New Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho: This season's aim is to win the Champions League

There could be several new faces at the Bernabeu this summer...
Real Madrid confirmed the appointment of Jose Mourinho as their new coach on Monday as they introduced the outspoken Portuguese tactician to the media at a press conference in Spain.

The 'Special One' was in typically confident mood after apologising for the quality of his Spanish to reporters and acknowledged that he was looking forward to the challenge of coaching at one of the world's biggest clubs.

And his aim for the campaign ahead is to bring the Champions League tropy back to the Bernabeu.

 "The most important objective for me this year is to win the European Cup," he told the assembled reporters.

"Real Madrid has a very long and successful history in the Champions League. It probably hasn't been very successful in the last few years. We have to forget about it and start from scratch. I really do not like to obsess on the past, I like to dream about the future. We have to believe we can reach the final at Wembley.

"I understand Madridistas put pressure on the team and the club but that doesn't really motivate me. I don't like it as it might have an effect on my work."

On potential new arrivals at the Bernabeu...

The Portuguese also intimated that there would not be too many new arrivals at the Bernabeu this summer.

Instead, his focus would seem to be tactical as he looks to stamp his own image on the side, although he did reveal that there might be "three or four" new players.

"We have to respect the players here in the current squad. It's normal for the press to start looking at players that played under me in the past, like Maicon, who could be arriving according to journalists, but I'm happy with the current squad, we just may need three or four players to strengthen the team," Mourinho explained.

"What I want to do is give the team its own identity, and they'll do that by working together. The more you speak about a player, the more his price goes up.

"Truth be told, I'm very pleased with the Real Madrid team. I don't think any radical changes need to be made. I think we need three or four players, just to give me a team that will adapt better to the style of play that I hope to implement.

"But I don't think it's going to be a summer of massive new changes here at Real Madrid.

"I think it's going to be a lot more relaxed this summer than it was last."

And the coach was not prepared to reveal just what had transpired in his dicsussions with Real icon Raul.

"I've already spoken to Raul. The press has no relevance in a conversation between a coach and his player," he asserted.

On the challenge of bringing the glory days back...

Mourinho is looking forward to the challenge of coaching at one of the European game's true giants.

"I don't whether I was born to coach Real Madrid but I was certainly born to coach," he added.

"I like to give myself a challenge and this is a challenge for me. Obviously Real Madrid is a very important club with a long history and that's very attractive for a coach.

"Being given this chance was something special for me and I have a winning atitude which is something i want to achieve here at Real Madrid.

"It's a club which should have important players and a good coach.

"Luckily, I've had a very good career and I'm absolutely delighted to be coaching Real Madrid. I always like to think that my players think like me.

"I want my players to want to be here and I want them to feel that they want to be here.

"I think every coach needs to be prepared for a challenge, but if a coach is scared of being sacked and doesn't work well, he's going to have problems.

"I believe in my abilities as a coach. I have a four-year contract which is more than enough to win and prepare a team to win in the future."

Mourinho was also keen to stress the positives about his appointment, and insisted that, despite the departure of predecessor Manuel Pellegrini, he was not thinking at all about the possibility of being fired.

"I'm not thinking of being sacked. Manuel Pellegrini left the club," he added.

"I'm never going to be pleased because a coach was sacked.

"I hope that my new team have confidence in me and would like to thank Florentino Perez, the board of directors and Jorge Valdano for thinking I am the ideal candidate.

"It's all about hard work. I think it's very important to have confidence in yourself and the players should have confidence in themselves - that's key if you want to be successful.

"It's too early to speak about changes. I believe it's time to analyse the situation, to know my new club.

"I'm just a coach here at Real Madrid - that's my job. I'm here to coach the team and I'll be working in a big team. We have to work well together. I've always said it's important to have quality people working with me."

Nor is the Portuguese bothered by the nationality of a player, something which at Inter was often an issue with very few Italians in his squad at the San Siro.

"The nationality of a player really doesn't bother me. I don't think about it," he asserted.

"I look at what's best for the team. The identity of a club, no matter what, is not going to change."

On Barcelona...

The new coach was also at pains to stress that he was not against Real's great rivals Barcelona, in spite of the way in which some of his recent gestures have been interpreted.

"I'm not anti-Barcelona in any way. I'm Real Madrid's coach and I'm only worried about Real Madrid, not Barcelona," he said.

"I don't want to talk about Barcelona, I don't think about Barcelona too often. It doesn't bother me if people in Barcelona don't like me because it's not my problem, it's theirs.

"I don't want to talk about Barcelona, I don't think about Barcelona too often. It doesn't bother me if people in Barcelona don't like me because it's not my problem, it's theirs."

On pressure...

Despite relishing the challenge of coaching a club with the expectaion levels of Los Blancos, Mourinho was at pains to stress that he didn't think that the job was the biggest challenge he had faced in his career.

The Portuguese instead pointed to the success he had enjoyed at his previous clubs, insisting that the burden of pressure was lessened by his proven track record.

"It's not the biggest test in my career. This is obviously a big challenge. I wouldn't change this seat for anywhere in the world. I have plenty of motivation. I give 100 per cent and I have done at every club I have coached," he said.

"I've got no added pressure. I think I've won the right to be here. I've proved myself as a coach at my previous clubs.

"The club are 100 per cent behind this new project. We share objectives, ideas, and names. We're looking for certain players who bring new qualities to the side. It's not about big name players arriving at the club. It's about what they can bring to the club.

"I have brought three teams to the finals of the biggest European trophies available. Three finals, three victories, eight goals.

"When you repeat a lie over and over again, intelligent people will know that it's still a lie. But for people who aren't so intelligent, that lie becomes the truth.

"Luckily in football, there are more intelligent people than people who aren't intelligent.

"I've trained Porto, Chelsea, Inter and luckily people in charge of those clubs were intelligent, so I haven't had any problems."

On tactics...

Organisation is once again Mourinho's watchword when it comes to the structure of the his new side.

"It's very important to have a very organised team. And if a team is organised, they're going to defend properly," he said.

"A team can also play with a lot of attacking players and also play well defensively. Pandev, Sneijder, Eto'o, Milito, Thiago Motta.

"I try to get the best out of every player in the team. There have been very few players who haven't improved or haven't worked hard or had good seasons while I've been coaching them.

"I hope they play well offensively and defensively. They need to know how to win in decisive games. It's not all just about quality of skill. It's about mentality and psychological strength."

On Inter...

And the Special One is in no doubt that he is a better coach following his time in Serie A, and he wished his former club well in their hunt for his successor.

"I was in Italy for two years, and I learnt quite a lot about football, and Italian football in particular. I tried to learn every day," he revealed.

"I'm definitely a better coach now than I was two years ago.

"I haven't spoken to Moratti about who the new Inter coach will be, but I wish him all the best. He has Zanetti, Cordoba, Materazzi who don't have many years left in the team, but there's a very good team there.

"I have given the new coach the opportunity to win three new titles."

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