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Jamaica v Australia Live Commentary, 18/06/2019

1 - 4
H. Solaun (49)
S. Kerr (11)
S. Kerr (42)
S. Kerr (69)
S. Kerr (83)
Stade des Alpes


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Jamaica's World Cup has come to an end, but they finished it on a positive note and can take a lot of pride from their performances. As for Australia, they finish as runners-up in Group C on goals scored and have set up a round of 16 tie against Norway on Saturday.
Kerr starred for Australia to lead her side to a 4-1 victory over Jamaica. The captain scored two headers in the first half - rising highest and looping her effort over McClure for the first before nodding in her second from close range just before half-time. Jamaica then scored their first ever World Cup goal after some brilliant build-up play which Solaun finished by side-footing her shot into the back of the net. Kerr then got her hat-trick in the 69th minute after the ball bounced to her off Campbell and she slotted her effort under the keeper. McClure then made a horrible mistake to gift Kerr her fourth as a poor touch played in the forward, who reacted quickly to slot it home.
90' + 3' KENNEDY HITS THE CROSSBAR! Jamaica don't clear their lines properly from a corner and Kennedy rises highest to get on the end of Carpenter's looping cross. Her header is dipping on it's way to the target, but it bounces off the crossbar and out of play.
90' + 1' Australia are keeping the ball well now and they are more than happy just to play passes between their defenders as they run down the clock for the final minutes.
89' That goal for Australia means there's yet another change in the Group C table. Their goal difference is the same as Brazil's, but they've scored more goals in the tournament which means they are back up into second as it stands.
A. Luik
K. Gorry
87' Final substitution of the game sees Luik come on in place of Gorry.
85' GOOD CHANCE FOR SHAW! She finally gets her first shot on target in the game as she curls her effort on goal from the edge of the area. It's dipping, but it's straight at Williams who holds onto it well.
S. Kerr
83' IT'S A HORRIBLE MOMENT FOR MCCLURE! Blackwood plays a simple backpass back to her goalkeeper and McClure takes a poor touch which takes the ball away from her. Kerr had been closing her down and quickly pounced on the loose ball and poked it over the line to add a fourth. 4-1 Australia!
81' Jamaica are keeping the ball well in Australia's half at the minute, but haven't really been able to do anything with their possession just yet as they patiently wait for a way through.
79' The medical team have just come onto the pitch to give Logarzo some treatment after she went down after a challenge from Patterson. She had been down a while before she received treatment, but she's quickly back to her feet and she'll be able to carry on.
78' Kerr and McClure were both chasing down a ball in the box and the Australian captain has just gone to ground quite dramatically. She's claiming there was contact from the goalkeeper, but the referee and the assistant are both certain that it wasn't a penalty.
77' Brazil have taken the lead against Italy, which means that as it stands, Australia are now third in their group on goal difference.
E. van Egmond
Yellow Card
76' Van Egmond is the first Australian player to be booked today after a bad foul on Shaw.
74' Kerr's hat-trick means that Jamaica are the first team in history to concede a hat-trick in three consecutive World Cup games (men's and women's tournaments).
J. Brown
M. Grey
72' Final change of the game for Jamaica now as Brown comes on in place of Grey.
K. Plummer
Yellow Card
71' Plummer receives the first yellow card of the game after sliding into a rash challenge on Van Egmond.
S. Kerr
69' KERR GETS HER HAT-TRICK! Raso does really well to keep the ball and squares it into the box. Australia get lucky as it bounces back off Campbell straight to Kerr who takes a touch to set herself before hitting her strike low, under McClure, and into the back of the net. 3-1 Australia!
67' Jamaica have a free-kick and Campbell swings a good cross into the box. Australia don't get it clear and it bounces into Grey's path off Kennedy. The forward wants too many touches though and ends up tripping over the ball before she can get a shot away.
65' Shaw desperately wants to get on the scoresheet but she just hasn't been able to get an effort on target. She pulls away from her defender on the right of the box but blazes her effort over the crossbar again.
63' SHAW COMES CLOSE AGAIN! She times her run perfectly to stay onside and get in behind the Australian defence. She takes a touch before hitting her shot low, aiming for the far bottom corner, but her effort is just wide of the post.
H. Raso
L. De Vanna
63' Second roll of the dice from Milicic now as he brings on Raso in place of De Vanna.
61' Van Egmond swings a corner into the far post and Jamaica don't deal with it. Foord makes a run to the far post and gets her head to it, but can only direct her effort wide of the post.
T. Carter
C. Matthews
59' Jamaica are making a change now as well as Matthews comes off and is replaced by Carter.
C. Foord
E. Gielnik
59' Milicic makes his first change of the game now as he brings on Foord in place of Gielnik.
57' Australia are trying to build out from the back now as they try to just slow the pace of the game down again by keeping possession and dictating the play.
55' It's end-to-end at the minute as Australia go up the other end now. Roestbakken switches play to De Vanna on the edge of the box and she tries to curl an effort towards goal, but Allyson Swaby makes a good block.
53' GOOD CHANCE FOR SHAW! From a similar position to Matthews' chance on the right side of the box, she hits her shot across goal. This effort is just too high though and it flies over the crossbar.
51' MATTHEWS COMES CLOSE! Jamaica want another goal now and they almost get one as Matthews picks up the ball and hit her shot on target on the turn. Williams makes a good save to deny her and put it behind.
K. Shaw
49' Shaw did brilliantly to keep the ball under pressure from Van Egmond and she slipped the perfectly weighted throughball to Solaun to set up the goal.
H. Solaun
49' JAMAICA HAVE THEIR FIRST WORLD CUP GOAL! The substitute Solaun has made an instant impact to the game! Shaw's throughball was perfectly weighted and Solaun had a touch to take it round the goalkeeper before hitting her shot between two defenders and across goal to find the bottom corner. 2-1!
48' Australia have come out for the second half determined to add to their goal tally. They have stayed in the final third since the start of the half, but haven't been able to find a way past Jamaica yet.
46' And Australia get us back underway for the second half!
H. Solaun
T. Cameron
46' Jamaica are making a change at the start of the second half and Solaun comes onto replace Cameron.
As it stands, Milicic's side are going into the knockout stages as the runners-up in Group C, but he knows that his side can't sit back in the second half as they are also relying on the result of the other game. Kerr was responsible for all of Australia's shots in the first half and if they continue to put crosses into the box, then she can easily add to her goal tally after the break. Jamaica have created a couple of good chances for themselves, with Shaw coming close with a header that was wide of the post. If they can get her on the ball more in the second half, then they could still score their first goal at the tournament.
A brace from Kerr gives Australia a 2-0 lead over Jamaica at half-time. It took Australia just 11 minutes to get off the mark when Kerr was picked out at the near post by Gielnik's cross and looped her header over McClure and into the back of the net. She came close with a couple of good headers after that but didn't find a way past Jamaica's goalkeeper again until just before half time when she was left unmarked in the box and headed the ball past McClure from close range to double Australia's lead.
44' Australia are keeping the ball well following the restart, but they're in no hurry to push forward again just yet as we near half-time.
K. Gorry
42' This time the cross into the box is by Gorry and she manages to pick out Kerr's run through the middle perfectly with her pass.
S. Kerr
42' KERR DOUBLES THEIR LEAD! It's another great cross into the box and another great header from Kerr! The captain is left unmarked in the middle of the six-yard box and she jumps to get on the end of it and nod her effort past McClure from close range. 2-0 Australia!
41' SHAW COMES CLOSE! Grey swings the corner into the far post where four Jamaica players are waiting. Shaw rises highest to get on the end of it, but just flicks her effort wide of the target.
39' Jamaica have a free-kick quite a long way out from the box, and Shaw is stood over it. She decides to go for goal herself, but her effort is always rising as it flies over the crossbar.
37' Shaw's frustration is starting to show now and she's just made a very heavy tackle on Carpenter. She did win the ball but took out the Australian right-back in the process. She gets away without a card, and Australia have a free-kick in their own half.
35' A long ball over the top of Jamaica's defence picks out De Vanna's run down the left wing and she has to wait for support before she can put her cross into the box. That gives Campbell a chance to get back and dispossess her and Australia have a corner.
33' Australia have a corner and Gielnik swings a good cross into the box, once again looking to pick out Kerr. She's made a run to the near post this time, but Blackwood gets there just before her to clear Jamaica's lines.
31' Jamaica are enjoying a good spell of possession at the minute and Plummer plays a good pass over the top of Australia's defence to pick out Cameron. She takes the ball into the box, but the offside flag goes up.
29' Three of the last four goals that Kerr's scored for Australia have been headers.
27' Jamaica just can't get out of their own half. Australia's passing has become a bit sloppy in the last few minutes which is giving Jamaica a chance to win back possession and go on the attack, but they're giving possession away cheaply by trying to play long passes instead of going short.
25' GREAT SAVE BY MCCLURE! It's another header for Kerr and this time she just flicks it on target. McClure is running backwards towards her goal and she jumps to push it over her crossbar.
23' Kerr goes down in the box after a coming together with Patterson as they chased down the same pass. Kerr is asking for a penalty but the referee waves away the claim and Jamaica come away with the ball.
21' Australia are getting a lot of joy down their right side through Gielnik and Carpenter who have been putting some great crosses into the box. Jamaica haven't found a way to stop them just yet which is causing them some problems.
19' GOOD CHANCE FOR KERR! Gielnik gets ahead of her defender and puts a good cross into the box from the right wing. Kerr once again rises highest in the middle to get on the end of it, but this time, her header is just wide of the far post.
17' AUSTRALIA HIT THE CROSSBAR! It looks like Van Egmond was just putting a cross into the box to try and pick out Kerr's run into the box, but it came close to going in. McClure was scrambling back across her line, but it rebounded off the crossbar.
16' Jamaica have struggled to have a good spell of possession in the game so far as Australia are keeping the ball well in their midfield. Jamaica are trying to close them down high up the field, but can't keep it even when they win it back.
14' Jamaica have a free-kick in their own half and it's Allyson Swaby that is stood over it. She loops her cross to the edge of the box where everybody is waiting, but can't pick out a team-mate as Carpenter clears it.
12' As it stands, Australia have now moved into second place in the group, above Brazil, as the other game in Group C is still 0-0.
E. Gielnik
11' Gielnik cuts back onto her right foot down the left wing and swings a brilliant cross into the box to pick out Kerr.
S. Kerr
11' KERR PUTS AUSTRALIA AHEAD! It's a great cross into the box from Gielnik and Kerr gets ahead of Chantelle Swaby at the near post to reach the ball first and loop her header over McClure and into the back of the net. 1-0 Australia!
9' Another good throughball is played up to Grey in the box and she keeps it well under pressure from Roestbakken. She takes it to the byline before putting a cross into the six-yard box, but it's straight into Williams' gloves.
7' Jamaica are closing down Australia high up the field in an attempt to win the ball back. Catley plays a pass back to her goalkeeper and Grey is closing her down quickly, but Williams stays calm as she clears the danger for her side.
5' Kerr is unmarked in the middle of the box and has a lot of time to hit her shot. She strikes it first time, but there isn't a lot of power on the effort and it's an easy save for McClure.
4' Shaw does really well to keep the ball under pressure from Van Egmond and plays a good throughball into the box for Grey to run onto. Kennedy gets their first, but hits her clearance against the forward and Williams has to make a comfortable save.
2' Australia have been keeping the ball well the last couple of minutes since winning possession from Jamaica and they were quick to move into their opponents' half of the field. They haven't been able to find a way past their back line and into the final third just yet though.
1' Matthews gets the game underway for Jamaica!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
Australia are looking to win consecutive games at the Women's World Cup for just the second time, previously doing so in the 2011 edition when they beat Equatorial Guinea and Norway.
Ante Milicic makes three changes from the team that beat Brazil in their last game. Roestbakken, De Vanna and Gorry all come into the starting line-up. Kellond-Knight, Yallop and Foord, who scored the first goal in that comeback, all start on the bench.
Hue Menzies has made four changes to the side that lost 5-0 to Italy last time out. McClure comes into goal for her first start of the tournament to replace Schneider, with Cameron, Patterson and Matthews also coming into the side. Adamolekun, Solaun and Asher all drop down to the bench. There's also a change in position for the country's leading goal scorer, Shaw, who drops back into an attacking midfield role.
AUSTRALIA SUBS: Mackenzie Arnold, Caitlin Foord, Aivi Luik, Teigen Allen, Teagen Micah, Gema Simon, Amy Harrison, Mary Fowler, Hayley Raso, Elise Kellond-Knight.
AUSTRALIA STARTING XI (4-5-1): Lydia Williams; Ellie Carpenter, Alanna Kennedy, Stephanie Catley, Karly Roestbakken; Emily Gielnik, Chloe Logarzo, Emily van Egmond, Katrina Gorry, Lisa De Vanna; Sam Kerr.
JAMAICA SUBS: Lauren Silver, Chinyelu Asher, Trudi Carter, Dominique Bond-Flasza, Yazmeen Jamieson, Marlo Carmen Sweatman, Sydney Schneider, Ashleigh Shim, Jody Brown, Chanel Hudson-Marks, Havana Solaun, Olufolasade Adamolekun.
JAMAICA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Nicole McClure; Sashana Campbell, Konya Plummer, Allyson Swaby, Deneisha Blackwood; Chantelle Swaby, Khadija Shaw, Toriana Patterson; Mireya Grey, Cheyna Matthews, Tiffany Cameron.
Jamaica's first ever World Cup has been tough so far after suffering heavy defeats in their first two games in the competition to Brazil and Italy. They will want something to celebrate in their final group game today as they look to find the back of the net for the first time. Australia, however, will be tough opponents as they need to avoid defeat in this match to reach the knockout rounds of the competition. They didn't get off to a great start at the tournament when they lost to Italy in the last minute, but they turned things around against Brazil in their last game when they came from behind to win 3-2.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Women's World Cup Group C match between Jamaica and Australia at the Stade des Alpes!