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Dinamo Zagreb v Chelsea Live Commentary, 06/09/2022

1 - 0
M. Oršić (13)
Stadion Maksimir


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Dinamo are top of Group E ahead of Milan and Salzburg's meeting later on, with the Italian side next up for them in the competition. Before that, they face HNK Gorica in the league. Chelsea's stuttered start to the season continues, as they travel to Fulham in the Premier League on Saturday before their match against Salzburg next Wednesday.
Dinamo hold on to beat Chelsea 1-0 thanks to Orsic's early goal. Just 13 minutes in, against the run of play, Orsic surged forward on the counter and dinked an effort over Kepa to put his side ahead. Despite being out of possession for most of the game, Dinamo looked in control until Chelsea's late push for an equaliser - Havertz saw a header blocked, James smashed a shot off the bar and Livakovic made two big saves to deny Mount and Ziyech late on.
J. Drmic
B. Petković
Dinamo Zagreb
90' + 8' Final change for Dinamo as they look to run the clock down even more. Petkovic is taken off and replaced by Drmic.
90' + 7' The free-kick is in a similar position to the last one and it's Ziyech that steps up again. Just like before, he fires it into the wall, but he does manage to pick out Koulibaly when it comes back to him. The defender nods it on, but it loops out of play.
M. Baturina
Yellow Card
Dinamo Zagreb
90' + 6' Baturina slides through the back of James, getting nowhere near the ball, bringing the defender down. He's booked and Chelsea have another free-kick.
90' + 5' Chelsea win a free-kick through the middle and it's Ziyech that steps up to take it. He curls his shot straight into the wall and hits his second attempt straight against Sutalo again.
90' + 3' Dinamo are taking their time over every stoppage that they can, but the referee isn't having any of it. Ristovski is hurried into taking a throw-in and ends up gifting it straight to Chelsea who break upfield.
90' + 1' Eight minutes of stoppage time stand between Dinamo and a big three points here. Chelsea are on the attack though as Mount cuts inside, but he curls his shot straight into Livakovic's gloves.
M. Baturina
A. Ademi
Dinamo Zagreb
88' Ademi slowly tries to make his way off the pitch, but the referee hurries him off on the opposite side. Baturina is on for the final minutes.
86' GREAT SAVES! Mount's cross is blocked, but he beats Ljubicic to the loose ball and drills a low shot at the near post. Livakovic gets down quickly to tip it away but Chelsea keep the pressure on. It falls to Ziyech on the opposite side, but his first-time effort is also pushed away by the keeper.
85' OFF THE BAR! Following a stoppage in play, Chelsea pick up from where they left off as James clatters a diagonal shot against the frame of the goal. Surely the home side cannot hold on for much longer?
83' CHANCE FOR CHELSEA! Havertz heads the ball towards goal from around six yards out, but Ljubicic brilliantly gets in the way to prevent a Chelsea equaliser. The Blues are running out of time here.
79' CHANCE! Chelsea are still patiently working it upfield and Havertz picks out a good pass to Ziyech in the middle. He takes the shot quickly but fires it high and wide.
D. Špikić
M. Oršić
Dinamo Zagreb
76' And the goal scorer, Orsic, makes way for Spikic.
R. Lauritsen
S. Moharrami
Dinamo Zagreb
76' And there's a double change for Dinamo as well. Moharrami is taken off and replaced by Lauritsen.
C. Pulišić
R. Sterling
75' Final roll of the dice for Chelsea here. Pulisic is on in place of Sterling.
73' Chelsea's frustration is starting to show again after Jorginho spins straight into Ademi and loses the ball cheaply. Ivanusec is surging away on the counter and Koulibaly crashes into him.
Marc Cucurella
B. Chilwell
71' Fourth change for Chelsea now, and it's a straight swap at left wing-back as Cucurella comes on in place of Chilwell.
69' Chelsea are still pushing for their equaliser, with Broja teeing up Mount on the edge of the D. He tries to curl a shot towards the top corner but sends it wide of the target.
K. Koulibaly
Yellow Card
67' Koulibaly slides in on Orsic to stop him from breaking on the counter. He takes out the forward and picks up a yellow card for the challenge.
65' Sterling breaks quickly through the middle and he has three players up with him in support. He chooses to pick out Jorginho down the left, but plays it behind him, giving Dinamo the chance to get back into their shape.
63' Jorginho's attempted switch to Ziyech takes a deflection, but the Moroccan still manages to bring it down at the byline. His cross is over everyone, so Chilwell tries to recycle it on the far side, but it's cleared by Ristovski.
61' Ristovski has gone down inside his own box and he's receiving treatment. He's quickly back to his feet though, and he'll be able to carry on.
A. Broja
P. Aubameyang
59' And Aubameyang is also making way, with Broja coming on in his place.
M. Kovačić
59' Chelsea are making a double change as they continue to look for a way back into the game. Kovacic's match against his former side is over, with Jorginho replacing him.
M. Mount
Yellow Card
59' Mount isn't happy with the referee's decision not to give Chelsea a penalty and he's booked for dissent.
58' Chelsea are asking for a penalty here after Havertz goes down under pressure from Sutalo. There's not a lot in it though and the referee tells him to get straight back to his feet.
56' GREAT SAVE! What a chance for Dinamo! It's well worked by the hosts as Ivanusec lays it off to Ristovski, who is a long way out. He strikes it sweetly and Kepa stretches to get a hand to it, tipping it onto the crossbar.
55' Saluto almost has his pocket picked by Havertz, but the defender does well to play himself out of a tight spot and break forward. He tries to take it past Mount as well, only to topple over the midfielder instead.
53' Dinamo break quickly on the counter, and at first, it looks like Ademi didn't get enough on the switch out to Orsic, but he beats James to it. His cross is poor though and it's an easy interception for Koulibaly.
51' Chelsea have conceded at least once in each of their last six games across all competitions, their joint-longest run without a clean sheet since Tuchel took charge (also six in November-December 2021).
49' OFFSIDE! Kovacic lifts another good ball over the top and Chilwell peels off the back of Moharrami to slide in and reach it. He puts it on a plate for Aubameyang, who taps it in on the far side, but the offside flag is up against the defender.
48' Chelsea have picked up where they left off in terms of dominating possession, and Kovacic switches it out to Ziyech. He cuts inside before fizzing a shot down the middle from the edge of the box, but it's straight at Livakovic.
46' Dinamo get us back underway for the second half!
H. Ziyech
César Azpilicueta
46' There's a change at the break for Chelsea, as Azpilicueta is taken off for Ziyech, who will play right wing-back as James moves into the back three.
Tuchel was a frustrated figure on the touchline during the first half. Chelsea only managed two chances, one of which was straight at the keeper. He'll be looking for a much better performance after the break. Dinamo's have executed their plan perfectly so far, taking advantage of the space Chelsea leave in behind, and Cacic will want more of the same.
Orsic gives Dinamo a 1-0 lead over Chelsea at half-time. The Blues dominated possession for most of the first half, but it was Dinamo that took the lead against the run of play. A long clearance was flicked on and Orsic finished it off by dinking it over Kepa, who couldn't keep it out. It's been a match of few chances apart from that, though the best ones fell to the hosts, with Kepa also making a good save to deny Ademi.
45' + 1' Kovacic spots the space between Dinamo's defenders and tries to slide it through to Aubameyang once again. Sutalo is alert though and steps across to block it.
44' CHANCE! Dinamo break quickly on the counter again, with Ivanusec driving through the middle before laying it off to Orsic on the edge of the D. He tries to place his shot, curling it towards goal, but Chilwell makes the block.
42' BLOCK! It's better from Chelsea, with Havertz laying it off to Sterling down the left. He lifts a first-time cross into the far post for Aubameyang, but he nods it down against Peric's back.
40' Chelsea's frustration is starting to show now and they just can't keep hold of the ball. Orsic threatens to break on the counter again after winning it back, but a heavy touch benefits Koulibaly.
38' Ivanusec does well to keep hold of the ball under pressure from Kovacic and he spreads it out to the right. Moharrami swings an early cross into the box, but it's cleared by Fofana.
36' Dinamo are enjoying a good spell of possession and are starting to push Chelsea back into their own half. Moharrami gets the better of Sterling this time as he bursts down the left, but he can't pick out a team-mate.
34' Koulibaly goes long for Chilwell down the left, but he can't get the better of Moharrami. The Dinamo defender coolly gets it out of his own box before frustrating Chelsea further by winning a free-kick.
32' Misic intercepts a pass on the edge of his own box and isn't closed down as he drives forward into Chelsea's half. He helps it onto Orsic down the left, but his cross is blocked by Azpilicueta.
30' GOOD SAVE! Dinamo look dangerous every time they break forward, and Ademi is picked out just outside the box. He lets it bounce before firing a shot goal, but Kepa stretches to push it away.
29' CHANCE! Dinamo win a free-kick in midfield and Orsic clips it over the top to Petkovic. He holds off Fofana long enough to play it back to his strike partner, but Orsic blasts this one high and wide of the far corner.
27' Chelsea patiently work it upfield again, and James finds himself in space down the right. Peric quickly gets across to him though and blocks another cross into the box.
25' Dinamo are still happy to sit back and soak up the pressure from Chelsea here. The hosts are keeping their shape well and making it difficult to get in behind them.
23' Mount has acres of space in midfield again and this time, he tries to slide it through for Aubameyang. He spins away from Sutalo, but there's too much on the pass and Livakovic collects it.
21' Orsic has netted five goals in his last four games against English teams in European competition (three v Tottenham, one v both West Ham and Chelsea).
19' It's a good idea from Kovacic, who tries to tee up Aubameyang with a reverse pass, but Ristovski cuts it out. The Croatian gets a second attempt at it, lifting it over the top to Sterling, but his cross bounces off Aubameyang's shoulder.
17' The Dinamo players just back off Mount as he carries it through midfield, so he decides to have a go from the edge of the box. He's trying to pick out the near corner, but Misic blocks it.
15' Chelsea are back to dominating possession and are penning Dinamo back deep in their own half. At the moment, they're struggling to pick out a good ball into the box though.
B. Petković
Dinamo Zagreb
13' Petkovic has Koulibaly and Azpilicueta on either side of him, but he flicks the ball past the Spaniard to pick out Orsic's run.
M. Oršić
Dinamo Zagreb
13' ORSIC SCORES! Completely against the run of play, Dinamo lead 1-0! Chelsea had everyone in Dinamo's half and Ljubicic goes long to Petkovic who flicks it on. Orsic bursts forward out of his own half and tries to dink it over Kepa, who rushed off his line. The keeper gets a hand to it, but can't stop it from bobbling over the line.
12' It's still all Chelsea here as Dinamo struggle to get out of their own half. Sterling sees a cross blocked and Chilwell tries to recycle it, but his attempt is too high for Aubameyang.
10' Aubameyang finds space down the right this time, and he has Havertz in the box in support. He tries to pick him out with a cross, but Sutalo gets in the way of it.
8' Chelsea break quickly on the counter, with Sterling picking out Chilwell's overlapping run down the left. He fizzes a dangerous cross into the six-yard box, but neither Havertz nor Aubameyang gets close to it.
6' BLOCK! It's lovely play from Chelsea as Havertz flicks it onto Aubameyang. He knocks it back to Sterling before continuing his run and getting it back. Unselfishly, he squares it to the Englishmen instead of hitting it himself, and Ristovski blocks his shot.
4' It's a loose pass back from Chilwell to Kovacic and Moharrami is bearing down on him. The midfielder slides in with a well-timed tackle to stop Dinamo from having the chance to counter-attack.
2' Chelsea are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here, and they're patiently working it out from the back. Mount switches it out to James on the right, but his cross is over everybody.
1' Aubameyang gets the game underway for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Chelsea have only lost one of their last 11 away games in the Champions League (W8 D2), a 0-1 defeat to Juventus last season. Indeed, that defeat in Turin is their only loss in their last 17 group stage matches home and away in the competition (W11 D5).
Thomas Tuchel makes six changes to the side that started against West Ham. Kepa starts in net, Aubameyang makes his debut, Havertz and Chilwell come in after scoring the goals in that game, and Mount and Azpilicueta are also brought in. Mendy, Loftus-Cheek, Cucurella, Gallagher and Pulisic start on the bench, as does their other new signing Zakaria.
Ante Cacic makes just four changes from their last outing against HNK Rijeka, bringing Peric, Moharrami, Ljubicic and Ademi into the side. Lauritsen, Bockaj, Spikic and Baturina all drop to the bench.
CHELSEA SUBS: Christian Pulisic, Marc Cucurella, Trevoh Chalobah, Denis Zakaria, Jorginho, Edouard Mendy, Conor Gallagher, Armando Broja, Carney Chukwuemeka, Marcus Bettinelli, Hakim Ziyech, Ruben Loftus-Cheek.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Kepa Arrizabalaga; Cesar Azpilicueta, Wesley Fofana, Kalidou Koulibaly; Reece James, Mason Mount, Mateo Kovacic, Ben Chilwell; Kai Havertz, Raheem Sterling; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
DINAMO ZAGREB SUBS: Daniel Stefulj, Petar Bockaj, Antonio Marin, Marko Bulat, Rasmus Lauritsen, Dario Spikic, Mahi Emreli, Ivan Nevistic, Daniel Zagorac, Martin Baturina, Josip Drmic, Kevin Theophile-Catherine.
DINAMO ZAGREB STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Dominik Livakovic; Stefan Ristovski, Josip Sutalo, Dino Peric, Sadegh Moharrami; Josip Misic; Robert Ljubicic, Luka Ivanusec, Arijan Ademi, Mislav Orsic; Bruno Petkovic.
Chelsea have made a mixed start to the Premier League this season (W3 D1 L2), though they did bounce back with a controversial 2-1 win over West Ham at the weekend. They'll be looking to improve on their quarter-final exit last campaign where they were knocked out by eventual winners Real Madrid. Dinamo had to go through three qualifying rounds to reach the group stages for the first time since 2019-20. They've never made it to the knockout stages of the tournament, but they'll be hoping their league form can translate into this tournament after making an unbeaten start to the season (W7 D1).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group E meeting between Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea at the Stadion Maksimir!