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Valencia v Atlético Madrid Live Commentary, 29/08/2022

0 - 1
A. Griezmann (66)
Estadio de Mestalla


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Atletico bounce back from their defeat to Villarreal and this win lifts them up to sixth in the table. Next up for them is a trip to Real Sociedad. It's back-to-back losses for Valencia, who will be looking to turn things around against Getafe at the weekend.
Griezmann comes off the bench to score the winner in a 1-0 victory for Atletico over Valencia. Musah's brilliant rifled effort was ruled out by VAR for a foul in the build-up, and Correia thought he'd been sent off for denying Morata a goal-scoring opportunity, but that was also overturned by VAR. Griezmann made an instant impact off the bench in the second half, scoring just two minutes after his introduction, and Mamardashvili made some great late saves to stop them from adding to their tally.
90' + 3' Perez is down receiving treatment after being caught by a late challenge. He's quickly back to his feet though and he'll be able to play on for the final few minutes.
90' + 1' GREAT SAVE! Atletico want to make sure the points are secure, and after riding a challenge from Nico, Cunha slides it through to Correa. He goes for power with his shot and the keeper helps it onto the bar with a strong hand.
90' GOOD SAVES! Carrasco breaks down the left and cuts inside before drilling a low shot across goal which is pushed away by Mamardashvili. The keeper is called into action in the next attack as well, parrying away Griezmann's effort on the opposite side.
88' Valencia are keeping the ball well in Atletico's half, but they're still struggling to get in behind the visitors. Musah tries to open them up with another throughball, but he can't pick out Gomez.
86' Griezmann has scored 11 goals in 21 meetings with Valencia in LaLiga, more than he has against any other opponent in the competition.
84' OFFSIDE! It's a good free-kick by Carrasco as he swings it onto the penalty spot. Cunha is unmarked and he glances the header under Mamardashvili, but he set off too early and the flag denies him.
Fran Pérez
Yellow Card
83' Cunha is straight into the action as Perez slides in on him with a late challenge. The Spaniard gets nowhere near the ball and goes into the referee's book.
Matheus Cunha
João Félix
Atlético Madrid
83' And Cunha comes on in place of Joao Felix.
Á. Correa
Álvaro Morata
Atlético Madrid
83' Final changes for Atletico now, and they're changes to the front two. Morata is taken off and replaced by Correa.
Diego López
Toni Lato
81' Final roll of the dice for Valencia here as Lato is replaced by Lopez.
80' Morata trips Musah as he tries to cut inside from the right, and Valencia have a free-kick in a good position just outside the box. Lato leaves it to Soler, but his shot is blocked by the wall.
78' Valencia are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in front of Atletico. Foulquier manages to slide it through to Musah, but his low cross is blocked by Witsel.
E. Cömert
Yellow Card
76' Comert is late getting across to Joao Felix and he steps across the forward to stop his run, which results in him getting a yellow card.
Fran Pérez
Samu Castillejo
74' And Castillejo is also taken off and replaced by Perez.
M. Gómez
Marcos André
74' Another double change for Valencia here as Andre goes off for Gomez.
73' Castillejo can't find any space down the right, so he cuts inside and tries to play a one-two with Soler instead. The midfielder sells him short with the return pass though, gifting it straight to Koke.
71' Atletico are on the attack again here with Llorente bursting down the right before pulling it back to Morata on the edge of the box. His shot takes a big deflection off Diakhaby, but it loops straight into Mamardashvili's gloves.
D. Foulquier
Thierry Correia
69' And Correia also makes way, with Foulquier on for him.
Nico González
Hugo Guillamón
69' Valencia are making a double change of their own as they go in search of an equaliser. Guillamon is the first to go off, with Nico replacing him.
68' Valencia are trying to get an instant response to Atletico's goal and they win a free-kick down the left. Soler swings it in, but it hits Andre on the arm and the referee's whistle goes.
T. Lemar
Atlético Madrid
66' Lemar quickly takes advantage of Soler's lapse in concentration before playing a good, low cross into Griezmann to set up the goal.
A. Griezmann
Atlético Madrid
66' GRIEZMANN SCORES! The substitutes make an instant impact! Soler doesn't realise that Lemar is behind him and he nicks the ball off the Valencia captain before squaring it into Griezmann. He takes a touch before curling his shot past Comert and into the near bottom corner, leaving Mamardashvili wrongfooted on his line. 1-0 Atletico!
A. Griezmann
G. Kondogbia
Atlético Madrid
64' And Griezmann is also brought on to replace Kondogbia.
T. Lemar
R. De Paul
Atlético Madrid
64' Atletico are making a double change as they look to get the opening goal. De Paul is the first to go off, with Lemar on in his place.
63' It's another deep cross from Lato on the left and it's just too high for Castillejo. Witsel's clearing header goes straight to Correia, but he can't get a shot away under pressure from Koke.
61' SAVE! Castillejo picks up the ball in his own half and he has acres of space to run into through the middle. He takes it around Gimenez on the edge of the box but finishes it with a tame shot straight at Oblak.
59' Atletico are struggling to get out of their own half again at the moment as Valencia continue their high press. Reinildo eventually tries to go long for Koke, but he finds Guillamon instead.
57' Soler takes the resulting free-kick and curls a deep cross into the box. Instead of going for a header, Andre gets his foot high to hit the volley, but he sends it flying over the bar.
João Félix
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
55' Oblak's throw goes straight to Comert and Joao Felix slides in trying to make up for the keeper's error. It's a poor challenge and he's shown a yellow card.
54' It's great play from Valencia, who move it upfield with a quick series of one-touch passes. Lato surges down the left and manages to clip a cross in before he's caught by Llorente, but it's Reinildo that meets it in the middle.
52' Soler goes down and Castillejo takes the free-kick quickly, catching out Atletico. He threads it through to Andre, who topples over a challenge by Gimenez, but the defender got the ball first.
50' The corner is too deep for Valencia and Reinildo clears his lines before Witsel tries to set Morata on the counter. The Spaniard sets off too early again and the flag goes up against him.
48' Valencia have made a bright start to the second half and are putting Atletico under real pressure. Correia gets away from Carrasco to drill in a low cross, but it's deflected out for a corner.
46' Atletico get us back underway for the second half!
Y. Carrasco
Atlético Madrid
46' There's a change for Atletico at the break as Carrasco comes on to replace Saul.
Gattuso will be the happier of the two managers at the break despite the fact that they don't have the lead. They've caused Atletico a lot of problems though and he'll be looking for more of the same. Simeone was a frustrated figure on the touchline, but his side still created some good chances on the break, but he'll want to see more control from his team.
It's goalless at the break between Valencia and Atletico Madrid. Morata had an early goal ruled out due to a handball before he hit the shot, and Valencia also thought they'd taken the lead through Musah's brilliant, long-range rifled shot, but a foul in the build-up saw VAR overturn it. The home fans had a scare when Correia was shown a straight red card for denying Morata a goal-scoring opportunity, but that VAR intervened there as well to keep him on the pitch due to an offside.
45' + 5' GOOD SAVE! Valencia are all over the place at the back as Joao Felix squares it to Morata in the D. He waits for Mamardashvili to rush off his line before hitting a low shot across goal, but the keeper gets a foot to it.
45' + 3' GREAT CHANCE! There are shouts for a handball against Llorente, but Soler's cross makes it through to Lato. He scuffs his attempted cross, but Andre still reaches it and flashes his shot across the face of the goal.
45' + 1' Valencia are back to keeping possession here as Soler charges down the left. Llorente isn't allowing him any room though and the captain ends up running it straight out of play.
44' Morata has peeled out to the left to get on the ball and he curls a great cross into the box. Joao Felix is waiting at the far post, but he fouls Lato in his attempts to get on the end of it.
Thierry Correia
Yellow Card
42' OVERTURNED! After watching the replays, it's shown that Morata was actually marginally offside in the build-up to Correia's challenge. The right-back will stay on and he's now on a yellow.
41' VAR is having a long look at the replays of the Correia challenge and the referee has now been asked to go and have a look at the monitor himself.
39' CORREIA IS OFF! ...OR IS HE? It comes from a long ball from Kondogbia's clearance and Morata chases it down the middle. Correia sticks with him all the way and although there isn't a lot of contact, the referee deems that he's denied a goal-scoring opportunity and shows him a straight red. VAR are having a look at this one too though...
38' Valencia work it quickly upfield again and Soler manages to help it onto Lino before De Paul gets across to him. Lino takes the shot first time, but it's straight down the middle at Oblak.
36' The deep corner is nodded back across the box by Diakhaby, but Kondogbia half-clears the danger for Atletico. Correia curls a cross back into the middle, but Andre can't direct his header on target.
34' De Paul swings a good free-kick in from the right wing and Kondogbia manages to flick it on at the near post. Morata throws himself forward for a diving header, but his effort sails over.
32' GOOD SAVE! It's better from Atletico now and Joao Felix decides to have a go from the edge of the D when the space opens up ahead of him. He curls it towards the near post, but Mamardashvili pushes it wide.
31' Morata is fed through the middle again by Koke and he gets goalside of Diakhaby. He can't sort his feet out quick enough so Mamardashvili rushes off his line to smother it, but the offside flag goes up anyway.
29' GREAT CHANCE! The momentum is still with Valencia as they try to get the opening goal. It's a lovely cross from Lato on the left and Andre goes for an impressive volley, but his effort flies over the bar.
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
27' Tempers are fraying here and Reinildo clatters into Castillejo much to the Valencia fans' anger and his name goes into the book.
26' NO GOAL! After the referee clears the players and managers away from the monitor, he's able to have a look at the replays. It's judged that there's a foul by Diakhaby on Joao Felix in the build-up and the goal isn't going to count! Still 0-0!
Yellow Card
25' While the referee is looking at the VAR monitor, Simeone is getting too close to him. The referee moves him out of the way and shows him a yellow card.
23' MUSAH SCORES! It's a wonderful goal! He's a long way out from goal, and it doesn't look like anybody was expecting him to have a shot. The space opens up ahead of him and he rifles it past Oblak and in at the near post. VAR is just having a look at this though...
22' Correia curls another good cross into the middle of the box, but Andre is stuck between two Atletico defenders. He can't find any space and Witsel clears his lines.
20' Atletico are struggling to get on the ball as Valencia move it upfield quicker. The hosts look to their right again, but this time, Saul sticks out a leg to stop Castillejo's progress.
Marcos André
Yellow Card
18' Gimenez just got to Correia's cross first and Andre came through the back of him in an attempt to reach it. He's shown a yellow card.
16' Valencia are just starting to up the pressure now. Correia plays a clever one-two with Musah to get away with Saul, but then gets the ball caught under his feet which stops him from having a shot.
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
14' Saul steps across Correia to stop him from taking the ball to the byline, and the referee has no choice but to produce the first booking of the match.
12' Castillejo squares it in from the right and Correia lets it run through to Soler. He slides a great throughball into Andre in the middle of the box, but his first touch gets away from him.
10' Atletico haven't lost any of their last 14 LaLiga away games against teams from the Valencia region (W5 D9), since a 1-2 defeat against Villarreal in March 2018.
8' Valencia are enjoying their first real spell of possession here, but they're struggling to get out of their own half. Castillejo tries to dribble it past Reinildo, but ends up gifting it straight back to Atletico.
6' Diakhaby does well to hold off Morata before sliding a good throughball into Andre. He wrongfoots Kondogbia with a clever flick but he's then tripped by Reinildo when he tries to get past him, but nothing comes of the free-kick.
4' NO GOAL! This time, Morata does put the ball in the back of the net, but it won't count! He stays onside to get on the end of De Paul's throughball, but his first touch bounces up onto his arm, and the referee's whistle goes.
2' Atletico cut out Valencia's attack and surge forward on the counter. Koke slides it through for Morata, who knocks it past Diakhaby before taking the shot. He scuffs it though and it rolls straight into Mamardashvili's gloves.
1' Andre gets the game underway for Valencia!
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Valencia have failed to win any of their last 15 LaLiga meetings with Atletico (D6 L9) since a 3-1 victory over them in October 2014 - it's their longest winless run against an opponent in the top-flight.
Diego Simeone makes four changes from the last defeat to Villarreal last Sunday, bringing Gimenez, Saul, De Paul and Kondogbia into the starting line-up. Carrasco and Lemar drop to the bench, Stefan Savic is injured and Nahuel Molina is suspended after being sent off in that game.
Gattuso makes just three changes to the side that lost to Athletic Bilbao last time out. Comert returns after a suspension, with Lato and Andre also coming into the team. Hugo Duro misses out through injury, while Gabriel and Jesus Vazquez are also not in the squad.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Felipe, Yannick Carrasco, Angel Correa, Thomas Lemar, Ivo Grbic, Mario Hermoso, Antoine Griezmann, Matheus Cunha, Antonio Gomis.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (5-3-2): Jan Oblak; Marcos Llorente, Jose Gimenez, Axel Witsel, Reinildo, Saul Niguez; Rodrigo de Paul, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Koke; Alvaro Morata, Joao Felix.
VALENCIA SUBS: Uros Racic, Andre Almeida, Dimitri Foulquier, Nicolas Gonzalez, Jaume Domenech, Francisco Martinez, Carlos Peres, Cenk Ozkacar, Maxi Gomez, Diego Lopez Noguerol, Cristhian Ibarguen, Manu Vallejo.
VALENCIA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Giorgi Mamardashvili; Thierry Correia, Eray Comert, Mouctar Diakhaby, Toni Lato; Carlos Soler, Hugo Guillamon, Yunus Musah; Samu Castillejo, Marcos Andre, Samuel Lino.
Both sides have had a mixed start to their seasons so far. Atletico breezed through their opening game with a 3-0 win over Getafe but followed it up with a 2-0 defeat to Villarreal last time out. Gennaro Gattuso also got off to a winning start in the league with Valencia, edging past Girona 1-0 before a narrow 1-0 loss to Athletic Bilbao a week later.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Valencia and Atletico Madrid at the Mestalla Stadium!