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90' + 3'
M. Karamoko
R. Ranftl
3 - 3
D. Alli
Penalty Goal
2 - 3
J. Eggestein
A. Andrade
2 - 2
Son Heung-Min
T. Ndombèlé
1 - 2
45' + 2'
G. Bale
Penalty Goal
1 - 1

Match Stats

54% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 3
Total Passes 469 408
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Tottenham Hotspur TOT Tottenham Hotspur 6 4 1 1 15 5 +10 13 W D W W L
2 Antwerp ANT Antwerp 6 4 0 2 8 5 +3 12 L W W L W
3 LASK LAS LASK 6 3 1 2 11 12 -1 10 W D L W W
4 Ludogorets RAZ Ludogorets 6 0 0 6 7 19 -12 0 L L L L L


16th Finals


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Despite earning the late draw, that result wasn't enough to keep LASK in the competition and they're eliminated from the Europa League as Antwerp beat Ludogorets in the other group game. They'll face Ludogorets in their final group game next week. Spurs have qualified for the knockout rounds and will face Antwerp to see who finishes on top of Group J next Thursday.
LASK equalised with a stoppage-time goal to earn a 3-3 draw with Tottenham. The hosts took the lead through Michorl in the first half but were pinned back by Bale's penalty on the stroke of half-time. Son then gave Spurs the lead before Eggestein pulled LASK level. Two minutes later, Alli scored Spurs' second spot-kick of the game, but Karamoko's late goal stopped Spurs from getting the win.
R. Ranftl
90' + 3' Ranftl squared a low pass into Karamoko from the right to set up the goal.
M. Karamoko
90' + 3' LASK ARE LEVEL AGAIN! The Spurs defenders just sit back and allow Karamoko space. He's a long way out from goal when he hit his shot but Hart has no chance of stopping it and it nestles into the back of the net. 3-3! 
90' + 2' LASK are still pushing forward in search of another equaliser, but they're struggling to keep hold of the ball at the moment. Madsen tries a throughball into Karamoko, but it's intercepted by Dier.
90' Aurier pulls away from Andrade and cuts inside before drilling a low cross towards Alli on the edge of the box. It's just behind him though and there's nothing he can do with it.
D. Alli
Yellow Card
88' Alli is shown a yellow card for time-wasting.
D. Alli
Penalty Goal
86' SPURS LEAD AGAIN! They were level for just two minutes, but Alli puts them back ahead from the spot. It's a confident strike from the substitute as he hits the shot straight down the middle. 3-2 Spurs! 
P. Wiesinger
Yellow Card
86' Wiesinger is booked for the challenge on Bergwijn.
86' PENALTY TO SPURS! LASK lose the ball and Spurs go straight down the other end on the counter. Bergwijn got away from Wiesinger and the defender pulls him down and gives away a penalty.
A. Andrade
84' It was a great throughball from Andrade to pick out Eggestein and the pass drew Sanchez in to take him away from the forward.
J. Eggestein
84' LASK EQUALISE! Eggestein pulls away from Sanchez and makes a driving run into the box to get one-on-one with Hart. He hits his shot low and although Hart gets a hand to it, he can't stop it crossing the line. 2-2!
S. Aurier
G. Bale
82' Bale also makes way, with Aurier replacing him.
D. Alli
Son Heung-Min
82' Another double change for Spurs now and Son is going off, with Alli on for him.
81' Spurs try to counter by playing another long ball over the top to pick out Son's run through the middle. He pulled away from his defender, but Michorl steps across to intercept the pass.
M. Karamoko
Yellow Card
79' Karamoko catches Hojbjerg in the face as he's trying to shield the ball and earns himself a booking.
77' Karamoko draws the defenders to him to open up some space for Renner down the left and he floats a cross into the middle of the box. It's over Eggestein's head though and Dier clears it for Spurs.
75' It's a deep corner that's swung into the box for Spurs and it goes to Hojbjerg at the far post. It bounces awkwardly in front of him before he hits the shot and he fires it high over the crossbar.
73' Davies spots Son's run into the box and he plays a good pass over the top to try and pick him out. Son has Andrade tracking him the whole way though and the defender gets a toe to the ball to take it away from him.
E. Dier
G. Lo Celso
71' Another change for Spurs now and it's Dier that's being brought on for Lo Celso.
71' CLOSE! Spurs don't clear their lines after Ranftl puts his cross into the box and Madsen keeps it alive for LASK. Eggestein squares it to Ramsebner in the middle, but he can only drag his shot wide of the near post.
M. Karamoko
T. Goiginger
69' Goiginger is also being brought off and Ramsebner is on for him.
D. Reiter
A. Gruber
69' Double change for LASK now and Gruber is making way for Reiter.
67' Only Kane and Dominic Calvert-Lewin (13 each) have scored more goals among Premier League players in all competitions this season than Son (12).
S. Bergwijn
T. Ndombèlé
65' Ndombele is also being taken off, with Bergwijn on for him.
M. Sissoko
Lucas Moura
65' There's a double change for Spurs now and Lucas is the first to make way for Sissoko.
64' GREAT CHANCE! It's a wonderful throughball forward for Bale to chase after Son let it run. Schlager gets drawn towards Bale and he chooses to be unselfish by squaring it to Son for a tap-in, but it's just behind him and LASK clear their lines.
62' It's patient play from LASK at the moment as they try to play out from the back. Spurs are keeping their shape well now though and Madsen can't get his throughball into Goiginger on the left.
60' Ndombele wins the ball back again for Spurs, this time high on the right wing. He cuts inside to get away from Andrade but then runs straight into Holland who clears his lines.
58' LASK are keeping the ball well but are struggling to get in behind Spurs at the moment. As things stand, the home side will definitely be knocked out of the competition.
T. Ndombèlé
56' Ndombele does well to win the ball back in midfield before playing a quick throughball into Son.
Son Heung-Min
56' SPURS LEAD! It's a great throughball from Ndombele and Son gets between the two defenders to latch onto it. He's one-on-one with Schlager who comes rushing off his line, but he sends it across goal and into the far bottom corner. 2-1 Spurs! 
54' Excluding qualifiers, Bale's penalty was his first away goal in European competition for the club since scoring a hat-trick at San Siro against Inter in the Champions League in October 2010, 10 years and 44 days ago.
52' Wiesinger pushes forward and he swings a dangerous cross into the box from the right. He picks out Goiginger in space at the far post, but Sanchez gets back in time to block the shot.
50' Son has space to run into down the right and he cuts inside to try and get into the box. He drifts away from Madsen but then goes to ground and he claims he was caught by Wiesinger, but nothing is given by the referee.
48' Spurs almost play themselves into trouble after Ranftl swings a good cross into the box. Sanchez's first touch is poor and Eggestein is closing him down quickly, but he just manages to clear it in time.
46' Spurs get us back underway for the second half!
This result suits Spurs as it will confirm their place in the knockout rounds, but Mourinho won't be happy with the performance as they've been second best. As it stands, LASK are being eliminated as Antwerp are winning in the other game, but Thalhammer will feel they have a chance if they play like they did in the first half.
Bale pulls Tottenham level from the spot to make it 1-1 at the break. LASK created some great chances for themselves, with Eggestein hitting the post early on and Renner forcing a good save from Hart before Michorl opened the scoring with a long-range effort. Andrade then gave away a penalty after handballing it and Bale found the bottom corner with the last kick of the half.
G. Bale
Penalty Goal
45' + 2' BALE EQUALISES! He steps up to the spot and it's a powerful spot-kick from him as he drills it into the bottom-left corner, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way. 1-1!
A. Andrade
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Andrade is shown a yellow card for that handball.
45' + 1' PENALTY TO SPURS! Lucas' cross was drilled into the box and Andrade put his arm out to block the ball from getting through to Lo Celso. There are loud shouts from the Spurs players and the referee points to the spot.
44' Doherty was down receiving treatment for Spurs while LASK celebrated their goal after he landed awkwardly just after giving the ball away. He's back on his feet quickly though and it looks like he'll be able to carry on.
T. Goiginger
42' Goiginger made a driving run down the left before wrongfooting his defender and squaring the ball to Michorl.
P. Michorl
42' LASK TAKE THE LEAD! It's been coming from the home side and Michorl has put them ahead! They break quickly on the counter and Michorl is a long way out when he hits the shot. It bounces just in front of Hart and he can't stop it from hitting the back of the net. 1-0 LASK!
40' It's a deep corner that's played into the box for LASK and Hart is scrambling back to punch it away at the far post. It goes as far as Michorl on the left and he swings another cross in, but it's comfortably dealt with by the keeper again.
38' Spurs just can't get out of their own half at the moment as LASK continue to close them down high up the field. The visitors are inviting the pressure onto themselves though as they are playing a lot of loose passes in midfield.
36' Lo Celso loses out to Madsen in midfield and he plays a quick pass towards Eggestein on the edge of the box. He has two Spurs defenders around him though and he can't bring it under control.
34' Bale sends the next free-kick into the wall as well but it bounces back out to him at the edge of the box. He drills another shot on goal, but he can't get it through the crowd of LASK players in the box.
P. Michorl
Yellow Card
32' Michorl threw his arms up in front of his face to block Bale's free-kick so he's booked. That means he'll miss the last game against Ludogorets as well.
31' GOOD SAVE! LASK do create some space now and Golginger picks out Renner's run into the left of the box with a good throughball. He takes a touch before hitting his shot, but Hart rushed off his line to smother it.
29' It's still LASK dominating possession at the moment, but they're not moving the ball upfield as quickly as before. It's patient play from them as they try to open up some space in behind Spurs.
27' It's a great throughball from Son to pick out Lucas' run and he's one-on-one with the keeper. He drags the shot well wide of the post when he's closed down, but the offside flag went up against him anyway.
Lucas Moura
Yellow Card
25' Lucas picks up the first yellow card of the game after he accidentally catches Ranftl in the face with his elbow during an aerial challenge.
24' Andrade picks out Goiginger's run down the left and he puts a first-time cross into the box towards Eggestein. Sanchez misses his clearance but does enough to put the forward off and Eggestein's touch sends the ball wide.
22' SAVE! Renner finds himself in a pocket of space on the edge of the box and he drills a powerful shot towards the near post. It swerves through the air and Hart gets a lot of distance on his punch.
20' Ranftl wrongfoots Davies and cuts inside from the right to get into the box. It's a good run from him, but he trips at the last moment which allows Tanganga to come across and clear his lines.
18' LASK are still finding a lot of space in the final third and Eggestein drifts out wide to get on the ball. He has a lot of support up with him in the box, but Tanganga gets across quickly to block his cross.
16' Bale does brilliantly initially to keep hold of the ball as he drags it away from the first defender before dribbling past Holland at the byline on the right. He tries to pick out a team-mate with his cross but it's blocked by Andrade.
14' Andrade clears his lines with a long ball over the top and Eggestein is chasing it down through the middle. He gets away from his defender, but in the end, there's too much on it and he can't reach it.
12' Since the start of last season (excluding qualifiers), LASK have won five of their seven home games in the Europa League (L2), although they did lose their most recent home game in the competition (0-2 v Antwerp).
10' Spurs just can't get out of their own half at the moment as LASK keep up the pressure in the final third. Renner cuts inside from the left, but his run is cut out before he can play in Eggestein.
8' Bale plays in Son and continues his run into the box, looking to get the return ball. The pass back into the Welshman is overhit though which gives Holland chance to get back and clear the danger.
6' OFF THE POST! Spurs don't clear their lines properly and they gift the ball to Eggestein on the edge of the box. He takes a touch before curling a shot towards the bottom-right corner, but it bounces back off the far post.
4' It's a loose pass from Sanchez towards Lo Celso on the halfway line and Eggestein intercepts it. He tries to make a run through the middle, but it's a heavy first touch from him and he can't keep hold of it.
2' LASK have made a bright start and are pushing forward quickly in the opening minutes. Renner is trying to make a run down the left, but he's caught by Doherty to win a free-kick which comes to nothing.
1' The game is underway!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Spurs are unbeaten in all five of their previous meetings with Austrian opponents (W4 D1), with their last such visit a 1-0 win at SV Stockerau in August 1991.
Jose Mourinho makes three changes to the team that beat Ludogorets last Thursday, with Hojbjerg, Lo Celso and Son all coming in. Alli and Winks drop to the bench, while Carlos Vinicius misses out through injury. Harry Kane also didn't travel with the squad.
Dominik Thalhammer makes just one change to his side after their win in the league at the weekend. Gernot Trauner was sent off against Antwerp so he misses out. Holland returns from his own suspension in the Europa League to slot into defence, with Madsen coming into midfield.
TOTTENHAM SUBS: Harvey White, Jack Clarke, Eric Dier, Dele Alli, Alfie Whiteman, Dane Scarlett, Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko, Serge Aurier, Brandon Austin, Steven Bergwijn.
TOTTENHAM STARTING XI (4-3-3): Joe Hart; Ben Davies, Japhet Tanganga, Davinson Sanchez, Matt Doherty; Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Giovanni Lo Celso, Tanguy Ndombele; Lucas Moura, Son Heung-Min, Gareth Bale.
LASK SUBS: Stefan Haudum, Thomas Gebauer, Marvin Potzmann, Christian Ramsebner, Mamoudou Karamoko, Yevhen Cheberko, Patrick Plojer, Dominik Reiter.
LASK STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Alexander Schlager; Philipp Wiesinger, James Holland, Andres Andrade; Reinhold Ranftl, Mads Emil Madsen, Peter Michorl, Rene Renner; Andreas Gruber, Thomas Goiginger; Johannes Eggestein.
After losing just one of their first four group games (W3), Spurs can qualify for a place in the round of 32 if they avoid defeat today. As for LASK, they need a result today to stop them from being eliminated from the competition, but even then, that might not be enough. They'll be knocked out if they lose to Spurs, or if they draw and Antwerp avoid defeat to Ludogorets in the other match.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League Group J meeting between LASK and Tottenham at the Linzer Stadium!