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Netherlands v Canada Live Commentary, 20/06/2019

2 - 1
A. Dekker (54)
L. Beerensteyn (75)
C. Sinclair (60)
Stade Auguste-Delaune II


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That win means that Netherlands finish as group winners and have set up a round of 16 tie against Japan, who finished runners-up in Group D, on Tuesday. Canada finish as the runners-up but will have to wait until later today to find out who they will face in the next round as they will be playing the winner of Group F.
Netherlands beat Canada 2-1 to top Group E. Canada could've had a penalty in the second minute, but were denied by VAR as the contact was made outside the box. They also had a goal disallowed after Huitema had just drifted offside before she slotted her effort into the back of the net. Netherlands took the lead in the second half though when Dekker got away from her defender on a free-kick to nod the ball past Labbe. Six minutes later, they were pegged back though as Sinclair got on the end of Lawrence's wonderful cross to equalise for Canada. Beerensteyn then secured the three points when she tapped her close-range shot into the back of an empty net.
90' + 4' Canada are still looking for a late equaliser and Riviere gets away from her defender on the right wing to put a good cross into the box. She's trying to pick out Huitema, but it was too high for her to bring down.
90' + 2' Van de Sanden receives the ball on the edge of the box and decides to go for goal herself. She trying to curl her effort towards the top corner, but she doesn't get the angle right and sends it wide of the goal instead.
J. Roord
Yellow Card
90' Roord is the latest player to be shown a yellow card for a bad foul on Lawrence.
89' A long throw into the box from Lawrence picks out Huitema at the near post and she flicks it onto Beckie who tries to chip her effort into the back of the net. Van Veenendaal comes across to collect it, but play is pulled back as Huitema fouled Blackwood to reach the ball.
R. Jansen
D. van de Donk
87' The final change of the game sees Renate Jansen come on to replace Van de Donk.
85' Canada are starting to get frustrated now and Buchanan is making her feelings clear to the referee after she is brought down and stopped from taking a quick free-kick by Groenen.
83' GREAT CHANCE FOR BECKIE! Leon puts a good cross into the box from the left wing and Beckie rises to meet it at the far post. It's just too high for her though and the cross skims over her head before going wide.
82' Canada are pressing high up the field now as they go in search of another equaliser and they are patiently trying to pass their way between Netherlands' midfielders to get into the final third.
Yellow Card
80' Quinn, who has only been on the pitch for a number of seconds, is shown a yellow card after catching Van de Donk in the face with a trailing arm.
D. Scott
79' Final roll of the dice from Heiner-Moller now as Scott comes off to be replaced by Quinn.
77' Beckie is still causing Netherlands some problems at the back as she is slipped in with another good throughball by Schmidt. She tries to square it back across the box, but her pass is cut out by Bloodworth.
D. van Lunteren
75' Van Lunteren was given a lot of space down the right wing to pick out her cross and she caught out the goalkeeper with her low ball into the six-yard box to pick out Beerensteyn.
L. Beerensteyn
75' NETHERLANDS ARE BACK AHEAD! Van Lunteren squares her cross into a good area in the six-yard box and Beerensteyn pounces onto it to tap it into the back of the net and give her side the lead again. 2-1 Netherlands!
73' Canada have looked a lot brighter since scoring the equaliser and are dominating possession at the minute as they chase a second goal. Their final ball into the box has been poor so far though.
71' GOOD CHANCE FOR LEON! Fleming pulls away from Van Lunteren on the left wing and puts a good cross into the middle of the box where Leon is waiting. The substitute tries to hit her volley on the turn, but she can't direct it on target.
L. Beerensteyn
L. Martens
70' Martens also comes off and Beerensteyn is on to replace her.
J. Roord
S. Spitse
70' Netherlands are making a double change as well. Spitse is the first player to make way and Roord is on in her place.
J. Riviere
A. Chapman
69' Chapman is the second player to make way and she's replaced by Riviere.
A. Leon
C. Sinclair
68' It's a double change for Canada now and Sinclair, the goalscorer, is the first to come off for Canada. Leon is on in her place.
66' Van de Sanden once again gets into a dangerous position down the left wing for Netherlands and puts a good cross into the box. Zadorsky scuffs her clearance and almost plays her side into trouble, but Labbe is quickly off her line to collect the loose ball.
64' Sinclair is the second player to score at five Women's World Cups, after Brazil's Marta.
62' Netherlands are keeping the ball well at the minute and just slowing the pace of the game down a little bit after being pegged back again.
A. Lawrence
60' It was great build-up play by Canada but it was Lawrence's cross that caused the most problems. She whipped it into the far post from the right wing, just between the goalkeeper and defender, to pick out her team-mate.
C. Sinclair
60' SINCLAIR EQUALISES! It's a wonderful cross into the box from Lawrence to pick out Sinclair who was running onto it at the far post. The keeper couldn't get to it and the striker reacted quickest to stick out her leg and emphatically tap it into the back of the net. 1-1!
58' Sinclair got ahead of her defender and was left one-on-one with Van Veenendaal. She took her shot early and was trying to curl her effort into the top corner but it was just too high. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as the flag was up for offside.
56' Canada are straight on the attack after the restart, but can't seem to find a way through Netherlands' midfield. They're moving the ball with more pace than before though which is helping them.
S. Spitse
54' The free-kick is in a good position down the left wing and Spitse swings the ball into the crowd of players waiting on the edge of the six-yard box.
A. Dekker
54' DEKKER PUTS NETHERLANDS AHEAD! The free-kick is swung into the middle of the box where the players are waiting and Dekker gets ahead of Buchanan to dive onto the end of the cross and put it past Labbe and into the back of the net. 1-0 Netherlands!
53' Canada haven't really been able to get on the ball a lot in the second half so far, but are keeping their shape well to close down the space ahead of Netherlands.
51' Netherlands are linking up really well down the right wing with some clever passes over Canada's players to get them in behind. Van de Sanden just drifts offside as she is passed the ball though and the chance goes to waste.
49' Dekker plays a good ball over the top of Canada's defence to try and pick out Miedema. She's being closed down by two defenders though and Buchanan makes an important, well-timed challenge to take the chance away from her.
47' Netherlands are keeping the ball well in the opening minutes of the second half as they slowly build-up from the back.
46' And Canada get us back underway for the second half!
A draw would be a good enough result for Netherlands to top the group and Wiegman will be impressed with how her side performed in the first half. They created some very good chances but just haven't been clinical enough in front of goal. As for Canada, they will take confidence from having found the back of the net, despite it being disallowed, and have caused Netherlands problems when they have ventured forward. If they can just get their forward players on the ball more, then they could definitely get on the scoresheet.
Canada have a goal disallowed and go into half-time level with Netherlands at 0-0. Canada were awarded a penalty in the second minute after Beckie was brought down by Dekker, but VAR judged that contact had been made outside the box and awarded a free-kick instead. They also had a goal disallowed after Huitema was slotted her shot between Van Veenendaal's legs to find the back of the net, only for the offside flag to go up. Netherlands have come close as well, with Miedema hitting the post after a wonderful turn away from Zadorsky.
45' + 2' Once again, Canada are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Netherlands pile the pressure on them again. The defenders are dealing well with the crosses into the box so far though.
45' Beckie has another good chance for Canada as she tries to curl her shot towards goal from the edge of the box again. This time, she hits her effort first time, but Dekker makes a good block to set off a Netherlands counter-attack.
43' Beckie pulls away from her defender just outside the box and has a go from long range. It's a comfortable save for Van Veenendaal though as it's aimed straight at her.
42' Lawrence wins the ball back for Canada and tries to go for a more direct approach to goal. She tries a long pass over the top to Fleming, but can only pick out Bloodworth who heads it clear.
40' Netherlands are pushing forward with a lot of pace which is making their attacks sloppy in places. They're giving possession away needlessly and wasting their chances to get into the final third.
K. Buchanan
Yellow Card
38' Buchanan is the first Canadian player to receive a yellow card after she took out Miedema with a challenge from behind.
37' VAN DE SANDEN COMES CLOSE! She's been very bright in the first half and she decides to have a go from long-range. She curls her effort towards the target, but there isn't enough dip to get the shot under the crossbar.
35' Canada are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Netherlands continue to pile pressure on them in the final third.
33' MIEDEMA HITS THE POST! Van de Sanden squares the ball to her in the middle and she turns brilliantly to get away from Zadorsky in the middle. When she's in some space, Miedema hits her shot low to the far post, but her effort bounces off the woodwork.
32' A long ball over the top almost causes Canada problems again. Chapman does brilliantly to beat Van de Sanden to get on the end of it and she calmly touches it back to the goalkeeper. Labbe slips, but recovers just in time to clear it.
30' Some great build-up play by Netherlands! Van de Sanden whips a cross into the box from the right wing and Labbe comes off her line to punch it away. She doesn't make good contact with it though and almost plays her side into trouble when she pushes it towards the near post. Zadorsky is covering though and Canada get it clear with some desperate defending.
28' HUITEMA COMES CLOSE! Lawrence plays her in with a good throughball and Huitema hits her shot low and across goal, aiming for the far corner. She's can't find the target though and it roll wide of the post.
27' A long ball is played over the top by Dekker and Miedema is chasing it down with Buchanan. It's the defender who reaches it first and she gets ahead of Miedema to clear Canada's lines.
25' Netherlands don't clear their lines from a corner and the ball drops to Fleming on the edge of the box. She takes the shot first time as she is being closed down, but fires her effort high over the crossbar.
A. Dekker
Yellow Card
23' Dekker picks up the first yellow card of the game for a late foul on Beckie.
22' CANADA HAVE A GOAL DISALLOWED! Huitema pulled off the back of Van Dongen to get on the end of Schmidt's throughball and was left one-on-one with the goalkeeper. She hit her shot low through Van Veenendaal's legs, off the inside of the far post and over the line but she had just drifted offside before receiving the ball.
21' Beckie once again gets into a good position down the left wing and she puts a deep cross into the edge of the box. Her team-mates had made runs to the near post though and Netherlands get it clear.
19' It's a very tight game at the minute, with both sides struggling to get into dangerous positions that could really trouble their opponents.
17' Whenever Canada do win the ball back, they aren't looking to move forward. A sloppy pass gives possession back to Scott and she plays it back to Labbe instead of picking out one of the forward players.
15' Van de Sanden puts a very good, low cross onto the edge of the box where Martens is waiting. It's just behind her though and she slips as she tries to get on the end of it, which allows Buchanan to win it back for Canada.
13' Beckie gets into a good position down the left wing for Canada and tries to play in Sinclair with a short pass. She just overhits it though and the captain can't keep it in play to put a cross into the box.
11' Canada haven't really been able to get on the ball much since opening minutes of the half due to how Netherlands' high press and they're giving possession away sloppily in midfield.
9' Miedema is doing really well for Netherlands down the left wing at the minute but she's being very closely marked by two Canada defenders which is making it hard for her to put a cross into the box.
7' Netherlands are keeping the ball well at the minute, but haven't been able to push forward into the final third and cause Canada any problems just yet.
5' Sinclair is the player stood over the free-kick and she goes for goal herself. She can't get her effort high enough though and it rebounds off the wall.
4' NO PENALTY! After a thorough check of the incident, the referee has gone back onto the field and awarded a free-kick to Canada just outside the box where the actual contact happened.
3' The referee is going to have a look at the monitor herself to check the incident and it looks like they are trying to decide whether or not the challenge happened on the edge of the box or inside it.
2' PENALTY TO CANADA! Beckie brushes past Van Lunteren to reach the throughball into the box and as she brings it into touch, the defender just clips her from behind and the referee points straight to the spot. VAR are having a look at the decision now though.
1' Miedema gets the game underway for Netherlands!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
Canada have only won one of their previous 12 World Cup games against European opposition (D1 L10 - 1-0 v Switzerland in 2015), conceding 38 goals and only scoring 11.
Kenneth Heiner-Moller makes just two changes to the team that won against New Zealand. Huitema and Chapman both come into the starting line-up, with Riviere and Prince, who scored in that victory, drop down to the bench.
Sarina Wiegman only makes one change to the side that beat Cameroon last time out as she brings in Van Dongen to replace Van Es at left-back. Groenen and Bloodworth are also handed their 50th international caps today.
CANADA SUBS: Sabrina D'Angelo, Jenna Hellstrom, Shannon Woeller, Deanne Rose, Adriana Leon, Lindsay Agnew, Julia Grosso, Kailen Sheridan, Rebecca Quinn, Gabrielle Carle, Nichelle Prince, Jayde Riviere.
CANADA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Stephanie Labbe; Ashley Lawrence, Kadeisha Buchanan, Shelina Zardorsky, Allysha Chapman; Jessie Fleming, Desiree Scott, Sophie Schmidt; Jordyn Huitema, Christine Sinclair, Janine Beckie.
NETHERLANDS SUBS: Jill Roord, Inessa Kaagman, Stefanie van der Gragt, Liza van der Most, Loes Geurts, Kika van Es, Lize Kop, Danique Kerkdijk, Victoria Pelova, Ellen Jansen, Renate Jansen, Lineth Beerensteyn.
NETHERLANDS STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sari van Veenendaal; Desiree van Lunteren, Anouk Dekker, Dominique Bloodworth, Merel van Dongen; Jackie Groenen, Sherida Spitse, Danielle van de Donk; Shanice van de Sanden, Vivianne Miedema, Lieke Martens.
Netherlands and Canada have already qualified for the knockout rounds and it's tight at the top of Group E between these two sides and both can still finish top of the group depending on the result today. Netherlands currently occupy top spot on goals scored after winning their first two games in the tournament 1-0 and 3-1 against New Zealand and Cameroon. All they need to do to go through as group winners is avoid defeat. If Canada want to finish top, this is a must-win game for them.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's World Cup match between Netherlands and Canada at the Stade Auguste-Delaune!