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Lucas Leiva
Yellow Card
J. Evans
Yellow Card
H. Robson-Kanu
Yellow Card
45' + 1'
Roberto Firmino
Lucas Leiva
0 - 1
45' + 1'
C. Brunt
Yellow Card

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36% 63%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 311 566
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That's all from the Hawthorns. Thanks for joining us and, until next time, goodbye!
After a largely dull game, with Firmino scoring late in the first half, the game ended with an incredible period of stoppage time drama, chiefly due to Foster's ambitious jaunt upfield. Liverpool held on, though, and they're back up to third.
90' + 4' FULL-TIME: West Brom 0-1 Liverpool.
90' + 4' Mignolet punches clear again and Wijnaldum sprints away from Foster. He cannot work an angle to shoot, but that's it!
90' + 4' Foster is now stationed in the Liverpool half!
90' + 3' A vital punch from Mignolet as West Brom throw another cross in! Still West Brom come forward.
90' + 3' CHANCE! Unbelievable! Mignolet punches clear, Foster knocks the ball back to McClean and Moreno nips in. Liverpool have men forward but Moreno shoots towards the empty goal from distance and ... misses. What a finish!
90' + 2' Phillips wins another corner and up comes Foster...
Alberto Moreno
Philippe Coutinho
90' + 2' SUB! Coutinho is off for Moreno as Liverpool look to hold on.
90' + 1' Can wins the header and it's out for a West Brom throw as Liverpool make a second change.
90' Phillips crosses and it's a corner to West Brom in the first of four minutes of stoppage time...
90' Clyne is down now for Liverpool, with Livermore steaming into a challenge after the visitors had repeatedly failed to clear the ball. He's back on his feet to take the throw-in, though.
87' The frustration continues for West Brom. Rondon cannot find a way through and Liverpool have a free-kick. How big was that chance for Phillips? The hosts look unlikely to create a similar opening again.
85' Liverpool have just slowed the game down again now and have the ball back in West Brom's half. The hosts need to get bodies forward.
83' OVER! West Brom have some momentum at last, finally sticking a dangerous cross in that Fletcher nods over. Much, much better.
D. Sturridge
D. Origi
82' SUB! After Liverpool clear the corner, Daniel Sturridge replaces Origi.
80' SAVE! Huge save from Mignolet! Rondon bustles past Matip, slips in Phillips and Mignolet does superbly to block the winger's shot. That's more like it from the hosts.
79' OVER! Liverpool respond with an effort from range of their own, but Can is similarly inaccurate in his execution.
78' WIDE! West Brom finally muster a first effort of the second half, but it's hopelessly wide from Livermore from distance.
77' The second corner is long, beyond Lovren, and McClean collects, neatly dribbling forward to prompt an attack.
77' Coutinho takes and his strike deflects before Dawson heads behind for a corner. Another opportunity and Rondon, this time, heads behind for yet another set-piece.
75' Origi forces a free-kick on the corner of the West Brom box, giving Liverpool an opportunity to deliver again...
74' The ball is spending more time in the air than on the pitch at the moment, with West Brom battling to gain a foothold in the game. Still, it's all Liverpool in terms of attacking moves.
72' Again, though, West Brom's set-piece comes to nothing. Their delivery has been ever so disappointing today.
Lucas Leiva
Yellow Card
72' YELLOW! Ironic cheers greet a yellow card for Lucas as he fouls McClean on the left.
70' With West Brom showing a little more attacking intent since the substitutions, this could become nervy for Liverpool if they can't force a second goal soon. For now, they remain in control.
67' CHANCE! In comes the subsequent free-kick and Matip nods just wide. He may have been fouling his man there, though.
J. Evans
Yellow Card
66' YELLOW! Foster flaps at Milner's lofty cross and the ball drops for Firmino and then Coutinho, who's fouled by Evans. Booking.
J. McClean
C. Yacob
64' SUB! Rondon is joined on the field by James McClean, replacing Yacob.
S. Rondón
H. Robson-Kanu
64' SUB! Robson-Kanu makes way for Salomon Rondon in the first part of a double West Brom change.
63' OVER! Sublime by Coutinho and then disappointing. He accelerates through the midfield but then lashes over the top.
62' West Brom are struggling right now. Phillips disappoints with another easily cleared throw-in and Dawson's return cross from deep is ever so high and falls kindly for MIgnolet.
J. Morrison
N. Chadli
61' SUB! Here comes Morrison, replacing Chadli, who's scarcely been involved.
61' OFFSIDE! Liverpool have the ball in the net for a second time, but Firmino is marginally offside as he nods the ball back for Origi to score.
60' BLOCK! A couple of important challenges to deny Wijnaldum and then Firmino on the edge of the box, but still Liverpool press.
58' James Morrison is readying himself for West Brom, who need a change. It's all Liverpool as they force a corner. It's dealt with this time by the hosts.
57' CHANCE! What a miss from Milner! Superb from Wijnaldum, threading a pass through the defence, and then Firmino, who picked out Milner. Unmarked at the back post, the versatile veteran volleys over. A let-off for West Brom.
55' WIDE! A neat move by Liverpool and Firmino plays the ball wide for Origi on the left. He fires a snapshot towards the far post but it flies off target.
53' Firmino flicks on the delivery, West Brom clear and break. Robson-Kanu, yet again, is offside.
52' West Brom have failed to create anything in response to Liverpool's goal just yet, but the players, Pulis and the crowd are letting their anger be known after a series of decisions go against the hosts, who concede another free-kick...
H. Robson-Kanu
Yellow Card
49' YELLOW! Robson-Kanu steps on the back of Can's heel and goes into the book.
48' Another foul on Robson-Kanu leads to another free-kick, but Craig Dawson fouls his man in the middle. Having defended so well for long periods, this is turning into a frustrating day for West Brom.
47' Matip concedes an early foul in the second half by the corner flag, giving Chadli the chance to deliver. The Liverpool man atones for his error in heading clear, though.
46' KICK-OFF: West Brom, now chasing the game, get us started again.
The players are back out on the pitch and ready for the second half...
Liverpool have kept pushing and pushing, even when it looked like there would be no reward. Finally, Firmino has broken the deadlock and West Brom, surely, will have to change their set-up now. They have been solid, but rarely threatened themselves.
45' + 2' HALF-TIME: West Brom 0-1 Liverpool.
Lucas Leiva
45' + 1' It was Lucas who improbably met Milner's ball and nodded it on towards the far post.
Roberto Firmino
45' + 1' GOAL! Liverpool have their breakthrough - it's Firmino and, incredibly, it comes from a free-kick! Milner's set-piece is flicked on, with West Brom finally beaten to the ball, and Firmino arrives at the back post to nod into the net. 0-1.
C. Brunt
Yellow Card
45' + 1' YELLOW! And Brunt is now the first man in the referee's notebook as he tugs back Origi.
45' A foul on Clyne inside the West Brom half gives Milner an opportunity to deliver a free-kick, but, again, the hosts clear. Brunt is first to it.
43' And still Liverpool fail to find a way through this resolute West Brom blockade. Klopp's men lack an alternative plan at the moment, with this route bringing little success.
40' Frustration for Robson-Kanu as he felt he was fouled by Lucas as he looked to run away from the Liverpool defence. The free-kick instead goes the other way and the referee is again on the scene to discipline the West Brom forward.
38' It's clear to see why West Brom have been able to pick up points against the top sides. They stick men behind the ball and eventually, through Dejan Lovren on this occasion, force an error. The vistors' attack falters again.
36' A high boot halts Liverpool's efforts as they look to go direct for once, with Can penalised. The game is still very tight indeed.
35' SAVE! What a big, big chance for Robson-Kanu! Livermore's lovely pass frees him to control on his chest and shoot, but the finish is so tame and straight at the grateful Mignolet.
34' OVER! Firmino does brilliantly to pinch the ball from Fletcher, teeing up Coutinho, but his shot, on his right from the left, curls a long way over the crossbar.
32' They're quick to get forward, too! Robson-Kanu appears to be just offside as he runs clear. He'll keep trying that.
32' West Brom are so, so quick to get numbers back. Fine work from Georginio Wijnaldum gives Liverpool the opportunity to counter, but, as Coutinho gears up for a shot, Fletcher is back.
30' As the ball sails over Clyne's head, with Liverpool looking for a different route to goal, Milner appears to be limping on the left. Alberto Moreno is, of course, on the bench.
29' West Brom are working so hard to close the space in which Liverpool can attack. Nathaniel Clyne, Firmino and then Matip make progress on the right, but West Brom get the ball clear.
28' BLOCK! Liverpool take their time in attack, with Origi eventually teeing up - of all people - Lucas to shoot. His effort travels just a couple of yards before it's charged down.
26' With so much focus on West Brom's set-piece delivery, the referee is quick to whistle as players pile in towards Simon Mignolet. Liverpool escape this time.
26' After causing problems with his earlier throw-in, Phillips twice fails to beat James Milner at the near post. He does, though, collect a pass and then deliver low to force a corner from the Liverpool man...
24' CHANCE! Liverpool swiftly break and Coutinho arrives on the left to volley across the face of goal. A difficult skill to pull off, but an opportunity all the same.
23' CLOSE! From the resulting free-kick, Phillips is able to loop a ball towards the back post for the onrushing Chadli. He looks destined to score until Firmino stretches to nod the ball away from his toe. Great defending.
23' Lucas lunges in on Livermore in the middle of midfield and, while the Liverpool man is bemused that a foul was given, the referee gives him a lengthy talk.
22' Now Liverpool look to cross from out wide, but Can's delivery is claimed comfortably by Foster and West Brom launch another attack.
21' The home side's pressing has Liverpool, too, playing long, with passing options limited. West Brom have certainly enjoyed the better of the opening exchanges, despite that great chance for Firmino.
19' West Brom's attacking prowess from set-pieces is renowned, but they can deal with them defensively, too. Firmino wins Liverpool's first corner, but Coutinho's delivery is easily cleared.
17' West Brom attack down the left, with Joel Matip across to deny Nacer Chadli space in the area. The ball goes out for a throw-in, Brunt playing a one-two with Darren Fletcher but then blazing a cross behind.
16' A nervy moment now for Jonny Evans! With Liverpool pressing, he looks to nod the ball back to goalkeeper Ben Foster, who just, just gets there ahead of the lurking Origi.
15' CLOSE! Now Liverpool have had a chance! West Brom have had plenty of space to play long balls over the top, but Yacob goes short and Coutinho pounces. Sprinting forwards, he pushes a pass through for Firmino, whose shot skips agonisingly beyond the far post.
13' Despite having the better of the possession, Liverpool are yet to really settle. They've not come close to breaching the home penalty area in the opening 13 minutes.
12' WIDE! Again, a big switch towards Phillips, from Jake Livermore, and the West Brom winger cuts in from the right to work room for a shot. His left-footed strike is wild, though.
11' There are two very contrasting styles on show here. On numerous occasions so far, a neat, passing move from the visitors has been ended by a hefty boot upfield. West Brom are quick to knock the ball long, with Robson-Kanu a great outlet.
9' A neat counter from West Brom forces another throw-in on the left, but they choose to take it short and a foul on Origi ends their forward momentum.
8' As you'd expect, West Brom are providing a solid defence in response to Liverpool's dominant possession. The hosts are a threat on the break, too...
6' There's good noise coming from the away end here as Liverpool again build forward after a hurried West Brom clearance. We're still waiting for the first clear opening of the game, despite Robson-Kanu's earlier miss.
5' Liverpool again cheaply give up a throw-in on the right, but Gareth McAuley's take is intercepted allowing Divock Origi to break at pace. He's slowed, but Liverpool keep the attack going.
3' Robson-Kanu again runs in behind, but he's this time caught offside and Liverpool can finally enjoy some possession.
2' CHANCE! A first long throw from West Brom on the right finally drops for Matt Phillips to shoot and his tame effort almost falls kindly for Robson-Kanu, who cannot turn the ball on target. An early warning for the visitors.
2' Long balls from either side have been dealt with in the opening minute, but the Liverpool defence have twice sloppily given the ball away in their own half.
1' KICK-OFF: Liverpool get us under way, with Emre Can the first to touch the ball.
The teams are out on the field and we are now just a couple of minutes away from kick-off...
However, Liverpool are unbeaten in seven home and away in this fixture. West Brom, scoreless since beating Arsenal just under a month ago, will be in for a tough clash today.
Between 2003 and 2009, Liverpool won on all four of their trips to the Hawthorns, netting 15 times and not conceding a single goal. Since then, though, this has been a tough place to come to for the Reds. Their last league victory at West Brom came in 2011, with Pulis boasting an unbeaten career home record against Liverpool.
Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino were Liverpool's match winners from the bench at Stoke City last week and they return today, alongside Lucas Leiva. West Brom, too, make three changes - in come Chris Brunt, Claudio Yacob and Hal Robson-Kanu.
Subs: Karius, Gomez, Moreno, Woodburn, Alexander-Arnold, Grujic, Sturridge.
Liverpool: Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Matip, Lucas, Milner, Can, Wijnaldum, Coutinho, Firmino, Origi.
Subs: Myhill, Nyom, Wilson, Morrison, Field, McClean, Rondon.
West Brom: Foster, Dawson, McAuley, Evans, Brunt, Fletcher, Yacob, Chadli, Livermore, Phillips, Robson-Kanu.
Let's get some team news...
West Brom, meanwhile, can relax in the closing weeks of the season, their top-flight safety long since secured. Tony Pulis' eighth-placed side are highly unlikely to challenge the top seven, but a run of one win in six has seen the teams below them in the table close a previously sizeable gap.
A victory for Manchester City on Saturday saw Liverpool nudged down to fourth as the race for Champions League places hots up, with a result here imperative for Jurgen Klopp's men ahead of rivals Manchester United and Arsenal facing Chelsea and Middlesbrough respectively.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of the Premier League clash between West Brom and Liverpool from the Hawthorns!