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Juventus v Atalanta Live Commentary, 27/11/2021

0 - 1
D. Zapata (28)
Allianz Stadium


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Juve are next in action against Salernitana on the road on Tuesday in Serie A. Atalanta are in action on the same day at home against Venezia.
Atalanta secure a huge result to defeat Juventus 1-0 at Allianz Stadium in their Serie A clash. Duvan Zapata scored the only goal of the game in the first half, powering a right-footed strike off the underside of the bar. Adrien Rabiot came closest to notching an equalise for the Bianconeri, only to be denied by a fingertip save from Juan Musso. The visitors held firm to keep their first clean sheet in 10 matches to get over the line with three points. Juve's defeat caps a disappointing week for Massimiliano Allegri's men.
90' + 6' Koopmeiners does a great job for Atalanta in the middle of the park, halting the run of Kean before drawing a foul from the forward.
90' + 5' OFF THE BAR! SO CLOSE FOR DYBALA! The forward curls his effort over the wall with precision, but the ball skims the top of the bar and heads over. Close, but not enough for the Bianconeri.
90' + 4' Zapata brings down Bernardeschi on the charge on the edge of the Atalanta box. Juve have a great chance to threaten from the resulting free-kick.
90' + 3' Juve are up in arms for a penalty against Maehle for handball as he diverts Kean's cross behind, but the referee points only for a corner.
90' There will be six minutes of added time.
89' Cuadrado presses down the right flank, but cuts back to cross on his left foot. The Colombia international puts in a poor delivery and it allows Palomino to head clear.
M. Locatelli
Yellow Card
88' Locatelli catches Pasalic flush on the ankle with an outstretched boot and is yellow-carded.
T. Koopmeiners
R. Malinovskyi
87' Koopmeiners enters the action for the visitors as Malinovskiy is withdrawn.
86' Juve are struggling for that quality final ball to notch the equaliser. The Bianconeri have been on top for the majority of the second half, but have lacked the cutting edge to equalise.
Kaio Jorge
Álvaro Morata
85' Jorge enters the action to replace Morata in the final third for the hosts.
B. Djimsiti
Yellow Card
84' Djimsiti brings down Rabiot in the Atalanta half with a loose challenge and goes into the book.
82' Kean tries to break past Palomino in the final third, but the defender uses his strength and nous to edge out the forward and guide the ball back to Musso.
81' BLOCK! De Ligt latches on to a corner from Dybala from the left flank at the back post. He forces a right-footed strike towards goal, but several orange shirts converge to block it behind for another set-piece.
F. Bernardeschi
Yellow Card
79' Bernardeschi goes into the book for dissent for the home side.
78' Atalanta are trying their hand at a little bit of game management. The visitors are trying to slow the pace of the contest by winning set-pieces and taking their time over those free-kicks.
76' The game is wide open at the moment. Atalanta's defensive record suggests that there should be a goal there for Juventus, but the visitors are always a threat on the counter.
74' SCRAMBLE! Malinovskiy twists and turns on the edge of the box and sees his left-footed strike blocked. It almost falls for Zapata, but Alex Sandro sweeps it away from the forward. Pasalic tries to pounce on the clearance in the six-yard box, but goes down under pressure from Cuadrado. The chance remains alive for Atalanta, only for Maehle to see his effort deflected wide. The visitors appeal for a penalty for Cuadrado's challenge, but the referee is not interested.
73' Juve are working their way around the Atalanta press. The visitors are looking tired out there.
72' Morata makes a good turn in the Atalanta half, but his attempt to pick out Kean through the middle sees the ball travel out for a goal kick. A poor pass from the Spaniard.
72' WIDE! Dybala swings a cross into the box from the left flank for Bonucci to attack, but he can only nod his effort wide of the target.
J. Palomino
D. Zappacosta
71' Atalanta strengthen their defensive options as Palomino replaces Zappacosta.
M. Demiral
Yellow Card
70' Demiral catches Morata with an outstretched leg and brings down the Spaniard. The defender is booked by the referee.
68' Dybala runs at the Atalanta defence with pace and almost breaks into the box, only to be halted by a fine challenge from Demiral.
67' BLOCK! Bernardeschi makes a break into the box, but dwells on his strike and fails to fire at goal under pressure from Demiral.
A. Rabiot
Yellow Card
66' Rabiot slides in hard on Zapata, and although he gets the ball, he comes in from behind to scythe down the forward.
65' SAVE! Rabiot cuts in from the right flank and drops his shoulder to shoot on his left foot. He angles his effort across goal, but Musso gets down to touch his strike past the left post. That strike was creeping into the bottom-left corner. A super stop.
M. Kean
W. McKennie
64' McKennie has to make way for the home side and is replaced by Kean.
62' The home side are starting to ask questions of the Atalanta defence. The visitors have not kept a clean sheet in their last 10 matches, which will give Allegri and his men hope.
61' McKennie appears to pull up after his surge into the box and requires treatment off the pitch.
60' SAVE AND OVER! Bonucci sends McKennie down the right flank and through on goal. Djimsiti gets back just in time to poke the ball away from the midfielder, although it travels straight at Musso, who has to make the stop with his legs. Juve recycle possession and Dybala finds space in the left-inside channel where he hammers his effort over the bar.
M. Pašalić
M. Pessina
59' Pasalic replaces Pessina for the visitors in the final third.
57' BLOCK! De Ligt lines up a shot from 20 yards for the home side, but he fails to penetrate a wall of orange shirts on the edge of the box.
54' WIDE! Bernardeschi collects on the right flank and cuts inside to shoot from distance on his left foot, but he drags his effort wide of the right post.
53' Zapata curls a cross into the box from the left flank that Freuler heads into the middle. However, it does just not fall for Pessina as Bonucci gets his boot in the way.
52' Malinovskiy is played into space on the edge of the Juve box, but he attempts one too many twists to carve out room for a strike and loses out to De Ligt.
J. Cuadrado
Yellow Card
50' Cuadrado brings down Zapata with a loose challenge and goes into the book.
48' Maehle attempts to get the better of Cuadrado down the left flank, but the Juventus man makes an important challenge to halt his progress.
46' We're back under way at Allianz Stadium.
F. Bernardeschi
F. Chiesa
46' Chiesa is withdrawn by Allegri at the break and is replaced by Bernardeschi.
Allegri will be concerned at the break that his team have not found their stride. Atalanta pressed from the off and knocked Juve out of rhythm. Dybala and Chiesa have not been able to effect the contest, while Morata has been anonymous. Juve need a spark from somewhere.
Atalanta hold a 1-0 lead over Juventus at the break in their Serie A clash at Allianz Stadium. Duvan Zapata put the visitors ahead with a blast from inside the box after being played through on goal by Berat Djimsiti. The home side have been quiet in the final third outside of two efforts from Paulo Dybala, where he should have done better to hit the target. The pressure is on the Bianconeri.
45' Szczesny sends a terrible clearance out from the back that almost allows Pessina to collect and score, but he just cannot bring it under control on the edge of the box.
D. Zappacosta
Yellow Card
43' Zappacosta pulls back Chiesa on the charge down the left flank on a Juve counter and goes into the book. Atalanta will take that considering Chiesa looked to be away.
43' BLOCK! Zapata surges down the left flank and cuts inside with menace. He lines up a blast, only to see his strike blocked by De Ligt.
42' Zappacosta makes a good run down the right flank and he delivers a low cross into the box for Zapata to attack. However, he pulls back Bonucci in his bid to reach the ball and gives away a free-kick.
41' Zapata looks for the give-and-go on the edge of the Juve box with Pessina, but Locatelli makes an important challenge to break up the move.
39' Juve cannot make serious inroads into the Atalanta defence. The opportunities are there, but the home side are lacking a cutting edge in the final third.
R. Malinovskyi
Yellow Card
37' Malinovskiy clatters into Dybala late and goes into the book, while Juve are awarded a free-kick in a useful position.
36' Pressure from the visitors almost results in a mistake by Bonucci at the back. However, Locatelli just manages to regain possession for the hosts to prevent an opening at goal for Atalanta.
34' CHANCE! Dybala is teed up by McKennie after the American sees a strike blocked. The Juve captain has space and time to curl a left-footed strike at goal, but he places his effort wide of the left post.
R. Freuler
Yellow Card
32' Freuler pulls back Rabiot in the middle of the park and goes into the book.
31' Dybala floats a cross into the box, but it sails over the head of Morata and out for a goal kick.
30' Pessina blocks off the run of Dybala in the Atalanta half and gives away a free-kick. Dybala is incredulous that the Atalanta man has not been booked.
B. Djimsiti
28' Djimsiti spots Zapata in space and offloads first-time to allow the forward to race through and fire Atalanta ahead.
D. Zapata
28' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! ZAPATA FIRES ATALANTA IN FRONT!!!!! 1-0!!! The visitors take the lead as Zapata thumps a right-footed strike in off the bar. One pass from Djimsiti opens up the Juve defence as the defender slots a throughball into the path of Zapata in space. The forward races into the box before firing high at goal and the ball rattles the underside of the bar before nestling in the back of the net.
27' Gasperini will be delighted with his side's performance so far. They've been relentless without the ball and have almost forced Juve into costly errors.
25' De Ligt sends a short backpass towards Szczesny, forcing the keeper to rush out and clear his lines amid the closing presence of Zapata.
23' The press from Atalanta is keeping the home side honest. There are no easy passes for Juve to break out of their own half.
21' Atalanta press back on the counter and Maehle lines up a blast from 20 yards after being teed up by Malinovskiy, but he sees his effort blocked by Bonucci.
20' CHALLENGE! McKennie floats a perfect ball over the top for Chiesa to take in stride. The Italy international takes a good first touch, but he loses out in the box amid a brilliant challenge from Toloi to prevent a strike at goal.
19' There is nothing between the teams at the moment. Juve have not been able to stamp their authority on proceedings.
17' SAVE! Dybala surges to the edge of the Atalanta box before he twists and turns to carve out room for a left-footed strike. He connects with his attempt, but it is tame and saved with ease by Musso.
16' WIDE! A loose pass from De Ligt allows Zapata to take possession in the final third. He offloads towards Freuler on the charge, but the midfielder can only launch his strike well over the bar.
14' Cuadrado has a raid down the right flank at Maehle, but the defender holds his ground and wins a free-kick by fending off the Juventus full-back.
12' Demiral tries to stretch to rob Morata of possession in the centre circle, but the Atalanta defender fouls the forward in the process.
10' Zappacosta collects down the right flank and angles a dangerous cross into the box that Cuadrado has to clear ahead of Malinovskiy.
8' Morata and Dybala are trying to offer an outlet for their side, but Juve are having trouble bringing their forwards into the game.
6' Juve are trying to work their way into the contest, but are wary of the threat of Atalanta on the counter.
4' BLOCK! Zapata surges into the inside-right channel and cuts the ball back for Malinovskiy, He turns and fires at goal, but his effort is blocked by a combination of De Ligt and Bonucci.
3' Both teams have had early spells with the ball without making meaningful penetration.
1' We're under way at Allianz Stadium.
Juventus have only won two of their last nine games against Atalanta in Serie A (D6 L1), this after winning 13 league games in a row against the Bergamaschi beforehand (Juventus’ longest ever streak against a single opponent in the top flight).
Atalanta have made two changes to their side from their draw against Young Boys in the Champions League. Pasalic and Palomino drop to the bench as Pessina and Djimsiti come into the fold in the final third and defence respectively.
Juventus have made one change to their side from the defeat at the hands of Chelsea during the week. Bentancur drops out of the side and is replaced by Dybala in the final third, which sees Chiesa drop into the right side of the midfield and McKennie shift into a central role.
ATALANTA SUBS: Jose Luis Palomino, Teun Koopmeiners, Luis Muriel, Giuseppe Pezzella, Francesco Rossi, Hans Hateboer, Giorgio Scalvini, Marco Sportiello, Aleksey Miranchuk, Josip Ilicic, Mario Pasalic, Roberto Piccoli.
ATALANTA (3-4-3): Juan Musso; Rafael Toloi, Merih Demiral, Berat Djimsiti; Davide Zappacosta, Remo Freuler, Marten de Roon, Joakim Maehle; Ruslan Malinovskiy, Matteo Pessina, Duvan Zapata.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Giorgio Chiellini, Arthur, Luca Pellegrini, Moise Kean, Federico Bernardeschi, Kaio Jorge, Carlo Pinsoglio, Daniele Rugani, Rodrigo Bentancur, Mattia Perin, Dejan Kulusevski, Koni de Winter.
JUVENTUS (4-4-2): Wojciech Szczesny; Juan Cuadrado, Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs de Ligt, Alex Sandro; Federico Chiesa, Weston McKennie, Manuel Locatelli, Adrien Rabiot; Alvaro Morata, Paulo Dybala.
Atalanta played out a thrilling 3-3 draw against Young Boys to leave their Champions League hopes in the balance heading into the final round of group matches. Gian Piero Gasperini's men are unbeaten in their last seven matches in all competitions and are sitting in fourth place in Serie A ahead of kick-off. They are seven points off the pace of leaders Napoli, but a win this evening would provide a huge momentum boost, especially after their emphatic 5-2 win over Spezia last week.
Juventus were on the wrong side of a hammering during the week in the Champions League, losing 4-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The Bianconeri were in good form heading into the contest, having won three games on the bounce, including a 2-0 away win at Lazio. However, they were outclassed from start to finish by the Blues. Massimiliano Allegri's men are well off the pace in Serie A and need a victory today to attempt to bridge the gap at the top of the table.
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