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Mikel Oyarzabal
Dani Olmo
3 - 5
Álvaro Morata
Dani Olmo
3 - 4
90' + 2'
M. Pašalić
M. Oršić
3 - 3
M. Oršić
2 - 3
Ferran Torres
Pau Torres
1 - 3

Match Stats

32% 67%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 10
Total Passes 427 883
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Spain are through to the quarter-finals, but they'll have to wait until later on to find out if they'll be facing France or Switzerland in St Petersburg on Friday. Croatia are out in the round-of-16 for the second European Championship in a row and are heading home.
WHAT A GAME! Spain are through to the quarter-finals after beating Croatia 5-3 after extra time. They went behind to Pedri's own goal but came back to lead 3-1 through Sarabia, Azpilicueta and Ferran Torres. Orsic and Pasalic both came off the bench to peg them back though and forced it to extra time. Morata added a fourth with a great finish before Oyarzabal added another three minutes later. They could've had six, but Olmo was denied by the post late on.
120' OFF THE POST! Spain aren't finished yet and Oyarzabal keeps his composure to turn away from Caleta-Car and square it to Olmo on the penalty spot. He curls it around the defender and Livakovic, only to be denied by the far post.
118' Ivanusec floats a wonderful cross into the box from the right, but it's just too high for Brekalo in the middle. Kramaric is following it in at the far post, but Simon gets there first and holds onto it.
116' SAVE! Morata is in behind again after Alba picked him out with a good throughball and he drives into the box. Livakovic rushes out to close down the angle and gets a slight touch on the shot to send it into the side netting.
L. Ivanušec
L. Modrić
114' Final change for Croatia now, and it's the captain, Modric, that's going off for Ivanusec.
112' It's a poor clearance from Rodri as his header is intercepted by Modric. He gets the ball caught under his feet before he can swing a cross in though and Laporte is quickly in to nick it back.
110' The Croatian players look tired now and Alba intercepts a sloppy pass from Brozovic on the left. He tries to set Spain quickly on the counter but runs straight into trouble in Modric.
108' Spain are the first side in European Championship history to score 5+ goals in consecutive matches.
106' GREAT SAVE! Budimir gets in between the two central defenders again and he sweeps his shot towards the far post first time. Simon gets down quickly and manages to push it just wide with his fingertips.
106' Spain get us back underway for the second half!
Spain have a two-goal lead again at half-time in extra time, with Croatia now losing 5-3. Morata restored Spain's lead with a cool finish at the far post when he fired over Livakovic into the back of the net for his first goal in the tournament. Just three minutes later, Oyarzabal added a fifth when he beat the goalkeeper at his near post from close range.
105' Morata is in behind again and Croatia are scrambling back to try and help out their goalkeeper. He tries to take it into the middle of the box, but Vida gets back brilliantly and steps in to nick it off him just in front of Livakovic.
Dani Olmo
103' Olmo has his second assist in just three minutes after breaking quickly on the counter and swinging another great cross into the box.
Mikel Oyarzabal
103' SPAIN HAVE FIVE! Croatia's defence is opened up after committing people forward in attack and it's another great cross in from Olmo on the right. Oyarzabal times his run perfectly to stay onside and slots in from a tight angle on the left, beating Livakovic at his near post, to make it 5-3 Spain!
Sergio Busquets
102' Spain's last change sees Busquets going off, with Rodri on in his place.
Dani Olmo
100' Olmo is given so much time on the ball on the right and his cross takes Brekalo out of the game and opens up the space for Morata.
Álvaro Morata
100' MORATA SCORES! Spain are ahead again! Olmo swings a great cross in which is over Brekalo's head. Morata brings it down with a lovely first touch before firing his shot over Livakovic, who rushes off his line, and into the roof of the net. 4-3 Spain!
98' BLOCK! It's Spain's first attack in extra time and they work it well down the left before Ruiz swings a cross into the box. He picks out Olmo in the middle, who takes the shot first time, but Caleta-Car makes an important block.
96' GREAT SAVE! Croatia come again and Orsic drills another great cross into the box from the left. Alba's block falls to Pasalic, but he can't make the contact he needs. It falls for Kramaric and his volley is smothered by Simon.
94' Pasalic hooks the ball over the top to Budimir and Torres is trying to hold off the forward so he can bring it down. The forward gets his foot to it, but it's awkward and he can't keep hold of it.
92' CLOSE! Croatia have picked up where they left off with Kramaric whipping a cross into the edge of the box. Brozovic cushions it down to Orsic and he tries to curl his effort into the far top corner, but it's just over the crossbar.
91' Croatia get us back underway for extra time!
Luis Enrique will be trying to regroup his players, who looked rattled by Croatia's two late goals. They need to try and regain control of the game if they want to make it through. For Croatia, Dalic will be asking for more of the same after a brilliant late show and he'll be hoping they can keep that up in the next 30 minutes.
And we're going to extra time after a 3-3 draw between Croatia and Spain! Croatia took the lead through a bizarre own goal from Pedri near the halfway line, with Sarabia equalising before the break. Spain looked in control when Azpilicueta headed in his first Spain goal and Ferran Torres added a third, but Croatia rallied late on. Orsic poked one over the line from close range before Orsic headed them level in stoppage time.
90' + 6' It's well worked by Spain down the right with Azpilicueta teeing up Oyarzabal on the edge of the box. Brozovic runs across the back of him as he takes the shot which puts him off, and he drags it wide.
90' + 4' It's end-to-end as both teams try to find a late winner which will prevent extra time and Spain are on the attack. Morata is picked out on the edge of the box and he turns before having a shot, but he blazes it high over the bar.
M. Oršić
90' + 2' Azpilicueta was slow to get out to Orsic which gave him the space he needed to swing in the cross for Pasalic.
M. Pašalić
90' + 2' PASALIC EQUALISES! It's a wonderful cross into the box from Orsic and Pasalic gets between the two Spanish centre-backs to pick out a pocket of space. He flicks on the header and Simon can't keep it out on the stretch. It's 3-3!
90' + 1' CHANCE! Livakovic goes long with his clearance and it's headed on by Budimir and then Modric to pick out Kramaric. He's through on goal and sends his half-volley just wide of the near post before the flag goes up against him.
90' Modric has dropped deep to pick up the ball again and he plays another wonderful pass out to Brekalo on the right. He set off too early though and the offside flag goes up against him before he can swing a cross into the box.
Mikel Oyarzabal
Ferran Torres
88' Final change for Spain now and it's Ferran Torres going off for Oyarzabal.
87' That goal has given Croatia a new wind and they're closing Spain down much quicker than they were before. Budimir slides in on Busquets to try and win it back for his team but ends up giving away a free-kick.
M. Oršić
85' ORSIC PULLS ONE BACK! It's manic in Spain's box as Modric pulls back a cross from the byline near the post and Kramaric pokes the ball towards goal only for it to be cleared off the line by Azpilicueta. The right-back then clears Orsic's effort, but goal-line technology says it crossed the line first. 3-2!
D. Ćaleta-Car
Yellow Card
83' Caleta-Car is late with a challenge on Morata which earns him a yellow card. He'll also miss the next game if Croatia reach the quarter-final.
81' Spain are still dominating possession here and Croatia just can't get close to them at the moment. They're trying to close them down high upfield, but aren't having any luck.
M. Pašalić
N. Vlašić
79' And Pasalic is also brought on in place of Vlasic.
A. Budimir
M. Kovačić
79' Croatia are also making a double change here. Budimir is the first to come on, replacing Kovacic.
Fabián Ruiz
78' Koke is the other player making way, with Ruiz on in his place.
Pau Torres
77' Pau Torres just gets his head up to spot Ferran Torres' run and it's a brilliant pass out to him to set up the goal.
Ferran Torres
77' FERRAN TORRES SCORES! He has acres of space to run into down the right and it's a wonderful cross-field pass to pick him out on the edge of the box. He coolly takes it past Gvardiol before firing it past Livakovic, who rushes off his line. 3-1 Spain!
Jordi Alba
José Gayà
77' Another double change for Spain now and Gaya has gone off after picking up that injury, with Alba on to replace him.
76' Gaya is down for Spain holding his ankle here and the medical team are on giving him some treatment. He's quickly helped back to his feet but he won't be coming back onto the field.
J. Brekalo
J. Juranović
74' Third change for Croatia now and it's Juranovic that's being taken off for Brekalo.
M. Brozović
Yellow Card
73' Brozovic is shown the first yellow card of the game for dissent as he isn't happy with a free-kick going against his side. He'll miss the next game if Croatia make it through.
72' OFFSIDE! Koke swings another good cross into the far post which is nodded back across the box by Laporte. He picks out Torres in the middle and his volley hits Morata at the near post and he taps it in from close range, but the flag goes up to deny him.
Pau Torres
Eric García
72' Garcia is also making way, with Pau Torres on to replace him.
Dani Olmo
Pablo Sarabia
71' There's a double change for Spain now and it's Sarabia who goes off first for Olmo.
69' ANOTHER SAVE! Croatia get the better of Spain down the left again, with Juranovic fizzing a throughball into Kramaric. He cuts inside before firing his shot towards the near post, but Simon is there to make another save as the offside flag goes up.
M. Oršić
A. Rebić
67' Second change from Croatia now and it's Rebic that's making way for Orsic.
67' GREAT SAVE! It's better from Croatia now and Vlasic manages to pull the ball back for Gvardiol on the edge of the six-yard box. He drills the shot at the near bottom corner, but Simon holds it with a strong hand.
65' Croatia have everyone sitting back in their own half again and they're happy to just let Spain keep possession at the moment. Gvardiol wins it back on the left, but his throughball is cut out by Koke.
63' Juranovic spots Kramaric's run off the back of Laporte and floats a long ball over the top to try and pick out the substitute. He may have just been offside, but Simon is quickly off his line to collect it.
61' Gvardiol has stayed down after landing heavily from an aerial challenge with Azpilicueta. He's holding the bottom of his back, but he is able to get back to his feet without needing any treatment.
59' Modric picks out Vlasic in the middle of the field and he opens up the space ahead of him as he drifts out to the right. He has no one up with him in support though and his hopeful cross is cleared by Laporte.
Ferran Torres
57' Torres has been causing Croatia all sorts of problems all over the pitch, and this time he picks out a great cross on the left to set up the goal.
César Azpilicueta
57' SPAIN LEAD! It's another good cross in from Torres on the left into the far post. It looks like Gvardiol has it under control, but Azpilicueta just steps away from him to get goalside before heading his effort past Livakovic from close range for his first international goal. 2-1 Spain!
55' Sarabia has been involved in three goals in four appearances at Euro 2020 (two goals, one assist).
53' It's another good break from Croatia and Kovacic switches play out to Juranovic on the right. He curls an early cross into the box, but it's just ahead of Kramaric and Simon collects it.
51' Torres is still causing Gvardiol problems down the right and he initially does well to hold off the defender's challenge. When he gets the return pass, he's tugged back by him and wins a free-kick for Spain.
49' Sarabia swings another cross into the six-yard box from the left, but Modric is back defending and his clearance falls to Vlasic. He drives forward on the counter but ends up overrunning it, which gives Garcia the chance to nick it back.
47' Laporte plays a short backpass to Simon and he's instantly put under pressure from Kramaric. It's a nervy moment for the goalkeeper, but he keeps his cool and clears the danger.
46' Croatia get us back underway for the second half!
A. Kramarić
B. Petković
46' There's a change for Croatia at the break and it's Petkovic that's making way for Kramaric.
Luis Enrique will feel that his side deserve to be level after dominating possession and creating more chances, but they haven't tested Livakovic too often, which he will definitely want to see change after the break. As for Croatia, they haven't had a shot on target yet, but have looked dangerous on the counter, so Dalic will want more of the same.
It's level at the break with Croatia and Spain drawing 1-1. Croatia hadn't had a sniff of goal when they took the lead in bizarre circumstances. Pedri played a long backpass to Simon, and his casual touch ended up rolling into the back of his own net. Koke had an early chance saved by Livakovic, but Sarabia pulled them level after Gaya's shot was palmed to him by the goalkeeper.
45' + 1' One last chance for Spain before the half-time whistle and Torres squares it to Morata on the edge of the box. He turns before firing his shot, but he can't find the target and it flies over the bar.
45' Kovacic peels away from Busquets before threading a great pass through the middle for Rebic to chase. He's away from the last defender, but Simon is quick off his line again to clear the danger.
44' Juranovic gets the better of Gaya down the right for the first time and he swings a brilliant cross into the six-yard box. Petkovic is caught on his heels though and Simon comes off his line to collect it.
42' Spain are back to keeping the pressure on here and after Vida clears the ball from the box, they win it back quickly. Busquets lays it off to Koke, who has a go from distance, but he drills his effort wide of the near post.
40' Croatia are straight on the attack after the restart and Rebic manages to bundle the ball away from Koke to get into space. He tries to square it to Petkovic on the edge of the box, but it's intercepted by Garcia.
Pablo Sarabia
38' SARABIA EQUALISES! Croatia just don't deal with the ball when it comes into the box and it's Gaya that has the initial shot from the left of the box. Livakovic gets down well to push it away, but he gives it straight to Sarabia, who fires over the keeper and into the back of the net. 1-1!
36' Spain are still patiently trying to break down Croatia and it looks like he's got the better of the defender again as he bursts forward. He recovers well though and gets back to block the cross.
34' Spain try to go down the left this time, with Busquets picking out a good pass into Sarabia. He has Gaya ahead of him, but the left-back set off too early and the offside flag goes up against him.
32' Torres is still getting a lot of joy down the right for Spain, and he cuts inside to float a cross into Morata at the far post. He brings it down, but isn't given any space by Caleta-Car and ends up winning a corner.
30' Pedri's own-goal came at a distance of 49.4 yards, the longest-ever own-goal netted in the European Championship and the first one ever scored from outside the box.
28' Gvardiol threads the ball through to Vlasic and he does really well to hold off the two Spanish defenders that go across to close him down. He lays it off to Modric, but he can't open up any space for a shot.
26' CLOSE! Vlasic's run cuts open Spain's midfield before he squares the ball to Kovacic on the edge of the box. He's not closed down, so has a go from distance, but fires his shot just over the crossbar.
24' MISS! Modric plays a wonderful curling pass with the outside of his boot to pick out Vlasic's run off the back of Gaya, and he cuts inside from the right. He has Garcia tight to him but goes for goal and fires his shot into the side netting.
22' Spain look a little rattled after the goal and although they're still keeping Croatia penned back, some sloppiness is creeping into their play. Koke switches play out to Azpilicueta, but it's too high and bounces straight out of play.
Own Goal
20' CROATIA TAKE THE LEAD! It's a long backpass from Pedri in midfield and Simon, who is under no pressure, with nobody around him, takes a very casual touch which ends up taking the ball past him and into the back of his own net. It's a bizarre moment for Spain and Croatia lead 1-0!
18' It's a sloppy pass from Busquets which Modric intercepts, and he instantly sets Croatia on the counter. Rebic drives forward, holding off two challenges on the way before switching it out to Vlasic, but he can't get a cross into the box.
16' GREAT SAVE! Pedri steps away from Modric and threads a lovely throughball into Koke in the middle of the box. He keeps the shot low down the middle and Livakovic sticks out a leg to deny him.
15' Kovacic does well to nick the ball from Pedri before picking out Rebic. He has a lot of space to run into but chooses to try and thread it through to Petkovic instead. There's too much on it and Simon collects it.
13' CHANCE! It's another great throughball from Busquets into Morata, but he has Vida tight to him, so he touches it out to Sarabia. He drills the shot towards the near post first time from a tight angle, but it's into the side netting.
11' Modric takes a quick free-kick down the left when he spots Gvardiol's early run and the left-back swings a deep cross into the box. It's just over Petkovic's head though and Laporte clears his lines.
9' Koke swings the free-kick in from the right and it's towards Azpilicueta in the middle of the box. It's behind him, but he still manages to get his head on it, though it's an easy save for the goalkeeper.
8' Croatia have barely had a touch of the ball so far and they're sitting deeper and deeper in their own half to try and stop Spain from getting through. Torres skips past one challenge on the right before Kovacic trips him and gives away another free-kick.
6' It's a poor clearance out from the back by Vida and Morata quickly latches onto it before swinging a cross into the far post. Torres knocks it down for Koke, but it's just out of his reach as he attempts to volley it.
4' Laporte switches play out to Torres on the right and he holds off Kovacic before trying to lay it off to Azpilicueta, who is making an overlapping run. He plays it behind the right-back though and he can't keep it in play.
2' Unsurprisingly, Spain are dominating the ball early on here and they have an early chance as Busquets lifts a good ball over the defence for Gaya to run onto. It bounces kindly for Livakovic though, and the keeper holds onto it.
1' Sarabia gets the game underway for Spain!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away.
In what is their sixth Euros, Croatia have made it through to the knockout stages for the fourth time. However, they've failed to progress beyond the first knockout game on each of the previous three occasions (quarter-final in 1996 and 2008 and last 16 in 2016).
There are two changes from Luis Enrique as well after their win over Slovakia on Wednesday. Ferran Torres, who scored after coming off the bench, and Gaya both come into the starting line-up, while Alba and Moreno drop to the bench.
Zlatko Dalic makes two changes to the side that beat Scotland last time out, and they're both enforced. Ivan Perisic returned a positive coronavirus test while Dejan Lovren is suspended after picking up two yellow cards. Caleta-Car and Rebic are brought in.
SPAIN SUBS: Pau Torres, Rodrigo, David de Gea, Gerard Moreno, Diego Llorente, Robert Sanchez, Dani Olmo, Marcos Llorente, Mikel Oyarzabal, Fabian Ruiz, Thiago Alcantara, Jordi Alba.
SPAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Unai Simon; Cesar Azpilicueta, Eric Garcia, Aymeric Laporte, Jose Gaya; Koke, Sergio Busquets, Pedri; Ferran Torres, Alvaro Morata, Pablo Sarabia.
CROATIA SUBS: Simon Sluga, Andrej Kramaric, Mislav Orsic, Sime Vrsaljko, Lovre Kalinic, Luka Ivanusec, Domagoj Bradaric, Josip Brekalo, Milan Badelj, Ante Budimir, Mile Skoric, Mario Pasalic.
CROATIA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Dominik Livakovic; Josip Juranovic, Domagoj Vida, Duje Caleta-Car, Josko Gvardiol; Luka Modric, Marcelo Brozovic, Mateo Kovacic; Nikola Vlasic, Bruno Petkovic, Ante Rebic.
Both sides struggled at the start of their respective group campaigns but finished strongly to secure their places in the knockout rounds. Croatia lost their first game and drew the second, but comfortably beat Scotland 3-1 in their last game to finish second in Group D. Meanwhile, Spain did go unbeaten in Group E, drawing their first two matches before brushing Slovakia aside in a 5-0 victory to seal their runner-up spot behind Sweden.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Euro 2020 round-of-16 meeting between Croatia and Spain at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen!