Fulham manager Roy Hodgson admits Europa League semi-final is 'very open' after draw with Hamburg

Key man Zamora doubtful for weekend clash at Goodison Park...

Fulham boss Roy Hodgson admitted that his team’s Europa League semi-final against Hamburg was still "very open" after their first leg stalemate.

Both sides were frustrated as neither were able to force a first leg advantage after the clash in Germany, though Hodgson believes his side’s fans could make all the difference in the second leg.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: "We’ve been given enormous help from the fans in our home games and I’m sure they’ll be turning up in great numbers to cheer us on.

"The tie still is very open, 0-0 is not such a bad result for Hamburg because if they do score away from home then we’ll have to score two.

"But having said that, a draw is a lot better than a defeat, any draw is better than a defeat."

Bobby Zamora was substituted during the second half with an Achilles injury, and Hodgson admitted this was an injury problem the club had been hoping to manage.

"He has got an Achilles problem," he added.

"We’ve been trying to manage him as best we can and that’s why he hasn’t played in some of the league matches.

"We were a bit concerned about it, he was complaining about it before the game and we tried at half-time to see if it would go over or if he could play through it but he obviously couldn’t.

"Fortunately we’ve got Clint Dempsey back to full fitness and he carried on where Bob had left off."

Zamora’s injury came so close to full-time that Hodgson admitted that he was unsure what the prognosis was. He did admit, however, that he would be surprised if the England hopeful featured in the weekend’s away match against Everton.

Hodgson added: "Well to be honest it’s so close to the end of the game that I haven’t had a chance to speak to the medical staff.

"It’s going to be a problem for the weekend I would think that’s for certain because of the travel. We don’t get back until tomorrow afternoon and we’ve got to travel again on the Saturday so I would be surprised [if Zamora made it].

"I still haven’t ruled him out, we’d have to see what the medical staff would say but if you asked me to have a bet on him playing or not playing then I would bet on him not playing."

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