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Real Madrid v Eibar Live Commentary, 06/04/2019

2 - 1
K. Benzema (59)
K. Benzema (81)
Marc Cardona (39)
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu


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Madrid have now closed the gap to Atletico Madrid in second to two points ahead of their game against Barcelona later and will be glad that they are back to winning ways after their midweek lost. Eibar did have the opportunity to go up to ninth with a win in this game, but remain in 11th as they now turn their attention to their match against Real Sociedad next weekend.
Real Madrid came from behind to secure a 2-1 victory over Eibar in Zidane's 100th LaLiga match in charge of the club. Eibar played well in the first half and took advantage of the home side's slow start to the game when Cardona lifted the ball over Navas to give them a 1-0 half-time lead. Madrid improved a lot in the second half though and thought they had equalised when a mix-up with Dmitrovic allowed Benzema to slot the ball into the back of the net only for VAR to rule it out for offside. The Frenchman did then turn it around for his side though as he scored two good headers which flipped the result in the home side's favour. He did have multiple opportunities to get his hat-trick late on, but missed two sitters before being denied by the woodwork.
90' + 3' BENZEMA HITS THE POST! He picks up the ball on the left of the box and cuts back inside to try and curl his effort into the far post, and he comes so close to getting his hat-trick again but this time he's denied by the woodwork.
Brahim Díaz
Real Madrid
90' + 1' Zidane makes his final change of the game by bringing on Diaz in place of Isco.
90' Madrid have another corner and Varane is picked out at the far post. It's a very tight angle but he directs his header back across goal and Dmitrovic is able to collect it on the second attempt.
88' ANOTHER GREAT CHANCE FOR BENZEMA! The goalkeeper had come off his line to try and stop Vazquez from getting on the end of the ball, but he was flapping and couldn't get close. The substitute played in Benzema once again and instead of finding the back of an empty net, he chipped his shot over the crossbar.
87' BENZEMA COMES CLOSE! Vazquez cuts the ball back to Benzema and the Frenchman finds himself one-on-one with the keeper as he goes for his hat-trick. Dmitrovic spreads himself well though and denies him.
86' Asensio finds himself in a lot of space on the edge of the box and decides to go for the long-range shot, but his effort is always rising and it sails over the crossbar.
Marc Cucurella
84' Final roll of the dice for Eibar now as Cucurella comes off and is replaced by Charles.
83' Eibar are straight on the attack from the restart and they do win a corner, but they can't make anything happen from it.
T. Kroos
Real Madrid
81' Kroos played a one-two with Asensio from the corner to get into a better position to put in his cross and he picks out Benzema brilliantly.
K. Benzema
Real Madrid
81' BENZEMA GIVES MADRID THE LEAD! The initial corner is played short and the Eibar players just drift away from Benzema in the middle of the box and when Kroos puts the cross in, he is in a lot of space to direct his header into the back of the net. There was a check by VAR to make sure Kroos was onside but the goal stands. 2-1 Madrid!
79' Cucurella puts a good cross into the box once again as he tries to pick out Enrich, but a great diving header from Nacho stops him from getting on the end of it.
T. Kroos
G. Bale
Real Madrid
77' Bale is the other player to come off and Kroos is on in his place.
Lucas Vázquez
L. Modrić
Real Madrid
76' Double change for Madrid now with Modric the first player to make way as he is replaced by Vazquez.
75' Benzema has been directly involved in five goals in his last five matches against Eibar in LaLiga (three goals and two assists).
74' A poor pass out from Navas goes straight to Cucurella on the left wing, but he gets away with it as Reguilon is across quickly to dispossess him.
Rubén Peña
Marc Cardona
72' Mendilibar makes his second change of the game now as the goal scorer Cardona is taken off and replaced by Pena.
71' Odriozola gets into a good position high up the right wing and was setting himself to put a cross into the box, but an important tackle from Cote blocks the ball and clears the danger.
69' Some good build-up play from Madrid almost gets them into the box once again. Isco dribbled away from two Eibar defenders and tried to pick out Benzema on the edge of the box, but Oliveira was in the right place to intercept the pass and get it clear.
67' Orellano tries to play a throughball out to Cucurella who is left in a lot of space down the left wing, but Varane is quickly across to intercept the pass and clear the danger for Madrid.
65' Madrid are doing a much better job at closing down the space and stopping Eibar's wide players from getting on the ball as that has been their main route into the box for most of the game so far.
63' Eibar are trying to slow the pace of the game down when they win back possession, but Madrid aren't letting them have a lot of time on the ball.
61' Madrid have found their rhythm now and are moving upfield with a lot more pace than before. Isco is waiting just outside the box when the ball is played to him and he drives his shot on goal, but it's a simple save for Dmitrovic to make.
Marco Asensio
Real Madrid
59' Asensio had a couple of opportunities to put a cross into the box, but waited until more of his team-mates were up in support before putting it in and picking out Benzema.
K. Benzema
Real Madrid
59' BENZEMA DRAWS MADRID LEVEL! This time he held his run perfectly to make sure he wouldn't be caught offside when Asensio's cross came in and he rose above the defender to get his head on the ball and direct it down into the ground and over the keeper to find back of the net. 1-1!
57' There's a bit more urgency to Madrid's attacking play after the goal was disallowed, but they're once again struggling to find a way through Eibar's back line.
55' BENZEMA HAS ANOTHER GOAL DISALLOWED! Dmitrovic was quickly out of his box to try and clear the pass but it's a poor effort to clear it. Instead, the ball bounces up and lands to Benzema who calmly slots it into the bottom of the empty net. It went to VAR to see if the Frenchman was offside when the pass was played to him and they say that he was so the goal is disallowed. Still 1-0 to Eibar.
Fabián Orellana
54' Ramis pulled up with a hamstring injury after clearing the ball away and he's unable to carry on so Orellana is on in his place.
52' Eibar are straight back on the attack again and this time it's Alvarez who puts a cross into the box. He picks out Jordan on the penalty spot, but he can't direct his header on target and it sails over the crossbar.
51' A long pass upfield from Dmitrovic picks out Enrich on the edge of the box and he brings it down well before backheeling it to Cardona. He takes it pass the defender, but his last touch is heavy and he can't stop the ball from rolling out of play.
49' Madrid have been closing down the ball quicker since the start of the second half and Eibar are struggling to string together enough passes to start an attack at the minute.
47' Madrid have a free-kick and Modric plays a short one-two with Asensio. When he gets it back, he takes the shot from long range and it's on target but there's no power on the effort and it's an easy save for Dmitrovic.
46' Eibar get the game back underway for the second half.
Zidane didn't look happy with his side as he went down the tunnel for half-time and he will expect his team to improve in the final third if they want to pull a goal back in the second half. Eibar didn't create a lot of chances in the first half, but they did look like the bigger threat in the first half, so Mendilibar will be hoping for more of the same when they come back out after the break.
Eibar lead Madrid 1-0 at half-time through Cordona's strike. Madrid did have a goal disallowed early in the game after Bale squared the ball to Benzema who tapped the ball into the back of the empty net, but there was an offside in the build-up so it didn't stand. Eibar looked the more dangerous side when they got into the final third though and they got the goal they deserved after Escalante picked out Cardona who lifted the ball over Navas and into the back of the net to give his side the lead.
45' Madrid's passing in the final third is still sloppy as they try to get it out to Asensio on the left wing, but the pass from Modric runs straight out of play, much to his team-mate's frustration.
43' Zidane looks very frustrated with his players as they once again are slowly building up their attacks from the back which is allowing Eibar to get back into their shape and close the space at the back.
41' Madrid are keeping the ball after the restart, but they're not doing much with it as they are staying in their own half for the time being.
G. Escalante
39' Escalante played the ball through the two Madrid defenders ahead of him and timed it perfectly to make sure that Cardona had no chance of being caught offside.
Marc Cardona
39' CARDONA PUTS EIBAR AHEAD! Some great build-up play from Eibar down the left wing just drew in the Madrid defenders and Escalante's pass played in Cardona took a touch before lifting the ball over Navas and into the back of the net. 1-0 Eibar!
38' Eibar are once again in a good position high up the field, but a pass to Cote who was running upfield to join the attack was played behind him and he slipped as he tried to get on the end of it which brought the attack to an end.
36' Madrid are still trying to move their attacks upfield quickly when they win the ball back, but a lot of their passes have been sloppy due to their rushing and they're making it easy for Eibar to win back possession.
34' Eibar are keeping possession in the final third, but at the minute they're stuck on the right wing as they struggle to find a way through Madrid's back line.
32' A poor pass from Valverde goes straight to Alvarez who tries to play in Enrich straight away. He overhits the throughball though and the forward isn't quick enough to catch it.
30' Cucurella once again puts a good cross into the middle of the box to Enrich, but there's a lot of power on it and it bounces off the forward. It lands to Cote though and his cross is hit across the face of goal and Navas has to get a hand to it to make sure no one can get on the end of it.
29' GOOD CHANCE FOR BALE! He sees the space open up ahead of him and drives his shot low towards the bottom corner from outside the box, but his effort is off target and it rolls wide of the post.
27' Madrid are moving the ball upfield very quickly every time they win back possession, but their final ball into the box has been so far in the game and Eibar's defence have done a good job of keeping them out.
25' Cote did really well to get away from Bale after getting up the field from left back and he gets his cross into the middle of the box, but it's cleared away. Eibar do get another chance to put the ball in though and Varane beats Enrich to it to put it behind for a corner.
23' Asensio gets into a good position high on the left wing, but he takes too long and De Blasis is across quickly to dispossess him and clear the ball for Eibar.
Paulo Oliveira
Yellow Card
21' Oliveira is the first player to receive a yellow card in the game after blocking Asensio's run.
19' Madrid win the ball back in their own half and the space just seems to open up ahead of Benzema as he tries to pick out Bale. His throughball is too heavy though and it rolls straight to the keeper.
17' Jordan plays a wonderful ball over the top of the Madrid defence to pick out Enrich in the box and he nods it down into a good area, but Escalante was behind it and he couldn't get on the end of it, allowing Varane to get it clear.
15' Madrid are keeping the ball well at the minute as they try to build up an attack from the back. They're trying to get the ball out to their wide players whenever they can, but Eibar are dealing with the threat well for now.
13' Odriozola is calling for a penalty as he feels that his cross hit a hand in the box, but the defender's arm was down by his side and it's a half-hearted shout. The referee is quick to wave the claim away.
11' Varane is dispossessed by Enrich who quickly plays in Cucurella ahead of him. The winger takes it to the byline and fizzes the ball across the face of goal, but none of his team-mates are waiting in the middle to get on the end of his cross.
9' Real Madrid have a goal disallowed! Bale once again pulls away from his defender to make a run into the box. All of the Eibar players seem to have just stopped as he squares it across to Benzema who taps the ball into the net, but he was offside and the goal doesn't stand.
8' Reguilon makes a good overlapping run down the left wing and Bale for it at the far post. The cross is slightly overhit though and Bale can't make the contact with it that he needs.
6' Bale made a run inside from the right wing after pulling away from his defender and he was left one-on-one with the goalkeeper as he ran into the box. Dmitrovic spread himself well to make the save, but the flag had gone up for offside anyway.
4' Eibar have been keeping the ball well in the opening few minutes and now have a free-kick in a good position on the right wing. The delivery is poor though and the Madrid defenders watch it roll out of play.
2' Jordan pulls off some neat footwork to get away from Modric and tries to pick out Cardona who is making a run into the box. The pass is overhit though and it bounces over him and straight out of play.
1' Benzema gets the game underway for Real Madrid!
The players are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
At home, Madrid are unbeaten in their five previous games against Eibar in all competitions (W4 D1), conceding just one goal in those matches.
Jose Luis Mendilibar has made seven changes to the side that won in midweek, with only Dmitrovic, Oliveira, Ramis and Alvarez retaining their places.
Zidane makes five changes to the team that lost in Madrid's last outing as he brings in Nacho, Valverde, Bale, Isco and Reguilon. They replace Marcelo, Kroos, Lucas, Casemiro and Sergio Ramos.
EIBAR SUBS: Kike Garcia, Fabian Orellana, Ruben Pena, Pedro Leon, Charles, Pere Milla, Asier Riesgo.
EIBAR STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Marko Dmitrovic; Pablo De Blasis, Ivan Ramis, Paulo Oliveira, Cote; Gonzalo Escalante; Marc Cardona, Sergio Alvarez, Joan Jordan, Marc Cucurella; Sergi Enrich.
REAL MADRID SUBS: Luca Zidane, Lucas Vasquez, Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Jesus Vallejo, Dani Ceballos, Brahim Diaz.
REAL MADRID STARTING XI (4-3-3): Keylor Navas; Alvaro Odriozola, Raphael Varane, Nacho, Sergio Reguilon; Luka Modric, Federico Valverde, Isco; Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Marco Asensio.
Zinedine Zidane takes charge of his 100th LaLiga game today, but he suffered the first defeat of his second spell in charge of Madrid in midweek against Valencia when they lost 2-1 which ended a three-match winning streak for the club. Eibar have won just two of their last eight games in the league (D4 L2), but one of those victories did come in their last outing when they beat Rayo Vallecano 2-1.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Real Madrid and Eibar at the Santiago Bernabeu!