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K. Mbappé
Penalty Save
A. Mehmedi
Penalty Goal
P. Kimpembe
Penalty Goal
R. Vargas
Penalty Goal
M. Thuram
Penalty Goal

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54% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 5
Total Passes 623 534
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It's Switzerland, then, who progress to their first ever European Championship quarter-final to face Spain. France, meanwhile, have got some fallout coming. That's all for now. Goodbye! 
Switzerland have reached the quarter-final of a major tournament for the first time since the 1954 World Cup! They'll remember this game for a very long time. France had 26 shots over the 120 minutes but were made to pay for their profligacy as well as some shoddy pieces of defending. They can have no complaints about going out.
Switzerland secure the biggest shock of Euro 2020 yet by knocking out the favourites France! After taking the lead and having a penalty saved, Vladimir Petkovic's team showed incredible courage to come from two goals down to force a flawed France to extra-time. From there the Swiss held on until Sommer's save from Mbappe's own poor penalty gave them the victory.
SOMMER SAVES MBAPPE'S PENALTY! 5-4 SWITZERLAND! Mbappe sends his penalty too close to the middle and Sommer gets his left hand up to reach it! Switzerland have won!
5-4 SWITZERLAND! Mehmedi sends Lloris the wrong way and finds the bottom right corner. Mbappe has to score for France now.
4-4 FRANCE! Kimpembe lashes his penalty into the top right corner. We're at sudden death already.
4-3 SWITZERLAND! Lloris gets a big hand on Vargas' strike but it has the power to just beat the French goalkeeper. 
3-3 FRANCE! Sommer gets close to saving Thuram's penalty but it just squeaks past him into the bottom left corner.
3-2 SWITZERLAND! Akanji finds the bottom left corner with his penalty. No drama there.
2-2 FRANCE! Giroud is calm as you like as he dispatches his penalty into the bottom right corner.
2-1 SWITZERLAND! Schar takes a composed penalty, sending Lloris the wrong way before firing into the right of the net.
1-1 FRANCE! Pogba takes a similarly professional penalty, finding the top corner. Again, Sommer has no chance.
1-0 SWITZERLAND! Gavranovic steps up and smashes his penalty into the top left corner. Lloris wasn't getting near that one. 
Switzerland will be very proud of forcing France to penalties after looking down and out after 80 minutes. France will have to show their strength now to see the underdogs off. The two captains Xhaka and Lloris embrace at the halfway line. Switzerland will take the first penalty as Xhaka wins the toss.
120' Switzerland get one last chance to score as Rabiot fouls Gavranovic just in front of France's box. Xhaka eyes up the free-kick but skies it and that's it! We're going to penalties!
119' Akanji heads away Mbappe's ball in from the left. France keep coming and Giroud gets up well to send a header towards goal. Sommer sees it coming and dives the right way to catch it, but it's a hearts-in-mouths moment for Switzerland.
117' Xhaka's brought down by a remonstrating Pogba, handing Switzerland a free-kick near the halfway line. Xhaka decides not to send it straight into France's penalty area and Akanji shoots into the wall from over 35 yards out. In the end, it's a bit of a waste.
116' Pavard's cross is dealt with by Elvedi and Rabiot's loose touch hands Switzerland possession. A tired Fassnacht can't keep a crossfield pass in play.
115' Varane prevents Vargas from taking the ball in his stride and creating a shooting opportunity for Switzerland. The Swiss' ambitions now look largely limited to hanging on for penalties.
114' Pogba plays a stunning pass on the volley to pick out Thuram scampering down the left. Thuram cuts it back for Giroud who slams his shot into a Swiss defender.
113' Thuram gets involved in the game straight away by winning France a corner. France take it short, and Mbappe worries Switzerland enough for them to punt the ball out for a throw-in.
M. Thuram
K. Coman
111' France substitution. Thuram takes Coman's place on France's left wing.
110' Mbappe spurns a glorious chance to give France the lead again! Coman slips the PSG forward into the left of the box but Mbappe shoots with his left foot instead of his right and blasts off-target.
109' Coman picks out Mbappe who's standing in wait inside the D. Mbappe goes straight for goal but rolls his shot just wide of the right-hand post.
M. Akanji
Yellow Card
108' Akanji earns himself a booking for that challenge on Pogba. The defender knew what he was doing.
107' Akanji steams late into Pogba as the France midfielder carries his team upfield. This will be a card of some kind.
105' We're underway for the final 15 minutes of this match. If neither team scores, we're heading to the dreaded penalty shootout.
We're none the wiser as to which of France or Switzerland is going to make it into the last eight. Since this game went to extra-time both teams have played with a little more caution. It's something of a relief after the madcap last half hour of normal time.
105' Sissoko's cross from the right is cut out by Schar. There'll be one additional minute in this first period of extra-time.
103' Switzerland earn a corner down their left off Pavard. Mehmedi fires high and wide from outside the box. There's a brief VAR check for a potential penalty but the referee waves play on.
101' France are still the more menacing side but Switzerland still look up for the fight. Sissoko fires high and wide from outside the box as France get forward on a quick counter-attack.
99' Coman beats his man in the box and goes for goal from a difficult angle but can't find the target.
F. Schär
H. Seferović
97' Switzerland's two-goal hero Seferovic heads off as they look to tighten up again. The Newcastle centre-back Schar comes on.
95' Chance for France! Pavard receives a cross at the far post and unleashes a rocket towards goal. Sommer sticks a hand up to make a stunning save and stop the shot ripping past him into the top corner. France settle for a corner that is less eventful.
O. Giroud
K. Benzema
94' Benzema leaves the pitch for what might be the last time in this tournament. That would be a shame. Giroud takes his place up front for France.
94' Benzema looks to have picked up a knock. It's a sad end to the game for the striker who played a huge part in turning this game around for France with his two goals.
93' Mehmedi fires at goal from Vargas' cross from the right of the box but Lloris is in the right place to stop it.
B. Pavard
Yellow Card
92' Pavard starts the extra period by picking up a yellow card for a sloppy challenge on Mehmedi.
91' We're back underway for extra-time. This game has been exhausting enough to watch as a spectator, so goodness knows how the players will summon the energy for another half hour of this.
This round of 16 tie is going to extra-time after a breathless second half! Switzerland had the chance to go 2-0 up before Lloris saved Rodriguez's penalty and France roared back. Once France went 3-1 up, Switzerland's tournament looked over but two goals in the last 10 minutes have given them a chance.
90' + 3' Coman hits the crossbar! The substitute almost steals the win for France at the death, connecting with Sissoko's cross into the box with a stunning strike that seemed destined for the top right corner! In the end it nicks the woodwork and pings just over.
90' + 1' There'll be four more minutes added onto the usual 90 before we get to enjoy 30 more of this game.
G. Xhaka
90' That pass from Xhaka cut France right open and Gavranovic did it justice by finishing it. What an amazing game this has been.
M. Gavranović
90' GOAL! FRANCE 3-3 SWITZERLAND! Switzerland have forced this game to extra-time! Gavranovic reaches Xhaka's splitting pass through the middle and smashes the ball past Lloris into the bottom left corner!
K. Coman
Yellow Card
88' Coman commits a bad challenge on Mbabu and gets a deserved yellow card.
M. Sissoko
A. Griezmann
88' France make a defensive substitution as Griezmann heads off. Sissoko comes on to shore up the French midfield.
A. Mehmedi
R. Rodríguez
87' Rodriguez will be rueing his disappointing penalty. The Wolfsburg forward Mehmedi replaces him as Switzerland go for broke.
85' Rabiot fires over from outside the box. Up the other end, Switzerland have the ball in the net through Gavranovic who pokes in Rodriguez's blocked shot. Sadly for Switzerland the striker is offside.
83' Seferovic has now scored three goals in his last two games in major competitions for Switzerland after just one in his previous 13. The striker's come into form for Switzerland at just the right time.
K. Mbabu
81' France haven't looked convincing in the air and Mbabu has exploited that weakness for Seferovic to score again. There's a big 10 minutes coming up for Switzerland.
H. Seferović
81' GOAL! FRANCE 3-2 SWITZERLAND! Hang on! Is there still life in Switzerland yet? Seferovic joins Benzema on two goals with a powerful close-range header from Mbabu's whipped cross.
R. Vargas
B. Embolo
79' Embolo also heads off. The Augsburg winger Vargas takes his place for Switzerland.
C. Fassnacht
S. Zuber
79' Switzerland make some more changes. Fassnacht comes on for Zuber, who's probably been their best player.
77' Coman, whose introduction has been only slightly less influential than Lloris' penalty save, gets another save out of Sommer in the top centre of the goal.
G. Xhaka
Yellow Card
76' Xhaka's booked for bringing down Coman in Switzerland's half. The Swiss captain will be suspended in the quarter-finals if Switzerland make it through from here. They surely won't.
P. Pogba
75' GOAL! FRANCE 3-1 SWITZERLAND! What a strike by Pogba! Pogba finds himself in space outside the box and curls an unstoppable effort right into the top right corner. That's a goal to grace any game.
74' France are playing with a frightening pace now and Switzerland seem to have no answer to it. Coman's shot from range inspires a routine save from Sommer before Benzema has his own ambitious attempt blocked.
K. Mbabu
S. Widmer
73' Widmer also makes way. Mbabu is the man to replace him in defence.
M. Gavranović
X. Shaqiri
73' Switzerland make some substitutions to try to salvage the game. Shaqiri makes way first. The Dinamo Zagreb forward Gavranovic comes on.
70' France get two corners in succession. Switzerland survive them both as Pogba's snap shot from range is blocked, but you sense one more France goal would finally finish them off.
68' Pogba threads a fantastic pass through for Mbappe but Sommer does just enough to put the Paris Saint-Germain star off as he bears down on goal.
66' Rabiot brings down Shaqiri down Switzerland's right. Shaqiri floats the free-kick to the far post where Seferovic somehow misses the target! The Switzerland striker's committed a foul in the build-up anyway.
64' There were just four minutes and three seconds between Hugo Lloris' penalty save and Benzema's second goal putting France 2-1 up. France were so close to finding themselves in serious trouble. Now they're looking hot.
R. Rodríguez
Yellow Card
62' Rodriguez picks up a booking for a poor challenge on Griezmann, adding insult to the injury of his saved penalty.
61' Repeat: Switzerland must be kicking themselves, especially Rodriguez. France have shown exactly why they're champions of the world. Switzerland have an Alpine mountain to climb now.
K. Benzema
59' GOAL! FRANCE 2-1 SWITZERLAND! Benzema grabs his second of the game as Sommer saves Griezmann's shot from a tight angle. The ball loops up to the far post where Benzema is there to nod it in!
K. Mbappé
58' Mbappe's pass was good but Benzema showed his class there to salvage what looked a lost opportunity. Switzerland must be kicking themselves.
K. Benzema
57' GOAL! FRANCE 1-1 SWITZERLAND! How quickly things can change! Benzema controls Mbappe's pass with a great touch even though the ball's slightly behind him. The Real Madrid man takes another touch to reach the centre of the box and slots home!
56' France have been shocked into life. Mbappe fires a shot across goal from the left of the box that bounces agonisingly wide.
H. Lloris
Penalty Save
55' Switzerland pile into the box to try to reach the rebound but Lloris is soon up to snaffle it. France's captain has come to their rescue with a great save, although Rodriguez should have done better.
R. Rodríguez
Penalty Miss
55' RODRIGUEZ MISSES THE PENALTY! Rodriguez goes for the bottom left corner without much conviction and Lloris gets across to tip it aside! 
52' PENALTY FOR SWITZERLAND! The officials get the decision right eventually. In a way Zuber was too honest. If he'd stayed down instead of getting up to regain the ball the referee might have been more sympathetic first time around. No matter. Rodriguez steps forward to take the penalty...
51' Zuber steams into the penalty area from the left and attracts a sliding challenge from Pavard which catches the man and not the ball. Play initially goes on and Mbappe goes down in a similar position, but the referee isn't interested. Eventually he calls things back and goes to check the screen...
49' France have indeed changed to a back four, albeit with Rabiot still at left-back. It almost costs France as Embolo slips down the right, firing across goal for Seferovic. Seferovic should have a tap-in but can't get his feet together and France clear!
47' France look livelier already as Griezmann fires not far wide from outside the box. Switzerland are on notice.
46' France get the second half going. Let's see how that half-time switcheroo affects the world champions' performance. As things stand they're crashing out of Euro 2020.
K. Coman
C. Lenglet
46' Deschamps makes a much-needed change to France at half-time, ditching the back three. Lenglet's given the hook. Coman comes on.
France's change to a back three hasn't worked out for them yet. In a way their line-up has been too deferential to Switzerland who know how to play this way far better. However, no team has won more matches when trailing at half-time at the Euros than France. They've done it four times before. Can they do it a fifth time?
Well, this wasn't in the script. Seferovic's strong header has given Switzerland the half-time lead in a game that France haven't really turned up to yet. The Swiss have been typically tidy, while France seem a little distracted. Deschamps' team have shown just a flicker of what they're capable of so far.
45' + 2' Benzema's half-hearted attempt from the left of the box is blocked. Seconds later, Embolo stays down after a clash of heads with Rabiot. Thankfully the striker soon gets to his feet. That'll be that for now.
45' + 1' Embolo barrels into the box and causes a spot of chaos before France hurriedly clear.
45' There'll be two minutes added onto the end of this first half. Switzerland have been largely comfortable.
44' Embolo motors through the middle and Kimpembe brings him down. The Borussia Monchengladbach may be 24 years old now but he's still brimming with potential.
43' Griezmann's lovely flick sends Mbappe scampering inside from the right. Freuler's canny nudge sends Mbappe off-balance and his shot swerving high and wide.
41' Switzerland bide their time before Xhaka bypasses Kante to find Embolo in the box. Embolo's heavy touch allows Varane to come across and punt the ball out for a corner. From it Akanji heads well over.
40' Embolo finds his strike partner Seferovic down the left. Seferovic has no support though so Switzerland keep the ball instead. The Swiss are looking very composed.
38' There's an impromptu water break as the officials deal with a pitch invader. France soon resume their latest spell on the ball.
36' France get a corner off Zuber but achieve nothing with it. Seferovic's goal is currently the game's only shot on target.
34' Pogba brings down Embolo in the centre of the pitch as Switzerland look to get forward on the counter-attack. The referee elects not to book Pogba this time.
N. Elvedi
Yellow Card
32' Elvedi joins Varane in the book for a poor foul. France are not finding life easy at the moment.
31' Embolo gets on his head on the end of Shaqiri's free-kick but not enough of it to prevent his header from bouncing wide to the right. 
R. Varane
Yellow Card
30' Varane receives the game's first yellow card for that mistimed challenge on Zuber.
29' Zuber takes on Varane down Switzerland's left but can't shake the Real Madrid man off. The Swiss circulate the ball for a while and Zuber comes at Varane again, this time tempting Varane into cutting him down.
27' Mbappe's high ball in from the left is given short shrift by the Swiss defence. Rabiot goes for goal from distance and Switzerland's goalkeeper Sommer is delighted to watch the shot fizz just wide of his left-hand post.
26' Mbappe smashes the free-kick into Switzerland's wall and skims a shot well wide on the half-volley on the follow-up.
25' Rabiot knocks the ball up into Freuler's midriff but the referee gives France a free-kick for handball. Switzerland won't be happy if France manage to score from this.
23' Rabiot tries to find Benzema but doesn't get the power on the pass right and Switzerland intercept. The Swiss are frustrating the French so far.
21' The offside flag goes up against Mbappe as he mistimes his run onto Pogba's throughball. Mbappe's reaction is a slightly petulant one.
19' France shouldn't worry too much yet although they are looking shonky defensively. They've conceded the first goal in three consecutive matches at Euro 2020 now.
17' France look to make amends straight away as Griezmann's brought down by Freuler in Switzerland's half. Griezmann sends the free-kick into the penalty area but Switzerland manage to deal with it
S. Zuber
16' Zuber wasted no time in getting the ball to Seferovic there and the Benfica striker attacked it with aplomb. France have work to do!
H. Seferović
15' GOAL! FRANCE 0-1 SWITZERLAND! The ball rebounds to Zuber who floats a cross in from the left of the box. Seferovic drifts into the box and rises to nod it easily past Lloris!
15' Seferovic turns and shoots from outside the box only to find a France defender in his path. It doesn't matter though because...
13' France's latest attack breaks down as a pass intended for Mbappe down their left goes awry. Mbappe knows it's a lost cause and doesn't even try to reach it.
11' Switzerland haven't looked overawed by the task in front of them so far but they've got to avoid making big errors. Embolo hands France the ball in midfield but his defenders bail him out as Mbappe comes running, blocking his pass to Benzema.
9' Switzerland retain possession from the corner and work the ball right to Freuler who runs just to the edge of the box. Freuler's cross drops over the head of Pavard at the far post as well as everyone else.
8' Embolo's intercepted run to the byline earns Switzerland a second corner that France also clear. It's been a fairly even start between these two sides.
7' Mbappe twists this way and that with the ball to the left of the box, eventually fizzing a cross in. France get a corner out of it but no joy from said corner.
5' Benzema darts into space down the left-hand channel and cuts back from the byline, only for a Switzerland defender to cut it out. Switzerland can't clear it totally though and block Pogba's opportunistic strike from the centre of the box.
3' Switzerland force a corner of their own off Pavard as Shaqiri's cross is blocked. Rodriguez's corner doesn't cause France much trouble.
2' France start the game brightly, immediately forcing a corner down their left. Varane nods over from Griezmann's corner when he should at least be hitting the target.
1' Switzerland's talisman Shaqiri gets this game underway! France are wearing their usual blue home colours. Switzerland will play in all-white.
The two teams are out on the pitch in Bucharest. Switzerland sing their national anthem and France rustle up a stirring rendition of La Marseillaise.
This is the fifth meeting between France and Switzerland in a major competition since 2004, but the first in the knockout rounds. France are unbeaten against the Swiss in their last seven meetings, their longest ever unbeaten run against their neighbours, although four of the last five meetings between the pair have ended level. This could be a tight affair.
Deschamps switches France to a back three, making three changes to the team from their 2-2 draw with Portugal. Pavard returns while Rabiot starts at left wing-back with Lucas Digne out injured. Dependable as ever, Switzerland are unchanged from their win over Turkey. Shaqiri grabbed two goals in that game to become the Swiss' all-time top scorer in major tournaments.
SUBS: Yvon Mvogo, Denis Zakaria, Edimilson Fernandes, Kevin Mbabu, Admir Mehmedi, Christian Fassnacht, Mario Gavranovic, Djibril Sow, Fabian Schar, Gregor Kobel, Ruben Vargas, Loris Benito.
SWITZERLAND (3-4-1-2): Yann Sommer; Nico Elvedi, Manuel Akanji, Ricardo Rodriguez; Silvan Widmer, Remo Freuler, Granit Xhaka (c), Steven Zuber; Xherdan Shaqiri; Haris Seferovic, Breel Embolo.
SUBS: Wissam Ben Yedder, Steve Mandanda, Kingsley Coman, Leo Dubois, Lucas Hernandez, Corentin Tolisso, Mike Maignan, Kurt Zouma, Olivier Giroud, Thomas Lemar, Marcus Thuram, Moussa Sissoko.
FRANCE (3-4-1-2): Hugo Lloris (c); Raphael Varane, Clement Lenglet, Presnel Kimpembe; Benjamin Pavard, Paul Pogba, N'Golo Kante, Adrien Rabiot; Antoine Griezmann; Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe.
Switzerland secured third place in Group A last time out by dispatching an underwhelming Turkey 3-1. Vladimir Petkovic's team have reached the knockout stage in four consecutive tournaments now but were knocked out straight away in the last three. They'll need to defeat France here if they want to shake their tag of being a good side but not a great one.
After topping the group of death Group F, world champions France face neighbours Switzerland in this first knockout round. Didier Deschamps' men will be confident of making it through to the next round of Euro 2020, having not lost a competitive match for over two years now. If Germany and Portugal couldn't defeat the French, Switzerland really shouldn't either.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Euro 2020 round of 16 clash between France and Switzerland at National Arena, Bucharest.