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Italy v Spain Live Commentary, 06/07/2021

PEN 4 - 2
1 - 1
F. Chiesa (60)
Álvaro Morata (80)
Wembley Stadium
(FT 1 - 1)


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Italy's unbeaten run is now at 33 matches in all competitions after knocking out Spain and they'll take on either Denmark or England in the final on Sunday at Wembley.
Italy are through to the final of Euro 2020 after beating Spain 4-2 on penalties. It was Chiesa that gave them the lead on the hour when he curled a great effort past Simon into the back of the net but Morata came off the bench to equalise with a cool finish with 10 minutes remaining. Neither side could find a breakthrough in extra time and Jorginho netted the decisive penalty in the shootout after Olmo missed and Morata saw his spot-kick saved.
ITALY WIN IT! Jorginho is the last player to step up for Italy and he does his trademark hop before taking it. That is what wrongfoots Simon and the midfielder slots his effort into the bottom corner to take Italy into the final!
SAVED! Italy have the advantage after Morata's penalty is saved by Donnarumma. There's no power on the shot towards the goalkeeper's left and it's a comfortable save for him.
3-2 ITALY! It's a great penalty from Bernardeschi and Simon's getting nowhere near that. He fires his effort into the top corner and out of the goalkeeper's reach.
2-2! Cool as you like from Thiago as he slots his effort into the bottom-left corner, with Donnarumma diving the wrong way this time.
2-1 ITALY! Bonucci sends Simon the wrong way for the first time in the shootout and curls his effort low into the bottom-right corner of the net.
1-1! Moreno stutters just before he hits the penalty and he lifts his shot over Donnarumma, who goes the right way again, but he can't keep that one out.
1-0 ITALY! Belotti is next and it's a confident spot-kick to get Italy on the scoreboard. Simon dives the right way but he can't stop it nestling in the bottom corner.
MISS! Olmo steps up for Spain with the chance to put them ahead, but it's a poor penalty. Donnarumma dives to his right and Olmo blazes his effort high over the crossbar.
SIMON SAVES! Locatelli is the first to step up to the spot and he goes low to the goalkeeper's left. Simon gets down well and he gets a strong hand to it to keep him out.
So, we're going to penalties after a 1-1 draw between Italy and Spain. Italy had a goal ruled out for offside in the second half of extra time after Berardi hit the back of the net, but he set off early and it was spotted by the linesman. The best chance for Spain in the extra 30 minutes fell to Olmo, but Donnarumma punched away his free-kick. It took penalties for Spain to get past Switzerland in their quarter-final, with Simon making three saves to help them through, but no side has ever won two penalty shootouts in the same European Championship.
L. Bonucci
Yellow Card
118' Bonucci had his boot high to win the ball and just caught Morata so he's shown a yellow card.
116' Jorginho goes for the direct route to goal for Italy again as he plays a long ball upfield for Belotti. It's just slightly behind the substitute though and he can't touch it back for Bernardeschi.
114' Spain are starting to look tired now and they're not moving the ball upfield as quickly as they were in the first half of extra time. They're still patiently pushing forward, but can't get in behind Italy at the moment.
112' Some sloppiness is just starting to creep into Spain's play and Italy have a chance to break on the counter again. Belotti takes a heavy first touch this time though and ends up fouling Alba in his attempts to keep hold of the ball.
110' OFFSIDE! Chiellini lifts a great ball over the top for Berardi, who is pointing to where he wants it and he brings it down with a great first touch. Simon rushes off his line and Berardi fires his shot past the keeper, into the back of the net, only to be denied by the offside flag.
Pau Torres
Eric García
109' Garcia has gone down with cramp and Luis Enrique isn't going to take any risks as he brings on Pau Torres in his place.
108' Belotti switches play out to Di Lorenzo with a brilliant crossfield pass and the right-back drives forward. He fizzes a low cross onto the edge of the box, but Bernardeschi's first touch lets him down and Simon clears his lines.
F. Bernardeschi
F. Chiesa
107' Chiesa has been hobbling for a little while and he won't be able to carry on now as he's replaced by Bernardeschi.
106' Italy get us back underway for the second half of extra time!
Thiago Alcântara
Sergio Busquets
106' There's a change for Spain at the start of the second half as Busquets is taken off and replaced by Thiago.
It's still as we were at the end of the 90 minutes at half-time in extra time with Italy and Spain drawing 1-1. It's Spain who had the chances in the last 15 minutes, with Olmo forcing another good save out of Donnarumma from a free-kick. Llorente also had an effort blocked from the edge of the box by Bonucci when he had an open goal to aim for.
104' Spain are still dominating possession and Italy just can't find a way out of their own half at the moment. Rodri plays a great throughball to Llorente down the right, but his low cross is blocked by Bonucci.
102' Olmo is still causing all sorts of problems for Italy as he finds himself in another pocket of space through the middle. He tries to slip it through to Morata, but there's too much on this pass and it rolls through to Donnarumma.
102' BLOCK! Pedri floats a lovely cross towards Morata in the middle, but Donnarumma gets there just ahead of him to punch it away. It falls to Llorente on the edge of the box, but his first-time effort is blocked by Bonucci ahead of the empty goal.
100' There's a couple of challenges coming in from all of the Italian players as they try to cope with Spain's dominance in possession. It's Pessina that steps across Olmo this time, and another free-kick goes Spain's way.
98' Olmo swings the free-kick into the box and Donnarumma has to get down to push it away. It goes as far as Morata, who pulls it back across the box and it pinballs around, bouncing off both sets of players before bouncing just wide for a goal-kick.
R. Tolói
Yellow Card
97' Olmo dummies as if he's gonna drive into the box before stepping down the left and he completely wrongfoots Toloi. The substitute sticks an arm out and takes him down which earns him a booking.
96' Belotti landed heavily on his back after a small coming together between him and Garcia. The referee stops the game after he's been down for a minute or so, but he slowly gets back to his feet without needing any treatment.
94' Spain are just the second team in European history to have as many as three matches go to extra time after Portugal in 2016.
92' Olmo is bundled to ground by Toloi and Rodri floats a free-kick into the middle of the box. He's looking for Morata in the middle, but it's over the substitute's head and cleared by Di Lorenzo.
91' Spain get the game back underway for extra time!
Both sides played well throughout the 90 minutes and their managers will be looking for more of the same in extra time. Neither goalkeeper has had too many saves to make, but both teams looked dangerous in attack. This is the third consecutive game that Spain failed to win in 90 minutes and there'll be some tired legs out there for them.
And we're going to extra time after a 1-1 draw between Italy and Spain! Emerson smacked the bar with a shot just before half-time and Italy took the lead on the hour after a brilliant counter-attack which ended with him curling a shot into the bottom corner. Oyarzabal spurned a couple of great opportunities for Spain before Morata came off the bench and coolly slotted in an equaliser.
90' + 4' END OF 90 MINUTES: ITALY 1-1 SPAIN.
90' + 2' Spain are still pushing for the winner here as we head into the final minutes of stoppage time and Busquets plays another good throughball into the box. It's ahead of Olmo though and Donnarumma rushes off his line to collect it.
90' There are loud shouts for a penalty from the Spanish fans and players after it appeared that Chiellini handled it just inside the box. He put his hand to catch his fall and the ball rolled into his arm after he won it back and the referee is quick to wave the claims away.
89' Italy are just starting to up the pressure again and Di Lorenzo picks out Belotti with a good throughball. He tries to sweep it out to Chiesa on the right, but he was coming back from an offside position and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
87' Morata has scored more goals at the European Championships than any other Spain player, overtaking Fernando Torres' five goals.
Marcos Llorente
César Azpilicueta
85' Spain are also making a substitution, as Luis Enrique brings on Marcos Llorente in place of Azpilicueta.
A. Belotti
L. Insigne
85' And Insigne also makes way, with Belotti on in his place.
M. Locatelli
N. Barella
85' Another double change for Italy now and Barella is going off, with Locatelli on in his place.
84' Spain are on the attack again here and Pedri slides the ball through to Morata, who times his run perfectly. He holds it up before pulling it back for Busquets on the edge of the box, but he blazes his shot over the crossbar.
82' Olmo swings a corner into the box and Donnarumma is in no man's land on the edge of the six-yard box. Chiellini flicks it on and Laporte just can't keep it in at the far post.
Dani Olmo
80' Olmo gets another assist in the tournament with a simple lay-off to Morata
Álvaro Morata
80' MORATA EQUALISES! He drops deep to get the ball from Laporte before making a driving run through the middle of the field. He plays a one-two with Olmo to open up a pocket of space before coolly slotting his effort past Donnarumma and into the bottom-left corner. 1-1!
80' SAVE! It's another sloppy pass at the back from Spain, with Azpilicueta losing out to Insigne this time. He squares it to Pessina on the edge of the box, but his shot is straight at Simon.
78' Di Lorenzo goes long with another long ball over the top which is just too long for Pessina. Simon rushes out of his box and hits his clearance against Laporte's back, but much to the goalkeeper's relief, Insigne can't latch onto it.
76' It's another brilliant throughball from Busquets, this time to Morata down the right of the box. He waits too long to hit the shot though and is forced wider by Chiellini. When he tries to pull back a cross from the byline, it's blocked by the defender for a corner.
R. Tolói
74' And Emerson is also making way, with Toloi on for him.
M. Pessina
M. Verratti
74' There's a double change for Italy now, with Verratti being taken off for Pessina.
72' Italy are the second team in European Championship history to have as many as five different players score 2+ goals at a single edition (Chiesa, Insigne, Immobile, Locatelli, Pessina), after France in 2000).
70' Koke is also taken off, with Rodri on in his place.
Gerard Moreno
Mikel Oyarzabal
70' Double change for Spain now as they try to get themselves back into this game and Oyarzabal makes way first, with Moreno on for him.
68' GOOD SAVE! Italy break quickly on the counter again with Chiesa sliding a good ball through to Berardi on the right of the box. He keeps his shot low this time, trying to catch out Simon at his near post, but the keeper shuts him out using his legs.
66' CLOSE! Azpilicueta lifts the ball over the top to Oyarzabal on the edge of the box and he cushions it down for Olmo. He drills his shot first time, using his team-mate as a shield, but he sends it just wide of the far post.
65' GREAT CHANCE! Berardi's clearance is cut out by Koke and he floats a lovely cross into the far post where Oyarzabal makes a late run. He completely misses the ball though after going past Donnarumma, and if he'd made contact, Spain could have been level.
64' Spain are back to dominating possession, but they're still struggling to find a way in behind Italy as they drop deep once again. Alba swings a dangerous cross in from the left, but it's a good header away from Chiellini.
Álvaro Morata
Ferran Torres
62' And Torres is taken off for Spain, with Morata on to replace him.
D. Berardi
C. Immobile
61' Both sides are making a change here, starting with Italy. Berardi has been waiting a long time and he's finally on the pitch in place of Immobile.
C. Immobile
60' Immobile does well to get a touch on the ball after Laporte's tackle to just touch it into Chiesa's path.
F. Chiesa
60' ITALY LEAD! Donnarumma sets them quickly on the counter after making a save. Laporte makes a good tackle but Italy keep hold of it, with Immobile picking out Chiesa. None of the defenders close him down and he cuts inside before curling his shot around Garcia and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Italy!
59' Barella is caught on the ball by Busquets and he sets Spain back on the attack by playing in Oyarzabal. He steps away from Verratti before drilling his shot on goal, but it's well held by Donnarumma.
57' Olmo is up top on his own and he does brilliantly to hold off Chiellini as he waits for support to join him. He lays it off to Pedri, who then picks out Torres, but his shot from the edge of the box is blocked by Bonucci.
55' Italy have dropped deep in their own half now and Spain are still patiently knocking it around in midfield to try and find a way in behind. Garcia eventually goes long, looking for Alba, but Di Lorenzo does well to shield it out of play.
53' Immobile flicks the ball through to Insigne, and he touch helps it onto Chiesa. He cuts inside from the right before drilling a shot on goal, but a slight deflection off Garcia takes the power off it and it's a comfortable save for Simon.
52' CLOSE! Azpilicueta intercepts Barella's pass and picks out Oyarzabal's run down the right. He lays it off to Busquets on the edge of the box and he hits the shot first time, curling it towards the near top corner, but it flies just over the crossbar.
Sergio Busquets
Yellow Card
51' Busquets is shown the first yellow card of the game after stepping across Immobile to cut out his run.
49' It's a long ball over the top from Chiellini to Insigne and he gets lucky as the ball bounces off the defender and back into his path. He takes the shot early but he curls it well wide of the far post.
48' Simon comes out of his box to get on the ball in the left-back position and then slices his pass out to Azpilicueta and it's intercepted by Insigne. The defender does well though and gets back to give away a corner.
46' Italy get us back underway for the second half!
Mancini headed down the tunnel as soon as the whistle blew and he didn't look happy. He had substitutes warming up towards the end of the half and he'll be thinking about tweaking something to get his side into the game more. Spain looked dangerous going forward, but have only tested Donnarumma once so far, which they will want to improve on after the break.
It's goalless at the break between Italy and Spain. Luis Enrique's side looked the bigger threat in the first half, with Torres drilling a low effort just wide before Olmo forced Donnarumma into a good save. Italy's only shot so far came in the last minute of the half when Emerson smacked a shot against the bar from a tight angle on the left of the box.
45' + 1' HALF-TIME: ITALY 0-0 SPAIN.
45' OFF THE BAR! Insigne drives into the box from the left and when he can't get past Azpilicueta, he knocks it onto Emerson. It's a tight angle for a shot, but he goes for it and thumps his effort against the crossbar.
43' Pedri drifts away from Jorginho and he plays a one-two with Olmo to try and get into the box. The return pass is heavy to him though and Donnarumma comes out to collect it.
41' Italy are patiently trying to pass their way upfield, but they're struggling to find a way through Spain's compact shape after their drop deep. Chiellini goes long to Chiesa on the right, but he runs straight into Alba.
39' Azpilicueta wins the ball back and Spain work it well upfield, passing it from Koke to Pedri to Alba, who then sweeps it across to Oyarzabal on the right of the box. It's a wild effort after some lovely build-up and his shot flies high into the stands.
37' Emerson makes a great, driving run through the middle this time and he has Insigne up with him. Busquets steps across and makes a brilliant interception for Spain, stopping him from getting into the box.
35' Insigne plays a great throughball into Emerson on the left of the box and he brings it down before setting himself for a cross. Laporte is quickly over to him though and stops him from getting it into the middle.
33' It's another mistake from Italy that gifts possession back to Spain and Olmo is driving towards the box. He chooses to go it alone, despite having support on either side, but ends up firing his shot high over the bar.
31' This is currently Italy's longest wait for an attempt at goal at Euro 2020.
29' Di Lorenzo gets his head up and spots Immobile making a run off the back of Laporte. He goes long trying to pick him out but overhits it, and Simon comes out to collect it.
27' It's another poor ball out from the back by Donnarumma which goes straight to Busquets. He threads it through to Olmo with his first touch, but he's bundled to ground by Chiellini and the referee tells him to get up when he asks for a free-kick.
25' GOOD SAVE! Oyarzabal cushions the ball down for Olmo in the middle of the box and his first shot is blocked by Bonucci, but he manages to get it back. He digs out a shot towards the far corner and Donnarumma gets down to push it away.
23' Italy's press is causing Spain problems again now as Pedri's pass it cut out by Jorginho. He tries to thread it through to Immobile early, but the pass bounces off the back of his heels and kindly to Garcia.
21' Emerson cuts inside from the left and Simon rushes out of his goal to close him down again. He squares it to Barella on the edge of the box, but he can't find a way past Laporte to have a shot on the still empty net after a heavy touch.
19' Olmo plays a lovely ball out to Torres on the left and he drags the ball away from Di Lorenzo to open up space for a cross. He whips it towards the near post, but Jorginho gets an important touch to help it out for a corner.
17' Azpilicueta fizzes a clearance into Busquets and it's a heavy touch from him that lets Barella in to nick the ball back. The Spanish captain drags him back and gives away a free-kick in a good position through the middle, but it comes to nothing.
15' It's a loose pass from Barella which is cut out by Torres and he dances past Jorginho to get into space for a shot. He ends up dragging at it though and sends it wide from the edge of the box.
13' Busquets' throughball to Pedri catches out the Italian midfield and he plays a great pass into Oyarzabal, who timed his run perfectly to stay onside. His first touch lets him down though and Bonucci is able to get back and clear his lines.
12' Italy have only beaten Spain twice in their last 14 meetings in all competitions (D7 L5), a 2-1 friendly win in 2011 and most recently, a 2-0 victory at Euro 2016 in the round-of-16.
10' Koke plays a one-two with Busquets to open up a pocket of space through the middle and he debates having a go from distance before laying it off to Oyarzabal. He tries to drill a low cross into the box, but it's cut out by Chiellini.
8' Italy's high press is causing Spain all sorts of problems at the back as Simon's clearance is cut out by Jorginho. He switches it out to Emerson on the left, who plays a one-two with Insigne, but Oyarzabal stops him from getting a cross into the box.
6' Jorginho's pass to Immobile is cut out by Laporte and he instantly sets Spain on the counter by picking out Torres with a long ball over the top. He tries to slot it through to Olmo, but it's a poor pass from him which Donnarumma collects.
4' OFF THE POST! It's a wonderful throughball from Emerson to Barella and he takes it around Simon, who rushed off his line. He waits for backup, but none comes, so he goes it alone, chipping his effort over Simon and off the far post. It wouldn't have counted though as he'd just strayed offside.
2' Spain are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here and Azpilicueta goes long to try and get Oyarzabal in behind the defence. He tries to knock it onto Torres first time, but it's intercepted by Bonucci.
1' Oyarzabal gets the game underway for Spain!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
This is the seventh European Championship meeting between Italy and Spain. Indeed, the two nations are meeting in the knockout stages for the fourth consecutive tournament, with Spain progressing in 2008 and winning the 2012 final before Italy eliminated then in 2016.
Luis Enrique makes three changes to the team that started against Switzerland last time out. Garcia is brought in to partner Laporte in defence again, with Olmo and Oyarzabal, who have both made big impacts from the bench in recent games, also coming in. Pau Torres and Morata drop to the bench, while Pablo Sarabia misses out with an abductor injury.
Roberto Mancini makes just one change to his side after the win over Belgium, and it's an enforced one. Leonardo Spinazzola was forced off in that game with an Achilles injury, so Emerson comes in to replace him.
SPAIN SUBS: Diego Llorente, Rodrigo, Pau Torres, Fabian Ruiz, Marcos Llorente, Thiago Alcantara, Gerard Moreno, Robert Sanchez, Adam Traore, Alvaro Morata, Jose Gaya, David de Gea.
SPAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Unai Simon; Cesar Azpilicueta, Eric Garcia, Aymeric Laporte, Jordi Alba; Koke, Sergio Busquets, Pedri; Ferran Torres, Mikel Oyarzabal, Dani Olmo.
ITALY SUBS:Bryan Cristante, Federico Bernardeschi, Manuel Locatelli, Rafael Toloi, Domenico Berardi, Francesco Acerbi, Alessandro Florenzi, Alessandro Bastoni, Alex Meret, Salvatore Sirigu, Matteo Pessina, Andrea Belotti.
ITALY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Emerson; Nicolo Barella, Jorginho, Marco Verratti; Federico Chiesa, Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne.
Italy edged past Belgium in their quarter-final with a 2-1 win which extended their impressive unbeaten run to 32 matches in all competitions, winning the last 13 on the bounce. They're the only team in the final four to have won all of their games in the tournament so far. They face a Spain side that were taken to penalties by Switzerland after a 1-1 draw, winning the shootout 3-1, with goalkeeper Unai Simon making three saves to help them through to this round.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Euro 2020 semi-final between Italy and Spain at Wembley Stadium!