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Key Events

90' + 3'
M. Pavkov
G. Kanga
2 - 2
M. Rodić
Yellow 2nd/RC
T. Hernández
Penalty Goal
1 - 2
G. Kanga
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
R. Pankov
Own Goal
0 - 1

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 5
Total Passes 347 400
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So, it's all level going into the second leg next week, but Milan do have two important away goals. Both teams turn their attention back to their respective leagues before that though with Milan facing rivals Inter on Sunday and Red Star playing Spartak Subotica.
10-man Red Star score late to draw 2-2 with Milan. The visitors took the lead just before half-time through Pankov's own goal when Borjan fumbled his block after Milan had two goals disallowed. Kanga equalised from the penalty spot after the break, but Milan were back ahead less than 10 minutes later when Hernandez converted his own spot-kick. Rodic was sent off for a second yellow in the 77th minute, but Pavkov headed in an equaliser in stoppage time.
G. Kanga
90' + 3' Kanga whips a brilliant cross into the near post from the corner for Pavkov to attack.
M. Pavkov
90' + 3' PAVKOV SCORES! The corner is swung into the box and Pavkov rises above everyone else to get on the end of it. He flicks his header on, sending it looping over Donnarumma and into the far bottom corner. 2-2!
G. Donnarumma
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Donnarumma is shown a yellow card for dissent.
90' + 2' It's a great cross into the middle from Sanogo and Milan just don't deal with it. It pinballs around in the box before Pavkov has a shot, but his effort deflects out for a corner.
90' Milan are keeping Red Star penned back in their own half at the moment as they patiently play out from the back. Calhanoglu curls another cross into the box from the left, but Degenek is in the middle to clear his lines.
88' Milunovic picks out Bakayoko on the edge of the box with a throughball and he turns into a crowd of Milan defenders. He somehow manages to squeeze a curling cross towards goal, but it bounces wide of the far post.
86' Red Star are still looking for a late equaliser as Borjan goes long with his clearance. Pavlov flicks it onto Bakayoko on the edge of the box, but he can't bring the ball under control before he's crowded off it.
84' Calhanoglu cuts inside from the left and pulls it back for Krunic on the edge of the box. He's quickly closed down by two Red Star defenders so he touches it into Tonali's path. He drills his shot first time, but it's straight at Borjan down the middle.
82' GREAT SAVE! Calhanoglu's first involvement is to whip a free-kick into the box from the right and he picks out Meite at the near post. He flicks his header straight down the middle and Borjan tips it over the bar.
H. Çalhanoğlu
M. Mandžukić
82' Milan are making another change now as well as Calhanoglu comes on for Mandzukic.
S. Sanogo
N. Petrović
81' And Petrovic is also being taken off, with Sanogo on in his place.
M. Pavkov
D. Falcinelli
80' Falcinelli is also making way, with Pavkov replacing him.
A. Bakayoko
M. Ivanić
80' There's a triple change for Red Star now. Ivanic is the first to make way, with Bakayoko on for him.
Diogo Dalot
T. Hernández
77' Third change for Milan now and Hernandez is being taken off, with Dalot on in his place.
77' RED STAR DOWN TO 10! Tonali played a long ball over the top and Kalulu chased it down for Milan, but he was tripped by Rodic as he tried to get back. That's his second booking of the game, so he's shown the red card and told to leave the field by the referee.
76' It's another good break down the left for Milan as Hernandez pulls away from Kanga to get to the edge of the box. He tries to square it to Leao on the other side, but there's not enough on it and Degenek intercepts it.
M. Gajić
M. Gobeljić
74' Another change for Red Star now and Gobeljic goes off, with Gajic replacing him.
73' Falco floats a great cross into the far post from the right and Rodic runs onto it. He goes straight into the back of Kalulu as he makes the clearance though and gives away a free-kick.
M. Mandžukić
Yellow Card
71' Mandzukic catches Rodic in the face with his elbow when he's holding him off and earns himself a booking.
69' Milunovic's clearance bounces out to Leao on the right and instead of putting a cross back in first time, he chooses to run at Rodic. He goes to ground and the visitors are asking for a free-kick, but the referee waves the claims away.
67' GOOD SAVE! Meite pulls the ball back from the byline on the left and Pankov swipes at his clearance. It bounces into Castillejo behind him and he drills a shot towards the near post, but Borjan gets down quickly to push it away.
66' With five goals and six assists (11), Hernandez has now been involved in more goals this season than he was last term for Milan (10 - seven goals, three assists).
64' It's a good cross into the box from Falco on the right and he has two to aim for in the middle. Ivanic's header deflects off Romagnoli though, looping up into the air, and Donnarumma comes off his line to collect it.
F. Falco
E. Ben Nabouhane
62' First change for Red Star now and it's Ben that's making way for Falco.
T. Hernández
Penalty Goal
61' MILAN LEAD AGAIN! It's Hernandez that steps up to take the penalty that he won. He sends his shot into the bottom-left corner, sending Borjan the wrong way and restoring Milan's lead. 2-1!
59' PENALTY TO MILAN! The visitors break quickly on the counter and Tonali plays the ball into Hernandez on the edge of the box. It's clumsy from Pankov as he tries to get across and he ends up clipping the left-back's heels and giving away the spot-kick.
M. Rodić
Yellow Card
57' Rodic slides in late on Kalulu from behind and is shown a yellow card.
56' Falcinelli does really well to hold off Tomori in the box and he touches the ball to Kanga, who is running onto it. He hits the shot first time, drilling it towards the far bottom corner, but it's just wide of the post.
N. Milunović
Yellow Card
54' Milunovic just steps across Krunic to stop his run into the box and that booking means he'll miss the second leg.
G. Kanga
Penalty Goal
52' KANGA SCORES! The midfielder steps up to take the penalty and just stutters his run before hitting the spot-kick. Donnarumma goes the right way, but can't get a hand to the ball to stop it from crossing the line. 1-1! 
A. Romagnoli
Yellow Card
51' Romagnoli is shown the first yellow card of the game for that handball.
51' PENALTY TO RED STAR! Falcinelli tries to pull the ball back across the box for Ivanic in the middle and it hits Romagnoli on the arm as he blocks it. The referee spots it and points straight to the spot.
50' Kanga cuts out another sloppy pass from Milan in midfield, and he plays a low throughball forward for Ivanic to chase. There's not enough on it though and Tomori steps out to intercept it.
48' SAVE! Ivanic switches play out to Ben on the right and he cuts inside, away from Hernandez, to get into the box. He's forced wide, but he decides to have a go despite the tight angle, and Donnarumma pushes it away at his near post.
46' Milan get us back underway for the second half!
Rafael Leão
A. Rebić
46' Milan are making another change before the start of the second half with Leao coming on for Rebic.
Red Star looked dangerous in the first half, with Donnarumma making good saves to deny Ivanic twice. They caused Milan some real problems, but need to be more clinical after the break. As for Milan, they've had the better chances so far, and Pioli will be hoping for more of the same going forward in the second half.
Milan take a 1-0 lead over Red Star into half-time. The visitors had the ball in the back of the net twice in the first 12 minutes, with Castillejo's goal ruled out for offside, while a VAR review spotted a handball by Hernandez before he tapped it in. It was an own goal that broke the deadlock after Borjan couldn't hold onto Pankov's block and it slowly rolled over the line.
45' + 1' CHANCE! Kanga whips a cross into the box from the right and Milunovic gets ahead of Romagnoli to bring it down. He hits his shot on the turn, but he can't keep his effort down and fires it over the crossbar.
44' Red Star are trying to find an equaliser before the break and Ivanic is once again pushing forward down the right. He's caught by Hernandez, and the hosts have a free-kick, but it comes to nothing.
R. Pankov
Own Goal
42' MILAN LEAD! Castillejo drills a low cross towards the far post where Hernandez is running onto it for Milan. Pankov slides in to block it and the ball slips through Borjan's gloves as he comes to collect it and it slowly rolls across the line. 1-0 Milan! 
41' Meite switches play out to Castillejo on the right and he cuts into the box so he can get a shot away. Two Red Star defenders are quickly across to block his effort though and Rebic can't get onto the loose ball.
S. Tonali
I. Bennacer
39' Bennacer slowly makes his way to the side of the pitch with the medical team and Tonali comes on in his place.
37' Bennacer has gone down holding his hamstring and is receiving treatment on it now. It's not looking good for the midfielder though as the medical team gesture for the bench to make a change.
35' Rodic whips a cross into the box from the left and Falcinelli meets it in the middle. He flicks his header down the middle, but Tomori makes a brilliant block to send it over the bar.
33' Milan just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Red Star continue to push forward. A heavy touch from Ben takes it away from him and Donnarumma rushes off his line to collect it.
31' Ben intercepts Hernandez's clearance and the Milan players just sit back and give him space. He chooses to have a go from distance, but his dipping shot doesn't really trouble Donnarumma, who holds onto it.
29' Rebic plays a low throughball into Hernandez on the edge of the box and he tries to turn past Milunovic, but slips and loses the ball. He's claiming there was a push, but nothing's given and Red Star clear their lines.
27' Milan are moving it upfield much quicker now as Rebic breaks down the left once again. He floats a cross into the far post, but it's over Mandzukic's head and Kalulu can't keep it in play at the byline.
25' SAVE! Ivanic is being quickly closed down by Bennacer, but he turns away from the midfielder to get into space and fire a shot on goal. It almost catches out Donnarumma, but he manages to tip it wide.
24' Ben almost plays his side into trouble as he plays a long backpass to Borjan under pressure from Meite. Mandzukic is right in front of him, but he somehow manages to squeeze it past him.
22' GREAT CHANCE! It's a lovely pass over the top from Kalulu which Krunic brings down in the middle. He squares it to Rebic to his left who is unmarked in the box. He tries to lift it over the keeper but sends his effort flying over the bar.
20' SAVE! Ben lays it off to Falcinelli, who has got goalside of Romagnoli as he drives into the box. He keeps his shot low, hitting it across goal, but Donnarumma rushes off his line and sticks out a leg to deny him.
19' GOOD SAVE! It doesn't look like there's anything on for Krunic as he turns, but he hits a shot first time from the edge of the box. It's dipping towards the near bottom corner, but Borjan reacts quickly to get down and push it away.
17' The hosts are keeping the pressure on Milan here and it falls for Petrovic on the edge of the box. He has time to take a touch to set himself for the shot but fires his effort high over the crossbar.
15' Red Star win the ball back on the edge of their own box and are quick to break upfield. Rodic is picked out with a lot of space to run into down the left, but he takes too long to put a cross into the box and Kalulu makes a block.
13' DISALLOWED! VAR has had a look at the goal and the replays show that the ball bounces up and hits Hernandez on the arm before he scores. The goal doesn't stand and it's still 0-0! 
12' MILAN LEAD! Krunic swings a great cross into the far post from the right and Mandzukic tries to head it in. He doesn't make contact though, and neither does Pankov, so Hernandez is left with a simple tap-in from close range.
11' Gobeljic gives the ball away with a sloppy pass straight to Meite, but the Milan players don't react quick enough as the midfielder tries to break on the counter. Red Star get back quickly though and block their way to goal.
9' SAVE! Rebic cuts into the box and wrongfoots Milunovic to create some space on the left of the area. He chooses to have a go from a tight angle and slips as he hits the shot, but Borjan still has to get down to push it away at the near post.
8' Red Star are moving the ball upfield quicker now and Falcinelli pulls the ball back for Kanga on the edge of the box. He hits his shot first time, but it's at a comfortable height for Donnarumma.
6' OFFSIDE! Milan break quickly after a Red Star free-kick and Krunic squares the ball to Castillejo through the middle. He's got a lot of space to run into and slots his effort past Borjan, only for the offside flag to go up when it hits the net.
4' Red Star have barely had a touch of the ball since the kick-off and Milan are still patiently pushing forward into the final third. This time, it's Krunic that lifts it into the box, but Borjan is quickly off his line to collect it.
2' Milan have made a bright start to the game and are putting Red Star under some early pressure. Castillejo's cross is cleared, but it comes out to Meite who loops a pass back into the box, but it's too high for Mandzukic.
1' Petrovic gets the game underway for Red Star!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Red Star have never beaten Milan in a European match (including qualifiers), drawing twice and losing twice in their four previous meetings.
Stefano Pioli makes seven changes to the team that lost to Spezia at the weekend, with Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Hernandez and Bennacer retaining their places. Mandzukic makes his first start for the club, and they name a strong bench, with Ibrahimovic, Calhanoglu, Leao and Kessie amongst the substitutes.
Dejan Stankovic makes five changes to his side after winning their last match, with Milunovic, Gobeljic, Petrovic, Rodic and Falcinelli all coming in. Gavric, Sanogo, Pavkov and Gajic drop to the bench.
MILAN SUBS: Diogo Dalot, Hakan Calhanoglu, Sandro Tonali, Rafael Leao, Davide Calabria, Antonio Donnarumma, Simon Kjaer, Matteo Gabbia, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexis Saelemaekers, Franck Kessie, Ciprian Tatarusanu.
MILAN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Pierre Kalulu Kyatengwa, Alessio Romagnoli, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Rade Krunic, Ismael Bennacer, Soualiho Meite; Samu Castillejo, Mario Mandzukic, Ante Rebic.
RED STAR BELGRADE: Filippo Falco, Aleksa Vukanovic, Milan Gajic, Slavoljub Smic, Milan Pavkov, Zoran Popovic, Zeljko Gavric, Sekou Sanogo, Axel Bakayoko.
RED STAR BELGRADE STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Milan Borjan; Nemanja Milunovic, Radovan Pankov, Milos Degenek; Marko Gobeljic, Guelor Kanga, Njegos Petrovic, Milan Rodic; El Fardou Ben, Mirko Ivanic; Diego Falcinelli.
Milan topped their group to qualify for the knockout rounds, but have suffered a dip in recent weeks after their great start to the season. They've lost three of their last eight in all competitions (W4 D1), including their last outing against Spezia in a 2-0 defeat away from home. Red Star finished second behind Hoffenheim in their group and they come into today unbeaten in their last 21 in all competitions (W17 D4), since losing their first group match against the German side.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League round of 32 meeting between Red Star Belgrade and Milan at the Rajko Mitic Stadium!