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Brazil v Jamaica Live Commentary, 09/06/2019

3 - 0
Cristiane (15)
Cristiane (50)
Cristiane (64)
Stade des Alpes


That's all for today, goodbye!
Brazil now go top of Group C on goal difference and they now turn their attention to their game against Australia, who lost to Italy earlier today, on Thursday. Jamaica will be hoping that they can turn their luck around and possibly score their first ever World Cup goal next time out, but they face a tough test against Italy on Friday.
Cristiane's hat-trick secures a 3-0 win for Jamaica. She scored a wonderful header in the 15th minute to break the deadlock before adding two more to her tally in the second half. She pounced on the end of a loose ball to tap the ball into an empty net for her second and then was helped out by goal-line technology for the third which showed that her free-kick had crossed the line after bouncing off the bottom of the crossbar. Andressa had a penalty saved by Schneider in the first half and they could have had many more if it hadn't been for the Jamaican goalkeeper who had an excellent game.
90' + 3' Formiga makes a brilliant block! Shaw finds herself in some space in the box to have a shot but she doesn't make good contact with the ball. It's heading towards Brown, who is waiting at the far post, but Formiga gets ahead of her to block it and clear the danger.
90' + 2' Jamaica have a free-kick in a good position on the right wing and Asher is the one to swing it into the middle of the box. She's looking for Shaw in the middle, but Monica rises highest to get it clear for Brazil.
90' Debinha does really well to get away from Plummer on the left wing and she puts an excellent cross into the middle of the box to try and pick out Ludmila. The substitute comes close to getting her head on the end of it, but she ends up taking out Schneider as she goes for the ball, giving away the free-kick.
88' GREAT CHANCE FOR LUDMILA! Plummer makes a mistake with her clearance which plays in the substitute. She's left one-on-one with the keeper and she sends her effort wide of the near post from the middle of the box.
87' Ludmila decides to have a go from long range this time, but just like Sweatman at the other end, her effort is always going wide of the post and she doesn't trouble the goalkeeper.
85' Jamaica are pushing high up the field as they chase a consolation goal now and Sweatman has a good chance to put a cross into the box. She decides to go from goal instead from a long way out, but she doesn't trouble the keeper as her effort bounces wide.
83' The free-kick from Blackwood isn't great and it pinballs around in the penalty area as Brazil fail to get it clear. It rolls out to the edge of the box where Asher runs onto it and she strikes her very powerful shot on target. Daiane is in the right place to block it, but she is winded for her troubles.
Yellow Card
82' Daiane is the latest player to receive a yellow card after she caught Shaw with a bad foul.
80' BIG MISS BY LUDMILA! A mix up between Plummer and Schneider at the back allowed Geyse to keep the ball and she chooses to square it to Ludmila at the far post instead of going for goal herself. Her team-mate had an open goal to aim for, but she sent her first-time shot wide of the post instead.
T. Cameron
T. Carter
79' Final roll of the dice for Jamaica now as Cameron comes on to replace Carter.
78' GOOD SAVE BY SCHNEIDER! Geyse easily brushed past Blackwood on the edge of the box and drove her shot low towards the bottom corner of the net. Once again though, Schneider makes a very good save to deny her.
76' Vadao makes his final change of the game now. Kathellen comes off, possibly as a precaution as she had to receive some treatment earlier in the game, and Daiane is on in her place.
74' Cristiane's treble is the first by a Brazilian in a Women's World Cup match since June 1999, when both Sissi and Pretinha scored hat-tricks in Brazil's 7-1 victory over Mexico.
C. Asher
H. Solaun
72' Second change of the game for Jamaica now as Asher comes on to replace Solaun.
71' Brazil have yet another corner which Andressa swings into the box. Monica rises at the near post but misses it and then Ludmila handballs the box, giving a free-kick to Jamaica.
69' Jamaica look a bit tired now after conceding the third goal and they're struggling, once again, to get out of their own half as they sit back and close down the space ahead of Brazil.
67' Kathellen is down in the box after she cleared a ball out of her own penalty area. She's gone down with cramp and the medical team are across to give her some treatment now. She's not down for long though and she's going to be able to carry on.
65' Their hat-trick scorer Cristiane is the other player to be taken off and Ludmila comes on to replace her.
Bia Zaneratto
65' Double substitution for Brazil now. Beatriz is the first player to go off and Geyse is on in her place.
64' CRISTIANE GETS HER HAT-TRICK! Plummer brought her down on the very edge of the box and she stepped up to take it herself. She fired it over the top of the wall and it bounced off the bottom of the crossbar and over the line before bouncing back onto the woodwork and into the six-yard box. Just like her other goal, the technology shows it crossed the line and she has the first hat-trick of this year's tournament. 3-0 Brazil!
J. Brown
C. Matthews
62' First change of the game is made by Menzies as he brings on Brown in place of Matthews.
61' ALLYSON SWABY HITS THE CROSSBAR! The corner was played short to Matthews and she put a dangerous cross in towards the far post. Allyson Swaby made a run from the edge of the box to reach it and from a very close angle, she fired the ball against the crossbar and over the target.
59' GREAT CHANCE FOR JAMAICA! The free-kick into the middle of the box was aiming for Shaw, but Barbara did enough to reach it first and punch it away. Allyson Swaby had made a run to the far post and the clearance sailed just over her head and out of play.
Yellow Card
58' Formiga is the first Brazil player to receive a yellow card today as she took Shaw down to stop her run into the final third.
56' Cristiane is the first player to score a brace in three different World Cup tournaments (also 2007 and 2011).
54' Shaw does really well to pull away from Tamires on the right of the box, but the angle is too tight for her to have a shot herself. She tries to square it to Carter, but her cross is behind her team-mate and Brazil are able to get it clear.
52' Debinha was slipped in on goal with a brilliant throughball once again, but Plummer was marking her very tightly and did a good job to take her wide of the goal to stop her from having a shot.
Andressa Alves
50' Andressa did well to get a shot away in the first place as she was quickly being closed down by two Jamaica defenders, but she did well, in the end, to unintentionally set up her team-mate instead.
50' CRISTIANE DOUBLES BRAZIL'S LEAD! Debinha squared the ball to Andressa and she had the first effort on target. It flashed straight across the six-yard box though and Cristiane was in the right place to tap the ball into the empty net. Allyson Swaby did try to clear it off the line, but the technology showed that it had crossed and the goal stands. 2-0 Brazil!
49' Cristiane nodded the ball down to Andressa who played it straight back to the forward. She took a touch before taking the shot, but she could only send her effort over the crossbar.
47' Jamaica have made a bright start to the game, but have been let down twice by their pass into the final third. This time it was Plummer who got forward from defence, but her throughball to Shaw was cut out by Kathellen.
46' Jamaica get us back underway for the second half!
Vadao will be impressed with how his team attacked in the first half, but he will feel that they wasted some good opportunities to add to their advantage. Andressa and Debinha have both looked dangerous for Brazil, but they've struggled to find a way past Schneider after the first goal went in. As for Jamaica, they're being helped a lot by the goalkeeper's excellent performance so far today, but they need to find a way to get Shaw into the game more often if they want to be able to get on the scoresheet in the second half.
Brazil dominated in the first half but only lead Jamaica 1-0 at the break. They started on the front foot and were rewarded for their bright start when Cristiane found the back of the net with an excellent header in the 15th minute. Jamaica could be even further behind and owe their goalkeeper a lot as they could have been three or four goals down if it wasn't for her. She made two one-on-one saves against Debinha before saving a penalty. Allyson Swaby handballed the box in the area and Andressa stood up to take the spot kick but her weak effort was saved in the bottom corner by Schneider.
45' Brazil are still struggling to string some passes together to get out of their own half as Jamaica continue to press high up the field. Andressa loses the ball on the halfway line but wins a free-kick for her side when Carter catches her with a late challenge.
43' Carter once again puts a dangerous ball into the box from the left wing, and she's looking for Shaw who has made a run to the back post. Formiga gets back and makes an important block though to put it out of play.
41' Brazil look a little shaken after that penalty miss and their passing has become a little sloppy in the past few minutes which is giving Jamaica the chance to push upfield.
39' Jamaica are straight on the attack again after that penalty save by Schneider and Shaw is in on goal once again. The Brazil defenders crowd her out on the edge of the box though and her shot is blocked by Monica.
Andressa Alves
Penalty Miss
38' Andressa was stood for a little while before she took the penalty due to the VAR check that was going on, but she just didn't make great contact with the ball when she finally stepped up. It was a weak shot which helped Schneider after she chose the right way to go.
S. Schneider
Penalty Save
38' IT'S SAVED BY SCHNEIDER! Andressa didn't hit the penalty well at all and Schneider dived to her right and got a hand to the ball to deny her. Still 1-0 Brazil!
37' PENALTY TO BRAZIL! Santos is up from right back and she puts a cross into the box which hits Allyson Swaby. It was from quite close range, but the referee was in no doubt as she pointed to the spot. There was a short VAR check but the penalty stands.
36' GREAT CHANCE FOR SHAW! Barbara came off her line to collect Carter's cross but she spills the ball straight into Shaw's path. The striker quickly latches onto the end of it to get her shot away but the goalkeeper recovers brilliantly to save the effort.
34' Cristiane is one-on-one with Schneider once again and she fires her shot straight down the middle of the goal from the edge of the box. The goalkeeper once again makes a good save, but the flag belatedly goes up for offside so it wouldn't have counted anyway.
32' Brazil are once again piling the pressure onto Jamaica, but their final ball into the box has been poor in the last few minutes. Andressa tries to play a one-two with Cristiane, but the return pass is played straight to Allyson Swaby who clears the danger.
30' GREAT SAVE BY BARBARA! Shaw gets her first real chance to run at the Brazil goal and she drives her shot towards the top corner from the edge of the box. Barbara gets across her line well to push the effort wide of the post and deny her.
29' Formiga (41y 98d) is the oldest player to ever appear at the Women's World Cup - overtaking United States' Christie Rampone's record (40y 12d in July 2015).
27' Andressa puts another good cross into the box and Schneider reacts quickly to reach the ball first. She pushes it away but only onto Beatriz who was quickly closing her down. The goalkeeper got a bit of luck though and the ball bounced back into her gloves and not into the back of the net.
25' ANOTHER GREAT SAVE BY SCHNEIDER! Another great throughball picks out Debinha who is left one-on-one with the goalkeeper. She takes a touch before driving her shot on target, but Schneider is off her line quickly once again to push the effort away.
24' Brazil look so comfortable on the ball and they have been causing Jamaica a lot of problems so far today who are once again struggling to get out of their own half.
22' Carter did really well to dribble past Santos who was marking her very closely down the left wing. She slipped just as she went to put her cross into the box though and Brazil are able to get it clear.
20' Cristiane is now the outright second highest scorer for Brazil at Women's World Cups with eight goals, trailing only Marta (15).
18' Andressa is the one who takes the free-kick from just outside the box. She gets her effort over the wall, but there isn't enough dip on the shot and it sails over the crossbar.
K. Plummer
Yellow Card
17' Plummer is the first player to receive a yellow card today after catching Andressa with a two-footed challenge.
Andressa Alves
15' Andressa was given a lot of space down the left wing to get her head up and get her cross into the middle.
15' CRISTIANE PUTS BRAZIL AHEAD! That goal has been coming since the whistle blew! Andressa's cross into the box perfectly picked out Cristiane who was unmarked in the middle. She got a lot of power on her header and Schneider had no chance of reaching it as it flew into the back of the net. 1-0 Brazil!
14' Shaw dribbles past two Brazil defenders as she drifts into the box from the left before hitting her shot low towards the near post. There's not a lot of power on her shot though and it's a comfortable save for Barbara.
12' Brazil have a free-kick in a good position down the left wing and Andressa puts a wonderful cross into the box from the set-piece. Cristiane rises highest in the box to get on the end of it, but she can't direct her header on target.
10' Chantelle Swaby does brilliant to keep the ball after Andressa's challenge and she plays a pay forward to Carter who is left unmarked down the left wing. The linesman's flag goes up though and the chance comes to an end for Jamaica.
8' EXCELLENT SAVE BY SCHNEIDER! Andressa played a brilliant throughball to Debinha whose first touch took her away from her defender and left her one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Schneider had come a long way off her line and managed to get a hand to the ball to take push it out of Debinha's path.
7' Debinha takes the ball to the byline down the left wing and squares it across the six-yard box to pick out Beatriz at the far post. The forward is at a tight angle to goal and tries to cut it back to one of her team-mates, but no one is in the middle to get on the end of her pass.
5' Jamaica are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Brazil have started the game on the front foot. Brazil have already had four corners in the first five minutes, but they haven't been able to test Schneider just yet.
3' Brazil have yet another corner and Jamaica clear the ball as far as Monica on the edge of the box. She lets it bounce in front of her before slicing her shot, but Plummer gets enough on it to help it out of play.
2' Jamaica have a chance to break after clearing a Brazil corner and Shaw is chasing down the long ball upfield. Barbara has come a long way out of her penalty area and, luckily for her, reaches it first and gets it clear.
1' Beatriz gets the game underway for Brazil!
The teams are out on the pitch now and we'll be underway after the national anthems.
Brazil are unbeaten in their last 15 group stage matches at the World Cup (W13 D2), last losing a group stage game in 1995 when they suffered defeat to both Germany and Japan.
Hue Menzies' team also faced Scotland in their last outing, but he names an unchanged side to the one that lost that game as he is clearly happy with what he saw. Shaw, who scored both goals for Jamaica in that game, scored 19 goals for Jamaica during their qualifying campaign which was more than any other player in the world, and she is leading the line for them once again today.
Vadao makes four changes to the Brazil team that lost to Scotland in their previous game. Barbara comes into goal to replace Aline. Cristiane, Kathellen and Beatriz also come into the starting line-up in place of Erika, Geyse and Marta who start on the bench. Star player Marta is unlikely to feature today as she is still recovering from injury, but Formiga does get a start and she is making history as the first woman to play in seven World Cups.
JAMAICA SUBS: Nicole McClure, Mireya Grey, Lauren Silver, Sashana Campbell, Chinyelu Asher, Chanel Hudson-Marks, Ashleigh Shim, Tiffany Cameron, Olufolasade Adamolekun, Yazmeen Jamieson, Jody Brown, Toriana Patterson.
JAMAICA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Sydney Schneider; Dominique Bond-Flasza, Allyson Swaby, Konya Plummer, Deneisha Blackwood; Chantelle Swaby, Havana Solaun, Marlo Carmen Sweatman; Cheyna Matthews, Khadija Shaw, Trudi Carter.
BRAZIL SUBS: Marta, Poliana, Andressinha, Ludmila, Camila, Tayla, Leticia, Aline, Luana, Raquel Fernandes, Daiane, Geyse.
BRAZIL STARTING XI (4-4-2): Barbara; Leticia Santos, Kathellen, Monica, Tamires; Andressa, Formiga, Thaisa, Debinha; Beatriz, Cristiane.
Jamaica made history by becoming the first Caribbean team to ever qualify for the World Cup and are playing their first game in the tournament today. They had an impressive run in qualifying, losing just two of their games and scoring 53 goals in the process. They are facing a Brazil side who have lost their last eight matches since winning the Copa America Femenina in April last year.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Group C Women's World Cup clash between Brazil and Jamaica at the Stade des Alpes!