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Jamaica v Italy Live Commentary, 14/06/2019

0 - 5
C. Girelli (12 pen)
C. Girelli (25)
C. Girelli (46)
A. Galli (71)
A. Galli (81)
Stade Auguste-Delaune II


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So, Italy know that they are into the round of 16 after winning both of their games so far but still don't know where they will finish in Group C. They now turn their attention to a tough test against Brazil on Tuesday. As for Jamaica, it looks like their World Cup will be over after their game against Australia, but they will go into the game hoping they can go out on a high by scoring their first ever goal at the tournament.
Italy qualify for the knockout rounds after a 5-0 win over Jamaica. In the first half, following a VAR review, Italy were awarded a penalty which had to be retaken when Schneider came off her line to save the first, and Girelli slotted home the retaken effort before tapping the ball over the line when Jamaica failed to clear a corner for her second. She completed her hat-trick just a minute into the second half when she beat Schneider to a cross and nodded the ball into the back of the net. Then substitute Galli scored a brilliant goal from outside the box which was too powerful for the keeper to save before getting Italy's fifth when she rounded the keeper and fired her effort into the empty goal.
90' + 3' GREAT CHANCE FOR SOULAN! She picks up the ball on the edge of the box and curls her effort around Linari who's closing her down. Her shot is heading into the bottom corner but Giuliani makes a good save to deny her.
90' + 1' Italy are more than happy to slow the pace of the game down now as they keep possession in their own half and play short passes between their defenders. Linari tries to play a long ball over the top to Giacinti so she can take it to the corner, but the pass is overhit and rolls straight out of play.
89' Campbell gets forward from right-back but is being quickly closed down by Bartoli. As soon as she puts her cross into the box, the defender gets ahead of her and blocks it which helps it through to Giuliani.
87' Jamaica look tired now and they look out of ideas on how to make something happen in the game. They're sitting so far back in their own half though that even when they do get the ball to Shaw, there's no way forward as she doesn't have any support.
85' Jamaica are stuck in their own half at the minute as they just can't keep hold of the ball. Their passing is sloppy and they are just gifting back possession to Italy.
83' Italy look so confident on the ball now and are getting past Jamaica with ease in the middle of the field as they once again push forward into the final third.
M. Giugliano
81' The throughball from Giugliano takes out all of the Jamaica defenders as she picks out Galli's run into the box perfectly.
A. Galli
81' GALLI MAKES IT FIVE! It was a brilliant run from Galli to get on the end of Giugliano's throughball and she rounded the keeper with her first touch before firing the ball into the back of the empty net. 5-0 Italy!
79' Asher swings a corner into the box for Jamaica and Plummer gets on the end of it. She nods the ball down, but can't quite direct it on target. Shaw is the closest to it, but Linari clears it before she can get a touch.
78' Galli is the first substitute to score at the Women's World Cup for Italy since Rita Guarino against Norway in 1991.
L. Silver
O. Adamolekun
76' Final roll of the dice from Menzies now as he brings on Silver in place of Adamolekun.
74' Italy are on the attack once again and it's a patient build-up from them now. Bonansea tries to play a throughball to Sabatino on the edge of the box, but her strike partner had just drifted offside and Jamaica have a free-kick.
V. Giacinti
C. Girelli
72' Final change of the game for Italy and it's the hat-trick scorer Girelli that makes way. Giacinti is the player to come on.
L. Boattin
71' Boattin gets her head up as she drifts inside from the left wing and squares the ball to Galli who is waiting on the edge of the area.
A. Galli
71' BRILLIANT GOAL FROM GALLI! She was left in a lot of space on the edge of the box and she had time to take a touch before getting her shot away. It's a brilliant strike from the substitute and the power on it takes it past Schneider despite the goalkeeper getting a hand to it. 4-0 Italy!
69' BLACKWOOD HITS THE CROSSBAR! She gets forward from right-back and cuts back inside to put a cross into the box. It's heading on target though and bounces off the top of the crossbar and back into play, but Shaw can't pick up the loose ball.
68' Italy are starting to find their rhythm in the game again now and are enjoying a good spell of possession. They're working the ball upfield well down the left wing before Cernola puts it straight out for a throw-in.
J. Brown
M. Grey
66' Jamaica are also making a substitution and it's Brown that comes on for them in place of Grey.
A. Galli
V. Bergamaschi
65' Second change for Italy now and Galli is on in place of Bergamaschi.
63' Shaw is starting to cause Gama a lot of problems now. She just pulls off the back of her defender again but takes too long to get her shot away which allows the defender to recover and clear the danger once again.
61' Jamaica look more determined than before and they are piling pressure on Italy's defenders. Grey plays a good throughball to try and pick out Shaw on the left of the box and her cross is played against Gama to win a corner for her side.
59' As soon as Gama went to ground, her team-mates started frantically waving the medical team over. It's not as bad as it first looked though and Gama is fine and will be able to carry on.
K. Shaw
Yellow Card
59' Shaw is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after she caught Gama in the face after she tried to go for an overhead kick.
58' GREAT CHANCE FOR JAMAICA! Giuliana took too long to clear her lines and Shaw closed her down to win the ball back for Jamaica. She was a long way off her line but neither Shaw nor Grey could take advantage.
L. Boattin
A. Guagni
57' First change from Bertolini now as she brings on Boattin for Guagni.
56' Grey played a good ball forward and Gama was happy to just let it run back to her keeper. Shaw was quickly closing her down from behind though, forcing her to put it out of play to stop her keeper from being put under pressure.
54' Girelli is the second Italian player to score a Women's World Cup hat-trick, after Carolina Morace in 1991 against Chinese Taipei - 10,071 days ago.
52' GOOD CHANCE FOR GREY! Shaw gets ahead of Guagni on the left wing and puts a brilliant cross into the box which runs all the way through to Grey. She takes a touch before driving her shot low towards the goal, but Linari makes an important block to clear the chance.
50' Sabatino has gone to ground and stayed down after a collision with Asher. She's holding her knee, but she is back on her feet now and she signals that she doesn't need any treatment.
48' Jamaica have reacted well to the early setback at the start of the half and are once again pushing upfield with pace. Odamolekun tries to put a cross into the box but is blocked by Bartoli.
M. Giugliano
46' Giugliano was given a lot of space on the right wing and she put her cross into the box first time to pick out Girelli and cause Schneider some problems.
C. Girelli
46' ITALY MAKE A QUICK START TO THE SECOND HALF! It's a great cross into the box and Girelli gets there just ahead of Schneider, who had come off her line, to nod the ball into the back of the net to get her hat-trick. 3-0 Italy!
46' Jamaica get us back underway for the second half!
M. Sweatman
C. Swaby
46' Just one change at the break and it's for Jamaica. Chantelle Swaby comes off and is replaced by Sweatman.
Italy have dominated the game so far and created a lot of good opportunities to add to their goal tally. They got into some dangerous positions in the first half and if they can continue to put pressure on Jamaica's back line, then they can easily score more goals. Menzies will be wanting to see a reaction from his side in the second half. His side only had one shot, which was off target, before the break but when Shaw and Grey have got involved, they've looked a threat. If they can improve their final pass into the box, then they might just be able to score their first ever World Cup goal.
Italy are just 45 minutes away from qualifying for the knockout rounds as they lead Jamaica 2-0. VAR awarded a penalty to Italy after Bonansea was taken down by Allyson Swaby in the box and Schneider saved Girelli's effort. She had stepped off her line to make the save though and Girelli retook the spot kick and found the bottom corner to put her side ahead. She then netted again, this time from a corner which Jamaica failed to clear - she got away from her defender to tap the ball over the line. Sabatino then came close from another corner, but she could only find the crossbar with her effort.
45' + 4' HALF-TIME: 2-0 ITALY.
45' + 2' Italy can't find a way into the box down the left, so Girelli cuts back inside and plays a pass back to Giugliano. The midfielder takes a touch before firing her shot towards goal, but Allyson Swaby makes a good block from close range.
45' Soulan is being closed down by three Italy players in the middle of the field, but she does really well to keep the ball and get a pass out to Shaw who is running into the box. It was just the wrong side of her though and Gama reached it first to clear the danger.
43' Guagni is forward from right-back and she swings a good cross into the box to pick out Sabatino in the middle of the box. She makes contact with it, but can only flick her effort wide of the far post.
41' Girelli has now scored four goals in her last four games for Italy.
39' Shaw pulls away from Bartoli on the right wing and swings her cross into the area. It comes very close to hitting the woodwork and causing the keeper some problems, but it hits the side netting instead.
37' Giuliani is down in her box and she needs some treatment after a collision with Shaw. She holding her knee, but it seems to be just an impact injury and she'll be able to carry on.
35' Shaw drops into midfield to pick up the ball once again and she tries to play another throughball to Grey, who is making a run into the box on her right. Just like before though, her pass is overhit and she gives it straight to Giuliani.
33' Bergamaschi does really well to keep the ball on the right wing and win a corner for Italy. She was being crowded out by three Jamaica defenders, but she just managed to hit her cross against Blackwood to put it out of play as she had nowhere else to go.
31' The game is so open at the minute as both sides continue to push forward when they win the ball back. It's just their passing in the final third that's letting them down at the minute as that's when they get sloppy.
29' GREY COMES CLOSE! This time it's Italy that don't clear their lines from a corner and it bounces out to Grey on the edge of the area. She hits her shot first time, but her effort is always curling wide of the target as it flies past the far post.
28' SABATINO HITS THE CROSSBAR! Another corner for Italy isn't cleared by Jamaica and the ball is bouncing around in the six-yard box. Sabatino reacts quickest, but her shot is just a fraction too high as it bounces back off the crossbar.
27' Italy are straight on the attack once again following the restart once again and Jamaica just can't seem to cope with the pressure at the minute.
M. Giugliano
25' It was a good cross into the box by Giugliano from the corner, but it's Jamaica's defender that needs to be questioned as they didn't clear their lines.
C. Girelli
25' GIRELLI GETS A SECOND! It's a simple corner into the box that Jamaica just don't get clear. It runs all the way through to Girello in the middle who gets ahead of her defender and taps it into the back of the net. 2-0 Italy!
24' Italy are enjoying a good spell of possession at the minute as they continue to push bodies forward. They are particularly causing Jamaica a lot of problems down the right wing through Bergamaschi and Sabatino.
22' Bergamaschi tries to play a throughball into Sabatino on the edge of the box which Plummer intercepts. The midfielder gets on the end of the loose ball and decides to have a go from the edge of the box, but Plummer is once again in the right place to block it.
20' Jamaica have struggled to get out of their own half in the last couple of minutes as Italy start to pile pressure on them once again. They're holding up well defensively though and stopping their opponents from getting into the final third.
18' Asher and Shaw link up really well down the left wing as they play a one-two to get the striker into some more space down the left wing. Shaw tries to slip the ball through to Grey when she gets it back, but she overhits the pass and gives it straight to Giuliani.
16' At 12 minutes, Girelli's retaken penalty is Italy's earlier ever goal in a World Cup match (14th goal overall).
14' Jamaica are still knocking the ball around confidently after the restart and going a goal down doesn't seem to have phased them. Most of their possession is in midfield at the minute though as they can't get past Italy and into the final third.
S. Schneider
Yellow Card
12' Schneider is the first player to receive a yellow card in the game after she came off her line too early to save the penalty.
C. Girelli
Penalty Goal
12' THIS TIME GIRELLI SCORES! She still looks confident as she steps up to take the penalty for the second time and this time she decides to aim her shot into the bottom left corner. Schneider dived the same way as last time, but this time she couldn't make the save. 1-0 Italy!
11' THE PENALTY IS BEING RETAKEN! Girelli stepped up to take the penalty and aimed for the bottom right corner and Schneider got across her line quickly to push the ball away. The referee has said that the penalty has to be taken again though as Schneider stepped off her line before the spot kick was taken.
10' PENALTY TO ITALY! From the referee's angle, it did look like Allyson Swaby had got the ball, but after seeing it from a different angle on VAR, it shows that the defender didn't make any contact with it. The referee goes back across and points to the spot.
9' Bonansea goes down in the box after a challenge from Allyson Swaby and she is convinced that she should have a penalty. The referee initially says that the defender got the ball but she's now going across to have a look at the VAR monitor to see the incident again.
7' Chantelle Swaby picks up the ball in midfield and tries to curl a throughball out to Asher on the left. Her pass was under hit though and Gama clears it for Italy.
5' The first shot of the game comes from Bonansea! She takes a touch on the edge of the box before curling her effort towards the bottom corner, but Schneider gets across her line well to deny her.
4' It's a very open start to the game with both sides going on the attack as soon as they win back possession. First, Sabatino almost slots the ball through to Bonansea in the six-yard box before Jamaica go up the other end where Grey's pass to Shaw was intercepted on the edge of the box by Linari.
2' Jamaica have made a very bright start to the game and Grey has already got in behind Italy's defence. She squared the ball back from the byline but just couldn't pick out Shaw in the middle of the box.
1' Sabatino gets the game underway for Italy!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Italy's 2-1 victory over Australia last time out was the first time that they've come from behind to record a Women's World Cup victory. Indeed, they have now won back-to-back World Cup games (also beating Mexico in their last match back in 1999).
Milena Bertolini makes just two changes to the team that beat Australia as Bertolini and Sabatino get brought into the team. Galli and Mauro both start on the bench.
Hue Menzies makes four changes to the side that lost to Brazil last time out. Campbell, Adamolekun, Asher and Grey all come into the starting line-up to replace Bond-Flasza, Sweatman, Matthews and Carter who drop down to the bench.
ITALY SUBS: Ilaria Mauro, Chiara Marchitelli, Laura Fusetti, Stefania Tarenzi, Martina Rosucci, Rosalia Pipitone, Valentina Giacinti, Annamaria Serturini, Aurora Galli, Alice Parisi, Linda Tucceri Cimini, Lisa Boattin.
ITALY STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Laura Giuliani; Alia Guagni, Sara Gama, Elena Linari, Elisa Bartoli; Valentina Bergamaschi, Manuela Giugliano, Valentina Cernoia; Cristiana Girelli; Daniela Sabatino, Barbara Bonansea.
JAMAICA SUBS: Jody Brown, Cheyna Matthews, Nicole McClure, Dominique Bond-Flasza, Lauren Silver, Marlo Carmen Sweatman, Chanel Hudson-Marks, Yazmeen Jamieson, Trudi Carter, Tiffany Cameron, Toriana Patterson, Ashleigh Shim.
JAMAICA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Sydney Schneider; Sashana Campbell, Konya Plummer, Allyson Swaby, Deneisha Blackwood; Olufolasade Adamolekun, Havana Solaun, Chantelle Swaby, Chinyelu Asher; Khadija Shaw, Mireya Grey.
Jamaica got off to a tough start at their first World Cup match when they lost 3-0 to Brazil, but there were some positives to be taken from the game. Italy, on the other hand, had a much better start to their tournament and can secure their place in the knockout rounds with a win today. They came from behind and scored a last-minute goal to beat Australia 2-1 in their opening game.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's World Cup Group C match between Jamaica and Italy at the Stade Auguste-Delaine!