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Barcelona v Atlético Madrid Live Commentary, 09/01/2020

2 - 3
L. Messi (51)
A. Griezmann (62)
Koke (46)
Morata (81 pen)
Á. Correa (86)
King Abdullah Sports City


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Atletico reach the Supercopa final for the first time since 2014 and will face Real Madrid on Sunday as they attempt to win the trophy for the third time. As for Barcelona, there's no third-place play-off, so their next game will be against Granada in LaLiga next Sunday.
Atletico Madrid reach the Supercopa de Espana final after beating Barcelona 3-2. Koke opened the scoring just seconds after coming on at the start of the second half, but then the momentum swung in Barcelona's favour. Messi pulled them level before Griezmann headed them into the lead. They also had two goals ruled out by VAR: Messi's for a handball and Pique's for an offside. Morata then equalised from the spot after Neto gave away a penalty before Correa sealed the win in the 86th minute.
90' + 3' GREAT CHANCE! Messi curls a good cross into the box and Pique makes the run to get on the end of it. He can't keep his header down though and sends it over the crossbar.
90' + 2' Griezmann's goal today means he has now scored against all 36 Spanish teams that he's faced. 
90' GOOD SAVE! Llorente made a driving run forward into the box and the Barcelona players just couldn't get close to him. He took his shot from the right side of the box and Neto stuck out an arm to deny him.
Ansu Fati
F. de Jong
88' Another change by Valverde now and Fati is on in place of De Jong.
Atlético Madrid
86' Morata was being put under pressure by Umtiti, but he managed to thread his pass into Correa.
Á. Correa
Atlético Madrid
86' ATLETICO LEAD AGAIN! Correa gets the ball and runs at Neto before drilling his shot on target. The goalkeeper gets two hands to it, but the ball loops up and bounces over the line. Rakitic tries to get back and clear it, but goal-line technology shows it's well over the line. 3-2 Atletico!
I. Rakitić
Sergio Busquets
86' First change for Barcelona now and it's Rakitic that's coming on for Busquets.
85' Atletico look a lot more confident since getting the equaliser and they're pushing forward with more intent than before. Trippier gets forward down the right and whips a good cross into the box, but it's cleared by Umtiti.
83' Atletico are asking for another penalty now as they feel that Morata's cross struck Pique on the arm. VAR is having a look at the incident, but it looks like Pique pulls his arm out the way and the decision is no penalty, much to Simeone's frustration.
Penalty Goal
Atlético Madrid
81' ATLETICO ARE LEVEL! It's Morata that steps up to the spot and it's a confident run-up from the Spaniard. He sends Neto the wrong way and sidefoots his spot-kick into the bottom right corner. 2-2!
Yellow Card
80' Neto is shown a yellow card for that challenge.
80' PENALTY TO ATLETICO! Vitolo makes a driving run into the box and Neto comes off his line quickly to close him down. The substitute takes the ball around him and the keeper catches him, bringing him to ground and giving away the penalty.
78' Correa gets one-on-one with Neto but takes a long time to get the shot away. He tries to slide it between the keeper's legs, but it's blocked by him and Joao Felix's effort on the rebound deflects off Savic. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as the flag goes up for offside.
A. Vidal
Yellow Card
77' Vidal slides into Vitolo from behind in an attempt to win the ball and is shown a yellow card for the tackle.
75' IT'S DISALLOWED! It was tight, but Vidal had just drifted offside before Messi took the free-kick and Barcelona have another goal chalked off by VAR. Still 2-1!
74' PIQUE SCORES! Vidal gets on the end of Messi's free-kick and squares the ball back into the middle of the six-yard box where Pique is left with an easy tap-in. This one is going to VAR as well though.
Marcos Llorente
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
72' Llorente has only been on the field seconds and he's already picked up a yellow card for a bad foul on Messi.
Marcos Llorente
Atlético Madrid
72' Final roll of the dice for Simeone now and it's an enforced one as the substitute Koke has picked up an injury. Llorente comes on in his place.
71' Atletico have a chance to go on the attack now and Saul is leading it down the left. He takes the ball to the byline before cutting it back into the middle of the box but none of his team-mates have made that run and Pique gets it clear.
69' Saul cleared the ball but caught Vidal on the follow-through and the midfielder has stayed down. Alba puts the ball out of play and Vidal eventually gets back to his feet without needing any treatment.
Renan Lodi
Atlético Madrid
67' Second change for Atletico now and it's Vitolo that's coming on to replace Lodi.
66' GOOD SAVE! Messi spots Suarez's run into the box and plays a good throughball into him. Suarez sets himself and hits the shot first time, drilling it towards the far bottom corner. Oblak gets down to well to make the save.
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
64' Felipe takes out Suarez with a challenge from behind and is shown a yellow card.
A. Griezmann
62' GRIEZMANN SCORES! The ball is crossed into Suarez at the near post and he gets a lot of power behind his header. Oblak makes a brilliant save to deny him but puts the ball straight into Griezmann's path and he heads his effort into the back of the empty net. This one counts and Barcelona lead 2-1!
61' IT'S DISALLOWED! As it bounced up in front of Messi, it brushed his arm before he took it around Saul and after going to the monitor, the referee has disallowed the goal. It's still 1-1!
59' BARCELONA LEAD! The initial ball into the box is cleared by Felipe, but it loops up and is brought down by Messi on the edge of the box. He takes a touch to get past Saul and drills his shot under Oblak and into the bottom of the net to give his side the lead. VAR is having a look at this though...
58' Felipe dispossesses Messi on the edge of the box but a heavy touch gives it straight to Griezmann. He tries to lay it off to the Argentinian as he makes the overlapping run but overhits it and Lodi is able to make the clearance.
56' GOOD CHANCE! Griezmann wrongfoots Savic on the left of the box and Oblak comes off his line to close him down. He tries to chip the goalkeeper, but Oblak stands tall and gets a hand to the shot to deny him.
55' Koke is dispossessed by Suarez and he turns before playing a throughball into Messi. The captain cut inside, away from Savic, and drills his effort towards the target again, but this time, Oblak gets down to make the save.
53' Barcelona win the ball back quickly following the restart and are pushing forward down the right. Vidal puts a good cross into the middle of the box and he's looking for Suarez, but Felipe gets there first to clear it away.
L. Suárez
51' Suarez chests the ball down and shields it from the Atletico defenders so that Messi can run onto it.
L. Messi
51' BARCELONA ARE LEVEL! It looked like the chance had gone as Messi was closed down by two Atletico players when he got on the ball but he managed to keep hold of it, get past them and drill his effort low into the bottom left corner. 1-1!
50' Morata flicks the ball over Umtiti and into Lodi who has cut inside from the left. His first touch is poor but he brings the ball under control before the flag goes up as he was offside.
48' Barcelona are keeping hold of the ball well following the restart but at the moment are struggling to find a way in behind Atletico. It's patient build-up from them and Griezmann ends up winning a corner off Correa.
Á. Correa
Atlético Madrid
46' Barcelona have a few attempts to try and dispossess the Atletico players but can't win it and Correa manages to squeeze a pass through to Koke.
Atlético Madrid
46' ATLETICO TAKE THE LEAD! Just seconds after coming onto the pitch, Koke has scored! They go straight on the attack from the kick-off and Correa lays it off to him. Koke then takes a touch before slotting the ball past Neto and into the bottom left corner. 1-0 Atletico!
46' Atletico get us back underway for the second half!
H. Herrera
Atlético Madrid
46' Simeone has decided to make a change at the start of the second half as he brings on Koke for Herrera.
Barcelona created some good chances in the first half and Valverde will be disappointed that they haven't been able to take the lead. It's likely they'll continue to dominate after the break but they need to be more clinical in front of goal. Both of Atletico's chances have been on target, but they just haven't been able to get out of their own half often enough which they will need to change if they want to win this tie.
There's nothing to separate Barcelona and Atletico at the break as they go in level at 0-0. Barcelona dominated possession throughout the first half and came close through both Messi and Griezmann, who forced Oblak into a couple of good saves. At the other end, Herrera had the best chance for Atletico when he saw his free-kick saved by Neto at the near post.
S. Savić
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
45' + 3' Savic was also booked for dissent for his part in it.
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
45' + 3' Joao Felix was unhappy with something that happened at the end of the first half and it sparked an argument between both sides after the whistle. Suarez got involved for Barcelona and he's shown a yellow card for dissent.
45' + 1' Joao Felix did brilliantly to keep hold of the ball under pressure from Busquets as he makes a driving run towards the box. He squares it to Saul, but his cross is blocked by Pique on the edge of the box.
44' It's another good cross into the box from De Jong on the left and he picks out Suarez at the near post. He's at a tight angle so tries to square it back into the middle, but Felipe makes a good block to put it out of play.
42' Atletico go for the more direct approach this time as Herrera tries to pick out Joao Felix's run with a long ball over the top. Pique is following his run though and gets there first to cut it out and clear his lines.
40' GOOD CHANCE! Griezmann pulls away from his defender on the left of the box after he gets the ball from Suarez and he's one-on-one with the keeper. In the end, it's a tame effort by the Frenchman and Oblak pushes it away.
39' Barcelona just aren't giving Atletico any time on the ball when they get out of their own half. Trippier pushes forward down the right but De Jong is straight over to him and dispossesses him to set off on the counter-attack.
37' GOOD BLOCK! Vidal just gets to the ball before it goes out of play and curls his cross into the box from the right wing. Suarez meets it at the near post and hits it first time, but Savic gets down low to make the block.
T. Partey
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
35' As Barcelona get ready to take the corner, the referee spots a foul off the ball as Umtiti goes to ground. He goes over and shows a yellow card to Thomas for dissent.
34' Messi swings a great corner into the box and Griezmann flicks it on at the near post. It's over Suarez's head and a faint touch by Savic takes it away from Vidal and out for another corner.
32' GOOD SAVE! Herrera steps up to take the free-kick on the left wing and he goes for goal himself. He curls his effort over the wall and it's heading in at the near post, but Neto gets two hands to the shot to push it away.
Yellow Card
31' Pique picks up the first yellow card of the game after he slides into a tackle on Lodi and although he does get a touch on the ball, he takes the left-back out.
29' Messi cuts inside from the right and tries to curl an effort towards the top left corner from the edge of the box. He slips as he takes the shot and it sails over the top of the crossbar.
27' De Jong puts a deep cross into the box and Roberto nods it back into the middle of the penalty area. Vidal goes to ground under a challenge from Felipe and looks to the referee, but he just shakes his head.
25' Atletico are struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment as Barcelona are still dominating in possession. Roberto makes another good run down the left and picks out Messi, but Felipe puts it out for a corner before he can put a cross into the middle.
23' GOOD SAVE! Again, Barcelona weave their way through Atletico's midfielders and Messi plays a one-two with Griezmann to get himself into some space on the left of the six-yard box. He drills his shot low and Oblak gets a foot to it to kick it away at his near post.
21' It's a brilliant move from Barcelona as a series of one-touch passing gets them through Atletico's midfield and to the edge of the box. They just overdo it in the end though and De Jong can't pick out Messi in the box with his lay off.
19' Messi is asking for a penalty as he feels the ball hit Savic's hand in the box as he went past the defender. The fans in the stand are asking for it as well, but the referee waves the claim away.
17' Suarez clattered into Oblak's side as they both tried to get on the end of Messi's cross. The goalkeeper did get the ball away before going to ground and he's receiving some treatment now. He's back to his feet quickly though and it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
15' Barcelona are keeping the ball well in the middle of the field, but they've struggled to find a way in behind Atletico so far. They try to go down the right with Messi, but a loose touch from him forces him to play it back to Pique.
13' Neto, Umtiti and Correa all collided as they tried to get on the end of Morata's head down. Correa landed in the middle of them both and is receiving treatment at the moment. He's back on his feet, but he's moving gingerly as he rejoins the game.
12' This is the 11th meeting in the Supercopa de Espana between these two sides, with Barcelona winning five of those and Atletico winning two (D3).
10' Atletico are quick to move the ball upfield down the left with Trippier and when he gets to the edge of the box, he touches it onto Joao Felix. He goes to square it back across the box, but completely misses the ball and the chance goes to waste.
8' Griezmann picks out Roberto on the right of the box and he lays it off nicely for Vidal. He hits the shot on the volley, but he can't direct his effort on target as it bounces just wide of the near post.
6' Barcelona just sit back on the edge of their own box as Thomas moves forward with the ball. He decides to go for goal when he finds himself in space outside the box, but his low shot is straight at Neto.
4' Roberto pushes forward down the right but he's struggling to see a pass to a team-mate ahead of him. He takes too long and is dispossessed by Lodi who he then fouls when trying to win the ball back.
2' Thomas plays a good throughball forward to Correa on the right and he takes the ball to the byline before putting his cross into the box. It's right onto the goal line by him and it's an easy catch for Neto.
1' Vidal gets the semi-final underway for Barcelona!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
Barcelona have won the most Supercopa titles, winning it 13 times in their history, including last season when they beat Sevilla 2-1. Atletico have won it twice before, most recently in 2014 when they beat Real Madrid 2-1 over two legs. 
Diego Simeone makes just one change to his side after their win over Levante at the weekend. Savic returns from injury to start the game, coming in for Jose Gimenez. Koke is also back in the squad after an injury but is only fit enough to start on the bench.
Valverde makes two changes to his team after their 2-2 draw with Espanyol last time out, bringing in Umtiti and Vidal. They replace Lenglet and Rakitic who drop to the bench.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Antonio Adan, Marcos Llorente, Mario Hermoso, Vitolo, Rodrigo Riquelme, Santiago Arias, Koke.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Kieran Trippier, Stefan Savic, Felipe, Renan Lodi; Angel Correa, Hector Herrera, Thomas Partey, Saul Niguez; Joao Felix, Alvaro Morata.
BARCELONA SUBS: Junior Firpo, Carles Perez, Inaki Pena, Ansu Fati, Ivan Rakitic, Clement Lenglet, Nelson Semedo.
BARCELONA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Neto; Sergi Roberto, Gerard Pique, Samuel Umtiti, Jordi Alba; Arturo Vidal, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong; Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann.
It's Real Madrid that await the winners of the semi-final between Barcelona, last season's LaLiga winners and Copa del Rey runners-up, and Atletico, who finished second in the league. Ernesto Valverde's men come into this game on a 12-match unbeaten streak in all competitions as they try to retain the trophy. Atletico are unbeaten in their last five outings, winning the last four in a row, with their last loss coming at the start of December to today's opponents.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Supercopa de Espana semi-final meeting between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium!