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Fulham v Newcastle United Live Commentary, 01/10/2022

1 - 4
B. De Cordova-Reid (88)
C. Wilson (11)
M. Almirón (33)
S. Longstaff (43)
M. Almirón (57)
Craven Cottage


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Newcastle end their six-game winless run and move above Fulham into seventh, level on points with them. Next up for them is Brentford at home. Fulham suffer their first home defeat of the season, and Silva will be hoping they can bounce back against West Ham next weekend.
Newcastle get back to winning ways with a 4-1 victory against 10-man Fulham. The hosts were a man down just eight minutes in after VAR upgraded Chalobah's card to a straight red for a late challenge on Longstaff. They then found themselves 3-0 down by half-time; Wilson tapped in from close range, Almiron scored a wonderful volley and Longstaff fired in the third. Almiron added the fourth and thought he had a hat-trick before he was denied by the flag. De Cordova-Reid nodded in a late consolation before Fraser also had a goal ruled out for offside in stoppage time.
90' + 2' OFFSIDE! It's a good break from Newcastle and Murphy slides it through to Fraser, who is between the two defenders. Leno rushes off his line and Fraser lifts a lovely chip over him into the back of the net, but he set off too early, and it won't count.
90' Fulham are looking for another late goal here and Cairney tries to catch out Pope with a chip from just outside the D. There wasn't enough on it though and the keeper plucks it out of the air.
N. Kebano
88' It's Cairney's run into the box that opens up even more space for Kebano, and he picks out a good cross to De Cordova-Reid.
B. De Cordova-Reid
88' DE CORDOVA-REID SCORES! Fulham have a late consolation! Kebano has a lot of space down the left, and he clips a cross into the far post to pick out De Cordova-Reid, who nods it past Pope from close range. 4-1!
87' Reed wins it back on the halfway line and tries to set Ream away down the left. He squares it inside to Kebano instead, but he can't get away from Fraser to break forward.
85' Anderson makes a good run down the left and he fizzes a low ball across the face of goal. Nobody gambles on it for Newcastle though and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
J. Lewis
K. Trippier
Newcastle United
83' And Trippier is making way for Lewis.
J. Lascelles
F. Schär
Newcastle United
83' Schar is also taken off, with Lascelles on to replace him.
M. Targett
D. Burn
Newcastle United
83' Newcastle's final changes are all being made now. Burn is the first to go off, with Targett on for him.
82' After Fulham's brief spell of possession, Newcastle are back on the ball, but they're just happy to keep it in their own half ahead of Fulham for now.
80' Fulham break quickly on the counter again, with Kebano touching it out to Pereira in space down the left. He drills a low cross into the box, but Botman makes a good block.
78' Fulham are still looking for their first shot on target as Pereira carries it upfield again. Vinicius takes too long to get up in support, but the midfielder squares it in anyway, and Pope holds onto it.
76' After another good period of possession, Schar decides to go long to try and get Murphy in behind. He almost gets to it, but Reed drops back just in time to intercept it.
74' Every Newcastle pass is being greeted by a cheer from the away fans at the moment as they enjoy a good spell of possession. They're trying to draw Fulham out of their shape so they can get into the box.
72' It's a wonderful bit of skill from Willock as he turns away from Adarabioyo and darts into the box. A heavy touch takes it away from him though and Leno comes out to collect it.
N. Kebano
D. James
70' Final change for Fulham now and it's James that's going off for Kebano.
69' OFFSIDE! Almiron is pointing to where he wants the ball to be played, and Anderson slides it into the right side of the box for him. Leno rushes off his line, but Almiron curls it around him into the far side of the net, only to be denied a hat-trick by the offside flag.
68' CHANCE! Fulham have their first corner of the game, and Pereira swings a good cross into the far post. Adarabioyo nods it down into the ground and it bounces wide of the target.
R. Fraser
C. Wilson
Newcastle United
66' That was Wilson's last involvement in the game, with Fraser coming on to replace him.
65' Wilson has dropped deep to get on the ball, but he ends up fouling Cairney in his attempts to carry it upfield. The substitute gets back to his feet without treatment.
63' Cairney cuts out Anderson's run down the left this time, but Fulham quickly lose the ball again. Willock picks it up in midfield, but his shot from the edge of the box is blocked by Adarabioyo.
61' It's a sloppy pass from Burn that gifts possession to Pereira on the edge of the box. He tries to open up a pocket of space before squaring it to De Cordova-Reid at the far post, but it's cut out by Schar.
E. Anderson
Bruno Guimarães
Newcastle United
59' Newcastle are making their first change following their latest goal. Guimaraes goes off, with Anderson on to replace him.
J. Willock
Newcastle United
57' Willock peeled off the back of Diop and fizzed a brilliant low cross into the box which caused Fulham a lot of problems.
M. Almirón
Newcastle United
57' ALMIRON SCORES! It comes down Newcastle's left again, with Murphy picking out Willock's run ahead of him. He plays a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box and Almiron is waiting at the far post to poke it over the line. 4-0 Newcastle!
56' Newcastle are still patiently working it upfield, but their final product is letting them down in the box. Murphy makes another good run, but this time plays his low cross behind Wilson.
H. Reed
Yellow Card
54' Reed has his pocket picked by Willock, and he tries to make up for it. He drags Wilson back by the arm, and he can have no arguments with the yellow card.
52' Murphy finds himself in space down the left again and he fizzes a low cross into the six-yard box. It's too far ahead of Wilson and Almiron though and it trickles out of play.
50' GREAT SAVE! Guimaraes threads another lovely throughball between Fulham's backline, this time to pick out Willock. He whips it across goal and Leno stretches out an arm to tip it wide.
48' Fulham win a free-kick in midfield and Pereira floats it into the far post, looking for De Cordova-Reid. Trippier read it well though and got in front of him to clear his lines.
46' Fulham get us back underway for the second half!
Howe will be pleased with his side's control in the first half, though they were helped by the early red card. They still look like they have more goals in them though. Fulham also haven't been helped by a number of injuries already, so Silva will be looking at damage limitation in the second half.
Newcastle are cruising at half-time, with a 3-0 lead over 10-man Fulham. The hosts were a man down just eight minutes into the game after VAR upgraded Chalobah's yellow to a red for a poor challenge on Longstaff. Three minutes later, Newcastle were ahead, with Wilson helping Willock's header over the line from close range. Almiron then volleyed a wonderful goal over Leno, before Longstaff made it 3-0 just before half-time.
T. Cairney
K. Mbabu
45' + 3' Fulham are also going to use this window to make another change. Mbabu is also taken off, with Cairney on to replace him.
I. Diop
L. Kurzawa
45' + 2' Kurzawa went down again and his full debut is coming to an early end as he makes way for Diop.
45' There's another problem for Fulham here as Kurzawa stays down in the aftermath of that goal. He's receiving treatment, and it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
S. Longstaff
Newcastle United
43' LONGSTAFF SCORES! Fulham are all over the place defensively on a corner again, and Newcastle make them pay. Botman has a free header at the back and Leno gets fingertips to it to tip it onto the post. Longstaff reacts quickest and fires it past Leno before he can react. 3-0 Newcastle!
42' GOOD SAVE! Willock lifts it out to Guimaraes on the right, and he has space to pick out another good low cross back to Willock. He takes the shot first time but Leno gets down quickly to push it away.
41' Fulham have dropped deep into their shape again as Newcastle patiently try to open them up. Almiron plays a clever reverse ball to Trippier, but he can't pick out a cross.
39' Newcastle break quickly on the counter-attack, with Guimaraes carrying Newcastle out of their own half before threading it through for Murphy. He decides to have a go from range but drills his low shot wide of the near post.
Carlos Vinícius
A. Mitrović
37' Mitrovic does make his way straight off the field after his treatment, and Vinicius is on to replace him.
35' It's not looking good for Fulham here as Mitrovic goes down with what looks like an ankle injury. Silva has sent out substitutes to warm up and it looks like he won't risk Mitrovic.
Bruno Guimarães
Newcastle United
33' Guimaraes has time to get his head up before picking out a lovely chipped pass over the top of Fulham's defence to pick out Almiron.
M. Almirón
Newcastle United
33' WHAT A GOAL! Newcastle's patient play pays off and it's Guimaraes that clips the ball over the top to pick out Almiron's run. He watches it drop over his shoulder and swings a leg at it, volleying his shot over Leno and into the far bottom corner. 2-0 Newcastle!
31' Newcastle are still dominating possession here as they patiently work it upfield. Longstaff makes the run down the right this time but sees another cross blocked by Ream.
29' Fulham just can't get close to Trippier down the right as he surges forward again. This time, he looks to pick out Almiron's overlapping run, but it's blocked by Kurzawa.
27' CHANCE! Newcastle work it down the left this time, with Murphy picking out Willock's run. He squares it into Wilson, and he spins, leaving Reed on the floor, before curling a shot towards the far top corner, but it loops just over the bar.
26' Schar's sloppy pass is latched onto by James and he bursts into Newcastle's half. De Cordova-Reid is making the overlapping run, but his throughball is blocked by Schar.
24' Guimaraes cuts Fulham's backline open with a great throughball and Longstaff lifts in a cross from the byline. It's just too high for Willock at the far post, but the offside flag goes up anyway.
22' Newcastle win another free-kick, but Trippier puts in a deep cross this time. Willock is hovering at the far post again, but Leno comes off his line to collect it.
20' Trippier fizzes a low pass into Longstaff in the box and he spins before cushioning it into Almiron. He keeps his shot low as he tries to pick out the far bottom corner, but it's blocked by Adarabioyo.
18' Fulham are all over the place when Trippier whips another corner into the box and Botman helps it onto Willock at the far post. He has space to pull it back from the byline, but it's blocked by Ream.
16' James bursts past Burn down the right side and he floats a good cross into the middle of the box. Mitrovic had peeled away to the far post though, and Pope collects it.
14' There are a few nervy moments for the Newcastle fans as VAR has a long look at the goal. It was a tight one, but Willock was onside when Trippier played the cross, so the goal stands.
A. Mitrović
Yellow Card
12' Mitrovic is booked following the Newcastle goal for dissent.
J. Willock
Newcastle United
11' Willock peeled off the back of Mbabu at the far post and just couldn't get his angles right to score himself.
C. Wilson
Newcastle United
11' WILSON SCORES! It's another great delivery from Trippier on the right side as he curls it into the far post. It's too high for Almiron, but Willock nods it back across goal. He was trying to score himself, but it needed the touch from Wilson at the far post to help it over the line. 1-0 Newcastle!
10' Fulham have dropped deep into their own half and Newcastle are trying to open them up. Trippier plays a great throughball down the right for Almiron to chase, but he can't get past Kurzawa.
N. Chalobah
Red Card
8' CHALOBAH IS OFF! VAR had a long look at the replays before the referee went over himself. He took his time looking at the replays before coming to his decision, and the original yellow card is overturned, and Fulham are down to 10 men just eight minutes in!
7' VAR is having a look at the replays of Chalobah's challenge, and he does catch Longstaff with his studs on the ankle. The referee has been asked to go over and have a look at this himself...
5' SAVED AND OFF THE POST! It's a great floated delivery from the halfway line free-kick by Trippier and Burn brings it down before drilling a powerful shot on goal. Leno bundles it away and Wilson reacts quickest to poke it towards goal, but it bounces back off the post.
4' Willock is down receiving treatment after an awkward challenge on him by De Cordova-Reid. His ankle twisted during the challenge, but he'll be okay to carry on.
2' Murphy wins a corner for Newcastle, and it's a great delivery from Trippier to the far post. Willock stretches to put it back into the middle, but Schar can't sort his feet out quick enough to latch onto it.
1' Murphy gets the game underway for Newcastle!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Fulham have won 12 of their 28 Premier League games against Newcastle (D5 L11) - against no side have they won more in the competition (also 12 against Bolton Wanderers).
Eddie Howe also makes four changes from the draw with Bournemouth last time out. Botman, Longstaff, Murphy and Wilson, who returns from injury, all come into the side, and Guimaraes is deemed fit enough to retain his place after a thigh problem. Targett, Joelinton and Fraser drop to the bench, while Alexander Isak is out through injury.
Marco Silva makes four changes to the side that beat Nottingham Forest two weeks ago, bringing Mbabu, Kurzawa, Chalobah and James in. Diop starts on the bench, Joao Palhinha misses out through suspension, and Kenny Tete and Willian aren't in the squad.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Elliot Anderson, Ryan Fraser, Jamaal Lascelles, Loris Karius, Paul Dummett, Matt Targett, Joelinton, Jamal Lewis, Chris Wood.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): Nick Pope; Kieran Trippier, Fabian Schar, Sven Botman, Dan Burn; Sean Longstaff, Bruno Guimaraes, Joe Willock; Miguel Almiron, Callum Wilson, Jacob Murphy.
FULHAM SUBS: Issa Diop, Shane Duffy, Carlos Vinicius, Tom Cairney, Stefan Parkes, Luke Harris, Neeskens Kebano, Marek Rodak, Josh Onomah.
FULHAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno; Kevin Mbabu, Tosin Adarabioyo, Tim Ream, Layvin Kurzawa; Harrison Reed, Nathaniel Chalobah; Daniel James, Andreas Pereira, Bobby De Cordova-Reid; Aleksandar Mitrovic.
Fulham have settled straight back into the Premier League on their return this season, sitting sixth coming into this game. They've collected 11 points from their seven games so far, and are still unbeaten at home, winning the last two on the bounce (D1). Newcastle are also in the top half of the table, in 10th, but after starting their campaign with a win against Nottingham Forest, they're winless in their last six (D5 L1). They're still looking for their first victory on the road in the league.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Fulham and Newcastle United at Craven Cottage!