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90' + 2'
L. Dobbin
D. Gray
A. Doucouré
Yellow Card
A. Townsend
A. Doucouré
1 - 1
A. Martial
Bruno Fernandes
1 - 0
M. Greenwood
Yellow Card

Match Stats

71% 28%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 2
Total Passes 700 268
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A win would've taken one of these sides top of the table, but as it stands, United are up to second with Everton behind them in third. It's a trip to Leicester City after the international break for Solskjaer's men, while Everton host West Ham in two weeks' time.
Everton come from behind to draw 1-1 with Manchester United. Martial gave the hosts the lead just before half-time following a good United move, with his deflected effort beating Pickford. Townsend equalised in the second half at the end of a brilliant counter-attack for Everton when he slotted past De Gea. Mina thought he'd won it late in the game after he tapped the ball into an empty net, but a quick VAR check showed he was offside and the points were shared.
90' + 4' Sancho is brought down by Mina and Fernandes takes the free-kick quickly, chipping it over Everton's defence to Ronaldo. He can't nod it down, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as he'd just strayed offside.
L. Dobbin
D. Gray
90' + 2' There's a late change being made by Everton here and Gray is in no hurry to leave the field. He slowly walks off and is replaced by Dobbin.
90' Wan-Bissaka's cross is cleared by Mina, but only as far as Pogba. He debates hitting it on the volley before touching it into Ronaldo, who quickly lays it off to Sancho. He takes it first time, but can't get any power behind it, and it's a comfortable save for Pickford.
88' United are trying to move the ball upfield quickly again as they look for a late winner and Lindelof goes long towards Sancho. It's cut out by Digne, but Everton can't keep hold of it for long.
86' OFFSIDE! The initial corner is cleared by United, but it's recycled and touched into Davies. He has the space for a shot but squares it to Mina instead. He coolly taps it into the back of the net and the United players are looking to the linesman for an offside flag. A quick VAR check shows that he did go too early. It's still 1-1.
84' Fernandes whips another good corner into the box and Pogba has a free header in the middle. He tries to glance it into the far post, but gets too much on it and sends it wide.
82' CHANCE! Sancho wrongfoots Godfrey before driving forward down the left and pulling the ball back to Pogba on the edge of the box. He lets it roll across him before trying to curl it into the far top corner, but it sails just over the bar.
80' Fernandes spins away from Godfrey down the left and he fizzes a lovely, low cross into the six-yard box. Nobody is making a late run onto it though, and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
78' There are shouts from the Everton fans for a penalty after Gray goes to ground in the box under pressure from Varane. There wasn't much in it though and the referee tells him to get back to his feet.
A. Doucouré
Yellow Card
76' Fernandes pounces on Doucoure's heavy touch and ends up being taken out by the Frenchman from behind. Doucoure is shown a yellow card.
75' CHANCE! Ronaldo breaks forward down the left and touches it into Sancho before continuing his run into the box. He gets it back and has a go from a very tight angle but it's always heading wide of the far post.
74' Gray breaks on the counter for Everton again here, but he has Lindelof with him all the way. In the end, he just overruns it and sends it out of play before he can get a cross in.
T. Davies
A. Gordon
72' First change for Everton now as Gordon makes way for Davies.
P. Pogba
70' Final change for United now as they look to regain their lead, with Pogba coming on in place of Fred.
69' Gordon pulls away from Wan-Bissaka again and he lifts a good cross into the near post from the byline. Rondon can't make the contact he needs and it's bouncing back towards Townsend, but Varane makes another important interception.
67' United are trying to have an instant response to being pegged back and are on the attack again. Greenwood spots Ronaldo in space at the far post, but the cross is too short, and Keane heads it away.
A. Doucouré
65' Doucoure had a lot of time and space on the ball and he keeps hold of it as he waits for Townsend to get upfield before squaring it into him.
A. Townsend
65' TOWNSEND EQUALISES! It's all down to Gray's work down the left as he brushes Fred aside twice as he breaks away on the counter. United don't get back quick enough and Doucoure slides it through to Townsend, who has so much space through the middle. He has time to take a touch before slotting it past De Gea. 1-1! 
63' Everton are sitting deep in their own half as United continue to keep possession, but the hosts are struggling to find a way through at the moment. McTominay breaks forward down the right, but his cross is blocked by Allan.
61' Sancho wins the ball back and sets Ronaldo on the counter. He touches it back into Sancho, but the space just won't open up for a shot so he lays it off to Fernandes. His low cross is flicked on by McTominay, but it's behind Ronaldo.
59' Gordon plays a great pass into Gray and he cuts inside from the left before coming up against Varane. He tries to slide it through to Rondon but sends it straight out of play and doesn't get the penalty he was looking for.
Cristiano Ronaldo
E. Cavani
57' Cavani is the other player making way, as Ronaldo comes on to make his 200th Premier League appearance.
J. Sancho
A. Martial
57' There's a double change for United here and it looks like Martial was just limping in the last few minutes. He goes off, with Sancho on for him.
56' Digne's initial cross is cleared by Shaw, but it goes back out to the left-back, who picks out Townsend at the near post. He flicks a header on that loops towards goal, but it lands in the roof of the net.
54' Townsend leaves Shaw stranded as he cuts inside before sliding a good throughball into the box for Rondon to chase. He gets caught on his heels though, which gives Lindelof chance to get across and intercept it.
52' Fernandes' assist was his 50th goal involvement in 58 Premier League appearances (30 goals, 20 assists); only Andy Cole (43), Alan Shearer (54) and Eric Cantona (54) reached 50 combined goals and assists in fewer games in the competition.
50' Doucoure tries to set Everton off on the counter when he spots Gray making another driving run through the middle, but Fernandes intercepts it. He turns before looking for Cavani, but Mina blocks it.
48' United have picked up where they left off in the first half and are putting Everton under some early pressure. Martial tries to play a one-two with Fernandes to get in behind Godfrey but wins a corner and Greenwood's effort is saved by Pickford.
46' United get us back underway for the second half! 
Benitez will feel hard done by that his side are behind after a good first-half performance by them. They've looked dangerous going forward, and he'll be hoping for more of the same after the break. United dealt with their pressure well though, creating some good opportunities of their own, but Solskjaer knows they need to be more clinical if they want to see out the game.
Martial gives United a 1-0 lead over Everton at half-time. The hosts started brightly, with Martial sending an early header wide before Cavani saw an effort well-saved by Pickford. At the other end, Gray forced De Gea into a good low stop after a quick counter. Just before the break, Martial finished off a well-worked United move by picking out the back of the net with the help of a slight deflection.
45' Everton just can't keep hold of the ball after the restart and Allan sloppily gives it away to McTominay. United break forward again, with Fred looking for Greenwood, but Digne steps in to intercept it.
Bruno Fernandes
43' There was space for Fernandes to take a shot, but he did well to spot Martial's run before picking out a perfectly weighted pass into him.
A. Martial
43' MARTIAL SCORES! It was great build-up play from United, with Greenwood fizzing a wonderful pass into Fernandes. He, unselfishly, plays it out to Martial, who cuts inside from the left, and he hits it first time. He fires it into the top corner and a deflection helps it beat Pickford. 1-0 United! 
42' Cavani tries to switch it out to Martial and Godfrey slides in with a perfectly-timed tackle to intercept it. It loops up to Shaw, who curls a first-time cross towards Cavani, but Keane gets there this time to clear the danger.
40' United's passing is just letting them down in the final third at the moment. McTominay tries to thread it through for Wan-Bissaka down the right but overhits it and Everton have the ball back again.
38' There's a coming together between Cavani and Doucoure, but the referee plays the advantage to Everton. Gray pushes forward through the middle again, before winning a free-kick when he's tripped by Fernandes.
36' BLOCK! Townsend just breezes past Varane on the right and he pulls a great cross back to Doucoure on the edge of the area. He hits it first time on the half-volley and Wan-Bissaka makes a brilliant block to deny him.
M. Greenwood
Yellow Card
34' Greenwood tracks back to try and stop Gordon's run and ends up clipping the back of his heels. The free-kick is awarded, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
33' GOOD SAVE! It's a loose pass from Fernandes which gifts the ball back to Everton and Gray drives forward through the middle. The defenders just sit back so he goes for goal on the edge of the box, but De Gea gets a strong hand to it.
31' Gordon does brilliantly to get away from Wan-Bissaka with the one-two and fizzes a low cross into the box. Rondon misses it at the near post before Townsend scuffs it in the middle, but it's hooked away by Varane.
30' The referee pulls McTominay and Mina aside as they were the first two involved in the argument and gives them a warning. He also has a word with Doucoure for his involvement, but the yellow card isn't brought out.
29' McTominay tried to pick Digne up after he goes down and the Everton players aren't happy with it. Tempers are flaring amongst both sets of players, with some pushing and shoving going on and the referee is trying to calm things down. 
27' United are still moving the ball around quickly and McTominay lays it off to Greenwood on the right. He cuts inside to pull away from Gordon before going for goal, but his low shot is held onto by Pickford at the near post.
25' Fred gifts the ball to Doucoure, and he plays a one-two with Townsend to get away from the Brazilian, who is trying to make up for his mistake. Doucoure drills a low cross into the box which bounces up off Rondon, but his volley is blocked by Lindelof.
23' Greenwood can't find the space for a cross so he pulls it back for McTominay on the edge of the box. They get it back out to the right with Wan-Bissaka though and his cross is blocked by Allan.
21' GOOD SAVE! It's a great cross into the box by Fred and Cavani peels off the back of Mina to get into space in the middle. He nods his header down into the ground and Pickford gets down well to push it away.
20' United quickly work their way upfield again and Martial turns Godfrey to bring it down. He cuts inside and tries to float a cross into the box, but it's straight into Pickford's gloves.
18' Greenwood's cross is intercepted and Everton surge forward on the counter-attack. Godfrey leads the charge down the right but takes too long to put the cross into the box and Lindelof gets in front of Rondon to clear the danger.
16' CHANCE! Townsend wins a free-kick on the right and whips the cross into the box himself. Keane holds off Shaw to glance a header on in front of the penalty spot and it bounces wide of the far post.
15' Everton are starting to up the pressure on United's defence now and Townsend pulls away from Shaw down the right to whip in a good cross. He's looking for Rondon in the middle, but Greenwood gets back to hook it clear.
13' Everton have conceded 10 goals in their last four Premier League away games, as many as they had in their previous 14 on the road. The Toffees lost to Villa in their last away league game, but haven't lost consecutive matches away from Goodison Park since November 2020.
11' It's better from Everton now and Digne flicks a header through to Rondon. He has acres of space to run into but can't sort his feet out quick enough which gives Varane the chance to get across and block the shot when he takes it from close range.
10' The corner is cleared by Everton, but United recycle it through Greenwood down the right. He fizzes a dangerous ball across the six-yard box which only needs a touch to beat Pickford, but there's no one waiting in the middle.
8' Lindelof switches play out to Martial with a wonderful long ball over the top and he touches it into Shaw ahead of him. He tries to swing an early cross into the box, but Godfrey makes an important block.
6' CHANCE! The hosts move it from left to right and Wan-Bissaka wrongfoots Digne to open up space for the cross. He lifts it into the far post where Martial is waiting, but he sends his header wide of the target.
4' Shaw links up well with Martial as the Frenchman squeezes a throughball into a tight spot between the Everton defenders. Shaw clips it towards Cavani, but Pickford comes off his line to collect it.
2' United are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here and are patiently working their way upfield. Wan-Bissaka drives forward down the right but puts a poor cross into the middle which is blocked by Pickford.
1' Rondon gets the game underway for Everton! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
United have lost just one of their last 12 Premier League meetings with Everton (W6 D5), going down 4-0 at Goodison Park in April 2019.
Rafa Benitez makes just one change from the win over Norwich last weekend and it's an enforced one as Gordon comes into the side. Alex Iwobi failed a late fitness test, so joins a lengthy injury list including Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison, Andre Gomes and Seamus Coleman.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes five changes to the side that beat Villarreal last time out. Shaw returns from injury, with Wan-Bissaka, Fred, Martial and Cavani also coming into the team. Ronaldo drops to the bench, along with POgba, Telles and Sancho.
EVERTON SUBS: Mason Holgate, Charlie Whitaker, Lewis Dobbin, Andy Lonergan, Jean-Philippe Gbamin, Asmir Begovic, Jonjoe Kenny, Jarrad Braithwaite, Tom Davies.
EVERTON STARTING XI (4-4-1-1): Jordan Pickford; Ben Godfrey, Yerry Mina, Michael Keane, Lucas Digne; Andros Townsend, Abdoulaye Doucoure, Allan, Anthony Gordon; Demarai Gray; Salomon Rondon.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Telles, Paul Pogba, Donny van de Beek, Jesse Lingard, Jadon Sancho, Eric Bailly, Nemanja Matic, Dean Henderson.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Raphael Varane, Victor Lindelof, Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay, Fred; Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Anthony Martial; Edinson Cavani.
United bounced back from a run of poor results with a last-gasp 2-1 win over Villarreal in the Champions League on Wednesday. Last weekend, they suffered their first defeat in the league, as they were seen off by Aston Villa. Everton's only loss in the Premier League this season also came at the hands of Villa in a 3-0 defeat in their last away game before they were knocked of the EFL Cup on penalties by QPR. They got back to winning ways in their last outing though, as they beat Norwich City 2-0. 
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester United and Everton at Old Trafford!