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Germany v China PR Live Commentary, 08/06/2019

1 - 0
G. Gwinn (66)
Roazhon Park


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So, that win for Germany means that Voss-Tecklenberg has her first competitive win as Germany manager and gets them off to a good start in the tournament. They now turn their attention to their game against Spain on Wednesday. China can take a lot of positives from their performance against the two-time world champions today and know that they will need to earn at least a point when they South Africa in their next match on Thursday.
A second-half goal from Gwinn secured a 1-0 win for Germany over China. China had the better opportunities in the first half as Yang hit the side netting from close range before hitting the woodwork with a curling effort past Schult. Zhang followed up that chance with a header from close range but the keeper made a good save to deny her. Germany were much improved in the second half and were rewarded for their dominance when Gwinn latched onto a poor clearance and curled her effort past Peng and into the back of the net in the 66th minute. Zhang did come close towards the end, but couldn't find an equaliser for her side as she blazed her shot over the crossbar.
90' + 2' China are trying to move upfield as quickly as they can to find a late equaliser, but their passing becomes sloppy when they move into Germany's half of the field which is slowing down the pace of their attack.
90' Germany are just trying to see the game out now and collect the three points as Dabritz takes the ball into the corner and holds off two China defenders to run the clock down.
88' Gu has been getting into some dangerous positions for China today and she picks up the ball on the edge of the area once again. She tries to dribble past Hendrich, but the defender is marking her very tightly and manages to put it out for a corner.
L. Schüller
S. Huth
86' Voss-Tecklenburg makes the final change of the game as she brings on Schuller in place of Huth.
84' Schult is down receiving treatment in the six-yard box after she collided with two China forwards to punch the ball away. It looks like it's a problem with her wrist, but she's quickly back to her feet and able to carry on.
83' ZHANG COMES CLOSE! Germany just couldn't clear their lines and Zhang ran onto the loose ball on the edge of the box. She hit her shot with a lot of power, but could only send her effort over the crossbar.
L. Oberdorf
Yellow Card
82' Oberdorf is the first Germany player to receive a yellow card today after she took out Wang Shuang from behind.
81' China are trying to close down Germany high upfield and force them into making errors as they did in the first half. Germany have looked a lot more controlled in the second half though and are keeping the ball much better.
79' Hendrich switches play to the left wing with a brilliant ball and picks out Gwinn on the edge of the box. She aims her shot across goal and Peng is off her line quickly to make the save. She spills it but recovers quickly to claim it before she can play her team into trouble.
77' Gwinn is the first teenager to score a World Cup goal for Germany since Ariane Hingst in 1999.
75' A brilliant pass from Doorsoun picks out Huth on the left wing and she has a lot of time to pick out her cross to Dabritz on the edge of the box. She takes a touch before driving her shot low and on target, but it's straight at Peng who makes a comfortable save.
73' Huth drifts into the box from the left wing and sees the space open up ahead of her. She tries to curl her effort into the far top corner, but her effort sails over the crossbar.
Wang Shuang
Yellow Card
China PR
71' Wang Shuang receives a cheap yellow card after not retreating when Germany took a free-kick.
Song Duan
Yang Li
China PR
69' Final roll of the dice for Jia now as he brings on Song for Yang, who hasn't been able to get as involved as she was in the first half.
68' China are struggling to get back on the ball at the minute as Germany just slow down the pace of the game a little bit with their passing following their goal.
G. Gwinn
66' GWINN PUTS GERMANY AHEAD! It's been coming as Germany have been dominating the game in the last few minutes. China don't clear their lines as it bounces to the teenager on the edge of the box and she has time to take a touch before curling her shot past Peng and into the back of the net. 1-0 Germany!
65' Germany are getting more and more frustrated as the game goes on as they feel that they aren't getting some decisions from the referee. China have been closing them down quickly and putting them under pressure which is making their passing sloppy.
L. Magull
M. Leupolz
63' Second change by Voss-Tecklenburg now as Leupolz is brought off and replaced by Magull.
61' Dabritz was given a lot of space around the edge of the box again and she cuts back inside to set up her shot. She hits it low, but Wu is across quickly to close her down and block the effort.
59' Germany have a free-kick in a good position down the right and Leupolz is the one to put the cross into the box. She curls it into the crowd of players waiting at the far post, but Lin rises highest to clear it for China.
57' GOOD SAVE BY PENG! Huth drifts inside from the right and she puts a brilliant cross into the middle of the box. Wu decides to leave it for her keeper but doesn't seen Hendrich running onto the ball behind her. The defender can't reach it though and Peng palms it away and out of the danger area.
55' Dabritz makes a good run through midfield to reach the edge of the box but is crowded out as she goes to take her shot. She tries to square it to Popp instead, but it's a pass and China win the ball back.
53' Both sides have scored six of their last eight World Cup goals in the second half of matches.
51' The free-kick that Huth won is in a good position on the right wing for Germany and the midfielder is stood over the set-piece. She cuts the ball back to the edge of the box instead of putting it into the crowd of players at the far post and Popp loses control of it and gifts possession back to China.
Liu Shanshan
Yellow Card
China PR
50' Liu Shanshan is the latest China player to be booked by the referee after she caught Huth with a late challenge.
49' Germany have made a bright start to the second half and are causing China a lot of problems in the final third as they try to pass their way through the defence. So far though, they haven't really been able to get themselves in the box and test the goalkeeper.
47' Popp is down receiving treatment for the second time today. This time it looks like she was caught in the ribs by Tan but she is back to her feet quickly and she's going to be able to carry on.
46' Germany get us back underway for the second half!
L. Oberdorf
C. Simon
46' Germany also make a change at the start of the second half. Simon, who was involved in a heavy collision in the first half is taken off and Oberdorf is on in her place.
Wang Shuang
Yao Wei
China PR
46' China make their second substitution at the start of the second half. Yao goes off and is replaced by their star player, Wang Shuang.
Although Germany dominated for large portions of the first half, it will be Jia that is the happier of the two managers at the break. His side may not be ahead, but they took advantage of Germany's sloppiness to get themselves into some dangerous positions and he will be hoping that they can do the same in the second half. Voss-Tecklenburg will want her side to come out and perform the same way that they started the game as their high press was causing China a lot of problems in the beginning. If they can keep themselves on the front foot, then they stand a good chance of finding the back of the net.
Both sides have had wonderful opportunities to go ahead in the first half but go into the break at 0-0. Germany dominated in possession for much of the half and went closest to taking the lead when Simon's cross bounced off the top of the crossbar. China grew in confidence, though, and had multiple chances to put themselves ahead in the last 15 minutes of the half. First, Yang hit her shot into the side netting before she hit the woodwork just before the break. Her second chance was the most clear-cut opportunity as she tried to curl her effort into the far corner but instead hit the post. Zhang followed it up with a header, but it was well saved from close range by Schult.
45' + 4' Germany look like they can't wait for the half-time whistle as they once again give the ball away cheaply. Luckily for them though, Yang is caught offside and the move comes to an end.
45' + 2' YANG GOES CLOSE AGAIN! Yet another mistake from Germany allows Yang to get in on goal as Doorsoun fails to clear it. She receives the ball on the right edge of the six-yard box and she's one-on-one with the keeper but decides to try and square it instead which allows Germany to get it clear.
45' Schult is down receiving treatment after Yang stood on her wrist, but she looks like she'll be able to carry on.
44' CHINA SHOULD BE AHEAD! Once again, Germany give the ball away carelessly and China capitalise. Wang Shanshan plays a wonderful square ball to Yang and she tries to curl her effort into the far net, but her effort rebounds off the woodwork. Zhang follows it up and heads it on goal, but Schult makes a good save to deny her.
Yang Li
Yellow Card
China PR
44' Yang tries to follow up Wang Shanshan's header but catches Schult in the process with a late challenge.
43' Germany have started to get a bit sloppy in the last few minutes and have been carelessly giving the ball back to China in their own half. Luckily for them, China's final pass has been poor.
41' Dabritz saw that Gwinn was in a lot of space down the left wing and tried to switch play. Gwinn had just drifted offside though so couldn't go for it and Hendrich was too far away to get on the end of the pass.
39' China have been growing in confidence in the last couple of minutes and are just starting to press higher up the field. They haven't been able to find a way in behind Germany's defence just yet though.
37' Simon is down receiving treatment now after Gu stood on her accidentally as she passed her. She sounded like she was in a lot of pain when she went down, but it looks like it's just an impact injury as she is quickly back on her feet.
35' China have the chance to break now as Yang sees the space open up ahead of her. She tries to play a throughball to Wang Shanshan, but overhits it and ends up gifting possession straight back to Germany.
Tan Ruyin
Lou Jiahui
China PR
33' China are being forced into an early substitution as Lou's injury is still causing her some problems. She comes off and is replaced by Tan.
31' Lou is down receiving treatment at the minute after being caught by Huth. She is limping off the field, but it looks like she's going to be able to carry on for now.
29' Gu tries to challenge for the ball against Simon and has her boot raised very high to reach it. She does get there first but kicks it against the defender's face. There's no card for her this time, but the referee does go across to have a word with her.
27' HUTH COMES CLOSE! The China defenders just sit back and allow Huth to move to the edge of the box with the ball and she has a go from long range. It's a good hit, but there's not enough dip on it as it sails over the crossbar.
26' Wu goes for the direct approach and aims a long ball upfield to Wang Shanshan who chips the ball over the Germany defenders to Yang. She had just drifted offside when the pass was played though so she has to let it roll through to Schult.
24' Gwinn whips the corner into the middle of the box where Popp is waiting just in front of the goalkeeper. She's got her back to goal though so she lays it off to Leupolz who takes her shot first time but it's blocked well by Wu.
22' Popp is down in the six-yard box after she got tangled with Peng as she went for the header. She's receiving treatment for it at the moment, and it looks like she'll be able to carry on as she's quickly back to her feet.
21' POPP COMES CLOSE! The cross into the middle of the box from Huth is a good one as it floats right in front of the goalkeeper. Peng misses it and Popp gets her head to it, but she can only send her effort over the crossbar from close range.
19' Germany have pretty much all of their players apart from Schult in China's half as they chase the opening goal and their opponents have everyone back to try and close down the space.
17' SIMON HITS THE CROSSBAR! Germany played the corner short to her and she puts a cross into the box. It looks like it's heading in though, but just bounces off the top of the crossbar.
16' Huth is being allowed a lot of space down the left wing by China and she's getting into some dangerous positions. So far, the final ball into her hasn't been great though and it;s a let off for China.
14' GREAT CHANCE FOR YANG! Gu took too long to get her shot away and Hendrich got in front of her to block her way to goal, so she squared the ball to Yang on the right of the box. She took a touch instead of hitting it first time and Hegering made a very important block to send her shot into the side netting.
Wang Shanshan
Yellow Card
China PR
12' Wang Shanshan is the first player to receive a yellow card today after she caught Marozsan with a late tackle.
11' Gwinn is the first teenager to start a Women's World Cup match for Germany since Linda Bresonik in September 2003.
9' China get forward for the first time today and Gu is leading the charge down the left wing. In the end, though, she crosses it into the box too early and no one has made the run into the middle to get on the end of it.
7' Huth and Popp are causing the defenders a lot of problems already in the game. Popp tries to play her in with a throughball, and she times her run to stay onside, but the pass is too heavy and Huth can't get on the end of it.
5' China are keeping the ball well at the minute after barely touching it in the opening minutes and are just taking some time to make some short passes between their defenders while they get comfortable in possession.
3' DABRITZ COMES CLOSE! The China defenders drop back and invite Dabritz forward with the ball. When she reaches the edge of the box, she takes a shot, but she drags it slightly and it's just wide of the near post.
2' Huth picks up the ball on the right wing and is given a lot of space to pick out a cross. It's a brilliant one into the middle and she's looking for Popp. but Peng is off her line quickly to palm it away from danger.
1' Yang gets the game underway for China!
The teams are out on the field now, and we'll be underway after the national anthems!
Germany have only ever lost one of their 21 World Cup group stage games (W16 D4) and are unbeaten in their last 16 such matches (W12 D4) - their only defeat coming against Sweden in 1995 (2-3).
Jia Xiuquan makes just two changes to the side that lost to France in their last outing before the tournament. Han and Zhang both come into the starting line-up in place of Wang Ying and Tan, who both drop down to the bench.
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg only makes one change to the team that beat Chile in their last match at the end of May. She brings in Hendrich to replace Schuller, who starts on the bench.
CHINA SUBS: Li Jiayue, Luo Guiping, Xu Huan, Li Ying, Wang Shuang, Wang Yan, Li Wen, Wang Ying, Tan Ruyin, Bi Xiaolin, Song Duan, Liu Yanqiu.
CHINA STARTING XI (4-4-2): Peng Shimeng; Lin Yuping, Han Peng, Wu Haiyen, Liu Shanshan; Lou Jiahui, Zhang Rui, Yao Wei, Gu Yasha; Wang Shanshan, Yang Li.
GERMANY SUBS: Lena Goessling, Laura Benkarth, Klara Buhl, Merle Frohms, Turid Knaak, Verena Schweers, Lena Oberdorf, Linda Dallmann, Lea Schuller, Leonie Maier, Lina Magull, Johanna Elsig.
GERMANY STARTING XI (4-5-1): Almuth Schult; Kathrin Hendrich, Marina Hegering, Sara Doorsoun, Carolin Simon; Svenja Huth, Dzsenifer Marozsan, Melanie Leupolz, Sara Dabritz, Giulia Gwinn; Alexandra Popp.
Germany come into today having not lost a match since the SheBelieves Cup in March 2018. Since then, they've won eight of their games, drawing with Japan in the other one. As for China, they haven't won a game yet in 2019, losing three of their four outings and losing on penalties to the Netherlands in the Algarve Cup. They have a good reputation in their opening matches of the World Cup though, only losing once, although that did come in the 2015 edition against the hosts Canada.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the opening Group B match at the Women's World Cup between Germany and China at Roazhon Park!