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Czech Republic v Denmark Live Commentary, 03/07/2021

1 - 2
P. Schick (49)
T. Delaney (5)
K. Dolberg (42)
Bakı Olimpiya Stadionu


It's Denmark who'll face England or Ukraine in the semi-finals at Wembley then. Whoever faces them will have the task of denying what's starting to look like destiny. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Denmark's remarkable run at Euro 2020 continues. The Danes' recovery since losing Christian Eriksen and their first two games has been magnificent. The Czechs had 16 shots in this game, more than they did in any of their other games at this tournament, but it wasn't enough to beat the dogged Danes. They'll go home with their heads held high. Schick could still finish as joint top scorer.
Denmark make it to their first European Championship semi-final since they won the competition in 1992! The Danes have edged a tight game with the Czech Republic thanks to Delaney and Dolberg's first-half strikes. The Czechs improved in the second half, pulling a goal back through Schick, but Hjulmand's men held on for a valuable victory.
90' + 5' That might be it! Barak connects with Kjaer's tired header with a left-footed volley from the edge of the box. The ball fizzes just wide of the left-hand post. The Czechs have tried their hardest but Denmark have steel as well as silk.
90' + 4' Denmark lose the ball near the Czechs' corner flag and the Czechs race forward in search of an equaliser. Darida can't make anything of the pass he gets to feet though and Denmark clear to survive for a few more seconds.
90' + 2' Coufal's low ball in is smashed away by Andersen. Denmark are defending excellently. Krmencik goes for the spectacular from the edge of the box and gets it all wrong.
90' The Czech Republic have six minutes in which to score. Otherwise it's Denmark who'll go through to the semi-finals.
89' The Czechs keep trying in vain to test Denmark but the Danish defence is standing firm. Coufal can't control a loose ball at the far post and Maehle stabs it away.
88' Soucek lifts a decent ball into Denmark's penalty area but it's too central and Denmark deal with it. The Czechs try again and Kjaer wins his header this time. The Danes can play some scintillating stuff but they're not afraid of a scrap either.
T. Kalas
Yellow Card
Czech Republic
86' Kalas joins Krmencik in the book for a wild challenge on Norgaard. The Czechs can't let their frustrations get the better of them now.
M. Krmenčík
Yellow Card
Czech Republic
84' Krmencik picks up the game's first yellow card for dissent as Denmark get a free-kick in their own half.
83' Vaclik gets up to push Denmark's corner away. This game has turned into a bit of a slugfest.
81' Maehle spurns a chance to seal the win for Denmark as he latches onto Poulsen's defence-splitting pass. The left wing-back should score but Vaclik narrows the angle and makes the stop. It'll be a Denmark corner.
M. Jensen
T. Delaney
81' Delaney goes off too. The Brentford midfielder Jensen comes on.
J. Andersen
A. Christensen
81' Now it's time for more Danish substitutions. Andersen takes Christensen's place at centre-back.
80' Soucek goes for goal from the edge of the box but accidentally hits his own teammate. The Danes look to have stemmed the Czech Republic's attacking threat again now.
V. Darida
P. Ševčík
Czech Republic
79' Sevcik's game is also over. The Czech's fit-again captain Darida comes on.
79' Denmark's corner doesn't lead to much. The Czechs are about to make more changes.
M. Vydra
P. Schick
Czech Republic
79' Schick's the next Czech player to head off. His goal has given them off. Vydra replaces him.
78' Wass receives the ball from Braithwaite down the right and cuts back for Poulsen. Poulsen swings towards goal from just outside the box and Vaclik makes a good save to tip the shot out for a corner.
76' Christensen sticks a foot out to stop Schick from reaching another dangerous cross. A spot of fatigue has crept into the game.
74' The Czechs are pushing Denmark hard now. Vestergaard heads away the resulting corner and Coufal can't control the ball back in.
73' Kjaer steams out of his box to catch Sevcik, who's switched to the right since half-time. Barak curls in the free-kick and Schmeichel gets a vital touch to push it away from the arriving Soucek.
72' Wass accidentally nods Coufal's cross on to Jankto at the far post. Jankto holds his position before shooting with his right foot and Kjaer punts out for a corner.
D. Wass
J. Stryger Larsen
70' Denmark substitution. Wass replaces Stryger Larsen at right wing-back.
69' Poulsen has a free run through the middle and rolls a routine shot into the arms of Vaclik. The substitute's direct running has helped Denmark recover from their wobble just after half-time.
67' Stryger Larsen floats two crosses in quick succession into the Czech Republic's box. The Czechs get both away fairly easily. Krmenick is caught offside twice as Boril then Coufal try to find him.
J. Brabec
O. Čelůstka
Czech Republic
65' Czech Republic substitution. Brabec replaces the stricken Celustka at centre-back. It'll take a lot more than a kick in the head to take Soucek off though.
63' Soucek is having his head bandaged up after taking a whack from Poulsen there. Meanwhile, Celustka will play no further part in this game after also picking up an injury.
61' Poulsen shrugs off Coufal's challenge to burst forward for Denmark and finds Braithwaite. Braithwaite's pass isn't the greatest but it's salvaged by Norgaard who finds Poulsen in the box. Soucek makes a brave sliding block to deny Poulsen.
C. Nørgaard
M. Damsgaard
60' Damsgaard also heads off after fading early in this half. Norgaard, a defensive midfielder, replaces him.
Y. Poulsen
K. Dolberg
59' One of Denmark's goalscorers Dolberg makes way first. Poulsen takes his place, having missed their last game through injury.
58' Denmark will wisely make some changes now. They've been second-best since half-time.
57' Jankto swings in another cross from the left and Schmeichel gratefully clutches it to his chest.
55' The Czechs are now playing what looks like a 4-1-3-2 with Schick and Krmencik up front. Christensen's crossfield pass forces Coufal to head out for a corner for Denmark. The Czechs clear the corner.
53' Denmark have struggled to adapt to the Czech Republic's changes. Jankto's cross from the left makes its way to Krmencik in the box. Denmark's marking is poor but they manage to block the shot.
51' Patrik Schick is the fourth player to score five goals in a single major competition for the Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia. The last was Milan Baros at Euro 2004. He's now Euro 2020's joint-highest goalscorer with the departed Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Denmark force a corner down their right. Soucek heads it away from danger.
V. Coufal
Czech Republic
50' Coufal's deliveries have been typically excellent and this one was no different. The Czechs have started this half like a house on fire.
P. Schick
Czech Republic
49' GOAL! CZECH REPUBLIC 1-2 DENMARK! The Czechs are back in this in no time at all! Schick is the man to get the goal, finishing Coufal's cross with a fine volley into the turf that deceives Schmeichel.
47' One of the Czech substitutes gets involved in the game immediately. Krmencik stings the hands of Schmeichel with a shot from outside the area before Barak fires into the ground and forces the Danish goalkeeper to tip the ball aside. Denmark clear the corner, and Schick's ambitious overhead kick is blocked.
46' The second half gets going. Let's see how those changes affect the Czechs' performance.
M. Krmenčík
L. Masopust
Czech Republic
46' Masopust also makes way after a quiet first half. Krmencik takes his place.
J. Jankto
T. Holeš
Czech Republic
46' The Czech Republic make changes at half-time. Holes is first to go. The Sampdoria midfielder Jankto replaces him.
Denmark have scored 11 goals at Euro 2020 now, their highest return at any European Championship or World Cup they've played in. They've certainly been fantastic to watch throughout this tournament. We're set to enjoy them for at least one more game unless the Czechs somehow edge back into this one.
Denmark are cruising to the semi-finals of Euro 2020 as things stand. The Czech Republic have played fairly well but have had work to do ever since switching off for Delaney's fifth-minute goal. The Danes endured a spell of Czech pressure before Maehle's fantastic cross to Dolberg put them 2-0 up a few minutes before the break.
45' + 3' Maehle strolls back onto the field of play. It's good to see a flying full-back restored to full health after Italy lost Spinazzola to injury in their quarter-final.
45' + 1' There'll be two minutes added onto the end of this first half. Maehle's moving gingerly after a particularly strong Czech challenge.
44' The Czechs look to pull a goal back before half-time. Schick's caught offside from Coufal's throughball.
43' Dolberg has become Denmark's joint top scorer in European Championship history with three goals. He's the first player to score three goals in a single tournament for the Danes since Jon Dahl Tomasson at Euro 2004. He's come into his own for Denmark since the start of the knockout phase.
J. Mæhle
42' Dolberg's finish was good but Maehle's cross was absolutely audacious. It's a long way back for the Czech Republic now.
K. Dolberg
42' GOAL! CZECH REPUBLIC 0-2 DENMARK! Maehle springs down the left and crosses in with the outside of his right foot. It's a superb ball that lands straight to Dolberg who smashes it in at the far post!
41' Denmark pop the ball around, enjoying possession for the first time in a while. What can they make of this?
39' Boril and Stryger Larsen stay down after challenging for an aerial ball. Thankfully they're both soon back to their feet after some treatment.
37' Denmark spring forward on the counter-attack and Damsgaard is suddenly one-on-one with Kalas as he enters the box. Damsgaard takes the shot on and Vaclik makes a comfortable save.
36' It's another Czech corner and another Danish clearance. Denmark are soaking up pressure at the moment.
35' The Czech Republic's right side is proving productive. Barak clips the ball out wide to Coufal who again fires in a decent cross. Holes gets on the end of it and fires straight at Schmeichel.
33' Maehle charges down Coufal's cross and the pitch has opened up for Denmark. Stryger Larsen races into the penalty area but Vaclik rushes off his line to sweep up.
31' Sevcik is manhandled by Delaney near the right touchline. The Czechs get another free-kick out of it but Barak's delivery is cleared. Masopust keeps the pressure on to earn a corner. The Czechs take it short and Damsgaard closes down to give away a throw-in.
30' The Czechs get a free-kick down their left which Sevcik takes. It whizzes just over the head of Celustka and bounces out for a goal-kick.
29' Masopust loses out in midfield and Delaney bursts forward. Kalas makes a well-timed challenge to stop the Borussia Dortmund midfielder.
27' Brathwaite finds some acceleration to burst into the right of the box. Unfortunately for Denmark his accuracy is lacking as he lashes off-target.
25' Coufal's cross in is a dangerous one and Stryger Larsen has to deal with it, handing the Czechs another corner. Sevcik's high ball finds Soucek at the far post. Again the West Ham United midfielder nods wide.
24' Delaney makes a smart challenge to stop Schick's run at goal. Hojbjerg pushes over Holes shortly after to concede a foul.
22' Denmark nearly find themselves in trouble as Schmeichel's pass out goes straight to Masopust. Masopust drifts inside and rolls a splitting pass towards Holes at the far post. Schmeichel closes the angle to block Holes' shot and concede a corner. Denmark clear it easily.
20' The Czechs have recovered well since conceding but haven't quite found their rhythm yet. Coufal can't keep a crossfield pass in play.
19' The Czechs earn a corner down their right. Christensen challenges Soucek for the ball in. Soucek wins the header but can't keep it down.
18' Schick finds space to the right of the box but takes a poor touch and Denmark quickly slam the door shut.
16' Delaney almost grabs his second goal of the game! Again the midfielder is completely unmarked as he ghosts into the box and latches onto Stryger Larsen's cross from the right. Delaney goes for goal but it's not a clean strike and bounces wide of the right-hand post.
15' Sevcik receives the ball inside the box and fires first-time over the crossbar. This game has a nice tempo about it, thanks in part to Denmark's early goal.
13' The corner comes in and the Danes defend it well. Damsgaard, who's celebrating his 21st birthday, races forward on the counter and fires at goal from the right of the box. It's blocked by Coufal and cleared off the line.
11' Schick receives a pass from Coufal down the right-hand channel and darts inside, lashing towards goal with his left foot. It ends up deflecting out for a Czech corner.
9' The Czechs defend this corner slightly better and Denmark will try again. This time Stryger Larsen aims deeper for Braithwaite at the far post and nothing comes of it. Still, Denmark have made a strong start.
7' The Danes are looking very confident having taken an early lead. Dolberg's shot from outside the box is blocked and they'll get another corner.
J. Stryger Larsen
6' That was a great, if straightforward, corner from Stryger Larsen. It's poor marking from the Czechs who face an uphill struggle already!
T. Delaney
5' GOAL! CZECH REPUBLIC 0-1 DENMARK! Delaney heads downward from Stryger Larsen's pinpoint corner as he's completely unmarked in the centre of the box. The header flies clean and true into the bottom left corner!
5' Denmark earn the first corner of the game down their right. It's important because...
3' The Czechs get forward down their right, finding Coufal. The right-back cuts inside on his unfavoured left foot and clatters a shot against a Danish defender.
1' We're underway here in sweltering Azerbaijan!
The two teams come out onto the pitch in Baku and stand for their respective national anthems. As the administrative home team, the Czech Republic will play in their favoured red shirts and blue shorts. Denmark will play in all-white.
This is the third time these two nations have met at a European Championship with the Czechs winning both games in the group stage at Euro 2000 and the Euro 2004 quarter-final. Since then, matches between this pair have been tight with five of their last six meetings ending in draws. Don't bet against things getting just as tense here.
Czech Republic boss Jaroslav Silhavy makes one change to his team from their 2-0 win over the Netherlands. Their left-back Boril returns from suspension, replacing Kaderabek in the starting line-up. Soucek continues as captain with Darida not yet fit enough to start. The Danes are unchanged from their victory over Wales. Dolberg and Stryger Larsen keep their places as Poulsen and Wass return to the bench.
SUBS: Robert Skov, Frederik Ronnow, Jonas, Joachim Andersen, Daniel Wass, Yussuf Poulsen, Andreas Cornelius, Andreas Skov Olsen, Zanka, Christian Norgaard, Mathias Jensen, Jonas Wind.
DENMARK (3-4-3): Kasper Schmeichel; Andreas Christensen, Simon Kjaer (c), Jannik Vestergaard; Jens Stryger Larsen, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Thomas Delaney, Joakim Maehle; Martin Braithwaite, Kasper Dolberg, Mikkel Damsgaard.
SUBS: Jakub Jankto, Pavel Kaderabek, Jakub Pesek, Tomas Pekhart, Michal Krmencik, Vladimir Darida, Matej Vydra, David Zima, Jakub Brabec, Tomas Koubek, Alex Kral, Ales Mandous.
CZECH REPUBLIC (4-2-3-1): Tomas Vaclik; Vladimir Coufal, Ondrej Celustka, Tomas Kalas, Jan Boril; Tomas Holes, Tomas Soucek (c); Lukas Masopust, Antonin Barak, Petr Sevcik; Patrik Schick.
Denmark have found their form at just the right time, becoming the first team in European Championship history to score four goals in consecutive games after dismantling Wales 4-0 in the round of 16. The Danes have lost their last two quarter-finals in major tournaments since winning Euro 1992. Can Kasper Hjulmand's team make it third time lucky?
Favourites Denmark will face a stern test from the Czech Republic as both teams compete for a place in the Euro 2020 semi-finals to face England or Ukraine. The Czechs raised eyebrows last time out, seeing off the Netherlands to make it to what is their fourth-ever European Championship quarter-final.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Euro 2020 quarter-final match between the Czech Republic and Denmark at Baku Olympic Stadium.