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Yellow Card
Diego Costa
Penalty Miss
S. Mignolet
Penalty Save
G. Wijnaldum
1 - 1
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Both managers look relatively happy with tonight's result, and it's no wonder why. Liverpool weren't at their best in the first half before coming to life after the break, when they made life very tough for a Chelsea back line that were constantly under pressure. The visitors did well to largely keep the hosts at bay, but they just couldn't do enough to stop Wijnaldum from earning his side a well-deserved and much-needed point.
M. Batshuayi
Diego Costa
90' + 4' Chelsea have made a very late substitution, presumably to run down the clock, with Michy Batshuayi coming on to replace Costa for the final few moments.
90' + 3' Chelsea desperately move the ball around the edge of the Liverpool penalty area as they try to carve out a chance on goal, but the home side have plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger. They then try to break forward on a swift counter-attack, but Kante is there to bring the attacking move to a premature end.
90' + 1' What a chance for Firmino! Liverpool pile plenty of pressure on the Chelsea back line before Mane whips a lovely cross into the middle of the penalty area, but Firmino is unable to make it count and sends his close-range header straight into the hands of Courtois in the middle of the goal.
D. Origi
A. Lallana
90' Liverpool have made a late attacking change, with Lallana making way for Divock Origi.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
89' Pedro goes close! Chelsea win themselves a free-kick over on the right flank, but it fails to result in a chance on goal due to good defending by the home side. The visitors are able to push forward once again, however, before Pedro tests Mignolet from just outside of the box, but his thumping strike ends up flying just wide of the far post.
88' What a tackle by Henderson! Milner is caught out over on the right wing, allowing Fabregas to cut inside and find Pedro. The Spaniard is in a great position on the edge of the box and looks to shoot, but his first touch is poor and allows Henderson to dispossess him with a brilliant sliding interception.
87' Costa beautifully brings down a lofted pass on the edge of the penalty area before out-muscling both Matip and Lovren. He then darts into the right-hand side of the box before fizzing a low pass across the face of goal, but Mignolet does well to stop it from finding a blue shirt.
85' It just isn't working for Chelsea, who are struggling to do much with the ball in advanced positions. Liverpool have looked far more defensively solid tonight than they have in recent weeks, and it's made life very touch for the visitors' front three.
83' Chelsea have made their second alteration of the evening, with Cesc Fabregas coming on to replace Willian.
81' Mane is easily able to skip past Cahill deep down the right wing before swinging a looping cross into the penalty area and towards Firmino, but it's sent slightly too near to Courtois and the Belgian is easily able to collect the ball under pressure.
Yellow Card
79' Willian refuses to move out of the way to let the free-kick be taken and receives a yellow card for dissent as a result.
78' Chelsea push forward once again as they try to find a way back into the game, but they're unable to do so after Pedro loses the ball on the edge of the Liverpool penalty area with a heavy first touch under pressure from Henderson.
Diego Costa
Penalty Miss
76' Costa has had few chances to test Mignolet this evening, and he fluffed his lines then. His shot was fired far too near to the Belgian and made life easy for the shot-stopper.
S. Mignolet
Penalty Save
76' SAVE! Costa steps up and tries to fire a low strike into the bottom left-hand corner of the net, but Mignolet reads the shot brilliantly to deny the striker with a great diving save.
75' PENALTY! Lovren, who has largely been impressive tonight, loses the ball in a dangerous position and gifts it to Costa, who immediately bursts forward. The striker flies into the penalty area before taking on Matip, who sticks out a foot and clumsily sends the Spain international crashing to the ground.
S. Mané
Philippe Coutinho
75' Sadio Mane receives a rousing round of applause from the Liverpool fans as he makes his way on to the pitch to replace Coutinho.
74' Clyne charges down the right flank on a marauding run before curling a deep cross over to the far post. It's sent slightly in front of Milner, however, and the left-back is unable to keep the ball in play, despite his best efforts.
73' Costa drags Henderson back as the two battle for the ball, and Liverpool are presented with a free-kick in a dangerous position on the left flank. Milner steps up and curls a delightful cross into the middle of the penalty area, but the Chelsea defence are just about able to deal with the danger.
E. Hazard
72' Chelsea have made their first change of the night, with Hazard making way for Pedro.
70' Coutinho and Lallana play a quick one-two between themselves before the Brazilian tees up Henderson. The midfielder is in a good position just outside of the penalty area and has a chance to shoot, but he instead chips a pass into the box that fails to find a red shirt.
68' Costa goes close! Chelsea are finally able to push forward once again and do well to carve out a chance on goal. Willian skips past Milner on the right-hand side of the box before unleashing a thumping cross-cum-shot, but it fizzes just past the outstretched leg of Costa before rolling a few yards wide of the far post.
66' Liverpool clearly feel that quick, lofted passes forward are the key to breaking down the Chelsea defence for a second time. Once again, it's Henderson who tries to pick out a team-mate deep inside the visitors' half of the pitch, but it's slightly overhit and misses Clyne by the narrowest of margins.
64' Clyne cuts inside from the right wing before curling a cross into the Chelsea penalty area and over to Milner, but this time Moses is able to get a head on the ball to send it away from the Liverpool full-back. There's a slight coming together between the two players, but the referee isn't interested and waves play on.
62' Chance for Can! Liverpool win themselves a free-kick over on the left flank, and it's curled into a dangerous position over at the far post. It finds Can in a pocket of space and allows the midfielder to unleash a quick shot, but he's closed down well by Alonso at the vital moment.
60' Once again, Liverpool do well to put Chelsea under pressure before another lofted pass is fired into the visitors' penalty area, but this time it's slightly overhit by Henderson and fails to find Milner in an advantageous position.
J. Milner
Yellow Card
59' Chelsea immediately try to break forward from the restart, but Moses is clattered into by a hefty sliding challenge from Milner and the Liverpool man is quickly shown a yellow card.
G. Wijnaldum
57' GOAL! Liverpool are back in the game! The home side move the ball around nicely before a curling cross is sent towards Milner at the far post. The full-back rises high and meets it well before nodding the ball back to Wijnaldum, who skips past Luiz and beats Courtois with a lovely downward header.
55' Matip falls asleep on the ball and, once again, Hazard takes advantage of the mistake. He cuts inside from the left wing before quickly teeing up Willian, but the Brazilian brings a promising attack to a disappointing end with a wayward pass that fails to find Moses inside the box.
53' Sloppy play by Liverpool gifts Hazard with a chance to fly down the left wing on a quick counter-attack, but Matip does really well to read the danger and charges across the pitch to deal with the Belgian with a well-timed sliding tackle.
51' Moses hits the post! Costa and Moses link up well deep down the right flank before the latter skips past Milner far too easily. He then heads into the penalty area and tries to beat Mignolet at the near post, but his low shot flies into the woodwork and out for a goal-kick.
49' What a miss by Firmino! Liverpool break away on a blisteringly quick counter-attack as several bodies fly forward. Lallana darts towards the right-hand side of the box before teeing up Nathaniel Clyne, who then knocks the ball back to Firmino, but, despite being in an acre of space in front of goal, he ends up firing his first-time shot high and wide of its intended target. He really should have done better with that!
48' Can does well to muscle his way through a group of blue shirts before knocking the ball out to Firmino on the right-hand side of the Chelsea penalty area. The Brazilian meets it well before trying to pick out a team-mate with a quick cross, but Matic is there to cut out the danger at the vital moment.
46' And we're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It was a frustrating opening 45 minutes for Liverpool, who have enjoyed the vast majority of possession but have struggled to cause Courtois too many problems. Chelsea have remained well-organised and defensively solid to keep the home side at bay, resulting in them spending most of the first half patiently passing the ball around as they desperately try to find a way to break down the sea of blue shirts camped in front of them.
45' + 2' Once again, a long ball is fired up towards the Chelsea penalty area as the home side try to carve out a final chance on goal before the half-time break, but, despite finding Can, the lofted pass bounces comfortably into the hands of Courtois.
J. Henderson
Yellow Card
45' Henderson is shown the first yellow card for dissent after arguing with the referee over an offside call.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
44' Matip pushes into the Chelsea half of the pitch before trying to pick out Milner with a lofted pass deep down the left flank, but, not for the first time tonight, his ball over to the full-back is overhit and sails comfortably out of play for a goal-kick.
42' The pace of the game has slowed down somewhat, with Liverpool continuing to boss possession without managing to do much with it. Courtois has rarely been called into action, and that's largely been down to well-organised and resolute defending from his back line, which has done well to frustrate the hosts.
40' Willian, who hasn't seen a huge deal of the ball over on the right flank, is able to carve out a bit of space for himself in the middle of the pitch. He darts forward on a quick run before trying to test Mignolet from 30 yards out, but his long-range effort ends up sailing comfortably over the top of the crossbar.
38' A stray leg from Gary Cahill catches Lallana, and Liverpool are awarded a free-kick midway inside the Chelsea half of the pitch. The set-piece is sent short before Matip eventually tries to fire a lofted pass up towards Firmino, but it's closed down well by Costa and sails out for a throw-in.
36' Moses breaks down the right flank on a great run and skips past Milner before firing a low cross into the middle of the box and towards Costa, but, despite being slightly off balance, Matip is just about able to thump the ball away from the striker.
34' Luiz is able to make his way back on as Chelsea try to break out of their own half of the pitch. They're unable to do so, however, as an attempted pass up to Costa doesn't find the Brazilian and is easily dealt with by Matip.
33' Luiz makes his way off the pitch to receive further medical attention as the corner is taken, but Matic is just about able to deal with the danger after Courtois flaps at the ball. Liverpool come back again quickly, however, and another cross is fired into the box, but this time it flies past every available player before bouncing out for a goal-kick.
32' Can skips down the right flank before curling a cross over to the far post, but, just as it looks as if it's going to find the head of Milner, Cesar Azpilicueta gets a head on the ball to send it out for a corner. Luiz immediately goes down off the ball before the set-piece can be taken, and it doesn't look at all good for the goalscorer.
30' Willian sends the corner short before the ball is worked over to Kante, but the Frenchman's pass towards Marcos Alonso is poor and easily cut out by Henderson. Liverpool then break forward on a quick counter-attack through Coutinho, but Kante does well to dart back and dispossess the Brazilian.
29' Hazard causes yet more problems for the Liverpool defence as he weaves his way forward before winning his side yet another free-kick. This time Willian does indeed curl a cross into the heart of the penalty area, but it misses both Matic and Luiz by the narrowest of margins before Mignolet pushes the ball out for a corner.
28' Milner cuts inside from the left wing and does well to get himself into a pocket of space in a good position. He then swings a cross into the penalty area and towards Lallana, but it skims the top of the midfielder's head before being easily cleared by the Chelsea defence.
26' Liverpool revert to patiently passing the ball around as they try to carve out a chance on goal but, as has been the case for the majority of the game so far, Chelsea have plenty of bodies back to snuff out the danger and frustrate the home side.
David Luiz
24' GOAL! What a strike by Luiz! Hazard makes another darting run towards the Liverpool box before being dragged to the ground by Lallana, resulting in a free-kick for Chelsea in a dangerous position. It looks as if Willian is going to curl a cross into the penalty area but it's Luiz who shoots instead, and he rifles a wonderful strike off the inside of the near post and into the back of the net.
22' The ball pinballs around the middle of the pitch as both teams try to get the ball under control, and it's Emre Can who comes out on top after rising high in the air. He then nods the ball into the penalty area and towards Coutinho, but the Brazilian is a yard or two offside.
20' Liverpool are caught out in the middle of the pitch after a poor pass from Matip. Hazard flies towards the Liverpool box on a marauding run before teeing up Moses over on the right-hand side of the penalty area, but the Nigerian is closed down quickly and ends up firing a deflected shot out for a corner.
18' Costa spins round Joel Matip before being clipped from behind by the centre-back, and Chelsea are awarded a free-kick just inside the Liverpool half of the pitch. It's sent short and worked towards Matic, but the Serbian quickly has his pocket picked by Firmino and the home side win the ball back once again.
16' N'Gole Kante picks up possession in the middle of the pitch and quickly pokes a pass up to Eden Hazard. The Belgian, who has seen little of the ball so far, immediately pulls off a deft flick to try and set up Diego Costa, but Lovren is there to cut out the danger.
14' Luiz is pushed to the ground by Lallana, giving Chelsea their first chance to push forward on a meaningful attack. The free-kick is a poor one, however, as Luiz's lofted pass up to Willian can only find Milner over on the right wing.
12' Great strike by Georginio Wijnaldum! A lofted pass forward finds Lallana, who controls the ball beautifully before poking it back to Coutinho. The Brazilian's final touch is sloppy and denies him the chance to shoot but he's able to pick out Wijnaldum, who then unleashes a thumping shot that Thibaut Courtois does well to parry away with a diving save.
10' Coutinho and Milner link up well on the edge of the Chelsea penalty area before the latter tries to fire a low cross into the path of Firmino, but this time it's Victor Moses who's able to cut out the danger in front of goal. Liverpool are pushing hard but, so far, Chelsea's defence have remained resolute.
8' Liverpool try to find a way through the sea of blue shirts camped in front of them, but the visitors do well to press the home side high up the pitch to force them into passing the ball around on the halfway line. Jordan Henderson eventually launches a lofted pass over to Milner, but it's slightly overhit and the full-back is unable to keep it in play.
6' It's Liverpool who have started the more positive of the two sides, but Chelsea are nonetheless doing well to keep them at bay. James Milner finds himself in a pocket of space deep down the left flank and quickly swings a low cross into the penalty area, but Matic is just about able to get a boot on the ball before Firmino can.
4' The hosts come back again as they continue putting pressure on the Chelsea back line. They win themselves a corner, which is played short to Adam Lallana before being whipped into the middle of the box, and David Luiz is just about able to get a head on the ball to stop it from reaching Dejan Lovren.
3' Liverpool move the ball around nicely inside the Chelsea half of the pitch before Philippe Coutinho tries to poke a pass into the path of Roberto Firmino, but Nemanja Matic is there to stick out a foot and stop the ball from finding a red shirt inside the penalty area.
1' And we're off! Liverpool get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has also made nine alterations to the team that featured against Brentford in the FA Cup, with the only change to the side that beat Hull in their last Premier League game seeing Willian come in for Pedro.
Jurgen Klopp has decided to make nine changes to the Liverpool side that started the defeat against Wolves on the weekend, with only Georginio Wijnaldum and Roberto Firmino retaining their places in a heavily altered line-up. There’s also a place on the substitutes’ bench for Sadio Mane, who is available for selection once again after Senegal’s exit from the Africa Cup of Nations.
Chelsea substitutes: Begovic, Zouma, Terry, Chalobah, Fabregas, Pedro, Batshuayi.
Chelsea XI (3-4-3): Courtois; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill; Moses, Kante, Matic, Alonso; Willian, Costa, Hazard.
Liverpool substitutes: Karius, Moreno, Klavan, Lucas, Mane, Origi, Sturridge.
Liverpool XI (4-3-3): Mignolet; Clyne, Matip, Lovren, Milner; Can, Henderson, Wijnaldum; Lallana, Firmino, Coutinho.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Despite the current difference in form, recent meetings between the two sides have proven to be close affairs, with each enjoying two wins apiece from the previous six games. September’s league meeting at Stamford Bridge resulted in a 2-1 victory for Liverpool but, crucially, came before Antonio Conte’s switch to a 3-4-3 formation. Since then, only West Ham United and Tottenham have stopped them from winning.
In stark contrast to Liverpool, Chelsea are flying high at the top thanks to an excellent first half of the season that saw them lose just once in the league from the end of September. That defeat, against Tottenham Hotspur in the first game of 2017, initially looked as if it could have marked a turning point in the battle for the title, but the Blues went on to win their next two league games thanks to comfortable victories against both Leicester City and Hull City.
Three consecutive Premier League games without a victory also represents Liverpool’s worst run in almost exactly a year, and they haven’t lost four home games in a row since 1923. As a result, the Reds now find themselves in fourth place in the table, 10 points behind today's opponents and in danger of dropping below Manchester City if they’re unable to pick up at least a draw.
With just one win from their previous seven outings and none in the league in 2017, Liverpool head into tonight’s huge clash in poor form and desperate for a positive result. Saturday’s defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers, which sent them crashing out of the FA Cup, was their third in a row at Anfield, an unwanted record that hadn’t previously occurred since October 2012, piling pressure on a manager who, up until now, had been doing an impressive job.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield.