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Luxembourg v Portugal Live Commentary, 17/11/2019

0 - 2
Bruno Fernandes (39)
Cristiano Ronaldo (86)
Stade Josy Barthel


That's all for today, goodbye!
So, Portugal will go into the draw for Euro 2020 and will have the chance to defend their title at the tournament. As for Ronaldo, he will be looking to carry on his goalscoring run for the national side when they meet up again next year so he can get to the 100-goal landmark.
Portugal qualify for Euro 2020 with a 2-0 win over Luxembourg in their final qualifier. Bruno Fernandes opened the scoring in the first half when he latched onto Bernardo Silva's wonderful throughball and beat Moris at his near post to find the bottom-right corner with his low shot from the edge of the box. Ronaldo needed a brace today to get to 100 goals for his country but only got one as he reacted quickest on the line when Moris spilt a shot.
90' + 4' Ronaldo gets away from his defender and has the chance for a late shot on goal. He drags his low shot wide of the right post, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as he fouled Chanot in the build-up.
90' + 2' Carlson is trying to make something happen down the left side and chips a pass over the defenders towards Deville. Fonte is quickly across to him though to cut out the pass and clear Portugal's lines.
Rúben Neves
Bruno Fernandes
90' Final change of the game now and it's the scorer of the first goal, Fernandes, that's making way for Neves.
88' Rodrigues has been Luxembourg's most dangerous player today and he's still pushing forward through the middle of the field. He tries to pick out Deville with a throughball, only to see it cut out by Fonte.
Cristiano Ronaldo
86' RONALDO SCORES! Silva's cross into the box perfectly picks out Jota, but his scuffed shot is stopped by Moris. The keeper can't hold onto it though and it bounces up perfectly for Ronaldo to turn in on the goal line. He's now just one goal off 100 for his country. 2-0 Portugal!
84' Luxembourg are pressing high up the field now, but so far, Portugal have been dealing well with the pressure from the home side. They look confident in possession and are happy to pass their way out of their own half.
A. Joachim
V. Thill
82' Final change for Luxembourg now and it's Vincent Thill that's coming off with Joachim on in his place.
80' RONALDO COMES CLOSE! Of course, Ronaldo is standing over the free-kick and he curls his effort over the wall and towards the far corner. It's swerving away from goal though and finishes just wide of the post.
78' Fernandes goes to ground in the box and Portugal are asking for a penalty. It doesn't look like the referee is giving anything, but he does award the away side a free-kick right on the edge of the penalty area.
76' Carlson plays a hopeful long pass upfield and Thill is under pressure from Ricardo Pereira as soon as he brings down the ball. The substitute does well though and manages to win a throw-in for his side.
D. Sinani
L. Barreiro
74' Luxembourg make their second change now and Barreiro Martins is the player making way for Sinani.
73' Ricardo Pereira pulls away from his defender on the right again and puts a cross into the six-yard box from the byline. It's right on top of the goalkeeper and Moris watches it well to catch it on his line.
Diogo Jota
André Silva
71' Second change for Portugal now and Santos is bringing on Jota in place of Andre Silva.
Bernardo Silva
Yellow Card
70' Bernardo Silva is shown a yellow card for tugging back Rodrigues.
68' Vincent Thill has just gone to ground in the box under a challenge from Fonte and some of the home fans are asking for a penalty. There wasn't much in it though and the referee waves the claims away.
66' Luxembourg are getting into some good positions down the left and Carlson has played some good passes in and around the box. None of his team-mates are making runs into the middle though which is giving Portugal chance to come away with the ball.
64' The ball is cleared as far as Fonte and he tries to set his side off on the attack once again. He plays a long pass over the top of the midfield towards Bernardo Silva but can only find Gerson.
João Moutinho
62' First change for Portugal now and it's Pizzi that's making way for Moutinho.
61' Luxembourg swing a corner into the box and it isn't dealt with by Portugal. It bounces up for Rodrigues who goes for the spectacular with an overhead kick, but scuffs it, which gives chance for Dias to finally clear it.
O. Thill
D. Turpel
59' The first change of the game is made by Luc Holtz as he brings on Oliver Thill in place of Turpel.
58' Pizzi wins the ball back and whips a great cross into the middle of the box for Portugal. Ronaldo is the one waiting for it in the middle, but he just can't direct his header on target. He had come back from an offside position though so it wouldn't have counted anyway.
56' It's a great throughball over the midfield from Dias and it falls to Pizzi, who is making a run into the box one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The offside flag has gone up though and the move comes to an end.
54' It's well worked down the right between Ricardo Pereira and Bernardo Silva and the right-back gets to the byline before putting his cross into the box. Andre Silva is in the middle waiting, but Chanot gets ahead of him to head it clear.
52' It's a quick move upfield from Luxembourg and the ball falls to Rodrigues in the box. He takes a touch to get around his defender before curling his effort towards the top corner, but it sails over the crossbar.
50' GREAT CHANCE! Pizzi whips a corner into the box and Fonte rises above his defender to get his head to the ball. Moris is scrambling across his line to try and get to it, but it ends up bouncing just wide of the post.
48' It's been all Portugal so far in the second half as they're looking for a second goal. They've been getting into some dangerous positions, but haven't got in behind Luxembourg just yet.
46' Deville gets the game back underway for Luxembourg!
Fernando Santos will be pleased with his side's performance in the first half, and he will want to see more of the same in the second half. They can only qualify for the Euros if they match Serbia's result, and a win today will definitely see them through. Luxembourg have looked dangerous going forward though and could cause Portugal some problems on the counter-attack if they aren't careful.
Portugal take a 1-0 lead into the break against Luxembourg. The hosts had a couple of opportunities, with Rodrigues coming the closest for them with his free-header from a corner, but he could only send it over the crossbar. Ronaldo has had a couple of chances but so far hasn't been able to beat the goalkeeper. Fernandes has though as he latched onto Bernardo Silva's throughball and found the bottom right corner with his low shot from the edge of the box.
45' Carlson plays a risky ball back to his goalkeeper and Moris tries to clear it first time as he's under pressure from Bernardo Silva. The ball bounces back off the midfielder, but luckily for Luxembourg, it's straight back to the keeper.
43' Bernardo Silva tries another throughball into the box, this time to pick out Andre Silva's run down the right side. It's just overhit though and Moris comes off his line to collect it.
41' Portugal win the ball back following the restart and are keeping possession well in Luxembourg's half of the field. Their build-up is patient now as they wait for the space to open up in midfield.
Bernardo Silva
39' It's a great throughball from Bernardo Silva as he lifts the ball over the defenders and into Fernandes' feet.
Bruno Fernandes
39' PORTUGAL LEAD! Fernandes makes a good run in front of Ronaldo at the edge of the box to get on the ball before going for goal. He keeps his shot low and catches Moris out at his near post as he finds the bottom corner. 1-0 Portugal!
38' Fernandes whips a great cross into the near post and Danilo Pereira gets ahead of his defender to get on the end of it. He curls his effort on target from close range but it's a comfortable save for Moris.
36' Guerreiro pushes high upfield and puts a good cross into the box. Andre Silva is waiting for it in the middle, but he can't make contact with the ball to get a shot away.
34' Luxembourg are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment as Portugal start to put them under more pressure. They're trying to break quickly when they win back possession, but they haven't been able to do anything with it.
32' GOOD CHANCE! Guerreiro chips the ball over the top of Luxembourg's defence to pick out Andre Silva and his touch brings it down nicely for Pizzi. He takes the shot first time but lifts his effort high over the crossbar.
31' Thill was caught by Danilo Pereira when he won the ball back and he's down receiving some treatment for a knee injury. He's quickly back to his feet though and he'll be able to carry on.
29' Danilo Pereira does really well to win the ball back in midfield and set Ronaldo off on the attack. He gets into the box, but his cut-back into the middle is blocked by Carlson.
27' Pizzi picks out Ronaldo in a lot of space on the edge of the box and the captain goes for goal. He's aiming for the far corner with the shot, but can't get the curl on it to get it on target.
25' GOOD CHANCE! Portugal don't deal with the corner into the box and it bounces through to Rodrigues in the six-yard box. He heads his effort towards goal, but it sails just over the crossbar.
24' Portugal have a free-kick on the edge of the box on the left wing and, no surprise, it's Ronaldo standing over it. It's a good cross into the middle, but Andre Silva just can't get his foot to the ball to turn it in at the far post.
22' Jans cuts inside and does really well to wrongfoot his defender to get some more space. He squares his ball from the byline, and he's looking for Deville in the six-yard box, but Fonte recovers well to block the cross.
20' Luxembourg make their way upfield quickly once again and Thill tries to square it to Turpel who's in more space on the edge of the box. He overhits the pass though and sends it straight out for a throw-in.
18' It's some clever short passing by Portugal on the edge of Luxembourg's box as Ronaldo lays the ball off to Bernardo Silva. He takes a heavy touch though and Gerson gets a toe to it which gives the keeper the chance to clear it.
M. Chanot
Yellow Card
16' Chanot pics up a yellow card now as he catches Pizzi on the back of his heels with a late tackle.
14' Turpel pulls away from his defender on the right wing and squares a good cross into the middle of the box to Thill. He hits the shot first time, but it takes a deflection off Dias and loops up to make it an easy catch for Patricio.
12' Luxembourg are steadily making their way up the field and Barreiro Martins finds himself in some space on the left wing. He puts a good cross into the box, but it's headed away in the middle by Fonte.
9' Ronaldo twists, turns and fires straight at Moris from a narrow angle! Either side of the goalkeeper and that might have been the opener. Instead, it's a sharp save.
M. Deville
Yellow Card
7' Deville goes in hard on Danilo and the referee isn't allowing that. He's dished out the first yellow card of the game.
6' Chance for the hosts! Turpel beats Fonte to Jans' cross, but he can't keep the header down.
6' Danilo trips Thill to end the Luxembourg attacker's enterprising surge forward. Portugal soon have it back, however.
4' He's already had one shot - could this be the game that sees Ronaldo bring up the magical 100-goal mark for Portugal? The Juventus star has 98 at international level following his hat-trick in the 6-0 hammering of Lithuania.
1' Portugal are on the front foot straight away and win a free-kick, which Ronaldo thumps into the wall.
1' And we're underway at Stade Josy Barthel! It's Luxembourg hosting Portugal in the final Group B fixture for both nations.
The players are out on the pitch and we're just a few moments away from kick-off.
PORTUGAL SUBS: Goncalo Paciencia, Diogo Jota, Bruma, Jose Sa, Domingos Duarte, Ruben Neves, Ruben Semedo, Joao Cancelo, Mario Rui, Beto, Joao Moutinho, Eder.
LUXEMBOURG SUBS: Tim Hall, Danel Sinani, Ralph Schon, Vahid Selimovic, Olivier Thill, Stefano Bensi, Marvin Martins, Kevin Malget, Aurelien Joachim, Florian Bohnert, Daniel Alves Da Mota, Chris Philipps.
PORTUGAL XI (4-2-3-1): Rui Patricio; Ricardo Pereira, Jose Fonte, Ruben Dias, Raphael Guerreiro; Danilo Pereira, Pizzi; Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo; Andre Silva.
LUXEMBOURG XI (4-1-4-1): Anthony Moris; Laurent Jans, Maxime Chanot, Lars Gerson, Dirk Carlson; Aldin Skenderovic; Maurice Deville, Vincent Thill, Leandro Barreiro Martins, Gerson Rodrigues; David Turpel.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Euro 2020 qualifier between Luxembourg and Portugal!