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Thailand v Chile Live Commentary, 20/06/2019

0 - 2
W. Boonsing (48 og)
M. Urrutia (80)
Roazhon Park


That's all for today, goodbye!
So, both Thailand and Chile's World Cups come to an end today, with Chile missing out on playing England in the round of 16 by just one goal. Both can take huge positives from this game though and the South American team come away from it having won their first ever game at the tournament.
Chile just miss out on a place in the knockout rounds after beating Thailand 2-0. Chile dominated throughout the game and took the lead at the start of the second half when Aedo's shot bounced off the woodwork before hitting Boonsing who put it into the back of her own net. They doubled their lead in the 80th minute through Urrutia, who rose highest to get on the end of Lopez' shot and nod it past the goalkeeper. VAR then awarded them a penalty which Lara stepped up to take, but she could only hit the crossbar from the spot. They hit the woodwork twice in the first half as well but just couldn't find the third goal that they needed.
90' + 7' Lara gets forward once again and swings another cross into the box from the byline. She can only find Chinwong in the middle though, who clears it for Thailand, but the offside flag had gone up anyway.
90' + 5' Chile's play is desperate as they head into the final few minutes of the game and it's their final ball into the box that's letting them down.
90' + 3' Lopez puts a deep cross into the box from the right wing, but she can't pick out a team-mate at the far post as Boonsing collects it on her line.
K. Saengkoon
W. Phetwiset
90' + 1' Thailand make their final change of the game now as Phetwiset comes off to be replaced by Saengkoon.
89' Rojas brilliantly dribbles her way past three Thailand defenders to get into the box, but her cross is eventually blocked by Srangthaisong.
M. Rojas
J. Grez
87' Grez picked up an injury in the aftermath of the penalty and the substitute has had to come off with Rojas coming on in her place.
F. Lara
Penalty Miss
86' OFF THE CROSSBAR! Lara confidently steps up to the spot and strikes the penalty with a lot of power. The goalkeeper had dived to her left, but it didn't matter as the shot rebounded back off the crossbar. Still 2-0!
W. Boonsing
Yellow Card
85' Boonsing is also shown a yellow card for the challenge on Urrutia.
85' PENALTY TO CHILE! After going across to the VAR monitor, the referee has judged that it was a bad challenge by the goalkeeper and she runs back onto the field to point to the spot.
84' VAR are currently having a look at a possible penalty for Chile. When Boonsing was coming off her line to close down Urrutia, she ran at her with her boot raised and caught the forward.
83' OFF THE LINE! Urrutia chips the ball over Boonsing who was running off her line to close her down and it looks like it's going in but for Chinwong's important interception on the line to deny her.
82' GREZ COMES CLOSE! It's another good ball into the box from Lopez, this time from a free-kick, and she picks out Zamora. She then nods it onto Grez who rises to get on the end of it, but she can only send her effort wide of the near post.
Y. López
80' Lopez gets her head up and loops her pass over the top of Thailand's defence to pick out Urrutia.
M. Urrutia
80' URRUTIA DOUBLES CHILE'S LEAD! She times her run perfectly to stay onside and get on the end of Lopez's looping ball and she gets enough on the header to take it past Boonsing's outstretched hand and into the back of the net. 2-0 Chile!
79' Letelier is urging his players to keep pushing forward as they continue to chase the two goals that would get them through to the knockout rounds.
77' Thailand have a free-kick in a good position on the left wing and Phancha is standing over it. She swings her cross towards the far post, but it's overhit and goes straight out of play.
75' Chile are passing the ball well at the minute and staying patient, but they're still struggling to find a way into Thailand's box.
S. Chuchuen
S. Intamee
73' Intamee is staying off with that injury to her ankle and Chuchuen is the player that comes on to replace her.
72' Intamee is receiving some treatment just off the pitch by the touchline after Rocio Soto caught her with a late challenge and Phancha is down on the edge of the box getting some treatment as well. Phancha will be able to carry on, but it looks like Intamee's game is over as she goes straight to the bench.
70' Lara puts another good cross into the box and picks out Grez in the middle of the box. She gets on the end of it but ends up squaring the ball back into the middle where it's cleared by Sornsai.
68' GOAL DISALLOWED! It's a good cross into the box from Aedo on the right wing and she picks out Lara at the far post. She takes a touch before hitting her shot into the bottom corner, but the referee had already blown her whistle as Urrutia fouled Chinwong in the build-up.
66' GOOD SAVE BY BOONSING! Lara sees the space open up ahead of her outside the box and has a go from long range. Her effort is dipping under the crossbar, but Boonsing jumps up to palm the effort over the crossbar.
65' Lara is up from left-back and she puts a cross into the box. She's looking for Grez, but her pass is too close to the goalkeeper who comfortably catches it on her line.
63' Thailand have now conceded 19 goals at the 2019 Women's World Cup; the most by a team in a single tournament in the competition's history.
61' Chile just can't find a way past Thailand's defenders to get into the box so Lopez has a long-range shot when she sees some space open up ahead of her. Her shot is dipping as it heads towards goal, but not enough to take it under the crossbar.
P. Sornsai
Yellow Card
59' Sornsai receives the first yellow card of the game after catching Zamora with a late challenge.
O. Waenngoen
R. Thongsombut
58' Thailand make their first change of the game by bringing on Waenngoen in place of Thongsombut.
57' Saez is down in her box receiving some treatment at the minute after a collision with Endler. It looks like it was only an impact injury, but the medical team have taken her off the field to continue her treatment.
56' Thailand work the ball upfield well with Intamee picking it up on the edge of the box. She pulls out to the left so she can put a cross into the box, but Rocio Soto makes a good block to put it out for a corner.
54' Down the other end, Thailand have a chance to pull a goal back. Chile can't get the ball clear and Sung-Ngoen tries to catch out Endler at her near post. The goalkeeper closes her down quickly though and makes the save.
53' Balmaceda cuts back inside to loop a cross towards the far post where Grez is waiting. She rises to meet it, but can only nod her effort down wide of the post.
52' Sornsai is down in the box and receiving some treatment on her ankle after a collision between her and Boonsing. She's back on her feet now though and she'll be able to carry on.
50' Chile have looked very confident since the start of the second half and are moving the ball around with pace. Zamora has another chance to run at Phetwiset down the right wing, but the defender does well to block her way into the box.
W. Boonsing
Own Goal
48' CHILE HAVE THEIR FIRST WORLD CUP GOAL! Zamora's cross picks out Aedo's run into the box and she takes the shot time. It fires back off the post, hits Boonsing and bounces across the line before the goalkeeper can react. 1-0 Chile!
46' GREZ COMES CLOSE! Boonsing's punch is poor as she gives it straight to Grez on the edge of the six-yard box. She reacted quickly, but sliced her shot and put it wide of the near post.
46' Chile get us back underway for the second half!
J. Grez
K. Araya
46' Letelier makes the first change of the game and he brings on Grez in place of Araya.
If Chile want to qualify for the knockout rounds, then they need to win this goal by a three-goal margin. They've come so close and created some good chances for themselves, but have been taking long-range shots that haven't troubled Boonsing. If they can find a way in behind Thailand's defence, then they might have a better chance of scoring their first World Cup goal. Thailand had to be patient in the first half, but have looked a threat when they have broken forward. Their best way to get a goal will be to use the same tactic after the break and play on the counter-attack.
Chile dominated the first half, but can't find a way past Thailand and go into the break level at 0-0. Chile hit the woodwork twice - Urrutia's shot was headed against the far post by Chinwong in the 11th minute before Balmaceda struck the crossbar on the stroke of half-time with a long-range effort. Thailand have had their chances as well, with Sung-Ngoen coming the closest when Endler pushed her chipped effort over the crossbar to safety after Chile gave the ball away.
45' + 2' BALMACEDA HITS THE CROSSBAR! Chile were struggling to find a way past Thailand's defence so Balmaceda decides to have a go from outside the box. It's curling towards the top corner, but it bounces off the crossbar much to the goalkeeper's relief.
45' Araya tries to pick out Zamora's run down the right wing with a brilliant pass to switch play. Khueanpet intercepts it though and calmly nods the ball back to the goalkeeper.
43' Zamora is the latest Chile player to have a go from outside the box but her effort is straight at the keeper. Boonsing does spill the effort but has time to claim it again as no one is closing her down.
42' Chile look slightly desperate at the minute as they go for the opening goal in the game. Their passing is sloppy and they are giving away possession too easily under no pressure.
40' GOOD SAVE BY ENDLER! Chile give the ball away sloppily and sets up a chance for Sung-Ngoen. She chips her shot down the middle of the goal and Endler jumps up to push the effort over the crossbar and the goalkeeper is not happy with her defenders for giving away possession.
38' INTAMEE COMES CLOSE! She did brilliantly to dribble past Saez on the edge of the box to create more space for herself before hitting her shot low to the bottom corner. Saez recovers well though and gets enough contact on the ball to send it out for a corner.
36' Thailand almost play themselves into trouble as Sornsai hits Urrutia with her clearance. It goes straight back to the defender and she just gets the ball out of the box before Zamora can close her down.
34' Rocio Soto puts a brilliant cross into the box from the right wing and picks out Zamora in the centre of the box. The forward rises highest to get on the end of it, but can't direct her header on target.
32' GOOD CHANCE FOR INTAMEE! It's Thailand's first chance of the game and Intamee takes a touch to get around her defender before curling her effort towards the bottom corner. Endler is quickly across her line to catch the shot.
30' Chile have dominated in possession so far in the first half, but they haven't really been able to cause Boonsing too many problems with their long-range efforts.
28' GOOD CHANCE FOR ARAYA! She curls the free-kick around the wall and is aiming for the near post. It's at a comfortable height for the goalkeeper though and she makes the save.
27' Boonsing gives the ball straight back to Chile from a goal-kick and Aedo makes a run into the box. She's caught by Phancha on the edge of the area though and wins a free-kick.
25' Another shot comes from outside the box from Chile, this time from Urrutia. She does really well to dribble past Phancha and hits her shot low across goal towards the bottom corner. Her effort isn't on target though and it rolls wide.
23' Chile are struggling to get into Thailand's box, so their only way to go is with long-range shots. Araya has another go from outside the box but sends her effort wide of the near post.
21' Chile have another free-kick down the left wing and Araya is stood over it again. She swings another good cross into the far post, but Boonsing is quickly off her line to punch the ball away.
19' Thailand are enjoying a spell of possession now, but they're still struggling to get out of their own half due to Chile's high press.
17' ARAYA COMES CLOSE! Aedo squares the ball to Araya on the edge of the box and she takes a touch before hitting a long-range shot. She can't get it on target though and it rolls wide of the far post.
15' Chile are patiently working their way upfield and are using short passes to work their way past Thailand's midfield players.
13' Thailand have every player sat back in their own half at the minute as they just try to close down the space ahead of Chile, forcing them to keep passing between their defenders for now.
11' OFF THE POST! Araya swings a cross into the box which Boonsing punches straight to Urrutia in the middle of the box. She fires her shot straight back at goal and Chinwong makes an important block to send the effort against the far post. It bounces back to Lara, but she can only send her effort over the crossbar.
9' Sung-Ngoen is the only player forward for Thailand and she's struggling to hold up the ball when she does receive it. Phancha picks her out with a throughball this time, but she's quickly closed down by Guerrero and Chile have possession back.
7' Lara tries to pick out Zamora with a long ball down the left wing, but she just overhits it and the forward can't get on the end of it as it runs out of play.
5' Chile have another free-kick, this time on the left wing. Araya puts another good cross into the box and Saez makes the run to meet it. Boonsing gets there first though and is taken out by the defender and wins a free-kick for her side.
4' Araya stands over a free-kick for Chile and she puts it into a good area of the box at the far post. Lopez rises highest to meet it and tries to nod it back across the penalty area, but Chinwong is in the right place to clear it.
2' Chile have made a bright start to the game and are keeping the ball well in the opening couple of minutes. Lara has already had the chance to have a run down the left wing, but she was cut off before she could put a cross in.
1' Sung-Ngoen gets the game underway for Thailand!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Since their 3-2 victory over Ivory Coast in the 2015 World Cup group stages, Thailand have lost each of their three matches in the competition, conceding 22 goals and scoring just one in those defeats.
Jose Letelier makes three changes to the side that were beaten by the US. Rocio Soto, Aedo and Lopez all come into the starting line-up, while Toro, Galaz and Claudia Soto drop down to the bench.
Nuengrutai Srathongvian makes just one change to the side that lost to Sweden last time out and it's an enforced one. Taneekarn Dangda picked up her second booking of the tournament in that game, so is suspended today and Phetwiset comes in to replace her.
CHILE SUBS: Ryan Torrero, Valentina Diaz, Natalia Campos, Claudia Soto, Fernanda Pinilla, Javiera Grez, Javiera Toro, Elisa Duran, Maria Jose Rojas, Su Helen Galaz, Daniela Pardo, Yessenia Huenteo.
CHILE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Christiane Endler; Rocio Soto, Carla Guerrero, Camila Saez, Francisca Lara; Yanara Aedo, Karen Araya, Yessenia Lopez; Daniela Zamora, Maria Jose Urrutia, Rosario Balmaceda.
THAILAND SUBS: Kanjanaporn Saengkoon, Sudarat Chuchuen, Sukanya Chor-Charoenying, Pornpirun Philawan, Khwanrudi Saengchan, Duangnapa Sritala, Orathai Srimanee, Saowalak Pengngam, Wilaiporn Boothduang, Orapin Waen-Ngoen, Tiffamy Sornpao.
THAILAND STARTING XI (4-5-1): Waraporn Boonsing; Ainon Phancha, Natthakam Chinwong, Pitsamai Sornsai, Sunisa Srangthaisong; Warunee Phetwiset, Silawan Intamee, Pikul Khueanpet, Suchawadee Nildhamrong, Rattikan Thongsombut; Kanjana Sung-Ngoen.
Thailand have suffered two very heavy defeats in the tournament so far, losing 13-0 to the United States and 5-1 to Sweden. They will want to try and finish their tournament on a positive note by winning the game today. As for Chile, they still have a chance of qualifying for the knockout rounds as one of the best third-placed teams in the tournament on goal difference if they win today. They're still looking for their first ever World Cup goal though and will need to find it if they want to progress.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's World Cup Group F match between Thailand and Chile at Roazhon Park!