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Hoffenheim v Bayern München Live Commentary, 29/02/2020

0 - 6
S. Gnabry (2)
J. Kimmich (7)
J. Zirkzee (15)
Philippe Coutinho (33)
Philippe Coutinho (47)
L. Goretzka (62)
PreZero Arena


This was a Bundesliga game that will live long in the memory then - partly for the right reasons, but mostly for the wrong ones. We may well be hearing about the end of this match for some time. That's all for now. Goodbye! 
Elsewhere in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund beat Freiburg 1-0 earlier. Presuming that Bayern's 6-0 win will stand for now, Bayern re-extend their gap at the top of the Bundesliga over their rivals to four points. Leipzig can cut Bayern's lead at the top to one point if they defeat Bayer Leverkusen later this matchday.
The referee calls time on what has been a deeply strange game of football. Bayern were by far and away the better side in this match, racing to a 4-0 lead over Hoffenheim at half-time. Bayern grabbed two more goals in the second half before the referee stopped play twice due to Bayern fans' misbehaviour. Reluctant to abandon the game, the two teams saw out the last 13 minutes with what can only be described as anti-football. You imagine that Bayern will face repercussions from this.
88' The clock is almost reaching the 90 minute mark as the players continue applauding the fans. Presumably the referee will blow the final whistle on this farce as soon as he can.
84' The players on both sides have started applauding back to the fans. Staff look to be in discussion with each other. As you can probably appreciate, there's not much to cover here. 
80' Just to make it clear, play is technically continuing. The goalkeepers are stood in the centre of the pitch with the rest of the players as the two sides pop the ball around. The Hoffenheim fans are applauding.
78' This is such a bizarre sight. The Bayern and Hoffenheim players are taking turns to pass the ball to one another in the centre of the pitch. Neither side is making an effort to score. It seems to be a show of solidarity between the two clubs.
78' The players, staff and officials have re-emerged onto the pitch after several minutes of delay. Half of Hoffenheim's fans look to have left the stadium already. Hoffenheim get the game restarted with a drop ball.
78' The referee has suspended play again due to the Bayern fans unfurling an offensive banner and singing songs about Hopp. It looks like the game is at risk of being abandoned! Bayern's staff look bemused and furious. Why do this when your team is 6-0 up? The players and officials have left the pitch for now.
77' Zirkzee almost grabs another goal now, blazing high and wide from the centre of the box from Gnabry's pass. Bayern are blowing chances now. What a strange game this has been.
75' Bayern are staying professional. They want as big a win as possible. Pavard slides in Gnabry. The winger takes aim with his left foot and fires just wide. Goretzka smashes a shot towards the top left corner and Baumann makes a great stop to keep it out! Bayern corner.
K. Akpoguma
D. Samassekou
73' Hoffenheim make their final change. Samassekou goes off. Akpoguma comes on for him.
73' Goretzka hits the post! The substitute receives a great pass into the box and decides to go for power. His shot cannons off the upright and out. In truth, whether Bayern score again or not feels academic at this point.
71' Bayern resume their normal service. Rudy gets a free-kick in his own half as he's impeded unfairly by Goretzka.
69' The game restarts, with whistles from the home fans. All the energy has vanished from the game after that stoppage. It looks like Bayern fans may have put up an offensive banner about Hoffenheim's chief financial backer Dietmar Hopp.
67' The game has been stopped by the referee. It looks like Bayern's fans are up to no good in their corner of the stadium - they set off flares at the start of the second half. Flick and Bayern's players go over to the corner and urge Bayern's fans to cut it out. 
65' Bayern just keep coming. They've had 21 shots to Hoffenheim's three and there's still a quarter of the game to play. This has been a demolition.
L. Hernández
A. Davies
Bayern München
63' Bayern substitution. Davies is replaced at left-back by Hernandez.
C. Tolisso
Bayern München
62' A goal by a substitute, made by a substitute. Tolisso's role in that move was lovely. To a man, Bayern have been superior in this match.
L. Goretzka
Bayern München
62' GOAL! 6-0 BAYERN! Coutinho dribbles towards goal and lays off to Tolisso. Tolisso rolls the ball through for the substitute Goretzka who plants the ball past Baumann!
61' Hoffenheim get the chance to counter-attack but waste it by drifting inside. Bayern get forward and...
60' Goretzka's ambitious shot from range is blocked. Bayern work the ball to Gnabry who fizzes yet another dangerous cross across the box. It's so fast that no one can get on the end of it.
58' Gnabry has tormented Hoffenheim all game. Tolisso tries to find the winger again but this time he's offside.
L. Goretzka
T. Müller
Bayern München
56' Bayern substitution. Muller's earned an early rest. Goretzka replaces him.
55' Rudy concedes another corner for Bayern, clearing Gnabry's snap shot off the line. Bayern work the corner to the opposite side and Tolisso fires wide from Davies' low cross into the box.
53' Coutinho almost grabs his hat-trick! Seconds after Kramaric rolls a pass across goal from the left for Hoffenheim, Bayern counter down their right. Coutinho gets on the end of Gnabry's lofted pass and his header from the six-yard box is just wide. The Brazilian headbutts a pole nearby in frustration.
51' Hoffenheim get the corner away. They're probably glad to have kept Bayern at bay for a few more minutes at least.
49' Bayern are relentless, especially their full-backs. Pavard powers forward on the overlap and wins a corner for Bayern off Skov.
T. Müller
Bayern München
47' Muller's movement is making him impossible for Hoffenheim to deal with. The Bayern midfielder ghosted wide and Coutinho's goal was the end result. You half want this match to end now out of mercy for Hoffenheim.
Philippe Coutinho
Bayern München
47' GOAL! 5-0 BAYERN! No, Hoffenheim probably won't fare better. Coutinho smashes home from Muller's right wing cross seconds after the restart.
46' The second half gets underway. Will Hoffenheim fare better in this half?
C. Tolisso
J. Boateng
Bayern München
46' Bayern also make a change because... Why not at this point? Boateng is replaced by Tolisso.
A. Kramarić
S. Zuber
46' Hoffenheim make a substitution at half-time. Zuber struggled to deal with Gnabry for all of the first half. Kramaric comes on to put the Swiss defender out of his misery.
Bayern have been in imperious form on the road lately. Prior to today, the champions won all of their last four Bundesliga away games, scoring at least three goals in all of them. They've now made it five such games in a row. Can Bayern keep racking up the goals and strike fear in their title opponents?
Bayern absolutely dismantled Hoffenheim in that half. Hoffenheim's 4-1-4-1 formation did nothing at all to stop the Bayern tide as Gnabry, Kimmich, Zirkzee and Coutinho all got on the scoresheet. Bayern created chances in the box time and time again and Hoffenheim had no answer. The best the hosts can hope for now is to avoid a heavier defeat.
45' Bayern's next shot eventually comes in from Pavard, who drags a shot wide from outside the box. Zirkzee plays it back to Coutinho, and Coutinho attempts another long range effort. Hoffenheim get more bodies in the way before hacking it away. They're no doubt glad to hear the half-time whistle.
43' Bayern slow the tempo down a little now. It's understandable as they have no rush to score again. 
41' Bayern go up the other end and continue their onslaught. Nordtveit makes a fantastic block to stop Gnabry getting a shot away on the counter. Shortly after, Pavard fluffs an opportunity to shoot from a drilled cross across the box.
39' Hoffenheim have a rare foray forward as Skov keeps a cross-field ball in play on the right. Hoffenheim keep possession for a while but achieve nothing with it. That just about sums up their half.
37' Davies almost gets his name on the scoresheet! The left-back bursts into the penalty area from Coutinho's pass and fires an effort towards the near post. Baumann makes a great stop to keep the score at 4-0. Bayern get a corner but Alaba soon gets caught offside.
35' Hoffenheim are having to endure wave after wave of Bayern attacks. Bayern's pace and movement here is just too much for the hosts to handle.
Philippe Coutinho
Bayern München
33' GOAL! 4-0 BAYERN! You have to feel sorry for Hoffenheim at this point. Zirkzee's shot from the left of the box is blocked by Nordtveit. The rebound lands to Coutinho who fires it into the top right corner.
32' Hoffenheim have been leaking shots so far. Bayern have had 11 shots from inside Hoffenheim's box already. That's probably why Schreuder felt a defensive change was necessary.
Lucas Ribeiro
J. Bruun Larsen
30' Hoffenheim boss Schreuder decides his side need an early change. Bayern are running riot at the moment. Bruun Larsen makes way for the centre-back Ribeiro.
29' Skov finds Bruun Larsen with a cross to the left of the six-yard box and the Dane's header is blocked. Hoffenheim are struggling to create very much at all at the moment.
27' Gnabry is tearing Zuber apart. The winger knocks the ball past the full-back as if he isn't there and finds Zirkzee in the centre. The cross comes at Zirkzee fast and he can only backheel it wide of goal! Bayern could easily be four or five goals up already.
26' Grillitsch gets a ticking off from the referee for sliding in on Kimmich. Bayern free-kick. Kimmich chips it over the wall and Zirkzee almost bags his second of the game, dinking it straight at Baumann! Hoffenheim survive for now.
24' This game is taking place almost entirely in Hoffenheim's half. Coutinho lofts a cross into the box but there's no one in red to create anything from it.
22' Muller's routine shot from the right of the box is saved by Baumann. Hoffenheim get their first shot on target as Skov fires a low drive straight at Neuer. The home side will need to do better than that if they want to get back into this game.
20' Bayern get two corners in a row and Hoffenheim clear at the second attempt. Bruun Larsen tries to burst down the right but is stopped by Alaba. Coutinho blasts a shot into the side netting.
19' Bayern keep the ball for a while. Coutinho receives possession on the left and slides in Davies on the overlap. Davies' cross is intercepted and it'll be a Bayern corner.
17' There are signs of life from Hoffenheim but they've given themselves a heck of a lot of work to do already. Grillitsch's delivery from the right rolls through to Bruun Larsen near the far post but the Dane can't keep the pass in play.
J. Zirkzee
Bayern München
15' GOAL! 3-0 BAYERN! This isn't a contest. Gnabry fires in a low cross from the right. Zirkzee has the composure to trap it, turn on the spot and slot it into the bottom corner. 
14' Bayern are dominant and are looking for more goals. Muller plays a throughball for Davies, who's offside.
12' There's an energetic pace to this game. Coutinho weaves his way through Hoffenheim's defence and has a pop from outside the area. Baumann drops low to catch it.
10' Hoffenheim get what feel like their first touches of the ball as Bruun Larsen counters down the left. He passes to Grillitsch, whose shot rattles off Kimmich and goes out for a Hoffenheim corner. Grillitsch receives it short and Nordtveit heads over from his cross.
8' Prior to kick-off, Hoffenheim had lost four of their last seven league games at home. This is already looking like becoming five out of eight if they're not careful.
J. Kimmich
Bayern München
7' GOAL! 2-0 BAYERN! This could get ugly. Kimmich arrows an accurate shot into the bottom right corner from outside the box as a clearance bounces to him. Baumann slams the turf in frustration. 
6' Hoffenheim have barely had a touch of the ball yet. They need to wake up quickly as Bayern don't look in the mood to give them any favours.
4' Bayern look full of confidence as they win a corner. They've started this game like a train. It's taken short to Boateng. Boateng floats the ball back into the box and Muller powers a header over.
T. Müller
Bayern München
2' Muller created the goal as he jinked down the inside-left channel and sent a fantastic curling cross to the other side of the six yard box. The visitors are ahead!
S. Gnabry
Bayern München
2' GOAL! 1-0 BAYERN! That didn't take long! Gnabry scissor-kicks a shot into Baumann who can only knee it into his own net. That's Gnabry's third goal in two games.
1' Bayern create a chance within seconds as Coutinho darts down the left and stands up a cross towards the far post. Gnabry soon arrives to claim it but the offside flag goes up.
1' And we're off!
The two sides are out on the Prezero Arena pitch. It's all pleasantly traditional as Hoffenheim line up dressed in their usual all blue. Bayern, of course, will play in all-red.
After beating Bayern 2-1 at the Allianz Arena last October, Hoffeinheim could complete the league double over Bayern for the first time here. They'd be the first Bundesliga side to do it since Gladbach and Dortmund in 2011/12. The hosts have been a bogey side for Bayern of late, beating the champions in three of their last six league meetings. Can Hoffenheim arrest their recent poor spell?
There's only one enforced change to Hoffenheim's team from their 1-1 draw away to Monchengladbach last time out. Moanes Dabbur is out injured so Bebou takes his place up front. Nordtveit becomes the fourth Norwegian to reach 200 Bundesliga games. Bayern make two changes from their 3-0 victory over Chelsea midweek. The Netherlands U19 striker Zirkzee replaces the injured Lewandowski. Coutinho starts ahead of Coman on the flank.
SUBS: Alvaro Odriozola, Michael Cuisance, Lucas Hernandez, Javi Martinez, Corentin Tolisso, Leon Goretzka, Sven Ulreich, Oliver Batista Meier.
BAYERN MUNICH (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer (c); Benjamin Pavard, Jerome Boateng, David Alaba, Alphonso Davies; Joshua Kimmich, Thiago; Serge Gnabry, Thomas Muller, Philippe Coutinho; Joshua Zirkzee.
SUBS: Pavel Kaderabek, Kevin Akpoguma, Philipp Pentke, Andrej Kramaric, Maximilian Beier, Ermin Bicakcic, Stefan Posch, Lucas Ribeiro.
HOFFENHEIM (4-2-3-1): Oliver Baumann; Sebastian Rudy, Havard Nordtveit, Benjamin Hubner (c), Steven Zuber; Florian Grillitsch, Diadie Samassekou; Robert Skov, Christoph Baumgartner, Jacob Bruun Larsen; Ihlas Bebou.
Bayern's hosts here are Hoffenheim, whose form has taken a bit of a slump in recent weeks, narrowly losing three of their last four outings. After these sides played out a riproaring 4-3 in the DFB-Pokal a few weeks ago, we may well be in for another cracker.
Bayern's excellent form in 2020 has helped them regain top spot in the Bundesliga and all but ensure qualification to the Champions League last eight. With Leipzig and Dortmund still lurking behind, Hans-Dieter Flick's men need to keep their fine form up.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Bundesliga match between Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich at Prezero Arena.