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R. Sterling
Penalty Goal
E. Hazard
Penalty Goal
Bernardo Silva
Penalty Goal
David Luiz
Penalty Miss
L. Sané
Penalty Save

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38% 61%
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Shots On Target 0 3
Total Passes 513 807
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City have retained a major title for the first time in the club's history and will now turn their attentions to the other three competitions. The quadruple is still on for Guardiola's side, who were not at their best today. It's West Ham up next for City as they attempt to defend their Premier League crown. Chelsea put in one of their best performances of the season, but the dispute between Sarri and Kepa will distract from their display. Chelsea have a crucial match against Tottenham in midweek.
Manchester City beat Chelsea 4-3 on penalties to win the EFL Cup. Sterling scored the penalty to clinch the trophy after Jorginho and Luiz had missed from the spot for Chelsea. The match ended 0-0 after extra time despite an eventful extra 30 minutes and goal scoring opportunities for both teams.
STERLING WINS IT FOR CITY! A perfect penalty from Sterling sends Kepa the wrong way and goes in off the crossbar! City win the EFL Cup.
Hazard converts! Needing to score to keep Chelsea in it, Hazard dinks it down the middle and scores.
GOAL! Bernardo Silva puts City ahead again! Relaxed as it gets, he steps up and puts it down the middle as Kepa dives out the way.
POST AND OUT! Luiz runs up, full of confidence and hits it straight into the right post.
SAVED! Redemption for Kepa! Sane opens his body to strike it left-footed into the bottom-left. Kepa guesses right and saves! Superb goalkeeping.
Scored! Emerson goes for power with his left and it goes through Ederson’s hands.
Lucky! Aguero scores, but Kepa went the right way and should have saved it. The ball bobbled underneath the Chelsea goalkeeper. Huge moment.
Perfect strike! Azpilicueta gets it right into the top-right corner. 
Gundogan scores! Cool as you like, he strokes it into the bottom-left corner.
Jorginho misses! He stutters in his run up and it doesn’t fool Ederson. City’s goalkeeper dives and saves with his left hand.
Chelsea are taking the first penalty in front of their fans.
After the mayhem between Kepa and Sarri, Chelsea face a challenge to get in the right mindset for the shootout. It looks like Kepa will be going in goal for the penalties. 
It’s still goalless between Chelsea and Manchester City so we are heading to penalties at Wembley. Both teams looked content with the draw for much of extra time, with neither side throwing players forward in search of a winner. 
120' + 4' Aguero controls the ball in the Chelsea area and tries to find Sane. Azpilicueta intercepts and clears.
120' + 3' Hazard wins a free-kick on the left flank. Sarri seems like he has calmed down.
120' + 2' Kepa's protests look to have worked. Sarri has decided against making the substitution and he's absolutely fuming. 
120' + 1' Sarri has readied Caballero and the fourth official has put his board up. Kepa is furious about it and is refusing to be substituted. The referee has come across to speak to Sarri. 
119' Caballero has got ready to come on and replace Kepa, but Chelsea's first choice looks like he wants to continue. Plenty of confusion on the Chelsea bench with penalties looming. 
118' Stretching to make the save has given Kepa cramp. The Chelsea physios are on to treat him and it looks like he will have to go off. 
118' Great save! City counter and Rudiger slips as Sane dribbles towards him. Sane passes to Aguero, who shoots with his right from the edge of the area, forcing a diving save from Kepa. 
117' Hazard spreads the play to Hudson-Odoi. The youngster takes on Zinchenko and crosses, but Higuain is isolated in the middle. 
115' Hudson-Odoi and Kante exchange passes on the right wing. Kante loses the ball by passing it out of play as City press. 
114' Azpilicueta attempts a cross from near the halfway line. His angles are all wrong and it goes behind for a goal kick. 
113' A period of City possession comes to an end with an optimistic long ball from Walker. 
111' Kepa receives treatment from the Chelsea physios after the chaos in the box. He looks like he's okay to continue. 
110' Incredible scramble! Sterling breaks a challenge along the byline, cutting back to Aguero. Azpilicueta blocks his shot inside the six-yard box and Kepa punches it away from the goal towards several City players. Kante beats all of them to the ball and clears it.
108' Gundogan delivers from the set piece. He overhits it horribly and it bounces out for a Chelsea throw.
108' Bernardo Silva cleverly slides Zinchenko in on the overlap. Azpilicueta blocks his cross, giving City a corner.
107' Man City have won each of their last five penalty shootouts in all competitions - including four in the League Cup.
106' The referee gets us back underway for the second period of extra time.
Chelsea and Manchester City are still level at 0-0 after the first period of extra time. Chelsea look a threat on the break and remain solid defensively, while City are still struggling to create any clear goal scoring opportunities. 
103' Otamendi plays a pinpoint pass to Sterling on the right wing. Sterling's touch isn't good, though, and Emerson wins the ball. 
103' Hazard holds off a challenge on the edge of the area, using his body well to create space. He spins and shoots, but his effort goes way over the bar. 
102' Chelsea retain possession in City's third, passing between their midfield and forwards after a counter through Hazard and Hudson-Odoi. The move ends with a weak Jorginho shot. 
101' The last final involving two Premier League teams to finish 0-0 at Wembley was the 2009 League Cup final between Man Utd and Spurs.
99' City head the resulting corner clear. Hazard plays a one-two with Luiz and puts the ball across goal. Ederson claims. 
98' Higuain does well in midfield and makes space to pass to Hudson-Odoi. He drives at Zinchenko, winning a corner. 
98' Luiz carries the ball out of defence and tries to find Hudson-Odoi. His pass is underhit, though, and Zinchenko heads it into midfield. 
96' Hazard moves back to his natural role on the left flank with the arrival of Higuain. 
G. Higuaín
95' Sarri uses his third substitution, bringing Higuain on for Willian. 
94' With City unable to find space in the final third, Gundogan attempts a shot from 30 yards. He doesn't strike it well and it flies into the stands. 
93' City start extra time with a period of prolonged possession. Chelsea are sitting very deep. 
91' The referee blows his whistle and we are underway for extra time! 
91' Fernandinho's injury sees him replaced by Danilo. 
It was a more open match in the second half of normal time, but neither side could find a goal. Kante came closest for Chelsea, while Aguero had a goal disallowed for offside. Hudson-Odoi and Loftus-Cheek have already looked a threat for Chelsea, having come off the bench late in the second half. 
90' + 5' Fernandinho is receiving treatment on the pitch. He is limping off with the City physios. 
90' + 4' Loftus-Cheek spins away from a challenge in midfield and plays Hazard through on goal. The flag goes up for offside! 
90' + 3' City head the following corner clear. Emerson clears into the stands.
90' + 3' Willian whips the free-kick in from the left and forces Ederson to tip it over the bar. Chelsea are piling the pressure on. 
N. Otamendi
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Loftus-Cheek and Willian link up on the left. Hazard chases a throughball near the corner and is fouled by Otamendi. He is shown a yellow for a poor sliding challenge.
90' There will be a minimum of four added minutes. 
90' City appeal for a handball after Jorginho blocked a cross. The referee isn't interested.
R. Loftus-Cheek
R. Barkley
89' Loftus-Cheek replaces Barkley in Chelsea's midfield. 
Yellow Card
88' Sterling charges up the pitch with the ball as Chelsea are exposed. Jorginho steps across to wipe out Sterling and stop the counter. The Chelsea midfielder goes into the book. 
88' Willian comes across from the opposite flank to take the free-kick. Azpilicueta heads it into the area and City clear.
87' Hudson-Odoi spins away from Zinchenko and is brought down by City's left-back. 
L. Sané
K. De Bruyne
86' De Bruyne comes off for Sane, giving City another threat on the counter.
84' Hazard gets boxed in the corner following a Chelsea throw. Sterling and Zinchenko defend well to win a throw. 
83' Barkley gives the ball away in the Chelsea half, forcing a drastic intervention from Kante. 
81' Kante surges through midfield with the ball, eventually passing to Hudson-Odoi. The youngster drives into the area and is tackled by Otamendi. 
İ. Gündoğan
David Silva
79' David Silva had a quiet afternoon. He is replaced by Gundogan. 
C. Hudson-Odoi
79' The Chelsea fans are delighted to see Hudson-Odoi replace Pedro.
77' City attack straight after the corner and Kante makes a superb tackle to stop Bernardo Silva going through on goal. 
76' Chelsea play through City's midfield with some quick passing down the left. Hazard holds off a challenge from David Silva and beats Otamendi on the edge of the area before sliding it to Pedro. The Spaniard decides against a shot and squares it. City get it behind for a corner. 
75' Bernardo Silva loses the ball to Willian near the centre circle. Willian is quickly fouled before Chelsea can break. 
74' Over the bar! De Bruyne takes the free-kick from the edge of the area and it goes way over.
A. Rüdiger
Yellow Card
72' City break after Jorginho loses the ball in midfield. Rudiger tries to take down De Bruyne, but the City midfielder rides the challenge and the ball trickles to David Silva. Rudiger races back and slides in, bringing down David Silva. He is then shown a yellow card, meaning both of Chelsea's central defenders have been booked. 
71' Pedro switches play to Willian. The Brazilian controls beautifully and cuts it back to Barkley. The former Everton man takes his time lining up a shot, but it goes well over the bar. 
70' Pedro goes down after a challenge from Zinchenko on the halfway line. The referee is slow to give the free-kick, which sees protests from City. 
69' Bernardo Silva slides a pass to De Bruyne on the underlap. His cross from the byline is blocked by Luiz. 
68' City are looking to switch play whenever possible and are trying to target Chelsea's left. Bernardo Silva has been effective when he can get on the ball, but Chelsea are doing well to keep their shape. 
66' Just over! Hazard is released down the left flank by Willian. He's left in a lot of space and dances past Kompany, making it to the byline. Kante arrives in the area and Hazard finds him. Kante strikes it first-time and it goes just over the bar. That's the best chance of the match so far. 
65' Kompany finds Bernardo Silva on the wing, who slides a pass to De Bruyne. The Belgian has time to pick a pass and opts to switch play to Sterling. It is overhit and drifts out for a Chelsea throw. 
63' An enormous header from Rudiger forces Walker to chase the ball towards his own goal. Willian is in pursuit and gets a lucky deflection, giving a Chelsea throw inside City's third. 
62' Bernardo Silva wriggles away from Willian on City's right flank, creating space for a cross. Rudiger easily heads it away from danger.
61' There have been more yellow cards (2) than shots on target (1) in this match so far.
59' The resulting free-kick is taken by Luiz. The Chelsea centre-back strikes it high and wide. The ball sails into the stands. 
Yellow Card
58' Fernandinho goes into the referee's book for a hard foul on Barkley. 
57' The VAR sticks with the on-field decision, keeping the scores level. 
56' Aguero has it in the net from close-range, but the goal is ruled out for offside. The referee refers to the VAR. 
55' Pedro is down after a heavy landing following a collision with Otamendi. He picks himself up and carries on without receiving treatment. 
54' Hazard is robbed of the ball inside the City box after an Emerson throughball. City immediately break, but Chelsea get players back behind the ball and Jorginho blocks a shot. 
53' Fernandinho attempts a cross-field pass to Bernardo Silva. He slices it, though, and it bounces over Bernardo Silva for a Chelsea throw. 
52' Emerson is pressured on Chelsea's byline and manages to win a throw in. Luiz is forced to clear up the field, giving City the ball back. 
50' Kepa comes out to claim a cross and only gets on hand to it, palming the ball just out of Aguero's reach. 
48' Emerson and Barkley close Bernardo Silva down on the right, forcing him to pass back to De Bruyne. The Belgian crosses first-time and it goes just over Aguero's head. 
47' Willian drifts the free-kick across the area. Chelsea do not get anyone near the ball and it bounces behind for a goal kick. 
46' Pedro scurries down the right flank and cuts back. Zinchenko brings him down, giving away a free-kick. 
46' Aguero takes the kick-off and we are back underway! 
V. Kompany
Aymeric Laporte
46' Kompany, who returned from injury against Schalke in midweek, replaces Laporte at half-time.
Chelsea have sat deep and are yet to create a goal scoring opportunity, but Sarri will be pleased with his team’s defensive performance. Luiz and Rudiger have been excellent at the heart of defence. Hazard has not got on the ball enough, though, and Sarri might consider introducing Higuain or Giroud as they look for a winner in the second half. Guardiola will be frustrated with his side’s struggles in the final third. David Silva has not been in the match enough so far and could be replaced by Sane as Guardiola looks for an attacking spark.
Chelsea and Manchester City are drawing 0-0 at half-time in the EFL Cup final. Otamendi went closest for both teams, forcing Kepa into a save from close-range and heading just wide of his own goal.
45' + 2' So close to an own goal! Willian's delivery is nowhere near any Chelsea players but Otamendi heads just wide of Ederson's goal. 
45' + 1' Bernardo Silva fouls Hazard with a few seconds left on the clock. Chelsea have one last opportunity to put the ball in the box. 
45' There is one added minute. 
45' Willian releases Hazard down the left. The Belgian bumps Laporte off the ball and causes chaos in the City area as he goes past a couple. His shot is eventually blocked. 
44' David Silva gets in behind Chelsea's defence on the left and wins a corner. Luiz rises highest from the set piece to head clear. Zinchenko clips it to Otamendi at the back post and City's centre-back forces a close-range save from Kepa. 
43' De Bruyne swings a cross in with his right and it goes well clear of everyone in the area. Sterling retrieves the ball on the left and puts it back into the box. Otamendi bicycle kicks it across the area but City are unable to get a shot off. 
41' Willian fouls De Bruyne on City's right, giving a great opportunity to cross from the free-kick. 
41' City win the ball in the Chelsea half and the referee plays an advantage after a Kante foul on David Silva. City want the play pulled back for a free-kick after they lose the ball, but play continues. 
39' De Bruyne gets to the byline and crosses, with the ball eventually bouncing to Sterling on the opposite flank. Some quick skill from the England international gets some space from Azpilicueta, but the Spaniard manages to win a goal kick. 
37' Kante robs Fernandinho in midfield. Hazard looks to have a chance to run with the ball and is brought down by Fernandinho. The referee decides against a yellow card.
35' De Bruyne finds Sterling at the back post and the City winger heads back to David Silva. The Spaniard tries to cushion a header to Aguero, but Rudiger intercepts. 
34' Laporte has been sloppy in the first half and he gives Chelsea another chance to counter with a poor pass to Zinchenko. Hazard's throughball to Kante is overhit, though, and Chelsea do not create anything. 
32' Luiz plays his way out of City's high press with a lofted pass to Azpilicueta. Pedro eventually gets the ball to Willian and Hazard on the left. The move ends when Jorginho tries an ambitious pass to Hazard. 
David Luiz
Yellow Card
30' Bernardo Silva and David Silva exchange passes on the right wing despite pressure from several Chelsea defenders. Bernardo Silva looks to have broken into a bit of space and carries the ball towards the byline. Luiz charges across and takes the Manchester City midfielder out. Luiz is shown the first yellow card of the match. 
28' Aguero forces Kepa into a save after a lay-off from David Silva on the edge of the area. It's a weak shot and the Chelsea goalkeeper easily stops it. 
28' De Bruyne finds Sterling on the left. The England international looks to cut inside. Kante makes a good tackle to stop his progress. 
26' Willian takes the free-kick from the inside-right channel, delivering a cross to Pedro at the back post. Pedro nods it across the area and City intercept. 
25' Chelsea exchange a few quick passes in their own left-back position. Willian completes a cross-field pass to Pedro, who jinks inside and is fouled by Zinchenko. 
25' Sergio Aguero's effort after 21:23 was the first shot in this game.
23' Laporte picks out Zinchenko with a driven pass out to the left. He tries a first-time, volleyed pass to Sterling, but Rudiger intercepts. City are forced to start again from the back. 
22' Over the bar! Bernardo Silva's dazzling run on the right flank finishes with a dinked cross to Aguero at the back post. Aguero controls on his chest, creating space from Azpilicueta and swings his right boot at the ball as it bounces. His effort goes over the bar. 
20' With Chelsea slightly higher up the pitch, De Bruyne tries to curl a ball down the wing to Walker. It drifts out of play. 
19' Fernandinho attempts a first-time throughball to Sterling down the inside-left channel. It is well overhit and goes out for a goal kick. 
17' Kepa goes for a short pass to Luiz and the centre-back plays it straight back to him. Chelsea's goalkeeper has to move quickly as Aguero presses. Emerson eventually puts it out for a throw on the left wing. 
16' Hazard gets a rare touch after a Laporte error. Zinchenko and Laporte pressure the Belgian and poke it out for a Chelsea throw. 
15' A high City press as Chelsea try to play out results in an ambitious flick from Azpilicueta. The ball goes out for a throw and City build again from the back. 
13' It's been a very quiet start to this match. Chelsea are happy to sit deep and wait to counter. City are in no rush to play risky passes. 
11' Kante forces Kepa into a rushed clearance with a risky backpass. Kepa beats Aguero to the ball and slices it out for a City throw. 
10' Chelsea are looking to play out from the back whenever Kepa has the ball and City are cutting out passing options. A long Luiz pass finds Kante running in behind and Zinchenko brings the former Leicester midfielder down. Chelsea appeal for a free-kick and the referee isn't interested. 
8' Rudiger drifts wide to challenge Sterling and does well to halt the winger's progress. Pedro helps out and Chelsea force a throw. 
6' Luiz attempts a cross-field pass to Pedro. It is way too high and goes out for a throw. 
4' Bernardo Silva brings a long ball down beautifully on the right. He tries a quick reverse pass to De Bruyne. He misjudges it and it goes out for a goal kick. 
3' Chelsea sitting very deep early on. Sarri has decided against the high press that was used in the 6-0 defeat earlier this month. 
2' Sterling wins a corner after some good work down the left. 
1' Aguero goes to ground after about a second. He collided with a Chelsea player on the halfway line but the referee isn't interested.
1' The referee blows his whistle and we are underway! 
Chelsea and Manchester City are set to face in a League Cup final for the first time – both sides have won the trophy five times previously, with only Liverpool winning it more often (eight times).
Guardiola makes just the one change to the team that beat Schalke in Germany in midweek. Gundogan drops to the bench and is replaced by Zinchenko, allowing Fernandinho to return to central midfield. Benjamin Mendy, Gabriel Jesus and John Stones all miss out through injury. Muric started all of City’s previous EFL Cup ties, but the youngster is a substitute this afternoon, as Guardiola opts for Ederson in goal.
Chelsea manager Sarri makes six changes to the side that beat Malmo. Hazard returns and will play down the middle as Higuain and Giroud are left on the bench. Pedro has recovered from illness to play on the right flank and Willian starts on the left. Jorginho was rested on Thursday and returns to the side this afternoon, replacing Kovacic in midfield. Kepa has overcome a hamstring issue to start in goal, while Luiz gets the nod ahead of Christensen to partner Rudiger in central defence. Hudson-Odoi has to settle for a place among the substitutes after an impressive performance against Malmo.
SUBS: Riyad Mahrez, Arijanet Muric, Ilkay Gundogan, Phil Foden, Danilo, Leroy Sane, Vincent Kompany.
MANCHESTER CITY (4-3-3): Ederson; Kyle Walker, Nicolas Otamendi, Aymeric Laporte, Oleksandr Zinchenko; Kevin De Bruyne, Fernandinho, David Silva; Bernardo Silva, Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling.
SUBS: Callum Hudson-Odoi, Willy Caballero, Andreas Christensen, Gonzalo Higuain, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Mateo Kovacic, Olivier Giroud.
CHELSEA (4-3-3): Kepa Arrizabalaga; Cesar Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Antonio Rudiger, Emerson; N’Golo Kante, Jorginho, Ross Barkley; Willian, Eden Hazard, Pedro.
This is the first League Cup meeting between Chelsea and Manchester City since the third round in 1993-94, when Brian Horton’s City side won 1-0 at Maine Road with a goal from David White.
Manchester City, despite going down to 10 men, pulled off a dramatic comeback to beat Schalke in the Champions League last 16 in midweek. Pep Guardiola’s side have won 13 of their last 14 in all competitions and are looking unstoppable. The quadruple is still on for City and they are firm favourites this afternoon.
Chelsea beat Malmo on Thursday night in the Europa League, but Maurizio Sarri’s side come into this match in poor form. Defeat and a disappointing performance against Manchester United saw Chelsea knocked out of the FA Cup last Monday and they were humiliated 6-0 away to Manchester City earlier this month. Sarri is under pressure and cannot afford another heavy defeat this afternoon.
Welcome to the live commentary of the EFL Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City at Wembley.