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90' + 4'
Y. Reyna
Yellow Card
M. Moreno
Penalty Goal
1 - 3
P. Guerrero
0 - 3
P. Guerrero
C. Cueva
0 - 2
P. Guerrero
J. Vargas
0 - 1

Match Stats

48% 51%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 8
Total Passes 310 330
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FULL TIME! Peru move into the Copa America semi finals, after a solid performance from Los Incas. A hat-trick from Guerrero helped Gareca's men on their way to a 3-1 victory, with a penalty from Moreno little more than a consolation goal for El Verde. It could have been more for both teams, in an open game, with Peru heading through to face Chile! That's all we have time for from Temuco, I've been Simon Harrison and I hope to see you again next time!
Tempers are boiling over! All of the players form a mob on the edge of the Bolivia penalty area, with the referee and his linesmen getting immediately involved. Reyna and Quinonez clash slightly, before things calm down and Peru take the corner they were originally awarded.
Y. Reyna
Yellow Card
Yellow card José Yordy Reyna Serna
Peru win themselves a long-range free kick opportunity, but the ball is sent hurtling into the stands behind Quinonez's goal. Carrillo opens up his legs to break upfield, before spreading play out to the right. Reyna is picked out at the back post, but the substitute can't make contact and slides into the post instead!
We're into the first of four minutes of stoppage time in Temuco.
Carrillo wins a corner from Raldes, with the Bolivia captain limping slightly. It is taken short, before Vargas wins a second set piece opportunity. Peru are just looking to wind down the clock, with the substitute showing some neat footwork in the process.
Y. Yotún
Yellow Card
Yellow card Víctor Yoshimar Yotún Flores
Chumacero commits another foul, this time on Guerrero, but somehow the midfielder avoids a yellow card. Peru breaks down the left-hand side, but Yotun takes a terrible touch and Bolivia are able to get back on the ball.
Yotun is left nursing his wounds, after Moreno leaves the midfielder winded with a sly elbow to the ribs. Less than five minutes remain for El Verde to achieve the most unlikely of comebacks. Smedberg is the target of a long ball, but Gallese collects.
M. Moreno
Yellow Card
Yellow card Marcelo Martins Moreno
M. Moreno
Penalty Goal
GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Moreno places a cool finish down the middle, with Gallese diving the wrong way! The striker thumps home the ball and Bolivia suddenly have the slimmest of hopes. Two goals from Soria's men and they'll earn themselves a penalty shootout!
PENALTY FOR BOLIVIA! Yotun makes his way through the heart of the Bolivian defence, but his eventual through ball is hooked away from danger. Raldes is then felled by a poorly timed challenge from Reyna, with El Verde breaking forward as a result. Lizio scampers into the box, before beating his man and forcing a penalty out of Advincula.
Y. Reyna
C. Cueva
Substitution Christian Alberto Cueva Bravo José Yordy Reyna Serna
Lizio fires over from the edge of the penalty area, with Bolivia just struggling to come up with anything offensively. Less than 10 minutes remain for El Verde to save some pride, but it isn't looking likely. If anything Gareca's side are continuing to look the more dangerous. Reyna is ready on the sideline.
Cueva fires wide! The diminutive forward is picked out on the edge of the penalty area, before shifting the ball onto his right foot and dragging a terrible attempt well beyond the far upright! Los Incas could make things embarrassing for Bolivia before long.
P. Hurtado
J. Farfán
Substitution Jefferson Agustin Farfán Guadalupe Christopher Paolo César Hurtado Huertas
Quinonez is forced into a save at his near post by Yotun! The midfielder is given some service by Carrillo, but it was always at a comfortable height for the goalkeeper. Peru continue to look extremely dangerous on the break.
Advincula overlaps again down the right-hand side, but Raldes slides in well to dispossess the right-back and concede a corner. Farfan delivers, but Guerrero's looping header sails just beyond the top right-hand corner.
P. Guerrero
GOOOOOOOAL! GUERRERO SEALS HIS HAT-TRICK! Bejarano gives away an unforgivably terrible pass, allowing for the Peru striker to race in on goal and slot a simple finish beyond an isolated Quinonez. That should be that! Bolivia have been utterly awful in terms of surrendering chances.
R. Pedriel
Yellow Card
Yellow card Ricardo Pedriel Suárez
Bolivia may feel hard done by not to have picked up a penalty there, with that controversy only going further to fuel their motivation. Chumacero takes fly from 25 yards out, but the central midfielder balloons a poor attempt high of the crossbar.
Carrillo sprints down the left, before tucking back a cross from the left byline, but Cueva can only fire wide! Bolivia then break, with Pedriel scampering into the box, but the striker is flattened by Gallese! Escobar receives a booking for dissent, with the substitutes going wild at the fact that Bolivia didn't get a penalty there.
P. Escobar
Yellow Card
Yellow card Pablo Daniel Escobar Olivetti
Carrillo immediately loses the ball after coming on, with Pena dashing towards goal, but Vargas steps across to deny the wide man. With less than half an hour to play, Bolivia need to be getting a goal to their name before long, oterhwise things will get desperate.
R. Pedriel
A. Peña
Substitution Alcides Peña Jimenez Ricardo Pedriel Suárez
Chumacero puts another late challenge in on Retamoso, but the referee once again does reach into his pocket for a yellow card. Smedberg then leaves Yotun in a heap, as Bolivia look to be getting a little restless when not in possession. Gareca is readying some substitutes.
A. Carrillo
C. Pizarro
Substitution Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bossio André Martín Carrillo Díaz
Cueva picks out Farfan on the edge of the penalty area, but the Schalke forward is denied by a simple block. Moments later, Yotun picks out the same man at the back post, but he slides a terrible effort across goal and beyond the far upright!
Pena heads over at the near post, after another good corner delivery from Smedberg. From the resulting goal kick, Gallese is booked for wasting time, despite there still being half an hour left on the clock in Temuco. He will have to watch his step now. Pizarro then cuts back a sharp pass from the left byline, but Raldes scrambles a timely clearance away.
P. Gallese
Yellow Card
Yellow card Pedro David Gallese Quiróz
Farfan sends a 25-yard effort rocketing over the crossbar, before Bolivia go on the attack again. Moreno sees a cross blocked by Ascues, with the trailing side picking up a corner. Smedberg's corner is hacked away by Vargas.
Chumacero tries to curl a cross into the box, but Zambrano heads clear. Bolivia are gaining more confidence while pushing on, but Gallese remains relatively unchallenged, but for one good first-half save to deny Moreno. With El Verde pushing on, it's leaving a lot of space for Peru to exploit on the break.
Moreno is getting closer! The striker is picked out by a cross from the left-hand side, but he can only guide a header well within the grasp of Gallese! Peru try to break, but Guerrero is penalised for pushing Zenteno to ground. Pena then sees the ball escape from him on the edge of the opposition penalty area.
Moreno breaks to the left byline, but a good tackle from Zambrano wins Peru a goal kick. Guerrero and Cueva then combine brilliantly on the break, with the former laying on a neat backheel for his teammate, but the latter can only see a shot blocked after rounding one sliding challenge.
Raldes keeps his composure to dribble out of his own box under heavy pressure, after Guerrero nearly had a chance to complete his hat trick. The two teams have battled well from the restart, but Bolivia will need a goal before long to unsettle Peru. Quinonez is forced into a save from the long-range shot, which is easy enough for the goalkeeper to claim.
Farfan tries to slide a pass through into Guerrero's path, but it is slightly too heavy and Quinonez can collect! Advincula is then fed down the right-hand side, but Yotun eventually surrenders possession, leading to a counter attack from Pena which is snuffed out easily by Zambrano.
Retamoso slides in brilliantly to deny Lizio, with Peru's central midfield options certainly not disappointing despite the absence of Ballon and Lobaton. Bolivia then win a free kick from Ascues, but Escobar's delivery is headed directely at Gallese by Lizio. The latter was caught offside anyway, however.
El Verde have made two changes, with Lizio and Escobar being thrown into the action at the expense of Bolivia's usual full-backs options. Soria knows that his side have to go for it now, with more offensive players on the field as a result.
We are back underway in the second half! Peru have a two-goal lead, but Bolivia could change the complexion of the game if they start this period well.
P. Escobar
M. Hurtado
Substitution Miguel Angel Hurtado Suarez Pablo Daniel Escobar Olivetti
D. Lizio
L. Morales
Substitution Alejandro Leonel Morales Pinedo Damián Emmanuel Lizio
HALF TIME! Peru head into their dressing room with a two-goal lead, courtesy of two finishes from Guerrero, Farfan has hit the woodwork twice, with Bolivia only having a couple of chances to test Gallese. El Verde are still in the game, but if they concede again then it should be game over. Be sure to stick around for the second half in Temuco!
Peru hit the crossbar! Farfan lets fly, but can only guide the ball onto the top of the woodwork! Los Incas keep the pressure on, however, with an eventual cross-cum-shot from the left-hand side bobbling out for a goal kick.
Guerrero is picked out, with the striker taking the ball down on his knee before seeing an eventual shot chased down. Yotun is then felled by a poorly timed challenge from Chumacero, gifting Peru a free-kick opportunity 25 yards from goal just before the break.
Peru win themselves a free kick on the right flank, but Quinonez punches away under heavy pressure! Bolivia try to break, but it comes to nothing with Pena surrendering possession with ease. Soria's men just haven't been as neat in their approach play. Guerrero wins yet another corner for Los Incas immediately.
Yotun and Morales collide in the middle of the field, with the former dragging his opponent to the turf. The Bolivian wide man reacts angrily, but the referee prevents any escalation. The resulting set piece is hooked in towards the back post, before the rebound is clattered into a ruck of red shirts. Smedberg's set pieces are causing problems.
Smedberg dips a brilliant free-kick delivery into the penalty area, but it bobbles off Vargas and away from danger eventually! He didn't appear to know much about it, with that deflection having the potential to go absolutely anywhere. Peru won't want to give away a cheap goal so close to the interval.
FARFAN HITS THE POST! Peru break down the left-hand side at brilliant pace! Cueva picks out Guerrero, before the goalscorer shifts play out to the right. The Schalke man slides in to shoot from a tight angle, beating the goalkeeper but not the upright!
Farfan is left in a heap on the floor, with Bejarano kicking the Schalke forward up in the air. Pizarro is then fouled by Coimbra, with Bolivia struggling to even win the ball back to transition quickly upfield. Soria might have to go back to the drawing board at half time.
D. Bejarano
Yellow Card
Yellow card Danny Brayhan Bejarano Yañez
Just over ten minutes remains in Temuco, with Peru taking their foot off the gas ever so slightly. Bejarano fouls Retamoso, with Bolivia just struggling to get any kind of foothold in their midfield battle. Their opponents have been better in every department.
Brilliant save from Gallese! Moreno wins a free kick on the left-hand side, which is swung dangerously into the box! The man who won the dead-ball situation manages to turn the ball goalwards, but the shot-stopper uses his reflexes well to scramble down to his right and parry a header away from goal.
L. Advíncula
Yellow Card
Yellow card Luis Jan Piers Advíncula Castrillón
It just hasn't been Quinonez's night, with the Bolivia goalkeeper having a poor game in between the sticks. The opening half an hour has definitely belonged to Peru, with Gareca's team showing real hunger and cohesion despite their suspensions. Another goal from Los Incas and they should be home and dry.
Brilliant effort from Morales! The left-footed wide man takes it upon himself to shoot from 30 yards out! He dips a swirling attempt at goal, which flashes just over the bar with Gallese at full stretch! That's the most that the Peruvian goalkeeper has had to do, thus far.
Peru just aren't stopping! Farfan wins a corner on the right-hand side, with Gareca's men relentlessly going for the kill. Two goals in five minutes isn't enough for Los Incas, who want to put this contest to bed before half time! The resulting set-piece is headed goalwards by Guerrero, but Quinonez smothers.
C. Cueva
Assist Christian Alberto Cueva Bravo
P. Guerrero
GOOOOOOOOOOAL! IT'S ANOTHER FROM GUERRERO! Cueva manages to set the goalscorer away on the break, with the Flamengo forward racing into the box and slotting a finish beyond Quinonez! Bolivia are shell-shocked and that could be the game settled already!
Bolivia immediately press on and win a corner! The delivery is poor from Smedberg, however, with El Verde unable to take advantage of Peru perhaps watching off briefly after breaking the deadlock.
J. Vargas
Assist Juan Manuel Vargas Risco
P. Guerrero
GOOOOOOOOOOA! GUERRERO BREAKS THE DEADLOCK! Vargas breaks down the left-hand side, before whipping in a brilliant cross, which his teammate plants into the far corner with his head! It may have took a knock off Coimbra, but Peru won't care one bit! First blood to Los Incas!
Coimbra slides across to challenge Farfan, with the defender penalised despite getting the ball. Moments later, Zambrano is forced to hook a clearance away, with Bolivia just not able to make anything of their rare forays forward.
Peru have definitely had the brighter start from the two outfits, with Los Incas testing Bolivia's resolve with some teasing corners. Farfan gets into the box, before trying a one-two with Guerrero, but a neat interception saves El Verde. Gareca's men are relentlessly putting the pressure on, with Soria's system inviting their opposition on at the moment.
Very close for Peru! Farfan sends a devilish corner delivery into the box, with Quinonez not claiming it, before a tame strike is hacked off the line by Hurtado! The second set piece is flicked on by Guerrero, before Pizarro hooks a close-range effort over the crossbar! The goalkeeper may have touched it, but the referee points for a goal kick.
Advincula and Farfan have looked to combine well down the right-hand side, with the former marauding forward on the overlap whenever possible. Vargas picks out a back-post cross which finds Guerrero, but Coimbra slides in brilliantly to block an effort from the Peru striker. From the rebound, Yotun picks up the ball, before winning a second corner for his side.
Cueva tries to break down the left-hand side on the counter, but the dimunitive wide man is promptly robbed of possession by Hurtado. Bolivia just haven't been able to get Moreno involved enough thus far, with the sauntering striker doing more chasing than anything else.
Quinonez is pressured by Guerrero! The goalkeeper beats the Peru striker with a neat touch, before the former Corinthians striker clipped the Bolivian shot-stopper to allow the referee to put his whistle to his lips for a free kick. Soria's men are trying to settle into the game with some more possession.
Guerrero jinks inside from the left flank, before letting fly with his right foot! The Flamengo strikers sends the ball dipping over the crossbar, with Quinonez worried. Not too far away from the physical forward.
Bolivia are using three centre-backs, at the moment, with Soria clearly deciding that he doesn't want to risk giving away an early goal against a well-armed Peruvian outfit. Morales tries to pick out Pena, who makes a run in behind, but the Bolivian forward is caught way offside.
Peru try their luck from a long-range free kick, but Quinonez is able to pat it down and claim at the second time of asking. Los Incas have started this game rather well, despite having two of their key midfield options missing. Advincula then wins a free kick from Coimbra, with the full-back sliding in rather viciously.
Moreno manages to whip a cross-cum-shot in from the right-hand side, but the striker's attempt bounces beyond the far post with Gallese happy to let it run wide. Quinonez is forced into action moments later, and easily collects a Farfan cross.
Advincula causes some problems early on! The right-back scampers down the right flank, as we have seen so often, but can only force a corner due to a block by Raldes. The resulting corner is promptly wasted, with Yotun giving away a throw in needlessly due to a poor touch. Not the best start, for the second-string central midfielder.
We are underway in the first half! Bolivia and Peru may both be unfancied to lift the Copa America trophy, but tonight is a brilliant chance for one of them to stride into the semi finals! El Verde are in all white, while Los Incas don red.
Both teams are out on the field and the national anthems are underway! Not long until we can get our teeth into tonight's action! There's a great atmosphere in Temuco, that's for sure!
Peru substitutes: Cespedes, Riojas, Requena, Hurtado, Reyna, Penny, Sanchez, Ramos, Carillo, Libman.
Peru starting line-up (4-4-2): Gallese; Advincula, Zambrano, Ascues, Vargas; Farfan, Yotun, Retamoso; Cueva; Pizarro, Guerrero.
Bolivia substitutes: Eguino, Lizio, Escobar, Penarrieta, Miranda, Rodriguez, Gamarra, M. Bejarano, Veizaga, Campos, Pedriel, Suarez.
Bolivia starting line-up (5-3-2): Quinonez; Hurtado, Raldes, Zenteno, Coimbra, Morales; Bejarano, Chumacero, Smedberg; Pena, Moreno.
TEAM NEWS: Both Lobaton and Ballon miss out in central midfielder due to suspension for Peru, with Yotun and Retamoso being drafted in as a result. Jefferson Farfan is fit to play, but Pizarro will partner the physical presence of Paolo Guerrero. Farfan is deployed on the right, with the dimunitive nuisance of Cueva on the left. Advincula and Vargas will continue to look to be positive from full-back.
TEAM NEWS: Miguel Hurtado, Edward Zenteno, Danny Bejarano and Damian Lizio all come back in for Bolivia after being rested in the drubbing against Chile. Otherwise, it's as expected from Soria. Romel Quinonez will look to draw inspiration from his opening two performances, while Marcelo Moreno is a key man up top with the ability to hold the ball and make things happen.
I'm Simon Harrison and I will be keeping you up to date with all of the action, as these two teams battle it out to face Chile in the next round. After being demolished 5-0 in their final Group A game against La Roja, Bolivia might be a little more nervous if they were to progress tonight! It isn't all smiles for Peru, however, with Los Incas having a couple of important suspensions to deal with. El Verde have only scored in one of their three Copa America games up until this point, with Gareca's side keeping clean sheets in their last two fixtures. This could be a hard-fought one!
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the second Copa America quarter-final fixture of the tournament! We are in Temuco, as Bolivia and Peru clash in what is certainly an unexpected knockout game, with the former doing brilliantly to clamber out of Group A. The latter, however, managed to keep a clean sheet against Colombia last time out, with Ricardo Gareca doing brilliantly to squeeze the best out of the players available to him. This will be a very competitive contest, but remember! There are no extra-time periods in this competition, with a draw at 90 minutes leading straight into a penalty shootout.