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90' + 2'
L. Messi
Jordi Alba
6 - 1
L. Suárez
Jordi Alba
5 - 1
Guilherme Arana
É. Banega
4 - 1
Sergi Roberto
L. Messi
4 - 0
Philippe Coutinho
L. Suárez
3 - 0

Match Stats

61% 38%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 4
Total Passes 611 372
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Barca's attention will now turn to their game at home to Valencia this weekend; Sevilla will get the chance to make amends away to Celta Vigo. They may be out of the Copa del Rey but they've still got the top four to think about and a Europa League tie against Lazio to look forward to. That's all for now. Goodbye!
That means Barcelona progress to the Copa del Rey semi-finals 6-3 on aggregate. Valencia and Real Betis have already made it there; we'll find out whether the final semi-finalists will be Real Madrid or Girona when they play tomorrow.
Well, that's a way to answer your critics. Sevilla must have thought they could get a famous victory here, but Valverde's decision to play his strongest team paid off. Barca hauled back Sevilla's aggregate lead in the first half and simply blew the visitors away in the second. What's more, they saved the best for last. 
Jordi Alba
90' + 3' Alba is the Barca player who gets the assist but that seems irrelevant - it felt like every Barca attacker got a touch in that goal. Pleasingly, that's the last kick of the game!
L. Messi
90' + 2' GOAL! 6-1 BARCA! This has turned into an almighty rout, and it came after Sevilla won a free-kick in Barca's half. Again Sevilla leave themselves short at the back and Barca break. There's some wonderful passing play involving flicks, one-twos and dummies in Sevilla's box, and Messi's the one who fires it in.
Carles Aleñá
90' Barca make their final change. Arthur off. Alena comes on.
Jordi Alba
88' That was a fantastic counter-attack by Barca - a real team goal. Alba got the cross in but credit should go to Messi too. He really bust a gut to get on the end of that clearance.
L. Suárez
87' GOAL! 5-1 BARCA! 5-3 on aggregate, and that will be that. Sevilla get a corner on their left which Barca boot upfield. Messi gives chase and latches onto it! The ball's quickly worked to Alba on the other side and he crosses for Suarez to poke in and finish the game off! A wonderful goal. 
85' Suarez skips past a few Sevilla defenders on his way towards goal but finds his progress halted. Barca have done well to limit Sevilla's threat at this late stage.
Bryan Gil
Guilherme Arana
84' Sevilla make their final change. Arana off. Gil replaces him on the left flank.
83' Barca have had 18 shots to Sevilla's nine now. The home side just about deserve to go through on aggregate as things stand. Sevilla don't look like scoring again - but will they?
82' Barca get another opportunity to seal the game as Sevilla are playing increasingly high. This time Roberto tries to dink the ball over Soriano from a Messi pass but the ball loops over.
Nélson Semedo
Philippe Coutinho
81' Another Barca sub. Coutinho is replaced by Semedo.
80' Another Messi shot goes bouncing wide of Soriano's goal. One more goal would make Barca feel a lot more comfortable.
F. Vázquez
Roque Mesa
78' Sevilla make another change. Mesa is also replaced by Vazquez.
W. Ben Yedder
É. Banega
77' Sevilla respond. Banega goes off. Ben Yedder comes on - perhaps too late?
A. Vidal
I. Rakitić
76' Barcelona make their first substitution of the game. Rakitic is replaced by Vidal.
74' How did that stay out? A killer Barca pass finds Suarez who cuts back to leave Messi facing an open net. Messi delays just a fraction too long, allowing Soriano to get back into position and save! 
73' Messi blazes another free-kick over the bar. He won't want to make a habit of that.
Sergi Gómez
Yellow Card
72' Gomez is booked for bundling over Messi 30 yards out from Sevilla's goal. Barca are still threatening, but not as much as before.
71' Seville come on the attack again. Arana goes one-on-one with Roberto down the left but Arthur arrives to help his teammate out.
69' Sevilla look buoyed now. Banega has another shot blocked after he receives a pass from Sarabia.
É. Banega
68' Banega could have shot himself there but will be glad he didn't. Sevilla only need to score once more to go through on away goals. The Camp Nou is suddenly a little nervier.
68' The officials use this pause in play to assess that potential handball against Coutinho before awarding the Sevilla goal. It wasn't handball and Sevilla's goal stands!
Guilherme Arana
67' GOAL! 4-1, and a lifeline for Sevilla! Banega picks up the ball just outside Barca's box and cannily passes across to an onrushing Arana who spanks the ball into the net first-time. Pick that out. 
67' There's a whiff of handball as Coutinho bears down on goal and his shot hits Carrico's hand. Should that be a penalty? That might be one for VAR in a moment.
66' Arana picks up the ball about 40 yards from Barca's goal and decides to let rip with his left foot. The shot whistles harmlessly over Cillessen's crossbar. 
64' You have to wonder why Ben Yedder is still on the bench. Why not bring your best striker on if you're two goals behind?
62' Sarabia gets loose near the left touchline and chips a cross right onto the head of Silva in the box but the Portuguese striker can only nod the ball wide. It just isn't Sevilla's day.
61' Barca get their sixth corner of the game. It's taken short and worked to the right, but Sevilla nick it back and spring clear. Lenglet makes a timely interception to stop Sarabia getting away.
60' To their credit, Sevilla are still trying, albeit without achieving much. Lenglet goes down when Silva barges him over. Barca free-kick.
58' Sevilla have had four shots this game and none yet in this half. That missed Banega penalty may have been the decisive moment.
57' The Camp Nou crowd sound delirious, and rightly so. Coutinho thinks he's grabbed his second after slamming the ball past Soriano, but he's offside. No matter - Barca are still two goals to the good.
L. Messi
54' Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Where would Barcelona be without Messi? You just can't imagine them without him now.
Sergi Roberto
54' GOAL! 4-0 BARCA! There's surely no way back for Sevilla now. Messi dribbles inside from the right, almost in slow motion, and lays a cute ball to Roberto who sweeps the ball into the net.
L. Suárez
53' For all his theatrics, Suarez really is very good. He may have swung this tie decisively in Barca's favour.
Philippe Coutinho
53' GOAL! 3-0 BARCA! Barca take the lead on aggregate! Suarez, drifting on the right, floats a delightful chipped cross towards the heart of Sevilla's defence. Coutinho pops up to power a low header past Soriano!
52' Rakitic tests Soriano from distance - the keeper saves the shot but spills it, thankfully for him with no Barca player nearby. His relief doesn't last long though...
51' Now Messi is standing over a free-kick from the left. It beats the first man but not the second, and Sevilla rush upfield. Sevilla look purposeful but not necessarily effective.
49' Sevilla win a free-kick after Coutinho brings down Banega who beats him to a bouncing ball. The referee blows for a Barca foul when Lenglet hits the deck.
48' It's a quiet start to the half with not much going on. Sarabia wins a free-kick by the halfway line after he's tugged over by Lenglet.
47' Rakitic shepherds the ball out of play for a Barca goal-kick under pressure from Silva. 
46' Barca get the second half underway! 45 minutes left to decide who will make it to the Copa del Rey semi-finals before the prospect of extra time and penalties.
Arthur and Rakitic bossed the midfield for Barca in that first half - they ended the half with 46 passes each, more than twice as many as any Sevilla player. Sevilla need to hope a few more good chances come their way.
We're back to where we started then - Barca and Sevilla are drawing 2-2 on aggregate, and Sevilla's moderate lead from the previous leg has been wiped out. It's no less than Barca deserve in truth, as they've been in charge throughout, despite Sevilla hitting the post and missing a penalty.
45' There will be one minute of added time, which feels too little after everything earlier. Barca don't achieve very much with it anyway.
44' Chance for Barca! Pique arrives from deep for the corner and nods the ball just wide of Soriano's left-hand post. Almost.
43' Arthur attempts to cut a ball back to Messi but Banega boots it out for a throw. Kjaer acrobatically stops Suarez from reaching a cross from the other side. Barca corner.
41' Barca come on the attack again. Messi tries to dance past several Sevilla defenders but loses out. Sarabia plays a one-two with Silva to enter Barca's area but the Sevilla left wing-back is fractionally offside. 
40' Messi steps up with that left foot of his and tries a high curling effort but it dips right over Soriano's crossbar. The Barca captain covers his eyes briefly in shame.
39' Suarez goes down holding his calf on the edge of Sevilla's box after a kick from behind by Amadou. That must sting. Barca free-kick.
37' Sevilla get a second corner after Lenglet heads a follow-up cross out of play. This time Sarabia's header bounces harmlessly out for a goal-kick.
36' Promes relieves the pressure on his side by winning Sevilla their first corner of the game down the right. Pique rises high to head it clear.
35' The way things are going it would be very surprising if Sevilla went in level at half-time. Barca have been dominant.
Daniel Carriço
Yellow Card
34' Carrico is booked for sliding in on Messi who had paused for a split second.
31' Arthur's angled pass there really was lovely. He imagined Rakitic's run before anyone else saw it coming.
I. Rakitić
31' GOAL! 2-0 BARCA! Sevilla's two-goal advantage has been reduced to dust! A spectacular Arthur pass is rushed onto by Rakitic who gets a toe-poke on it just before Soriano arrives and it slowly rolls into the net. 
Roque Mesa
Yellow Card
30' Mesa also sees yellow for his role in that silly spat. Can we get back to the football please?
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
30' Suarez gets a yellow card for being a naughty boy.
29' This game is quickly turning into end-to-end stuff as Suarez has a shot saved by Soriano. Suarez and Mesa get into each other's faces but the referee is taking no nonsense - he rushes in to book both of them.
J. Cillessen
Penalty Save
27' That was a great save by Cillessen, even if it was just the right height for him. Sevilla's advantage remains only one goal.
Penalty Miss
26' Two minutes after the penalty is awarded, thanks to Pique's remonstration, Banega steps up to take it - it's saved as Cillessen pushes it to his left!
24' PENALTY! This time it's gone towards Sevilla! Mesa bursts into the area and is brought down by Pique. Mesa looks like he might just be offside but the penalty stands.
23' Messi remonstrates with the referee as a throw-in is given Sevilla's away. They quickly work it to the other side and Promes' cross finds its way to Silva whose first-time back-heel is pushed onto the post by Cillessen! 
21' Sevilla haven't had a sniff of goal since that early Sarabia chance. Predictably, Barca are dominating possession - they've had around 70% so far.
19' It's no surprise that Barca are extremely easy on the eye. The Blaugrana's full-backs have been given full licence to bomb forward on the overlap and their midfield is finding them every time.
18' Two chances for Barca in quick succession! First Suarez has a shot blocked after an Alba cutback from the left, then Messi has a deflected shot which Soriano can just about control. 
16' Kjaer heads the ball out for a throw when an angled pass from Barca's defence is aimed towards Suarez. The Uruguayan's proving a real menace with his movement so far.
15' Watching that incident back, it almost looks as if Messi kicked his own heel there. Barca have got very lucky. 
Philippe Coutinho
Penalty Goal
13' GOAL! 1-0 BARCA! Coutinho steps up, cool as a cucumber, and slots the penalty kick low to Soriano's right. It's 2-1 on aggregate now, and that early goal will do Barca a lot of good.
12' PENALTY! Promes foolishly taps Messi in the back of the ankle as he enters the area. It looks soft but the referee has no hesitation in pointing to the spot.
10' Sevilla break again and find Sarabia lurking in an inside-left position. He looks around for support but can't find a teammate.
9' With the fourth corner Sevilla finally manage to escape their own area but not for long. Suarez almost latches onto a chipped pass but Kjaer gets in the way.
8' Barca's corner turns into three more in quick succession as Sevilla repeatedly clear their lines. All the early pressure is from the home side here.
7' Barca's first half-chance of the game. A fantastic ball aimed towards Roberto down the right is pushed away by Soriano. Roberto passes back inside to Messi whose shot is blocked. Barca corner.
6' Messi goes on one of his inimitable runs down the right wing but finds himself blocked off by several Sevilla defenders. Barca are having to think here.
4' Sevilla look quite content to defend in their compact 3-5-2 as Barca are finding it hard to break them down. The away side burst upfield again but Barca retrieve the ball just as the situation is starting to look dangerous.
2' Barca start the game on the front foot to a deafening noise inside the Camp Nou. Sevilla win the ball and break quickly. Sarabia tests Cillessen with a shot from outside the area - a routine save.
1' The referee Jose María Sanchez Martinez gets this second leg underway!
The two teams take the field as El Cant del Barca rings out around the Camp Nou. Barca are wearing their famous blue and red kit while Sevilla are in their all-white away strip.
That's a bold selection by Valverde; he's made it abundantly clear that it's win or bust for Barca. Machin has made a curious decision in benching Ben Yedder, who's Sevilla's top goalscorer this season. Will the gamble pay off?
Contrary to previous rounds of this competition, Valverde decides to bring out the big guns in an attempt to salvage this tie; he makes five changes to the Barca line-up with Messi, Suarez and Coutinho all coming in. Sevilla make four changes from the side that brought them victory last week; Ben Yedder scored last Wednesday but starts on the bench this time.
SUBS: Javier Vazquez, Tomas Vaclik, Marko Rog, Bryan Gil, Franco Vazquez, Wissam Ben Yedder, Gabriel Mercado.
SEVILLA (3-5-2): Juan Soriano; Daniel Carrico (c), Simon Kjaer, Sergi Gomez; Quincy Promes, Ever Banega, Roque Mesa, Ibrahim Amadou, Guilherme Arana; Andre Silva, Pablo Sarabia.
SUBS: Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Arturo Vidal, Malcom, Thomas Vermaelen, Carles Alena, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Nelson Semedo.
BARCELONA (4-3-3): Jasper Cillessen; Sergi Roberto, Gerard Pique, Clement Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Arthur, Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic; Lionel Messi (c), Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho.
The reason for that is that Sevilla are a tough proposition this season. Pablo Machin's side currently sit in fourth in LaLiga and are fresh after thrashing Levante 5-0 at home this past weekend. Sevilla have been runners-up in the Copa del Rey in two of the last three seasons, both times losing to Barca; survive here and they'll be confident they can go one better this time.
Barcelona find themselves in the unusual position of having to chase this quarter-final tie after losing 2-0 to Sevilla in the first leg last week at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium. If Ernesto Valverde's Blaugrana are to qualify for the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, they will have a job on their hands.
Hello and welcome to our live commentary of this Copa del Rey quarter-final second leg between Barcelona and Sevilla at Camp Nou.