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Key Events

A. Wilkinson
Yellow Card
V. Janjetović
Yellow Card
A. Brosque
M. Ninković
2 - 0
R. Grant
Yellow Card
A. Le Fondre
1 - 0

Match Stats

51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 419 394
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME: SYDNEY FC 2 WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 0 - The Sky Blues have done it, they have held on to beat the Wanderers 2-0. Brosque was able to make it a 2-0 margin in the 53rd minute, but when Bonevacia seemly scored one in the 59th minute, the Wanderers seem to have a new leash of life, until the goal was disallowed. The night didn't go to script for the Wanderers. The Sky Blues have a mid week FFA Cup final against Adelaide United.
90' + 6' It has been a night off near misses for the Wanderers.
90' + 4' Riera with a header into goal, but the offside flag is up and the goal has been disallowed for the Wanderers.
90' + 4' The Sky Blues are playing with only 10 men on the ground due to de Jong's injury.
A. Majok
A. Baumjohann
90' + 2' SUBSTITION WANDERERS - Third and final change for the Wanderers as Baumjohann is off and Majok is on.
90' We have six minutes of stoppage time to play for this match.
89' Terrible news for the Sky Blues as de Jong has clutched for the back of the hamstring. It looks like he will miss the FFA Cup final.
88' Devlin crosses it into the box for de Jong, but the Wanderers defence intercept and concede the corner kick.
86' Riera gets up high for the header and he pushes it over the top of the crossbar.
85' The Sky Blues should be able to hang onto the three points here.
C. Devlin
P. Retre
83' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues clear their bench as Retre comes off for Devlin to make his debut.
81' Baccus with a header that was directioned towards goal, forcing O'Neill to make the goal line clearance.
79' Time is becoming an issue that is playing against the Wanderers.
77' The Sky Blues look to have flat lined out there. They look like they are just happy to hang on.
C. Ngoy
A. Brosque
75' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues look towards the mid week FFA Cup Final, as Brosque's number flashes on the board to be replaced on the ground by Lokoli Ngoy.
73' The Wanderers appear to be taking full advantage of the Sky Blues lapse in concentration.
71' In the first Derby at the SCG, we have an attendance figure of 30,588.
69' Van der Linden brings down Braumjohann inside the box. There are appeals for a penalty, but the referee is not interested.
S. de Jong
M. Ninković
67' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their first change of the match as Ninković makes way for de Jong.
66' The Wanderers need to have a sense of urgency about themselves, as it almost appears they have given up.
A. Wilkinson
Yellow Card
64' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Wilkinson goes into the ref's book after a late challenge.
V. Janjetović
Yellow Card
63' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Janjetović is awarded a yellow card for dissent.
Red Card
63' RED CARD WANDERERS - The Wanderers manager Markus Babbel has been issued a red card after he threw his jacket to the turf, disputing the over ruled goal.
B. Kamau
J. Sotirio
61' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make their first change of the match as Sotirio makes way for Kamau.
J. O'Doherty
R. Mahazi
60' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make a second change as Mahazi heads off for an early shower and he is replaced with O'Doherty.
59' Bonevacia runs onto the loose ball and slips it into the back of the net. The Wanderers have halved the deficit. Or have they? The VAR has stepped in and have overruled the decision as Sotirio was keeping Zullo away from the ball. This one is about to heat up.
57' Perhaps it is time for the Wanderers to look to their bench and look to see who can spark them back into action.
55' The mountain is a huge one to climb for the Wanderers, who find themselves almost out of the game.
A. Brosque
53' GOAL SKY BLUES (Alex Brosque) Sydney FC 2 Western Sydney Wanderers 0 - Ninkovic feeds it to Brosque at the top of the box, he sends a worm burner from left to right, hitting the bottom right corner of the net.
52' Mahazi gives away a needless free kick on the sideline, with Retre running out of options.
50' The Sky Blues continue to double team the Wanderers when bursting into attack.
48' Retre is denied by Le Fondre, but the offside flag is up anyway. 
48' Riera comes out at the back post, but Redmayne initially fumbles and has it under control.
46' SECOND HALF - The Wanderers get us under way for the second half.
HALF TIME: SYDNEY FC 1 WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 1 - The Sky Blues go into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead over the Wanderers. Le Fondre struck early with a fourth minute stunner to set the mood for the first half. The Sky Blues dominated possession and in the end they thorough deserve the first half lead.
45' We have two minutes of stoppage time remaining for the first half.
44' A bit of calm before the half time break, as we approach stoppage time in the first half.
42' Sydney have had the bulk of the possession of the ball with 60.4% possession. The Wanderers have had it for 39.6%.
40' The Sky Blues are continually sending the ball down into attack. Can they pinch another goal before the break?
38' This first half cannot end soon enough for the Wanderers as they are looking like they will go two goals down any second.
36' Ninkovic sets it up beautifully for Brosque, who pulls the trigger on goal from close range and Janjetovic dives forward to make the save.
R. Grant
Yellow Card
34' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES - Grant is the first Sydney player to go into the ref's book, after a clinical challenge.
32' Redmayne pushes the ball back into play, as Bonevacia has the ball gift boxed for him and he sprays it over the crossbar.
30' The Wanderers are starting to look a little fatigued at the moment. This is the Sky Blues chance to go further ahead.
28' Amazingly, Tongyik is playing only his 17th A-League game, despite being in the system for a while.
26' The pace of the game has steadied for now, after a start with a huge flurry.
R. Mahazi
Yellow Card
24' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Mahazi goes into the ref's book after a late challenge.
J. Risdon
Yellow Card
22' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Risdon earns the 100th yellow card between these two teams.
20' The Wanderers are giving as good as they get, but are not doing enough in front of goal at the moment.
18' Ninkovic is just running the show tonight. The Sky Blues are looking very dangerous and they can score really quickly too.
16' Bonevacia combines with Riera through the middle. Riera attempts to find some space but he is cut down by the Sky Blue defenders.
14' Le Fondre takes it into the box, he lifts the ball over the crossbar for a goal kick.
13' This is a fast paced game at the moment, with both teams giving as good as they get.
11' Sotirio lifts it into the box for Riera to head the ball but Grant is able to clean up the clear and present danger.
10' Baccus with a well weighted pass over to Sotirio, but Wilkinson makes life difficult for him, forcing the error.
8' Le Fondre attempts to place it on goal but it goes straight down the throat of Janjetovic, who makes a very comfortable save.
6' The Sky Blues have started the game off well and are looking very dangerous tonight.
A. Le Fondre
4' GOAL SKY BLUES (Adam Le Fondre) Sydney FC 1 Western Sydney Wanderers 0 - Le Fondre thumps one towards goal forcing Janjetovic to make a brilliant save, but he parries it back to Le Fondre, who kicks it over Janjetovic, who is still on the ground, to find the back of the net.
2' Retre cuts it back for Grant deep inside the box, but he is unable to connect with the ball.
1' FIRST HALF - The Sky Blues kick off and we are under way.
TEAMS - WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Vedran Janjetovic (GK); Josh Risdon, Ruon Tongyik, Brendan Hammill, Tarek Elrich; Keanu Baccus, Rashid Mahazi; Jaushua Sotirio, Alexander Baumjohann, Roly Bonevacia; Oriol Riera. SUBS - Daniel Nizic (GK), Jordan O'Doherty, Bruce Kamau, Raul Llorente, Abraham Majok. 
TEAMS - SYDNEY FC (4-2-2-2) STARTING XI - Andrew Redmayne (GK); Rhyan Grant, Alex Wilkinson, Jop van der Linden, Michael Zullo; Joshua Brillante, Brandon O'Neill; Paulo Retre, Milos Ninkovic; Alex Brosque, Adam Le Fondre. SUBS - Alex Cisak (GK), Aaron Calver, Charles Lokoli Ngoy, Siem de Jong, Cameron Devlin. 
The Wanderers have won only one of their last 13 Derbies, losing eight of them and managing a draw in four of the matches. Even worse for the Wanderers, they have conceded 10 goals in their last three Derbies.
Sydney FC have been fantastic at keeping the Wanderers scoreless in the second half. The Sky Blues have achieved the feat in their last seven matches, winning four of the matches and a draw in the other three.
Welcome to the SCG for the first time for an F3 Derby. Sydney FC play host to the Western Sydney Wanderers.