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Huesca v Real Madrid Live Commentary, 09/12/2018

0 - 1
G. Bale (8)
Estadio El Alcoraz


Madrid return to Champions League action for the final time in 2018 this week as they host CSKA Moscow in the Spanish capital, while Huesca host Villarreal next weekend. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a great week!
Real Madrid win on the road and take the three points, but they did not have it easy against LaLiga's bottom side. Hosts Huesca took them every step of the way, before and after Gareth Bale's winning volley inside the opening eight minutes – and it is more down to the heroics of Thibaut Courtois at the back that Santiago Solari's side have managed to triumph against the minnows than anything else. Full-time, it finishes Huesca 0-1 Real Madrid.
90' + 3' Back-to-back corners for the hosts – and it falls to Varane the second time! The referee blows for full-time; Madrid win, by the skin of their teeth!
90' + 2' Courtois with the stop once more! It will be a corner to Huesca but that is another blinding save by the Madrid man as he tips that excellent free-kick over the crossbar.
90' + 1' Free-kick to Huesca! Vazquez leaves a trailing leg out around 30 yards out on the left wing to bring down Gurler. Surely this is the last crack for the hosts.
90' Just the two added minutes on the way in this game.
88' Hernandez! A half-volley from eight yards out can't find the target either, sent screaming over the crossbar following a beauty of a delivery in off the left wing.
86' Pulido tries to nail a mid-air volley on the left of the Madrid box and botches it badly, putting it into the stands behind. Time running out for Huesca to find something here.
S. Longo
E. Ávila
84' Huesca make their last change, introducing Longo at the expense of Avila.
82' Only Athletic (17) have conceded more goals in the second half of games this season than Huesca (16).
Pablo Ínsua
Yellow Card
80' Insua is shown a yellow card now for a foul on Isco inside the opposition half after Gurler sees an effort blocked by the Madrid defence.
78' Pulido executes a great tackle on Odriozola that the latter feels is a foul on the edge of the Huesca box. The referee disagrees and awards a throw-in instead.
S. Gürler
David Ferreiro
76' Huesca make a change too, replacing Ferreiro with Gurler.
Marco Asensio
G. Bale
Real Madrid
76' Madrid make their final change now, introducing Asensio for Bale.
75' Carvajal concedes a corner blocking a cross and Etxeita heads it wide at the far post as it swings over to him from the right side.
73' Ramos and Avila clash off the ball, with the former looking like he ran into the latter trying to earn a free-kick on the replay. Instead, the decision goes to Huesca and they get the set-piece on the right wing, just inside the Madrid half.
71' The set-piece lacks any real bite once more and Huesca clear to halfway.
70' Bale! That arguably should have been the game as the Madrid man is released one-on-one against Jovanovic but cannot find the net as his tight-angled shot takes a deflection off the keeper's arm. Corner to the visitors.
69' Isco plays a pass down the right flank that skips away from Llorente and flies out for a goal-kick.
68' Hernandez storms down the left flank once again, though Llorente is able to curb his run this time and forces the Huesca man into putting the ball out for a goal-kick.
L. Modrić
Real Madrid
66' Madrid make their second change of the game, bringing on Isco to replace Modric.
64' Consecutive set-piece chances come to nothing for the hosts however and they are forced onto the back foot as Madrid break themselves.
63' Melero wins a corner for Huesca after beating the offside trap and forcing Llorente to clear his cut-back.
62' Jovanovic makes a great stop of his own, diving low to the left to push a shot from Bale wide and then Benzema is flagged for offside as he tries to track the ball back down.
59' Huesca put together another blistering counter-attack, zipping from their own box to Madrid's with a few well-timed passes. The final cross is lacking however and Hernandez sends it blasting wide of the right post.
F. Valverde
Dani Ceballos
Real Madrid
58' Madrid make their first change, replacing Ceballos with Valverde.
57' What a stop by Courtois! It's a one-handed leap to push Ferreiro's fabulous strike from the left of the box at the end of a quickfire counter-attack that keeps his side in the lead. Huesca then concede a free-kick from their own corner after some shoving in the box.
55' Vazquez has a plum chance from 25 yards out following a misplaced pass, though he can only hammer it into Insua rather than towards goal.
53' The hosts do deliver a much stronger corner now of their own however and Courtois is forced to punch it away, unable to make a clean take. He saves the follow-up from distance however, turned in by Avila.
51' Huesca defuse the set-piece with relative ease – neither side has been fantastic on the corners today, it must be said – and the game shifts back to halfway where both tussle for the ball.
49' Madrid now counter themselves and Benzema looks to be in out wide following a lovely pass chipped from out wide on the right across to him. He coasts into the box and tries to neaten up, only to see the ball swept from under his feet for a corner by Rivera.
48' Hernandez turns another great cross in off the left flank but Carvajal is there to read it cleanly and he heads back into open play.
47' Melero with the header! Meeting a cross off the left wing from Ferreiro almost directly in front of the Madrid goal, his header brushes the outside of the near post as it drifts wide. So close for the hosts.
46' We're back underway at El Alcoraz with no changes made by either side during the break. Can Madrid see this one out in relative comfort or do Huesca have a trick up their sleeve?
That early change was a necessity of course for Huesca but with only two substitutions available for the second half, how will they utilise them against a side littered with so many superstars?
Gareth Bale's excellent volley is the only thing that separates Real Madrid from their minnow hosts at half-time, who have made a fine account of themselves for the most part against the Champions League holders. Both sides will feel they will have had chances to get themselves in the ascendency – but as it stands, advantage remains with the visitors. At half-time, it's Huesca 0-1 Real Madrid.
45' There will be one added minute of injury time.
Xabier Etxeita
Yellow Card
42' Etxeita is now shown a yellow card for a late lunge on Bale that leaves the Wales international on the halfway line rolling around.
41' Ferreiro catches Vazquez on the back of his ankle and concedes the free-kick around 40 yards out from his own goal, though Madrid fail to create a serious attacking chance from their position.
Dani Ceballos
Yellow Card
Real Madrid
39' Ceballos picks up the second booking of this game now after a reckless challenge on Gomez sends the pair sprawling on the turf.
37' The visitors pile some pressure on the Huesca box but Melero only gives them a corner and then marshals the rest of his side into pressing back to halfway on the counter-attack.
35' Madrid have won just once in their last six LaLiga away games, conceding an average of 2.5 goals per game.
33' Bale breaks down the left wing and cuts back a cross for Vazquez. It misses the winger's head by an inch or so, with Pulido instead nodding it away from danger.
31' Carvajal wins a free-kick following a nibble at his heels by Hernandez out on the left wing just inside the Huesca half.
29' Ferreiro eventually whips the set-piece in and it finds only Ramos, who heads it away to safety.
28' There's a prolonged stoppage before Ferreiro can take this free-kick as the referee needs to have his headset pack adjusted. He asks Modric – the Ballon d'Or winner himself – to tuck it back into his shirt before getting further help from a linesman.
Dani Carvajal
Yellow Card
Real Madrid
26' Madrid can't force another attempt from the set-piece and Huesca pump it long down the left wing, chasing hard through Hernandez. Carvajal swings across to stop him and puts a flying elbow into the attacker's face, earning a yellow card and giving away a free-kick on the very edge of the penalty area.
25' Jovanovic with the save! It's an absolute corker of a stop as the keeper leaps to his top-left corner and pushes Bale's looping effort wide for a corner.
23' Huesca aren't playing like a side rooted to the bottom of the table in attack at least. Avila finishes off another swift counter with a low cross in that Madrid divert out for a corner, and though the following set-piece is again seized easily enough, the visitors are looking a touch rattled in midfield.
21' Ferreiro seeks to try an inventive chip over the defence after a throw-in gives Huesca promising field position once more, but Carvajal reads the danger and shields it back to Courtois accordingly.
Juan Aguilera
19' Huesca have been forced into an early change now, replacing Aguilera with Melero.
17' Varane pinches the poor set-piece and Madrid have a counter-attack of their own down the right wing, though Odriozola's cross this time finds only the distant touchline.
16' Courtois with the save! A brilliant Huesca counter-attack looks to have disintegrated inside the Madrid box before a cut-back finds Avila who hammers it in. The keeper tips it away with a great punch to concede a corner.
14' Hernandez sends Bale sprawling after the pair tussle for a ball in mid-air near the halfway line, with Madrid coming up with a resulting free-kick.
12' Huesca look to make a fast response but are flagged offside as Ferreiro drifts ahead of the defence chasing a long ball from Jovanovic at the back.
10' Bale's goal ends a streak of 802 minutes without scoring in LaLiga, his longest such run in the competition.
Real Madrid
8' The class that Madrid have undid Huesca there all too easily, with Odriozola given acres of space to pick out his pass. The visitors have put themselves in control of this clash.
G. Bale
Real Madrid
8' BALE GIVES REAL THE LEAD! 1-0! Los Blancos put the minnows to the sword after that bright start with a wonderful finish from the Welshman to arrest his LaLiga drought. Odriozola breaks down the right flank and squares a looping cross into the far side of the box where the striker puts a rocket of a volley straight into the bottom-right corner past Jovanovic.
7' Etxeita! The centre-back meets Ferreiro's corner at the far post and just heads it wide with a low effort. Great inventiveness from the hosts here in these opening minutes.
6' Fantastic work from Ferreiro sees him pinch the ball out on the left wing and earn his side a corner following a dizzying run.
5' Moi Gomez wins a throw-in deep in Madrid territory out on the right and looks to try and put his teammates into the box. Varane is too fast however, picking out the ball and sparking a counter-attack for the visitors.
3' Insua meets the set-piece swung in from the left as first man and clears for the hosts, to roars around the tiny stadium. There's only a capacity of 7,638 at El Alcoraz.
2' It's almost the perfect start for Madrid as a long ball picks out Benzema on a run from centre-field into the left side of the Huesca box. Keeper Jovanovic reacts quickest however and tips it out for a corner before the striker can reel it in.
1' We are underway in this 2018-19 LaLiga clash between Huesca and Real Madrid!
The teams are out at El Alcoraz and we're moments away from kick-off.
Huesca are the only LaLiga team to have conceded goals in every game this season, having let in 29 across 14 matches so far.
This will be the first time that Huesca and Real Madrid face each other in their official history.
Subs: Isco, Marco Asensio, Vinicius Junior, Jesus Vallejo, Keylor Navas, Federico Valverde, Javi Sanchez.
REAL MADRID (4-3-3): Thibaut Courtois; Alvaro Odriozola, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Dani Carvajal; Dani Ceballos, Marcos Llorente, Luka Modric; Lucas Vazquez, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale.
Subs: Samuele Longo, Lluis Sastre, Rajko Brezancic, Serdar Gurler, Roberto Santamaria, Camacho, Gonzalo Melero.
HUESCA (3-5-2): Aleksandar Jovanovic; Pablo Insua, Jorge Pulido, Xabier Etxeita; Jorge Miramon, Moi Gomez, Juan Aguilera, Christian Rivera, David Ferreiro; Ezequiel Avila, Juan Camilo Hernandez.
Team news now and Gareth Bale starts after shrugging off an injury to lead the attack for Madrid, with Alvaro Odriozola once again deputising for Marcelo at the back. Huesca will be without their top scorer Alex Gallar too, who is sidelined with a broken toe to pile on the problems for the hosts.
Huesca meanwhile could do with a victory and a desperate one at that, having not won in LaLiga since their opening game of the season. Francisco Rodriguez hasn't found it easy since replacing Leo Franco in October, with only two draws to his name; can the Almeria legend spring a surprise today?
Los Blancos have seen something of a revival since they crashed to a 3-0 defeat against Eibar, winning three on the bounce across all competitions, but yesterday's victory for league leaders Barcelona has mounted the pressure on Santiago Solari's men to deliver another result today against the division's bottom side.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2018-19 LaLiga season as Real Madrid look keep up their pursuit of the summit away against Huesca at El Alcoraz.