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Key Events

A. Carrillo
Red Card
Ali Albulayhi
Own Goal
3 - 1
Bruno Henrique
2 - 1
G. De Arrascaeta
Bruno Henrique
1 - 1
Salem Al Dawsari
Mohammed Al Burayk
0 - 1

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 5
Total Passes 502 333
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Flamengo have reached the final on their first appearance in the Club World Cup, but they will have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether they will be facing Liverpool or Monterrey. Al-Hilal do have another game in the tournament as they will face the loser of tomorrow's game in the third-place play-off on Saturday.
Flamengo come from a goal down to beat Al-Hilal 3-1 to reach the Club World Cup final. The Saudi Arabian side led at half-time through Al Dawsari when he lifted his first-time shot over Alves and into the back of the net. Flamengo turned it around in the second half, pulling level through De Arrascaete who sidefooted the ball into an empty net. Henrique then doubled their lead with a brilliant header before setting up the third when his cross hit Albulayhi and rolled over the line. Carrillo was also shown a red card late on for a bad challenge on De Arrascaete. 
R. Piris Da Motta
G. De Arrascaeta
90' + 3' Jesus makes his last change now as well and it's De Arrascaeta that's making way for Piris da Motta.
Abdullah Otayf
B. Gomis
90' + 2' Final change for Al-Hilal now as Otayf comes on for Gomis.
90' + 1' Eduardo makes a great run into the area and tries to square the ball across the face of goal from the edge of the six-yard box. Luis recovers really well though and gets enough on it to take it out for a corner.
Bruno Henrique
89' Second change from Jesus now and it's Henrique that's making way for Vitinho.
88' Khrbin steps up to take the resulting free-kick for Al-Hilal and he curls it over the wall and towards the target. It's dipping and Alves gets across his line quickly to punch it away.
Yellow Card
87' Diego is shown a yellow card after he catches Al Abid with a late challenge as he tried to win the ball back.
85' It took Carrillo a long time to walk off the field after being shown the red card, but he's left the field now and Flamengo are keeping hold of the ball as they pass it around their defenders confidently.
A. Carrillo
Red Card
83' CARRILLO IS OFF! He lost control of the ball and as he runs to win it back, he catches De Arrascaeta with a high follow through and the referee is in no doubt as he pulls the red card out of his pocket. Al-Hilal down to 10!
Nawaf Al Abid
Salem Al Dawsari
82' Al-Hilal make their second change of the game now and it's the goalscorer Al Dawsari that's making way for Al Abid. 
Ali Albulayhi
Own Goal
81' FLAMENGO HAVE A THIRD! It's clever play by Flamengo as Diego waits for Henrique to make the overlapping run down the left before playing the pass. It's his cross back into the middle and the ball just hits Albulayhi and rolls over the line. 3-1 Flamengo!
80' Al-Hilal are on the attack following the restart and Carrillo makes a good run down the right with the ball. He cuts inside and decides to go for goal himself, but it's a tame effort that's straight at Alves.
78' Nobody went out to the right wing to close down Rafinha when he received the ball and he whips an excellent cross into the middle of the box to pick out Henrique.
Bruno Henrique
78' HENRIQUE WITH A GREAT HEADER! Rafinha's cross is perfectly placed for Henrique to run onto and he makes great contact with the ball to fire his header past Al-Mayoof to give his side the lead. 2-1 Flamengo!
76' A loose pass from Jang gives the ball away to Arao on the edge of the box and he turns before laying it off to De Arrascaeta. He's at a tight angle on the left and there's not enough power on his shot to beat Al-Mayoof.
74' First change for Flamengo now and it's Gerson that's coming off the field to be replaced by Diego.
73' It's patient play for Al-Hilal at the moment as they keep Flamengo pegged back in their own half and wait for some space to open up. They switch play out to Al Dawsari on the left, but he can't get past Rafinha. 
Omar Khribin
S. Giovinco
71' Lucescu makes the first change of the game as he brings on Khrbin to replace Giovinco.
70' CLOSE! The free-kick is in a dangerous position for Al-Hilal and it's Giovinco that steps up to take it. He curls his effort over the wall, but can't direct it on target as it flies past the near post.
Salem Al Dawsari
Yellow Card
69' Al Dawsari is shown a yellow card after he refuses to move from in front of Flamengo's wall on a free-kick.
67' Flamengo's attacks have slowed down since their fast start to the second half and they're struggling to get in behind Al-Hilal. Luis puts a deep cross into the box but can't pick out a team-mate and the chance goes to waste. 
65' Eduardo goes for a more direct route to goal this time after struggling to find space to run into and plays a long pass over the top of Flamengo's midfield. Gomis sets off early though and the flag is up for offside.
63' Al-Hilal are starting to find their rhythm again now as they play out from the back. They're starting to get frustrated though as some of the tackles from Flamengo are late and they think the referee should be doing more about it.
61' Luis finds himself in some space on the right wing and he plays a good throughball forward to Barbosa. It's overhit by the left-back though and it rolls straight out of play much to Barbosa's frustration.
59' Both Gerson and Giovinco are down and receiving some treatment after that collision. It was a heavy tackle by the Flamengo midfielder, but they're both back on their feet now and will be able to carry on.
57' Al-Hilal are trying to move the ball upfield as quickly as they can due to Flamengo's high pres and Giovinco takes a bit too long to play a pass and he's caught late by Gerson.
55' Flamengo don't clear their lines properly and Caio gives it straight to Carrillo. He's running onto the ball and hits the shot with a lot of power. He can't keep it down though and it flies over the crossbar.
53' Al-Hilal get out of their own half and a good string of passes gets the ball out to Giovinco on the left. He takes too long to decide which pass he wants to play though and Rafinha gets across quickly to win it back.
51' Flamengo have made a really bright start to the second half and are putting Al-Hilal under more pressure. Barbosa is involved again as he gets away from Al-Shahrani on the right of the box and tries to square it back into the middle only to have his cross blocked.
Bruno Henrique
49' It's a good run from Henrique to get on the end of Barbosa's pass and he draws Jang and Al-Mayoof out to him to create the space for De Arrascaeta. 
G. De Arrascaeta
49' FLAMENGO ARE LEVEL! Henrique squares the ball into the middle of the box where De Arrascaete is waiting unmarked and he sidefoots it first time to fire his effort into the back of the empty net. 1-1!
48' Flamengo break quickly on the counter-attack through Barbosa, who dropped deep on the right to pick up the ball. He gets past Al-Shahrani and puts a good cross into the six-yard box and the keeper gets down quickly to intercept it.
46' Al-Hilal get us back underway for the second half!
Al-Hilal have looked dangerous every time they've gone forward and they've caused Flamengo a lot of issues at the back. If they can be more clinical in front of goal, then they can easily add to their tally. Flamengo struggled for long periods of the first half and Jesus will be hoping to see a better attacking performance from his side so they can get back into the tie.
Al-Hilal take a 1-0 lead over Flamengo into half-time. The Saudi Arabian side have created the better chances with Al Dawsari forcing a good save out of Alves from close range. Two minutes after that, he gave his side the lead after he fired the ball over Alves and into the back of the net from the middle of the box. Flamengo are yet to have a single shot on target, with Gerson coming closest for them with a long-range effort that went just past the post.
Ali Albulayhi
Yellow Card
45' + 2' The yellow card is out again and this time it's shown to Albulayhi after he clatters into the back of Barbosa. 
Pablo Marí
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Mari is shown a yellow card after he pulls back Eduardo to stop the counter-attack.
S. Giovinco
Yellow Card
44' Giovinco is shown a yellow card after he catches Gerson with a late challenge to stop Flamengo's counter-attack.
42' Rafinha makes a good overlapping run down the right wing but the final ball into the box is poor for Flamengo again. He takes too long to put the cross into the box and it's blocked by Albulayhi.
40' Jang tries to pick out Gomis with a long ball over the top from a free-kick in his own half, but the Flamengo defenders are crowding around him. It's overhit anyway though and Al-Hilal can't make the most of the chance.
38' Albulayhi isn't happy with Barbosa as he feels the forward kicked out at him as they both chased the ball which was going out of play. Albulayhi clearly thinks that should be a booking, but the referee doesn't pull his card out.
36' Flamengo are struggling to keep hold of the ball at the moment due to how quickly Al-Hilal are closing them down. The Brazilian side have been sloppy and it's stopping them from getting higher upfield.
34' Ribeiro plays a corner short to De Arrascaeta and makes an overlapping run to get it back. The Al-Hilal defenders come out quickly to close him down and he ends up winning a free-kick in a dangerous position which comes to nothing.
32' It's well worked upfield on the counter-attack once again by Al-Hilal as Gomis chips a cross out to Carrillo on the right. He can't sort his feet out quick enough and when he does, nobody is at the far post to get on the end of his cross.
30' Henrique makes a darting run into the box from the left wing and it looks like he's in on goal as he sets himself to take the shot. Eduardo gets back quickly though and makes a perfectly-timed tackle to dispossess him at the last moment.
28' It's Barbosa that gets the better of Al-Shahrani down the right this time as he chips a cross towards the far post from the byline. Both Ribeiro and Henrique are trying to get on the end of it though and neither of them make contact.
26' Henrique has switched out to the right to get on the ball and he drifts past Al-Shahrani to get to the byline. He whips a cross into the box that has Al-Mayoof scrambling, but he can't pick out a team-mate at the far post.
24' Al Dawsari is back on the field after getting his treatment and straight back into the action as he wins back the ball from Rafinha.
22' Al Dawsari is currently down and receiving some treatment for a head injury after Al-Shahrani jumped up to get the ball and clattered into his own player.
Bruno Henrique
Yellow Card
20' Henrique receives the first yellow card of the game for dissent after kicking out and catching Alulayhi with his late challenge.
Mohammed Al Burayk
18' Al-Burayk is given a lot of space down the right and he quickly gets his head up before putting his first-time cross into the box. 
Salem Al Dawsari
18' AL-HILAL TAKE THE LEAD! It's a great cross into the box by Al-Burayk and he picks out Al Dawsari who is unmarked in the middle of the box. He takes the shot first time and guides it over Alves' outstretched hand and into the back of the net. 1-0 Al-Hilal!
16' GREAT CHANCE! Al-Hilal go straight up the other end on the counter-attack and Al Dawsari pulls away from Rafinha on the left of the box to drill his low shot towards goal. It's saved by Alves and Gomis has a chance on the rebound, but fires it high over the bar.
15' CLOSE! Henrique's corner is punched away by the goalkeeper but only as far as Gerson who's waiting on the edge of the box. He hits the shot first time as Al-Mayoof is still off his line, but he can't get his effort on target as it bounces wide of the post.
13' Rafinha tries to play a one-two with Everton on the right following a throw-in, but the right-back sets off too early to get it back and the flag goes up for offside.
11' GOOD CHANCE! Al-Hilal have a free-kick in a dangerous position and Giovinco plays it short to Carrillo on the edge of the box. He picks out Al Dawsari on the right of the box but his shot from a tight angle is blocked by Luis.
9' Henrique and Al-Burayk have had a couple of clashes already in the first half and they're chasing down a pass on the left now. The defender gets there first and ends up getting fouled by Henrique in his attempts to win it back.
7' GOOD BLOCK! Carillo plays the corner short for Al-Hilal this time and picks out Giovinco on the left of the box. He takes a touch to set himself before firing towards goal and Caio gets across to block it and send it out of play.
6' Al-Hilal move upfield really well and get the ball out to Al-Shahrani on the left wing. It hits Rafinha's arm on the way through, but the referee plays the advantage and the left-back wins a corner for his side.
4' Henrique whips a corner into the box for Flamengo and it goes all the way through to Barbosa at the far post. He's being tightly marked by Albulayhi though and he can't get enough contact on the ball to have a shot. 
2' Flamengo are seeing a lot of the ball here early on as they pass it between their defenders and find an early rhythm. Luis spots Henrique's run down the left but just overhits the pass and Al-Burayk puts it out for a corner.
1' Barbosa gets the game underway for Flamengo!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away. 
Asian sides have lost all five of their previous Club World Cup against Brazilian opposition, conceding two or more goals in all five encounters.
Razvan makes two changes to his team after their success in the quarter-final as he brings in Gomis and Giovinco for their first starts in the tournament. Khrbin drops to the bench while Mohamed Kanno misses out as he was shown a red card in that game. 
Jorge Jesus makes just one change to the side that lost to Santos in their last outing. Rodinei drops down to the bench as Rafinha comes in to replace him. 
AL-HILAL SUBS: Nawaf Al Abid, Hassan Kadesh, Abdullah Otayf, Mohammed Al-Waked, Hattan Bahebri, Omar Khrbin, Nawaf Al-Ghamdi, Abdullah Al Hafith, Amiri Kurdi, Mohammed Jahfali, Mohammad Al-Shalhoub.
AL-HILAL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Abdulah Al-Mayoof; Mohammed Al-Burayk, Jang Hyun-Doo, Ali Hadi Albulayhi, Yaseer Al-Shahrani; Carlos Eduardo, Gustavo Cuellar; Andre Carrillo, Sebastian Giovinco, Salem Al Dawsari; Bafetimbi Gomis.
FLAMENGO SUBS: Rodinei, Orlando Berrio, Reinier, Vitinho, Rhodolfo, Roberto Piris da Motta, Thuler, Diego, Rene, Lincoln, Cesar, Gabriel Batista.
FLAMENGO STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Diego Alves; Rafinha, Rodrigo Caio, Pablo Mari, Filipe Luis; Willian Arao, Gerson; Giorgian de Arrascaeta, Everton Ribeiro, Bruno Henrique; Gabriel Barbosa. 
Flamengo beat River Plate 2-1 to win the Copa Libertadores and are making their first appearance in the Club World Cup in their history. They've lost just one of their last 10 matches in all competitions (W8 D1), but that did come last time out against Santos. Al-Hilal are also making their first-ever appearance in the tournament and beat ES Tunis 1-0 in the quarter-finals on Saturday to book their place in the semi-final.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Club World Cup semi-final meeting between Flamengo and Al Hilal at the Khalifa International Stadium!
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