Sir Alex Ferguson: Derby game will not prompt Manchester United to change their approach to the Community Shield

Scot believes that Sunday's match at Wembley is no more than another chance to prepare themselves for the start of their Premier League campaign against West Brom next weekend
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes that the Community Shield is nothing more than a "stepping stone" to the start of their Premier League programme.

And despite Sunday's Wembley showpiece being a derby against local rivals Manchester City, the Scot has hinted that he will treat the fixture in the same way as he has in previous years.

"It’s easy to get emotional about this kind of game," said Sir Alex. "But I don’t think we will be changing our policy. The Community Shield is a stepping-stone to the first game of the season."

The Scot also maintained that his City counterpart, Roberto Mancini, will need to win more trophies and benefit from continuity in the boardroom at Eastlands if he is to be handed the kind of power he himself wields at Old Trafford.

"Time does that for you, and success too," said the 69-year-old.

"It depends on the type of club you have. At United we have been fortunate there hasn’t been any great change with the directors at the club. In Maurice Watkins, Mike Edelsen and Bobby Charlton we have directors who have been here since I have been here.

"[Former chairman and chief executive] Martin Edwards is still honorary president and David Gill has been chief executive for quite a few years.

"Continuity and understanding mean a lot. And they know the most important person at the club is the manager."

Sir Alex was also surprised that City and Arsenal have not dabbled more than they have in the transfer market so far.

"I thought City may have spent more this summer - and it may still happen," he said. "I expected more buying, especially by Arsenal. I thought they would have bought a few players.

"But it is still early days and August 31 is a long way off.

"Chelsea haven’t really been busy except with the manager, who will need time to adjust.

"We expect a big challenge from City and Chelsea.

"Liverpool have bought a few players and it is surprising that Tottenham haven’t bought anyone.

"But the important thing is to look at ourselves."