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Barcelona v Celta de Vigo Live Commentary, 16/05/2021

1 - 2
L. Messi (28)
Santi Mina (38)
Santi Mina (89)
Camp Nou


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Barca can't catch either Madrid team after that loss, so they go into their final game against Eibar with nothing to play for as their Champions League spot for next season is already confirmed. Celta stay in eighth and take a five-match winning run into their last match as they finish their campaign at home to Real Betis.
Celta come from behind to win 2-1 and end Barcelona's title hopes. Messi gave Barca the lead when he nodded past Villar, but Celta equalised just 10 minutes later against the run of play when Mina's shot wrongfooted Ter Stegen. Barca had Lenglet sent off but kept pushing and Braithwaite had a brilliant chance to put them ahead but flicked his shot wide. Celta made them pay for it just two minutes later when Solari's cross rebounded off the inside of the post and Mina volleyed in the rebound.
90' + 3' CLOSE! Messi picks up the ball near the halfway line and decides to go it alone as he drives through midfield, skipping past the Celta defenders. He hits his shot from the edge of the box, aiming for the far corner, but he ends up dragging it wide.
Hugo Sotelo
Fran Beltrán
Celta de Vigo
90' + 3' Coudet is trying to run the clock down even more as he makes his third change of the game. Beltran is going off, with Sotelo on for him.
90' + 1' Barca look out of ideas here but they're still trying to get the ball upfield as quickly as they can. Pjanic plays an early throughball into the box, but there's no one chasing it and Villar is happy to hold onto it and let the clock run down.
Santi Mina
Celta de Vigo
89' CELTA LEAD! It's another quick counter from the visitors and Solari's cross from the right catches out Ter Stegen as it swings towards goal, but it rebounds off the inside of the far post. Ronald Araujo doesn't react quick enough in the middle and Mina reaches it first to fire the rebound into the roof of the net. 2-1 Celta! 
Brais Méndez
Yellow Card
Celta de Vigo
89' Yellow Card Brais Méndez Portela
87' WHAT A CHANCE! Ter Stegen makes a save to deny Mina at one end and quickly sets his side on the counter. Puig plays it out to Alba on the left, who drills a low cross into the near post. Braithwaite flicks it on but can't get it right and it bounces wide of the far post.
M. Pjanić
Ilaix Moriba
86' Final roll of the dice for Barca now and it's Moriba that's making way, with Pjanic on to replace him.
85' SAVE! Messi is doing everything he can to try and get his side ahead again as he holds off Dominguez while controlling the ball and spinning to get the shot away. He scuffs it, sending it bouncing towards goal and Villar holds onto it.
83' BARCA DOWN TO 10! It was clumsy from Lenglet as he crashed into the back of Mina, getting nowhere near the ball, and both players have stayed down. Lenglet is holding his shin trying to put off the inevitable and the referee waits for him to get back to his feet before showing him his second yellow and sending him off.
82' Messi carries the ball forward through midfield again and this time, he switches play out to Trincao on the right. The substitute isn't given any time on it though and can't pick out a cross into the middle.
80' Barcelona are still throwing everything they have at Celta here, but their final ball is letting them down. Messi isn't closed down and has time to turn before laying it off to Alba, but he drags at the shot and it rolls well wide of the far post.
Miguel Baeza
Iago Aspas
Celta de Vigo
78' Second change for Celta now and it looks like Aspas has a problem as he gingerly makes his way off the field, with Baeza on for him.
77' Alba pulls it back for Messi on the edge of the box and his first touch takes Nestor Araujo out of the game. The defender tries to block him off, but Messi still reaches it before fizzing a dangerous ball across the face of the goal, but no one is there to tap it in.
75' Mendez steps up to take the free-kick that Aspas won and he whips a brilliant cross into the far post from the right. Lenglet leaves it and it bounces just behind Mina before skidding away from Dominguez.
C. Lenglet
Yellow Card
73' Lenglet is booked after he goes through the back of Aspas to win the ball back and brings the forward down.
71' SAVE! It's a rare attack for Celta as they quickly break on the counter and Mendez squares to Suarez just inside the box. He hits his shot first time, keeping it low, and Ter Stegen gets a strong hand to it to push it away.
O. Dembélé
70' And Dembele is also making way, with Trincao on for him.
M. Braithwaite
A. Griezmann
70' Double change for Barca now and Koeman is bringing on Braithwaite for Griezmann.
A. Solari
Celta de Vigo
69' Celta are making their first change now and it's Nolito that's going off for Solari.
67' SAVE! Barca break quickly on the counter-attack and Dembele is starting to get a lot of joy down the right as he's played in again. This time when he cuts inside, he goes for goal himself, but Villar parries it away at his near post.
66' It's good play from Dembele as he plays a one-two with Dest before dribbling past Dominguez to get into the box. He ends up taking one touch too many though and his cross into Messi is smothered by Villar.
S. Dest
64' Second change for Barcelona now and it's Pique that's making way for Dest.
63' Another corner for Barcelona now, but this one's taken short to Alba, who lays it off to Dembele on the opposite side. He cuts inside before drilling a low shot on goal, but it's well-blocked by Dominguez.
61' CLOSE! Messi swings a deep corner into the far post and Pique rises highest to get on the end of it. He nods it back across goal to Ronald Araujo, who tries to flick it in, but his header ends up looping onto the roof of the net.
60' Messi spins away from Suarez on the halfway line before playing a good throughball into the box for Dembele to chase. He gets caught on his heels though and Villar is quickly off his line to collect it ahead of him.
58' Aspas nicks the ball off Ronald Araujo down the left and Celta are just happy to keep possession in Barcelona's half at the moment and try to stop their momentum.
Riqui Puig
Yellow Card
56' Puig slides in on Mina to try and win the ball back, but it's a late challenge that earns him a booking.
55' Just like in the first half, Barca are still dominating possession, but so far they've struggled to get in behind Celta. It's switched out to Dembele on the right again, but he hits his cross straight against Martin and can't latch onto the loose ball.
53' Puig wins the ball back off Vazquez and knocks it out to Dembele on the right. He whips a dangerous cross into the box and Villar half-clears it, pushing it to Puig. He tries to take it around Nestor Araujo, but the defender does well to stop him from having a shot.
Carlos Domínguez
Yellow Card
Celta de Vigo
51' Dominguez just clips the back of Dembele's heels to stop his run and picks up the first yellow card of the game.
49' Dembele has space to run into down the right, but he chooses to pull it back for Messi instead. He then tries to switch it out to Alba on the left, but there's too much on the pass and the wing-back can't stop it from bouncing out of play.
47' Barcelona win a free-kick on the right and Messi swings a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Pique and Lenglet are both there trying to flick it on, but Villar is quickly off his line and gets a lot of distance on his punch.
46' Celta get us back underway for the second half!
Riqui Puig
46' There's a change for Barcelona at the break as Puig comes on to replace Pedri.
The good news for Barca is that Atletico are drawing with Osasuna, but they need to win this game for that result to benefit them. Koeman won't be pleased with the goal they let in and he'll be hoping it's not another case of letting a lead slip. Celta have dealt with Barca's threat well so far and Coudet will be pleased with what he's seen so far.
It's all level at the break with Barcelona and Celta drawing 1-1. Barca dominated the first half and Griezmann and Dembele both had early chances saved by Villar. Messi broke the deadlock when he nodded Busquet's pass across goal into the far corner. Ten minutes later, Celta equalised with their only shot in the game when Mina's low shot wrongfooted Ter Stegen before nestling into the bottom corner.
44' Dembele is penned in at the corner flag by two Celta defenders so he drills a hopeful pass back towards Moriba. It ends up taking a big deflection off Martin which almost takes it to Messi, but he can't sort his feet out quickly enough to control it.
42' Messi has scored in 300 different LaLiga appearances - more than any other player in the competition ever (second is Raul in 186 games).
40' Barca are on the attack again and they're trying to pass their way through Celta's compact defence. The visitors aren't allowing them any space now though as Moriba's throughball is cut out by Dominguez.
Iago Aspas
Celta de Vigo
38' Aspas does well to get away from Ronald Araujo on the left before squaring an early cross into Mina on the edge of the box.
Santi Mina
Celta de Vigo
38' CELTA ARE LEVEL! It's their first shot on goal in the match and Mina has scored! Pique tries to make the block as Mina sets himself but goes the wrong way and the forward pulls it back towards the near post, wrongfooting Ter Stegen, and drilling it into the bottom corner. 1-1! 
36' Mendez links up well with Beltran as he pushes through the middle of the field, but the final pass lets Celta down again when he tries to thread it through to Aspas on the right as Pique steps across to intercept it.
34' It's better from Celta now as they knock the ball around quicker and they manage to get it out to Mendez high on the right. He squares it to Aspas, but he has Lenglet tight to him and can't find a way past the defender.
32' Dembele cuts inside from the right and plays a low ball into the six-yard box for Messi to run onto. He gets caught on his heels though which gives Villar the chance to come out and collect it.
30' Barcelona aren't letting up the pressure here and they win a corner, which Messi takes short to Moriba. He curls a good cross into Griezmann in the middle, but he flicks his header well wide of the far post.
Sergio Busquets
28' Busquets is given so much time on the ball and he gets his head up before floating a lovely pass into the box from the left for Messi to run onto.
L. Messi
28' MESSI SCORES! It's a wonderful pass from Busquets to pick out Messi's run between the two defenders. Villar starts to come off his line, but hesitates and Messi nods his header back across goal and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Barca!
27' Mendez hits his throughball straight against Alba and he quickly plays a one-two with Griezmann to get into space. He sets himself to fizz in a low cross but hits it at Vazquez.
25' Alba plays a one-two with Griezmann to get away from Vazquez as he drives forward down the left. There's no one in the box again for Barcelona, so he can't swing a cross to a team-mate.
23' It's still all Barcelona as they keep the pressure on Celta, but they've struggled to get in behind the visitors in the last few minutes. Alba slides it through to Pedri on the left, but he has no support up with him and is forced to go backwards.
21' Barca have scored in 50 of their last 51 home games against Celta in LaLiga (143 goals in total), failing only in their one defeat during this period (0-1 in November 2014).
19' MESSI! It's another clever bit of play from Messi as he plays a one-two with Griezmann to get away from Nestor Araujo to get into the near post. He hits the shot first time, but this one is over the bar as well.
17' CHANCE! Griezmann turns away from Mendez on the left before squaring the ball to Messi on the edge of the area. He has three Celta defenders around him but manages to carve out space to curl a shot on goal, but it's too high.
15' Another interception from Busquets ends up setting Barcelona off on the counter as he plays in Dembele down the right. He drives into the box before drilling his shot at the near post, but Villar pushes it away before scrambling onto the loose ball.
14' Celta are still trying to play out from the back, but yet again, they lose possession when they push forward. Nolito gets the better of Dembele down the left and curls a low cross towards Mina, but it's easily dealt with by Pique.
12' Barcelona's corner is pulled back to Moriba just outside the box and he squares it to Pedri on his right. He tries to curl a cross into the far post but gets it all wrong, and it flies high over the crossbar.
10' SAVE! Messi dribbles away from Beltran on the edge of the area and he touches the ball through to Griezmann on the left of the box. He takes the shot first time but Villar is there to smother it at his near post.
8' Again, Celta give the ball away when trying to get up the field and Busquets switches play out to Dembele on the right. The visitors quickly get back into their shape though and he can't curl his cross into the box.
6' Barca are keeping the pressure on the visitors here as Messi plays another good throughball into the box. It looks like Dominguez has dealt with it, but he touches it straight to Griezmann, whose shot takes a deflection and Villar can't stop it from going out for a corner.
4' Celta have barely had a touch of the ball so far and when they do manage to win it back, they can't get out of their own half. Nolito tries to flick it past Ronald Araujo but is nudged off it by the defender.
2' Barcelona are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening couple of minutes, but it's all in their own half until Pique tries to play in Messi with a throughball into the middle. It's too far to his left though and Nestor Araujo clears the danger.
1' Messi gets the game underway for Barcelona! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Following their 3-0 win at Balaidos in October, Barcelona can complete a league double over Celta for the first time since 2013-14 under Gerardo Martino.
Just the one change by Eduardo Coudet as well from the win over Getafe last time out. Nestor Araujo comes in and he'll be partnered in defence by Dominguez, who was supposed to be on the bench but starts after Joseph Aidoo was injured in the warm-up.
Ronald Koeman makes just one change to the side that drew with Levante on Tuesday as he brings Moriba in for Frenkie de Jong, who isn't in the squad. Messi leads the line in what could be his final game at Camp Nou, amid rumours he could be leaving after not yet signing a new deal.
CELTA VIGO SUBS: Miguel Baeza, Hugo Sotelo, David Junca, Augusto Solari, Patrick Sequeira.
CELTA VIGO STARTING XI (4-1-3-2): Ivan Villar; Kevin Vazquez, Carlos Dominguez, Nestor Araujo, Aaron Martin; Fran Beltran; Brais Mendez, Denis Suarez, Nolito; Iago Aspas, Santi Mina.
BARCELONA SUBS: Martin Braithwaite, Arnau Tenas, Miralem Pjanic, Riqui Puig, Samuel Umtiti, Sergino Dest, Neto, Trincao, Matheus Fernandes, Junior Firpo.
BARCELONA STARTING XI (3-1-4-2): Marc-Andre ter Stegen; Ronald Araujo, Gerard Pique, Clement Lenglet; Sergio Busquets; Ousmane Dembele, Ilaix Moriba, Pedri, Jordi Alba; Antoine Griezmann, Lionel Messi.
Barcelona's title hopes took a huge knock after drawing 3-3 with Levante last time out and they have to win this game to give themselves a chance. That still would not be enough though if Atletico Madrid fail to drop points today. Barca have lost just one of their last seven in all competitions (W4 D2), but have drawn their last two. As for Celta, they've lost just one of their last six outings and come into this match on a four-game winning streak in the league.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Barcelona and Celta Vigo at Camp Nou!