Daniel Carvalho: CSKA Moscow did not force me to take steroids

The Brazilian attacker has clarified his story after making some controversial allegations that the club had ordered him to take controlled substances to stay fit

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Palmeiras attacker Daniel Carvalho has retracted his previous comments about taking steroids during his time at CSKA Moscow.

The 28-year-old stated earlier on Monday that the Russian club had given him anabolic steroids so that he could gain some weight, describing the situation as "normal" in the country.

"I would first like to make it clear that I was not forced to take anything when I was at CSKA," Carvalho told Correio do Povo.

"I was taking the same food suplements as was every other player, no-one was forced to do anything.

"With regards to the shots, when I knew that the substance was going straight to the heart, I stopped taking them.

"I do not know if there were anabolic steroids in them. I do not have the medical knowledge to say that. If there were, this happened 10 years ago and it is in the past.

"If there were not, then I apologize to the Russians for my comments."

Carvalho's controversial comments came as a result of the player being strongly criticised for his substantial weight difference since leaving Brazil in 2003.

The thrice-capped Brazilian signed for Palmeiras earlier in January after spending two years at Atletico Mineiro.

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