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90' + 3'
A. Vidal
Yellow Card
T. Augello
B. Bereszyński
2 - 2
Lautaro Martínez
N. Barella
1 - 2
M. Yoshida
1 - 1
F. Dimarco
0 - 1

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51% 48%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 398 386
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Inter remain unbeaten in their start to the season and currently sit second in the table. Their attention now turns to the Champions League and a tough test against Real Madrid on Wednesday. Sampdoria have their first goals of the campaign but are still looking for a win. Next up for them is a trip to Empoli.
Sampdoria come from behind twice to earn a 2-2 draw with Inter. The visitors opened the scoring with a brilliant free-kick from Dimarco which he curled right into the top corner. Yoshida equalised for Sampdoria with a deflected shot through Dzeko's legs, but Martinez restored Inter's lead just before half-time with a lovely volley. Just two minutes after the break, Augello responded with a wonderful volley of his own which he fired into the roof of the net, and though they pushed for a winner, they couldn't find a way through again.
90' + 5' Colley and Barella both jumped to reach the ball, with the defender nodding it down. Barella has gone down holding his shoulder after the free-kick went against him, so the medical team are on. He gets to his feet without needing treatment though.
A. Vidal
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Torregrossa is through on goal and Vidal slides in from behind to stop the run. He brings down the player, gives away a free-kick and is shown a yellow card.
90' + 2' Inter are pushing for a late winner here as they work it out from left to right to open up some space. Vidal lifts a good cross towards the penalty spot for Dzeko, but Yoshida gets there first and clears his lines.
J. Correa
Yellow Card
90' The yellow card is out again here and it's shown to Correa this time for a late tackle on Torregrossa.
E. Džeko
Yellow Card
89' Dzeko doesn't get anywhere near the ball as he steps across Candreva and he has his name taken by the referee.
E. Torregrossa
Adrien Silva
88' That booking was Silva's last involvement in the game as he's taken off and replaced by Torregrossa.
Adrien Silva
Yellow Card
88' Silva tries to keep hold of the ball and ends up catching Dzeko with a late challenge which earns him a yellow card.
86' It's a good run through the middle by Verre as he turns out of the challenge with Vidal before playing a one-two with Candreva down the right. Dumfries get across to him quickly though and blocks his cross into the box.
84' Barella is the first Inter player to provide an assist in each of the first three Serie A games in a single season since 2004-05.
O. Colley
Yellow Card
82' It's a late one from Colley as he slides in on the back of Dumfries and the referee goes straight to his pocket for the yellow card.
80' It looks like Sensi is still struggling here after needing treatment on his ankle. He keeps stopping to check it, but Inter have used all of their subs and it doesn't look like he wants to be forced off.
V. Verre
M. Damsgaard
78' Damsgaard is also making way, with Verre replacing him.
N. Murru
T. Augello
78' There's a double change for Sampdoria here and Auguello will be going off after going down with cramp a minute ago. Murru is on in his place.
76' Both sides have a player down here with Sensi quickly getting back to his feet after receiving treatment. He's moving gingerly, but he'll be carrying on. Augello is holding his hamstring and it looks like he's suffering from cramp.
74' OFF THE LINE! Thorsby threads the ball through to Caputo and he squares it to Damsgaard on the far side of the box. Handanovic rushes off his line to close him down, but the shot beats him and D'Ambrosio sticks out a leg to block it on the line.
73' GOOD SAVE! Correa is just onside when he latches onto D'Ambrosio's throughball and he cuts inside from the left to open up space for a shot. He fires it down the middle and Audero gets a strong hand to it to punch it out.
72' The players are back on the field after the cooling break, with Audero going long with his goal-kick to try and pick out Caputo, but it's cut out by Vidal.
70' Correa squares it to Skriniar and he slides a good throughball between Yoshida's legs to pick out Sensi. He tries to get away from Colley with his first touch, but it's too heavy and rolls straight out of play.
K. Askildsen
F. Quagliarella
68' Sampdoria are making their first change now as Quagliarella is taken off for Askildsen.
S. Sensi
H. Çalhanoğlu
67' Calhanoglu is also going off, with Sensi on to replace him.
D. Dumfries
F. Dimarco
67' And there's another double change for Inter, with Dimarco the first to make way for Dumfries.
B. Bereszyński
Yellow Card
66' Bereszynski slides in on Calhanoglu, completely missing the ball, and the referee goes straight to his pocket for the yellow card.
66' SAVE! D'Ambrosio is giving Candreva no space on the ball, but the winger manages to pull away from him at the byline to whip in a cross. It's curling dangerously towards the near post and Handanovic has to scramble across to push it off the line.
64' D'Ambrosio is on the ground and Candreva isn't happy as he thinks he went down too easy. The ball bounces out of his hand, hitting a member of the Inter coaching staff and the referee has to go across to calm things down.
J. Correa
Lautaro Martínez
62' Third change for Inter now as Martinez is taken off and replaced by Correa.
61' Candreva curls another good corner into the box and Colley knocks it back into the middle for Thorsby from the far post. He rises above De Vrij and heads it wide, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as he's judged to have fouled the defender. 
59' There's a nervy moment for Handanovic at the back as D'Ambrosio plays a backpass to him in the six-yard box with Quagliarella chasing him down. The keeper does well to keep his cool though and he clears it out to Darmian.
57' Candreva knocks it though to Bereszynski, who wrongfoots D'Ambrosio before curling a low cross into the box. Caputo tries to hit it first time, but slices at the shot and sends it wide of the far post.
55' Inter are keeping the pressure on here and Barella slides another good throughball forward, for Calhanoglu this time. He takes the shot early from the edge of the box as Audero rushes off his line, but drags it wide of the near post.
D. D'Ambrosio
I. Perišić
54' And Perisic is also going off, with D'Ambrosio replacing him.
A. Vidal
M. Brozović
54' Inter are making a double change here as they look to restore their lead for a third time. Brozovic is the first to make way, with Vidal on for him.
52' It's another good move by Inter, with Barella turning away from Thorsby to chip a cross over the top to Martinez. Silva gets tight to him and does enough to distract the forward as he fires it high over the crossbar.
51' Perisic times his run perfectly to stay onside and get on the end of Dimarco's throughball. He's one-on-one with the goalkeeper but his drilled shot is heading wide of the far post and Dzeko can't get there to tap it in.
49' Inter look a bit shaky after conceding that last goal and Sampdoria are pushing for another one here. Damsgaard makes a good run down the left, but the end product isn't so good as the cross goes straight out of play.
B. Bereszyński
47' Sampdoria had a lot of players waiting in the six-yard box when Bereszynski hits the cross, but it ends up being the perfect cross to set up Augello.
T. Augello
47' WHAT A GOAL! At first it looks like Bereszynski has sliced the cross into the box as it swerves away from goal but Augello is unmarked at the far post. He hits the shot on the volley and it flies straight over Handanovic and into the roof of the net. 2-2! 
46' Inter get us back underway for the second half! 
It took Inter a while to find their rhythm in the game, but Inzaghi will be pleased with how they responded to their sluggish start. Sampdoria finally have their first goal of the season and they've looked dangerous going forward, so D'Aversa will be hoping for more of the same after the break.
Martinez scores late in the half to give Inter a 2-1 lead over Sampdoria at half-time. Dimarco opened the scoring with a brilliant free-kick inside the D which he curled right into the top corner. Sampdoria pulled one back through Yoshida when Inter failed to clear their lines, and a deflection off Dzeko helped it in. Martinez put them back ahead just before the break though when he volleyed Barella's cross past Audero.
45' + 1' Sampdoria are looking to get themselves back level before the break and yet again, they look to their right side to create something. Bereszynski curls a good cross into Quagliarella, but he can't keep his header down and it sails over the bar.
N. Barella
44' Barella makes a brilliant run through Sampdoria's half, riding two challenges from defenders to get through and whip in the cross for Martinez.
Lautaro Martínez
44' MARTINEZ SCORES! Damsgaard loses out to Calhanoglu and he slides it through to Barella. He whips a great cross in from the right and Martinez doesn't have to break stride as he hits the shot on the volley and fires it into the back of the net. 2-1 Inter! 
43' Bereszynski's cross towards Caputo at the far post is hooked away by Skriniar and it ends up being a good out ball for Calhanoglu. He brushes Damsgaard aside and has a clear run on goal, but it's pulled back for a foul.
41' Dimarco whips a great corner into the box for Inter and none of the Sampdoria defenders pick up Skriniar's run. He makes a late dart to the far post and thumps a header towards goal, but it flies over the crossbar.
39' Most of Sampdoria's attacks are still coming down the right side and Candreva pulls away from Dimarco to swing in another cross. He whips it into the six-yard box, but Quagliarella can't get close and it bounces harmlessly out of play.
37' Calhanoglu tries to pick out Martinez's run through the middle, but Sampdoria quickly get two defenders tight to him to intercept it. The hosts aren't giving them any time on the ball and making it difficult for them to get forward.
M. Thorsby
Yellow Card
35' Thorsby slides in on the back of Dzeko, and he takes out the player as well as getting a touch on the ball which earns him a booking.
M. Yoshida
33' SAMPDORIA EQUALISE! Candreva's corner is flicked on by Brozovic before Colley heads it back into the middle of the box. Perisic tries to clear it, but only gets it as far as Yoshida. His shot takes a deflection off the inside of Dzeko's leg which wrongfoots the keeper and sends it into the bottom corner. 1-1! 
31' GOOD SAVE! Martinez gets in behind Colley on the edge of the box and the space opens up for a shot. He hits it low across goal due to the angle, but Audero gets down well and pushes it away with a strong hand.
30' Calhanoglu plays a hopeful long ball up the field and Yoshida is happy to let it roll back to his keeper. He doesn't realise Dzeko is closing him down though and Audero gets out just in time to stop the forward from getting on the end of it.
28' Perisic tries to get out of a tight spot by hooking the ball upfield but ends up gifting possession back to Sampdoria. They work it out to Candreva on the right and he swings a good cross into the box this time, but Caputo's flick-on is blocked by Skriniar.
26' The last Italian player to score from a direct free-kick for Inter in Serie A before Dimarco was Mario Balotelli in February 2009 against Bologna.
24' Barella flicks the ball past Silva to pick out Dzeko, but Colley quickly slides in to take it away from him. The tackle ends up going to Calhanoglu on the edge of the box, but he drags at the shot, sending it wide of the far post.
M. Brozović
Yellow Card
22' Brozovic is late as he slides in on Candreva and he completely misses the ball as he brings the winger down. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
20' Sampdoria are still trying to press Inter high upfield, but the visitors look a lot more settled after the goal. They're knocking it around confidently in their own half and patiently working their way forward.
F. Dimarco
18' DIMARCO SCORES! It's a wonderfully taken free-kick by the defender inside the D as he curls his shot around the outside of the wall and right into the top-left corner of the net. Audero is stretching, but he has no chance of reaching it and Inter are 1-0 up! 
16' It's better from the visitors now as they pass it between Sampdoria and Barella curls a cross into the box. Dzeko can't reach it, but it's recycled by Perisic. He heads it to Martinez, and he wins a free-kick inside the D after being caught in the face.
14' Brozovic taps the ball into Barella and the midfielder lifts a lovely chip over Augello to finish the one-two. Brozovic takes it to the byline before fizzing it back into the box, but Colley makes an important interception.
12' Inter just can't get into a rhythm at the moment and Brozovic sloppily puts the ball out of play, gifting it back to Sampdoria. Damsgaard tries to get forward down the left, but Skiriniar gets across to block the run.
10' Candreva is getting a lot of joy down the right for Sampdoria in the opening period of the game and he hooks the ball over Dimarco again. His cross is blocked by the defender though and he can't pick anyone out from the resulting corner.
8' Sampdoria could win two home league games in a row against Inter for the second time in Serie A, after winning three in a row against them between 1989 and 1991.
6' Candreva drifts away from two Inter defenders as he gets forward down the right before swinging a good cross into the middle. Quagliarella is waiting for it in the middle, but it's headed away by De Vrij.
4' CHANCE! It's a poor clearance from Dimarco as he slices it straight to Silva on the edge of the box. He gets it out to Augello on the left and he clips it back into the middle from the byline to pick out Thorsby, but he heads his effort over the crossbar.
2' Darmian almost sells Perisic short with his crossfield pass, but he manages to get there ahead of Silva to knock it back to Calhanoglu. He has Dzeko making a run into the box ahead of him but overhits the throughball and Audero collects.
1' Damsgaard gets the game underway for Sampdoria! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off is just moments away! 
Inter have scored in their last 21 league games; on only four previous occasions have they had a longer such streak in their Serie A history, with the most recent of those runs coming back in 2009 when they scored in 23 consecutive matches.
Simone Inzaghi makes just one change to the side that beat Hellas Verona before the international break and it's an enforced one. Alessandro Bastoni is out due to a thigh injury, so Dimarco comes in to replace him.
Roberto D'Aversa makes two changes to his team after their draw with Sassuolo last time out in the league, as he brings Silva and Caputo into the starting line-up. Verre drops to the bench, but Albin Ekdal misses out through injury.
INTER SUBS: Roberto Gagliardini, Ionut Radu, Aleksandar Kolarov, Andrea Ranocchia, Arturo Vidal, Stefano Sensi, Denzwl Dumfries, Danilo D'Ambrosio, Alex Cordaz, Joaquin Correa, Matias Vecino, Alexis Sanchez.
INTER STARTING XI (3-5-1-1): Samir Handanovic; Milan Skriniar, Stefan de Vrij, Federico Dimarco; Matteo Darmian, Nicolo Barella, Marcelo Brozovic, Hakan Calhanoglu, Ivan Perisic; Lautaro Martinez; Edin Dzeko.
SAMPDORIA SUBS: Valerio Verre, Wladimiro Falcone, Julian Chabot, Mohamed Ihattaren, Simone Trimboli, Alex Ferrari, Radu Dragusin, Kristoffer Askildsen, Riccardo Ciervo, Nicola Murru, Fabio Depaoli, Ernesto Torregrossa.
SAMPDORIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Emil Audero; Bartosz Bereszynski, Maya Yoshida, Omar Colley, Tommaso Augello; Morten Thornsby, Adrien Silva; Antonio Candreva, Francesco Caputo, Mikkel Damsgaard; Fabio Quagliarella.
Inter's title defence began perfectly under new manager Simone Inzaghi with a 4-0 win over Genoa in their opening game, before they came from behind to beat Verona 3-1 before the international break and maintain their 100 per cent start. Sampdoria started their season with a win in the Coppa Italia first round over Alessandria, but they are winless in their two Serie A games so far (D1 L1), and are yet to score a goal in the league.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Serie A meeting between Sampdoria and Inter at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium!