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Italy v Argentina Live Commentary, 01/06/2022

0 - 3
Lautaro Martínez (28)
Á. Di María (45+1)
P. Dybala (90+4)
Wembley Stadium


That's all from us, we hope you enjoyed the game. Until the next one, goodbye!
The Albiceleste deservedly win the Finalissima trophy, and send a warning to the rest of the world with the Qatar World Cup only months away. They're playing like a well-oiled machine, and will only become harder to stop with each passing game. Italy, however, farewelled Chiellini in this match too, signalling a changing of the guard with a new generation of Azzurri prospects set to be let loose in the upcoming UEFA Nations League.
Messi was simply unplayable throughout this game, and was denied on several occasions by gravity-defying Donnarumma saves. The Albiceleste captain set up the first and last goals, and carried on his rich vein of form by having 10 attempts, many of which came following dribbling runs that also defied the laws of physics. Magic.
What a performance from Argentina, as they run out deserved winners of La Finalissima! A second half performance that will send shivers down the spines of every other nation in world football was capped off by that late Dybala goal, set up of course by Messi. The magician in number 10 was in vintage form, rolling back the years and inspiring his side to victory, and with performances like that, who's to say he won't do the same in Qatar later this year?
L. Messi
90' + 4' Another mazing run up the field from Messi set that goal in motion, and his deft touch to tee up Dybala sees him get his second assist of the match.
P. Dybala
90' + 4' GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! The icing on the Argentine cake!!! Messi strides forward with ease once again, arriving on the edge of the box before being crowded out. Dybala arrives late and smashes the ball low off the post, beating Donnarumma as it nestles in the bottom corner! 3-0 to Argentina, and their second-half performance deserved that goal.
90' + 3' It's been a world-class performance from Argentina, from front to back, in a game that will act as a signal of intent for an Albiceleste side with their sights on Qatar.
N. González
Á. Di María
90' + 1' Di Maria, alongside Messi, has arguably been the Albiceleste's best, and he comes off for Nicolas Gonzalez to play the final few minutes.
P. Dybala
G. Lo Celso
90' + 1' Lo Celso has excelled in this game, but comes off for Paulo Dybala to see out the game.
90' We'll play four minutes of stoppage time to close out this game.
89' Alvarez looks to take on Bastoni, who slides in to win the ball. It ricochets off Alvarez, going behind for a goal kick.
87' A loose ball falls to Alvarez, who tries his luck from halfway with a dipping shot! Donnarumma gathers the bouncing ball, but what audacity to attempt that with your first touch!
J. Álvarez
Lautaro Martínez
85' Opening goalscorer Lautaro Martinez comes off to a standing ovation, and new Manchester City signing Julian Alvarez, who recently scored SIX goals in the Copa Libertadores for River Plate, comes on.
G. Pezzella
C. Romero
85' Romero has been immense in the heart of Argentina's defence, but comes off now for German Pezzella.
83' BLOCKED!!! Messi glides through midfield again before playing the ball down the right. Molina keeps it in and Messi gets the ball back, but his effort from 10 yards is deflected away!
81' BLOCKED!!! Di Maria is put into acres of space down the left and crosses into the danger area. Lautaro Martinez slips over, but Lo Celso doesn't, setting himself for the shot and curling an effort goalward, but Di Lorenzo heads it off the line!
79' OVER!!! Barella drives forward before dinking the ball through for Scamacca, who beats Emi Martinez with his volley but also the bar!! The ball rests on top of the net, but the flag is up, so the goal wouldn't have counted regardless.
N. Barella
Yellow Card
77' Barella catches Di Maria late in a cynical foul, and the Italy midfielder is booked by the referee.
A. Bastoni
77' Emerson is the next Italian to be withdrawn, and Alessandro Bastoni comes on.
E. Palacios
R. De Paul
76' De Paul wins a free-kick from a rash Jorginho challenge, and is then brought off, with Exequiel Palacios coming on in midfield.
74' Messi steps up to strike the free-kick, and curls it around the wall, but the ball doesn't dip and flies over Donnarumma's crossbar.
G. Di Lorenzo
Yellow Card
72' After a good few minutes of olay's from the crowd, Messi looks to take a throughball but is shunted over by Di Lorenzo. The referee blows for a free-kick immediately, and has the yellow card out before tempers begin to flare.
70' Messi and Lautaro Martinez look to play a one-two in the box, but Locatelli gets back in cover to win the ball and give Italy some respite.
69' SAVED!!!! Lautaro Martinez beats Di Lorenzo to the ball, and tees up Messi. He looks to curl one into the top corner, but Donnarumma gets across to tip it away! He's saved Italy's skin on one too many occasions in this second half!
67' Argentina build another attack with ease as De Paul finds Messi. He shoots from the edge of the box with his right foot, and the low drive forces a save from Donnarumma!
65' SAVED!!! Messi dispossesses a dawdling Jorginho and strides the length of the pitch effortlessly. He's got support in droves as the defence stand off him, and he shoots from the left side of the box, drawing a parry from Donnarumma!
64' WHAT A CHANCE!!! Emerson is dispossessed by Molina, who tees up Messi in the process, and he smashes it across the face of goal. It beats Lautaro Martinez, and the unmarked Lo Celso can't turn it in at the back post!!!
L. Spinazzola
M. Pessina
62' Pessina is the next to come off for Italy, and Leonardo Spinazzola will replace him.
62' WHAT. A. HIT! Messi's corner to the edge of the box lands right on the foot of Di Maria, who volleys a thunderous shot straight at Donnarumma, which he parries before holding! What a goal that would've been!
61' De Paul's cross into the box is headed clear by Emerson. De Paul volleys it back into the area, but Lautaro Martinez can't connect with it on the volley and a deflection takes it behind!
60' Otamendi smashes a perfect ball long for Di Maria, who cuts inside Emerson and curls a shot into the top corner, which Donnarumma has to really stretch for to tip over the bar!
59' STOPPED!!! Another Jorginho ball into the box is dealt with by Romero. It falls to Locatelli, who shoots on the half-volley, but a deflection takes the ball looping straight into the arms of Emi Martinez!
58' Jorginho's clipped ball into the box is volleyed away by Romero, and the Italy midfielder barrels De Paul to the ground attempting to win it back.
56' CHANCE!!!! Beautiful link-up play from De Paul and Messi sees the former find Lautaro Martinez. His diagonal ball to Di Maria is cut out by Bonucci, but his back-pass to Donnarumma nearly goes in off the post before the goalkeeper recovers it on the line!!!
55' A wayward Di Maria backpass almost gives Scamacca space to win the ball, but Otamendi slides in to secure possession for the Albiceleste.
53' De Paul is down on the ground after being caught late by a high boot from Barella, and he's only just getting to his feet after play is brought to a halt.
51' Tagliafico surges into Lazzari as the two contest a loose ball, but the aggressive nature of Tagliafico's tackle sees the referee give the free-kick Italy's way.
50' Messi cuts inside before teeing up De Paul, but his ball for Di Maria is cut out by a sliding Di Lorenzo!
48' Should Argentina win this match, it'll be their 32nd successive without defeat. That run stretches back to 2019, and a win in this game will make it three years unbeaten.
46' Scamacca kicks off for Italy, and we're back underway for the second half!
M. Locatelli
F. Bernardeschi
46' Bernardeschi is also withdrawn, and Manuel Locatelli comes on.
G. Scamacca
A. Belotti
46' Belotti is also replaced up front, as Gianluca Scamacca comes on.
M. Lazzari
G. Chiellini
46' Italy make half-time changes, as Chiellini comes off for the final time for his country, replaced by Manuel Lazzari.
The sides head back out for the second half, and can Italy turn this game around at Wembley, just as they did against England the last time they were here!
There's been 11 attempts on goal so far, with both sides managing three on target. Two Argentine blocks have denied Italy, who have taken three corners, but the Azzurri defence couldn't keep out Martinez and Di Maria for the Argentine forwards' respective goals.
It's advantage South America at the interval, with that late Di Maria goal sending Argentina into a 2-0 lead right on half-time. It's been a delight of a game so far, with free-flowing attacking football at both ends, but the magic of Messi, Martinez and Di Maria gives the Albiceleste the advantage at the moment.
Lautaro Martínez
45' + 1' The turn and pass from Lautaro Martinez was absolutely sublime there, and set it up perfectly for Di Maria to stroke the ball home!
Á. Di María
45' + 1' GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! What a passage of play from Argentina!!!! Lautaro Martinez turns away from Bonucci and strides forward, playing a beauty of a throughball forward for Di Maria, who ghosts past Chiellini and chips the ball over Donnarumma to double the lead!!! 2-0, and what a way for the Albiceleste to go into the break!!
45' We'll play two minutes of added time at the end of the first half.
43' Di Maria scythes down the right, cutting inside Chiellini and heading for goal before Bonucci hoofs the ball clear!
41' Messi has eventually gotten back to his feet, and after an apology from Bonucci, play resumes at Wembley.
L. Bonucci
Yellow Card
39' A stray elbow from Bonucci catches Messi in the head as the two contest a high ball, and the centre-back is yellow carded for his troubles.
38' CHANCE!!! Italy build their attack slowly before Barella releases Emerson. He swings in a cross, which Belotti slightly mistimes his jump for, and can't get his head to as the ball sails over!
36' Jorginho attempts to find Belotti over the top of Argentina's defence, but his lofty long pass is hit too heavily and goes behind for a goal kick.
34' Bernardeschi's all over Tagliafico down that left-hand side, but the Argentina left-back is able to evade the pressure and come away with the ball. What strength he showed there.
32' That goal was Lautaro Martinez's 20th for Argentina in 38 caps, and it's his third international goal in three games so far in 2022.
30' SAVED!!! Lautaro Martinez takes a heavy touch inside his own half, and Barella swipes in to smash a curling shot from 40 yards. It's likely off-target, but Emi Martinez takes no chances by tipping it away from the goalmouth!
L. Messi
28' What a turn from Messi, and what a cross for his striker. "The Flea" simply does not seem to age, and he's got an assist at Wembley for keeps.
Lautaro Martínez
28' GOOOAAAALLLL!!! The Albiceleste take the lead!!! Messi turns out of Di Lorenzo's tackle and sears down the left, crossing for Lautaro Martinez inside, who prods the ball home!!! 1-0 to Argentina, and their magical messiah has done it again!
28' SAVED!!! Messi plays Di Maria into space down the right, but his square ball into the area is blocked by Bonucci. De Paul gets to the rebound and tees up Messi, whose right-footed shot is held by a diving Donnarumma in the bottom corner!
26' Messi swings a rebounded ball into the box, but Bonucci blocks it away. Lautaro Martinez looks to blast home the rebound, but catches Barella with his right foot and concedes the free-kick.
25' BLOCKED!!! Molina does well to bring down a deflected high ball down the right, and finds Messi centrally. The captain pulls the trigger from 25 yards, and a Bonucci block takes the ball wide of the goal for an Argentina corner!
24' Raspadori blasts his free-kick into the wall, and tries his luck again from the rebound, only for a deflection to send it behind for a corner!
N. Otamendi
Yellow Card
22' Emerson cuts inside and surges through midfield. The defence is standing off him as he approaches the box, before Otamendi steps out, lunges and catches the Italy left-back, conceding a free-kick and being shown a yellow card.
21' SAVED!!! After Emerson's cross is handballed by Otamendi, Raspadori floats in the free-kick, and Belotti gets his head to it. It's a looping header, too, which Emi Martinez has to really stretch for to pluck out of the air underneath the crossbar!
20' CHANCE!!! A brilliant ball over the top finds Bernardeschi in space on the right of the box. He squares for Belotti, who is denied the simplest of all tap ins by Romero, sliding in to divert the ball behind for a corner!
18' Barella turns and swerves away from two Argentine midfielders on the break for Italy, but his wide ball for Raspadori is too heavy and Romero shields the ball over the touchline.
17' Argentina have mustered 60 per cent of ball possession so far, however they've been very limited in terms of creating clear-cut chances.
16' Argentina look to spark an attack with a fast break, but Lautaro Martinez gets caught in possession by Di Lorenzo, who wins the ball well for the Azzurri.
14' Argentina win possession and surge forward on the counter. Messi feeds De Paul down the right, but his floated cross is too high for Lautaro Martinez and Di Lorenzo tidies up!
12' SAVED!!! Jorginho drives through the Argentine midfield before finding Raspadori. He turns and shoots on the spot, drawing a low save from Emi Martinez!
11' It's been all Argentina so far, with the Albiceleste having the lion's share of possession and looking threatening with every forage forward. The Italy defence, marshalled by Chiellini and Bonucci, has held firm so far though.
9' This is only the third ever UEFA-CONMEBOL Cup of Champions Final to be played – the last was way back in 1993, when Argentina beat Euro 1992 winners Denmark on penalties.
7' BLOCKED!!! Messi and De Paul stand over the ball and the captain hits the free-kick, but he can't get the ball over the large Italy wall, who block his effort!
5' Messi glides through a pair of challenges before being swiped down by Jorginho. The referee gives the free-kick, where Messi will likely look to shoot from 20 yards.
4' De Paul looks to pick out Di Maria down the right with a clipped diagonal pass, but skews the ball to a central position where Donnarumma has it covered.
2' De Paul chips down the right for Di Maria, who spots Donnarumma miles off his line. He tries the spectacular, but it bounces in front of the Italy goalkeeper, who is able to gather with ease.
1' Argentina kick us off, and we're underway at Wembley!
The players head onto the pitch at a packed Wembley, and we're nearly ready for kick-off here!
Argentina’s captain is Lionel Messi, who starts on the right opposite his PSG team-mate Angel Di Maria on the left flank. In between the two veterans is Lautaro Martinez, who scored 25 goals for Inter this season.
Having played his last games for Juventus in recent weeks, a stalwart of Italian football takes his place at centre-back and dons the captain’s armband in this grand finale for both his country and his career. That man is, of course, Giorgio Chiellini.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Franco Armani, Geronimo Rulli, Juan Foyth, Alexis Mac Allister, German Pezzella, Marcos Acuna, Julian Alvarez, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolas Gonzalez, Lisandro Martinez, Alejandro Gomez, Paulo Dybala.
ARGENTINA (4-3-3): Emiliano Martinez; Cristian Romero, Nahuel Molina, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Giovani Lo Celso, Guido Rodriguez, Rodrigo De Paul; Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria.
ITALY SUBS: Alessio Cragno, Alex Meret, Leonardo Spinazzola, Manuel Locatelli, Manuel Lazzari, Alessandro Florenzi, Matteo Politano, Francesco Acerbi, Bryan Cristante, Gianluca Scamacca, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Alessandro Bastoni.
ITALY (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Emerson Palmieri; Matteo Pessina, Jorginho, Nicolo Barella; Federico Bernardeschi, Andrea Belotti, Giacomo Raspadori.
Argentina haven’t lost a game in two years, and have won all but three since bringing the Copa America home, and with Lionel Messi in their starting side, they’ll fancy their chances of toppling Italy at the very stadium the Azzurri won the European Championship.
Despite their penalty shoot-out victory at Euro 2020, Italy were unable to qualify for the World Cup at the end of 2022, but will be hoping to secure some more silverware in this Grand Final between Europe and South America’s best.
Hello, and welcome to live coverage of the UEFA-CONMEBOL Finalissima, as Euro 2020 winners Italy take on 2021 Copa America winners Argentina at Wembley.