Sepp Blatter: The Ballon d'Or should go to a Spain international

The head of football's world governing body believes this year's Ballon d'Or should be given to a player from the 2012 European Championship winners
Fifa president Sepp Blatter believes that a player from the Spain national team should win this year's Ballon d'Or.

The controversial 76-year-old chief talked on a number of subjects in an interview published by Marca, and made no secret of his admiration for La Roja and its star players.

"I like them (Spain's players) very much. I think that a Spanish player should be chosen for the award after what they achieved at this year's European championship. But, we have no influence,"  he explained.
Blatter then gave special praise to Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez, before talking about comparisons being the great Brazil team of 1970 and the current Spanish national side.

"They (Casillas and Xavi) embody important values about hard work and how it can provide for success. "They also reflect Spain's great youth system, one that has helped unite the country," he continued.

"Casillas and Xavi are an excellent professionals on the field and off it they are no different. We are still yet to see if Spain are the best national team of all time.

"It is difficult to compare teams from different generations. The Brazil team of 1970 were an attacking force to behold.

"The current Spain team are great exponents of total football. They play an attractive and clean type of football."

He then spoke of the encouraging progress that Brazil has made in preparing for 2014 while he raised his concerns over the idea of playing the 2022 Qatar World Cup in winter.

"Everything is going well in Brazil. I have seen the technical report of how the progress is going, there is nothing to worry about. The organising team are doing their job," Blatter continued.

"The conditions of the election process for the 2022 World Cup was that it had to be played in June and July. This was very clear to all bidding nations.

"There is much discussion over whether to play in winter, but, this was never considered an option during the selection process. Changing the dates to winter would mean changing the dates of the normal football calendar for several seasons."

He then rounded off the interview by defending the August international football break, which many clubs are opposed to .

"Clubs have asked for the August dates to be cancelled. But all national team organisations prefer to keep it as it is preparation for the competitive round of matches in September," he concluded.