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90' + 1'
C. Dempsey
Yellow Card
M. Ureña
D. Guzmán
0 - 2
J. Altidore
Yellow Card
F. Calvo
Yellow Card
M. Ureña
B. Ruiz
0 - 1

Match Stats

61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 544 347
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Mexico MEX Mexico 10 6 3 1 16 7 +9 21 L W D W D
2 Costa Rica CRC Costa Rica 10 4 4 2 14 8 +6 16 L D D W W
3 Panama PAN Panama 10 3 4 3 9 10 -1 13 W L W L D
4 Honduras HON Honduras 10 3 4 3 13 19 -6 13 W D D W D
5 United States USA United States 10 3 3 4 17 13 +4 12 L W D L D
6 Trinidad and Tobago TRI Trinidad and Tobago 10 2 0 8 7 19 -12 6 W L L L L


World Cup
Intercontinental Play-off


And there it is. The USA has lost 2-0. Costa Rica with its first World Cup qualifying win in the USA since 1985. 
90' + 5' Surely the whistle will go any moment. 
90' + 3' Deep into this stoppage time, and the USA just hasn't had an answer this second half. None at all. 
90' + 3' Five minutes added on, but it's not much time for the USA. 
C. Dempsey
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Yellow card Clint Dempsey
90' + 1' Dempsey picks up a booking. Another rash moment from the Americans. 
90' Late corner coming for the USA. Can they pull one back and make a go of it? 
88' The USA just trying to throw everything forward. Still nothing doing. 
P. Arriola
C. Pulisic
87' Substitution Christian Pulisic Paul Joseph Arriola Hendricks
87' One last sub. Pulisic coming off, Arriola on. 
86' Pulisic having what is, really, his first rough night with the USA. Trying to carry the load, and just not finding the answers tonight. 
J. Morris
G. Zusi
84' Substitution Graham Zusi Jordan Morris
84' Zusi coming off, another forward coming on. Desperate times for the USA. 
D. Guzmán
82' Assist David Alberto Guzmán Pérez
M. Ureña
82' Goal Marcos Danilo Ureña Porras
82' And Costa Rica makes it 2-0! Urena benefits from another dreadful ball out of the back and slots home his second of the night! 
81' Navas to the rescue AGAIN! Altidore did brilliantly to hold off a defender and get a shot off on a ball over the top, but the goalkeeper was there again.
J. Altidore
Yellow Card
80' Yellow card Jozy Altidore
79' A little scrap on the pitch now, and couple players end up on the deck. Pulisic with a bad challenge, get the foul called on him, and then Altidore is carded off the play. He'll now miss the next match. 
J. Venegas
B. Oviedo
78' Substitution Bryan Oviedo Johan Alberto Venegas Ulloa
77' Costa Rica makes its final sub. The USA still holding a couple. 
77' Still nothing doing for the USA, and now Zusi has given away a foul near midfield. The visiting side can kill some time here. 
75' Bradley to take this free kick from 30 yards, tries to click it in to Dempsey, who is once again pulled down in the box and nothing given once again. 
74' Well played by Ream to cut one out, Nagbe pulled down straight away. 
72' It's becoming more and more noticeable now that the red shirts are sitting deeper and deeper. Fresh legs on to try and hold the line, but the USA dominating the ball at this point. 
J. Salvatierra
C. Gamboa
71' Substitution Cristian Gamboa Luna José Andrés Salvatierra López
M. Umaña
C. Bolaños
71' Substitution Christian Bolaños Navarro Michael Umaña Corrales
70' USA trying to turn the screws some and Costa Rica has brought on another defender to try and sure things up here. Bolanos comes off the pitch, he put in a solid shift tonight though. 
69' On second look, Navas' save was some kind of special. Took it with his hand, but got a leg up high as well and both were needed. 
F. Calvo
Yellow Card
67' Yellow card Francisco Javier Calvo Quesada
67' Not this time! The free kick hits the wall, but it falls for Bradley, who sets up Pulisic ----- WHAT A SAVE from Navas! Pulisic's shot took a deflection, but the goalkeeper got his hand on it just at the last. 
66' Clint Dempsey is on the pitch and now the USA has a free kick. Will be interesting to see if he can find more magic in his 34-year-old legs tonight. 
C. Dempsey
J. Villafaña
65' Substitution Jorge Antonio Flores Villafaña Clint Dempsey
65' It's not as though Costa Rica has dominated this match, but at the same time the visiting side has looked very comfortable for the most part. 
63' The USA just not finding the answers right now. Nagbe slices through, but his cross is cut out, Bradley picks it up and moves forward, losing touch just long enough for Altidore to have a snapshot at goal. 
61' Another sloppy ball given away by the USA, and Costa Rica tried to go quickly, only have a clipped ball over the top travel a bit far and be smothered by Howard. 
60' Another corner coming for Costa Rica.
59' There's a chance this game could get chippy. Hard tackles coming in over and over and the man in the middle doesn't seem to have a great grasp on it. 
58' Altidore with a silly foul on Gamboa to slow play, could have been costly, as he's sitting on a booking, but he's not picked up another booking here. 
57' NEARLY! No, the USA caught offside and Pulisic plays in Wood, who just missed Altidore with the cross in any case. 
56' Wood with a break down the other end, set free by Howard, but couldn't get enough space to get a clean look and has his shot bloacked away. 
55' Ruiz with a brilliant ball across the field to open the USA up again, and Zusi is just ghosted as he slides in. More danger for the home side. Corner to come. 
53' Bobby Wood called for a foul, and some of these decisions, it has to be said, have been just baffling. 
51' Nagbe just couldn't get it right. A poor clearance falls to him, but his strike is a poor one and flies wide. 
49' A disjointed start to the half so far. Stalling on both the free kick and the corner and now a foul on Bobby Wood, which looked like it might have been clean, causes more conversations to be had. 
48' Ream climbs the highest to meet Zusi's corner and heads it down, only to see it bounce up and over the bar. 
47' Zusi whips it in for Cameron, but it's deflected behind for a corner. Another chance for the USA to come?
47' We're off an running in the second half. 
46' Right away Zusi makes a run down the right and pulled down. The USA with an early set piece near the right edge of the box. They'll play it like a corner. 
What changes will Bruce Arena make, and will they make a difference? We'll be back shortly to find out right along side you. 
Not the most promising half for the USA. Not a complete failure either. The penalty that wasn't given for the home side will be a big talking point, as it looked fairly clear-cut, but all the same these things happen throughout the course of a game. 
And indeed that is the case. The USA go in down 1-0 as the home side. 
45' + 1' Nearing the break, and it looks like Costa Rica will go in with the lead. 
44' Pulisic takes another shot in the middle of the field. Costa Rica knows he's the danger man and have played him as such. 
43' Bradley with another effort blocked away. He may have another stunner in him tonight, as he did against Mexico, but that's probably not the look you're wanting at this stage. 
42' The USA is struggling to find a way through. Pulisic and Nagbe have been lively, but not a lot of spark from many other places. 
40' All-too comfortable for Costa Rica at the moment. A long ball played in behind Ream, but this time he's got it covered. 
37' Costa Rica has defended it well again. The USA lacking some ideas right now from the run of play, and those set pieces may be the way through, but that one wasn't good enough.
35' Bradley with a deep cross to Zusi, who slams it back across goal and wins the USA a corner. 
32' The USA will a hill to climb now. Ream was the man beaten, but it wasn't really on him. The goal came from a goal kick, won by Costa Rica near midfield, and some quick thinking from Ruiz, but in truth there was no pressure in the middle of the park and the defender was left complete exposed. 
M. Ureña
30' Goal Marcos Danilo Ureña Porras
B. Ruiz
30' Assist Bryan Ruiz González
30' Costa Rica has taken the lead! Urena, picked out by Ruiz, he beats Ream and finds enough space to get a shot off, beating Tim Howard and handing his side a 1-0 lead on the road. 
28' Another big moment! Urena had a real chance to punish a small let-off at the back for the USA, but his first touch was a bad one. The U.S. living a little dangerously there. 
26' Bradley picks a pass off in the attacking third and the USA breaks quickly. The ball is slid into Altidore, who tries to fire it across the face of goal. Costa Rica again in the right place though, and the danger is gone. 
24' BIG shout for a penalty for the USA. Pulisic's pace is proving a massive issue, and he got in behind down the right. His cross is destined for Altidore, and it really, really looked like one that should have been called. A bit of luck there for the visiting side. 
24' Gamboa cuts it back from the line after a decent build from Costa Rica, but Cameron is on hand to cut it out. 
21' Nagbe just slicing through the defense with a clever run. The final ball gets popped up, with Wood fighting to keep it alive. It falls to Bradley to takes a crack from range but pulled it wide of the mark. 
19' A nice little ball from Bradley picks out Wood over the top. He spun on it and tried to play in Pulisic, just missing the pass. 
18' Now it's Costa Rica trying to hold the ball a bit, maybe slow down the pace, but the long switch is over cooked and drifts out of play. 
16' Johnson plays quickly out of the pressure and the move ends with Altidore clipping one across to Pulisic, who brought it down well enough but ran out of ideas at the final moment. 
16' Nice move from Costa Rica to get a hit from the top of the box, blocked away and the USA counters quickly. 
D. Guzmán
Yellow Card
13' Yellow card David Alberto Guzmán Pérez
13' Pulisic with a barnstorming run down the right. He skips past Ruiz and earns a foul on Guzman, who is shown a card for his troubles. 
12' A bombing run forward from Costa Rica, and a cross comes in from the right but is over the line and out for a goal kick. 
11' Zusi whips one in, but Costa Rica has it dealt with. 
9' Costa Rica looks well organized. Even when the pressure is broken down, the entire team gets back, gets in order, and is leaving very little space for the USA to work with. A foul on Pulisic has the USA with a set piece though. 
7' There's the danger for the USA, Ream gets a little sloppy under pressure and Costa Rica is in with a chance. The USA gets it dealt with, but you can see how the visitors want to play. Their high-pressing nearly paid off right there. 
5' The USA is looking confident enough on the ball in the early stages, but Costa Rica is pressing very high, trying not to let Arena's side work the ball out of the back. 
3' Tim Ream showing some quality early on. A nice ball forward to Wood springs somewhat of a counter attack early, broken up at the top of the box, but a promising start from the USA. 
2' The USA moving left to right as I see it in the white kits tonight. The visiting side come in with the red tops over blue shorts with red socks. 
1' Here's we go!
The teams are making their way out onto the pitch now, so we won't have to wait much longer!
It's also worth noting that in the last meeting between these sides, that Gold Cup semifinal, Clint Dempsey - who starts on the bench tonight - changed the game after coming on, and Arena may well see something similar as the plan tonight. 
So what to watch tonight? First off, Bryan Ruiz is the man to keep an eye on for Costa Rica. That's been the case, but with no Joel Campbell tonight, there's a massive amount on his shoulders. For the USA, the pairing up front of Altidore and Wood are worth keeping an eye on, but it's the midfield where the U.S. will really have to put in the work. Pulisic and Johnson will have plenty of running to do, but can Michael Bradley and Darlington Nagbe stay in control through the middle of the pitch and bring their speedy wingers into play? 
So here we go again. The United States and Costa Rica have plenty of history, plenty of bad blood, and the results have certainly been mixed. The Costa Ricans famously have owned the USA in their own territory, including a win in this World Cup qualifying cycle, but in the States the USA has been in control. A win in the Gold Cup semifinal this summer was a bit of revenge for the qualifying loss in November that basically sealed Jurgen Klinsmann's fate, but a big win tonight could mean even more for the USA. 
Substitutes: Pemberton, Moreira, Gutierrez, Umana, Salvatierra, Venegas, Wallace, Azofeifa, Tejeda, Ortiz, Ramirez, Colindres
Costa Rica XI: Navas; Gamboa, Waston, Acosta, Calvo, Oviedo; Ruiz, Borges, Guzman, Bolanos; Urena
Substitutes: Guzan, Rimando, Gonzalez, Besler, Beasley, Lichaj, McCarty, Acosta, Arriola, Bedoya, Dempsey, Morris
USA XI: Howard; Zusi, Cameron, Ream, Villafana; Pulisic, Bradley, Nagbe, Johnson; Altidore, Wood
Hello and welcome to Goal's LIVE commentary of tonight's CONCACAF World Cup qualifier between the United States and Costa Rica at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.