Liga

Rangers chief executive Charles Green has announced that the economically-crippled club are looking into the possibility of leaving Scottish football.

This follows a claim from Green that the SPL don't want Rangers back in the top division in Scotland.

However, with the Scottish leagues set to undergo a revamp, the Glasgow club see this as their opportunity to engineer a move to another country.

"The SPL told us face-to-face, 'We don't want you, you aren't welcome," he said in an interview with Associated Press.

"What we understand is that any restructuring [of the Scottish leagues] will also revisit the taboo,"

"A bit like, 'Don't talk about the war to the Germans.' 'Don't mention Rangers and Celtic leaving Scotland.' It was always 'Shhh don't mention that.'

"I think the taboo of that is going to be lifted ... Scottish football without Rangers and Celtic might actually become more competitive within the remaining clubs rather than having these two monsters sat above them."

Green also believes that the club would have support from clubs such as Manchester United, a club which he believes will be able to generate extra revenue from ticket sales through making the sport more competitive.

"Why would Man United want to play Southampton? Why, when they could play Rangers? Sixty percent of the Premier League don't want Rangers," he continued.

"Of course they don't want Rangers. Why would Southampton, Swansea, Wigan, Aston Villa? Why would any of them want Rangers or Celtic in their league.

"Why would they? It threatens their existence ... but if you asked the big clubs, 'Would you like Rangers? [They would]."

The Gers' head honcho also believes that even Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid would welcome Celtic and Rangers to their league.

"Ask Barcelona and Real Madrid if they would like Rangers and Celtic in their league," he added

"They definitely would. Why wouldn't Barcelona want to play Rangers home and away as opposed to playing Getafe. They would sell [those] games out."