Burnley's David Nugent tells Arsene Wenger: 'Football is not a girl's game'

The Englishman has joined the discussion of the Ramsey injury

With Aaron Ramsey's horrific injury still ruminating throughout the Premier League, Burnley striker David Nugent has told Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger his thoughts on the situation.

Speculation is widespread that Gunners players are targeted by opposing players, but Nugent was quick to refute this claim. “I don’t think Arsenal are targeted,” he told the press.

“Football isn’t a girl’s game, you have to tackle. I don’t think Ryan Shawcross meant to hurt the lad, but if a tackle is there to be won you have to go and win it.”

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott, who has battled injuries all season, did not take kindly to a hard tackle from Nugent’s team-mate Daniel Fox, stepping up to confront the full-back.

However, Nugent does not think his team were making brash challenges but maybe they were thought to be since Ramsey's injury remains fresh in the minds of the Gunners players.

 “We know they like to pass the ball around and keep it and we had to pressure them. [But] there were no harsh tackles in there,” he said.

“Foxy won a tackle on Theo and then he got a bit annoyed by it but I think that was just because of what happened to Aaron Ramsey. We all hope he comes back as soon as possible.”