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90' + 1'
Yellow 2nd/RC
Yellow Card
R. Bentancur
Yellow Card
P. Dybala
F. Bernardeschi
0 - 2
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Goal
0 - 1

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 3
Total Passes 393 458
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Juventus JUV Juventus 38 26 5 7 76 43 +33 83 L L W L W
2 Internazionale INT Internazionale 38 24 10 4 81 36 +45 82 W W W D D
3 Atalanta ATA Atalanta 38 23 9 6 98 48 +50 78 L W D W D
4 Lazio LAZ Lazio 38 24 6 8 79 42 +37 78 L W W W L
5 Roma ROM Roma 38 21 7 10 77 51 +26 70 W W W W D
6 Milan MIL Milan 38 19 9 10 63 46 +17 66 W W D W W
7 Napoli NAP Napoli 38 18 8 12 61 50 +11 62 W L W L W
8 Sassuolo SAS Sassuolo 38 14 9 15 69 63 +6 51 L W L L D
9 Hellas Verona VER Hellas Verona 38 12 13 13 47 51 -4 49 L W L D D
10 Fiorentina FIO Fiorentina 38 12 13 13 51 48 +3 49 W W L D W
11 Parma PAR Parma 38 14 7 17 56 57 -1 49 W L W W L
12 Bologna BOL Bologna 38 12 11 15 52 65 -13 47 D L W L L
13 Udinese UDI Udinese 38 12 9 17 37 51 -14 45 W L W W L
14 Cagliari CAG Cagliari 38 11 12 15 52 56 -4 45 L W L L D
15 Sampdoria SAM Sampdoria 38 12 6 20 48 65 -17 42 D L L L W
16 Torino TOR Torino 38 11 7 20 46 68 -22 40 D L D D L
17 Genoa GEN Genoa 38 10 9 19 47 73 -26 39 W L L W W
18 Lecce LEC Lecce 38 9 8 21 52 85 -33 35 L W L W L
19 Brescia BRE Brescia 38 6 7 25 35 79 -44 25 D L L L W
20 SPAL SPA SPAL 38 5 5 28 27 77 -50 20 L L D L L


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Thanks for joining our commentary this evening. Until next time, goodbye.
Bologna are on the road in their next outing against Sampdoria on Sunday, while Juventus are back in action when they host Lecce on Friday.
Juventus get back to winning ways in Serie A following their Coppa Italia disappointment with a 2-0 win over Bologna. A goal from the penalty spot from Cristiano Ronaldo and a super effort from Paulo Dybala were enough to secure the three points for Maurizio Sarri's men. Federico Bernardeschi hit the post for the Bianconeri in the second half, while Danilo was dismissed late on for the visitors, who were rarely troubled by the hosts this evening.
90' + 7' The home side keep on probing for a consolation goal, but the Juventus line is holding firm amid the late spell of pressure.
90' + 5' BLOCK! Barrow lines up the first strike at goal from the free-kick, but he sees his effort charged down. Tomiyasu goes for the second effort, only to see De Ligt make the block in the box.
90' + 3' Cangiano is brought down on the edge of the box by Bentancur, who has already been booked. However, it's only a free-kick for the home side.
Yellow 2nd/RC
90' + 1' RED CARD! Danilo blocks off the run of Juwara and receives his second booking. The Brazilian is incredulous, but he has to make his way off the field.
90' There will be five minutes of added time.
90' DISALLOWED GOAL! Ronaldo believes that he has slotted home his second of the game, converting from Douglas Costa's cross. However, the goal is chalked off as Costa was offside in the build-up from Szczesny's kick out from the back.
88' Cangiano is late on Cuadrado and gives away a free-kick in the Juventus half. The forward avoids a booking despite the nature of the tackle.
86' There has been no shortage of effort from the home side this evening. They have just failed to execute in the key areas of the pitch.
84' Barrow makes a neat turn in the right inside channel and he fires a low ball across the face of goal. De Ligt reads the danger and is able to make the sliding interception before Bonucci hammers the ball away.
Yellow Card
82' Danilo brings down Juwara on the charge down the right flank and is booked by the referee.
M. Juwara
R. Orsolini
82' Orsolini makes way for Juwara on the right flank.
A. Poli
G. Medel
82' Poli comes on for Medel in the middle of the park.
G. Cangiano
N. Sansone
82' Cangiano replaces Sansone for the home side on the left flank.
80' WIDE! Orsolini continues to offer a threat down the right. He cuts inside to shoot on his left foot, firing a low strike through a crowd of players in the box. However, Szczesny is able to watch the ball travel wide of the right post.
Douglas Costa
P. Dybala
79' Dybala is withdrawn after a vital contribution. Douglas Costa replaces the Argentine.
77' The pace of the game has slowed after a rapid start to the half. Juve may just want to sit on this two-goal lead to see out the win.
N. Domínguez
R. Soriano
75' Dominguez replaces Soriano for the home side in the final third.
73' CLOSE! Ronaldo runs at the Bologna defence, probing all the way to the edge of the box. He takes a step inside to fire low towards the bottom-left corner on his right foot, only to place his effort narrowly wide of the left post.
71' OVER! Bernardeschi latches onto an offload from Ramsey and fires at goal from distance, only to place his effort over the bar.
A. Ramsey
M. Pjanić
71' Ramsey is on for the visitors to replace Pjanic.
B. Matuidi
A. Rabiot
70' Sarri rotates his midfield as Rabiot comes off for Matuidi.
R. Bentancur
Yellow Card
69' Bentancur pulls back Palacio on the charge and goes into the book.
66' Palacio twists and turns in the box, but he cannot find room for a strike for the home side. Juve have been stringent at the back.
M. De Sciglio
66' Danilo replaces De Sciglio for the visitors at left-back.
M. De Sciglio
Yellow Card
66' De Sciglio gets booked for dissent, while sitting on the ground. He was not happy with the referee about something, but has paid the penalty.
65' A problem for the visitors as De Sciglio pulls up holding his hamstring while charging forward. He will at the least require treatment here.
62' Bernardeschi raids forward and tries to fire at goal through a crowd of players. His effort cannons into Tomiyasu and travels behind for a Juventus corner.
61' WIDE! Ronaldo loses possession and it allows Orsolini to threaten for the hosts. He cuts in from the right flank to fire at goal on his right foot, but his effort drifts wide of the target.
60' VAR checks the challenge from De Sciglio and deems that it was fair to award the home side a corner only.
59' OVER! Sansone wins corner down the left flank and he whips a cross into the box. Palacio flicks the cross on to the back post where Barrow is waiting, but he can only direct his effort over under pressure from De Sciglio.
R. Palacio
M. Svanberg
57' Palacio replaces Svanberg for the home side to bolster their options in the final third.
56' The Bianconeri have enjoyed a dominant start to the second half and are hunting the third goal to kill off the contest.
54' WIDE! Juve's assault continues as Dybala is afforded space and time on the edge of the box. He takes on a strike with his unfavoured right boot, but he curls his effort narrowly wide of the left post.
54' BLOCK! Pjanic is brought down on the edge of the box by Soriano. The midfielder takes the resulting free-kick himself, but the wall holds firm to make the block.
53' OFF THE POST! Bernardeschi comes within inches of notching a third for the visitors. He cuts in on his left foot from the right flank and drills a strike towards the top-left corner, only to see his effort clatter off the post. Ronaldo gathers the rebound, but his attempt is blocked by Tomiyasu.
52' WIDE! Bentancur releases Ronaldo in space on the left flank. He only has Skorupski to beat, but he pokes his effort wide of the right post.
52' Dybala's offload almost falls for Ronaldo in the box, but Tomiyasu makes a vital challenge to dispossess the forward.
50' Svanberg surges through the Juve midfield and lines up a strike from the edge of the box. However, he is halted by a crunching challenge by De Ligt to deny the Swede.
49' Bernardeschi attempts to thread the needle to find Dybala in the box. The ball evades the Argentine and travels through to Skorupski.
48' Bentancur looks for the run of De Sciglio in the final third, but he overhits his pass out of play for a goal-kick.
46' We're back underway in this Serie A clash.
Bologna have had a couple of moments in the first half, but were not clinical enough. Gary Medel failed to capitalise on a mistake by Wojciech Szczesny, while Nicola Sansone drilled an effort just wide of the target. Sinisa Mihajlovic will want more from his team after the break.
Juventus hold a 2-0 lead over Bologna at the break in their Serie A clash. The visitors took the lead after VAR spotted a pull on the shirt of Mattijs de Ligt by Stefano Denswil in the box. Cristiano Ronaldo duly converted the spot-kick, placing his kick down the middle. Paulo Dybala extended Juve's advantage with a fine strike into the top corner, leaving the visitors in control at the interval.
45' + 1' OVER! Medel feeds Svanberg and he turns to fire at goal with a potent effort. Szczesny watches as the ball travels just over the bar. That was close for the home side.
45' There will be two minutes of added time.
45' BLOCK! Orsolini breaks down the right flank and has support. He tries to send a pass through to Barrow, but it's intercepted. The rebound falls straight back to the forward, who twists and turns before firing at goal. Bonucci remains stout at the back to block his strike on the slide.
43' Dijks gets forward in support down the left flank and he has options in the middle. However, he plays his cutback straight into the path of Pjanic in the box, who clears the danger.
42' Szczesny puts his team in trouble again with a poor pass out from the back. Barrow almost closes down Cuadrado, but he cannot keep the ball in play after making the challenge.
40' WIDE! Ronaldo drops his shoulder on the left flank and turns Tomiyasu inside and out. He lifts a cross to the back post for Dybala, only for the Argentine to slice his right-footed strike wide of the target.
38' Sansone has space in the final third and he wraps his boot around a left-footed strike that curls just away from goal, although Szczesny appears to have it covered.
F. Bernardeschi
36' Bernardeschi sends a short pass into the feet of Dybala and he does the rest with a fine finish.
P. Dybala
36' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! DYBALA SCORES A STUNNER!!! 2-0!!!! The visitors double their advantage as the Argentine curls a brilliant strike past Skorupski. He collects an offload from Bernardeschi and turns Denswil with ease. Dybala hits his effort with power and curl away from the Bologna keeper into the top-right corner.
36' CLOSE! Szczesny plays the ball straight out into the path of Medel and he tries to place his effort towards the target first time, but he loses his footing and the Juve keeper gathers the loose ball.
R. Soriano
Yellow Card
35' Soriano catches the ankle of Pjanic and goes into the book for his challenge.
34' Bologna win a corner down the left flank through the perseverance of Barrow. The forward takes the corner himself, firing a low ball towards the near post, only for Svanberg to angle his header wide of the target.
32' Szczesny takes his time over a clearance in his six-yard box and is charged down by Barrow. Fortunately for the Pole, the ball deflects away from goal and out for a throw-in.
29' Ronaldo turns his man down the left flank and sends a deep cross into the box, but he puts too much pace on it and evades everyone in the middle.
27' Juve are taking control of the contest. They're knocking the ball around the pitch with a swift tempo.
25' Bernardeschi wins the ball in the final third from Dijks and then charges into the box. He goes down under pressure from the defender, but the referee tells him to get to his feet.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Goal
23' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! RONALDO CONVERTS! 1-0 JUVE! The Portuguese steps up from the spot and he sends his strike straight down the middle, with Skorupski diving to his right. The visitors have not been at their best, but they have the lead.
22' PENALTY TO JUVENTUS! The referee spots that De Ligt has his shirt pulled in the box by Denswil in the melee at the corner after being referred to the screen at the side of the pitch. He points to the spot to award Juve a penalty.
21' Dybala's cross causes problems and there is movement between both sets of players in the box. Dijks and Rabiot collide on the edge of the area, and the decision goes the way of the home side.
20' Ronaldo turns his way past Tomiyasu on the left flank and he sends a dangerous cross into the middle that is cleared behind for a corner.
18' Orsolini uses his pace down the right flank to threaten for the hosts. He has support in the middle, only to slice his cross behind for a goal-kick.
17' OVER! Ronaldo takes the free-kick, but skies his effort harmlessy over the bar. Far from his best effort there.
16' Orsolini brings down Ronaldo just outside the box in the left corner. The Portuguese stands over the resulting free-kick with Dybala.
14' Orsolini sends an ambitious cross out from right to left for Soriano, but the ball away from midfielder and out for a goal-kick.
13' Cuadrado lunges in on Dijks down the left flank, but he only concedes a corner, despite the appeals of the home side.
10' Sansone tries to carve out room for a strike on the edge of the Juve box, but he sees his effort charged down. 
9' Ronaldo probes down the left after collecting Bernadeschi's offload, but Tomiyasu covers the danger to knock him off the ball.
8' Bernardeschi claims for handball against Denswil as he makes the challenge on the ground. The referee says no, but replays show that the ball did glance the arm.
7' SAVE! Ronaldo cuts in with menace from the left flank to fire at goal on his right foot. Skorupski gets down to make the stop, palming the ball away from goal. Denswil then denies Bernardeschi on the rebound with a covering challenge.
6' Danilo tries to work the ball through to Orsolini in the final third, but his pass goes out of play for a goal-kick.
3' Sansone brings down Cuadrado on the right flank. Pjanic whips the resulting free-kick into the box, but Skorupski comes off his line to make the claim.
1' Rabiot is brought down by Svanberg, handing Juve a free-kick.
1' We're underway in this Serie A clash.
Juventus have lost only one of their last 34 Serie A games against Bologna (W24 D9): 0-2 in February 2011, with Alberto Malesani as Rossoblu coach.
Alex Sandro, Costa, Mautidi and Buffon all make way for Juventus this evening from their side that was beaten in the Coppa Italia final. Szczesny comes into the side between the sticks and De Sciglio starts at left-back. Rabiot plays alongside Pjanic and Bentancur in the midfield, while Bernadeschi is part of a three-man attack with Ronaldo and Dybala.
Bologna have made four changes to their side from their last outing against Lazio in February. Dijks comes into the back four, while Medel and Svanberg sit as holding midfielders. Sansone starts on the left flank to replace Palacio, while Barrow leads the line through the middle.
JUVENTUS SUBS: Aaron Ramsey, Douglas Costa, Danilo, Blaise Matuidi, Daniele Rugani, Carlo Pinsoglio, Marco Olivieri, Simone Muratore, Giacomo Vrioni, Luca Zanimacchia, Gianluigi Buffon.
JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Wojciech Szczesny; Juan Cuadrado, Leonardo Bonucci, Matthijs de Ligt, Mattia De Sciglio; Rodrigo Bentancur, Miralem Pjanic, Adrien Rabiot; Federico Bernardeschi, Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo.
BOLOGNA SUBS: Angelo da Costa, Federico Bonini, Nicolas Dominguez, Ladislav Krejci, Ibrahima Mbaye, Andrea Poli, Rodrigo Palacio, Gabriele Corbo, Musa Juwara, Gianmarco Cangiano, Andri Fannar Baldursson, Mouhamadou Sarr. 
BOLOGNA (4-2-3-1): Lukas Skorupski; Takehiro Tomiyasu, Danilo, Stefano Denswil, Mitchell Dijks; Gary Medel, Mattias Svanberg; Riccardo Orsolini, Roberto Soriano, Nicola Sansone; Musa Barrow.
Juventus suffered a rare defeat at the hands of Napoli in the Coppa Italia, losing the contest on penalties. Maurizio Sarri's wait for a domestic honour goes on after their failure in Rome. Juve hold a point advantage over Lazio at the top of Serie A. After suffering a defeat against Hellas Verona they bounced back with three wins in a row before the league was halted. The Bianconeri must maintain that standard to fend off their rivals to secure the league title once again.
Bologna are sitting comfortably in mid-table ahead of tonight's clash. They've not played since the final day in February due to the pandemic. Sinisa Mihajlovic's men were on a three-match winless run before the Serie A campaign was halted, losing their last outing against Lazio. There's still time left in the season for them to make a charge towards a Europa League start, but it must start with a strong outing against Juve.
Good evening and welcome to the live commentary of the Serie A clash between Bologna and Juventus at the Renato Dall'Ara.