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Australia v Syria Live Commentary, 10/10/2017

2 - 1
T. Cahill (13)
T. Cahill (109)
Omar Al Somah (6)
Stadium Australia
(FT 1 - 1)


FULL TIME - Australia have done it! Tim Cahill is the hero for Australia with his two goals enough for the Socceroos to defeat Syria 2-1 and 3-2 on aggregate. Australia are still alive and they face the final play off against a yet to be determined opponent from any of Panama, Honduras or the United States. Thanks for joining us. What a relief!
120' + 2' The crowd roar a cheer of relief as the Socceroos are paid the free kick for offside.
120' + 1' Al Somar hits the post! It was off the base of the post with Ryan beaten! Luckily it deflects out for a throw in.
120' + 1' There will be two minutes of stoppage time.
T. Jurić
Yellow Card
120' YELLOW CARD - Tomi Jurić has been booked for the late challenge.
120' Syria have the free kick just outside the box and it's a in a dangerous position. This is a real chance for Syria and possibly their last chance.
119' There are just 75 seconds remaining plus stoppage time.
117' There will be a few minutes of stoppage time here.
116' Kruse is down and looks to be suffering from cramp.
115' The coaching staff of Syria are furious with the match officials.
115' Syria are deep in attack with the long thow in taken by Al Soma but Mooy is there to kick it out for another throw in.
113' Australia have continued to attack the tired looking Syria. This match is still in the balance with a goal for Syria putting them through at Australia's defence. The Socceroos need to defend.
T. Cahill
109' GOAL AUSTRALIA - Kruse crosses to the far post where that man Tim Cahill heads it inside the top left corner to put Australia in front. The Socceroos lead 2-1 with both goals coming from Tim Cahill! Who said he was finished? That's 50 international goals for the great man! Australia have a goal to defend for the best part of 15 minutes.
108' Rukavytsya goes down in the box and the referee blows his whistle........for a goal kick.
107' The winner of this tie is off to play in the intercontinental play off against any of Panama, Honduras or even the USA.
106' Juric gets around a couple of defenders but his shot from outside the box lacks the power.
105' We are off and underway for the second period of extra time.
HALF TIME EXTRA TIME - We are still looking for the decisive goal here with the scoreline still at 1-1 with 15 minutes left to play.
105' + 2' The resulting corner is poor and it allows Syria to get the ball out of danger.
105' + 1' Mooy sends the cross in to Rukavytsya who shoots and forces a reflex save out of Ibrahim Almeh.
105' Cahill leaps for the ball in the box but he is penalised for a foul on the keeper.
104' Al Soma is dangerously through in the box but he drags his shot across the face of goal and out for a goal kick.
103' Mooy sends it in again but Jurman is only able to direct it out for a goal kick.
102' Australia have the corner and Mooy's looping effort is knocked out for another corner.
99' We are edging closer to the dreaded penalty shootout.
98' Kruse sends the cross in from the left but the ball goes out of play for a goal kick.
T. Jurić
T. Rogić
96' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - Tom Rogić comes off for Tomi Jurić.
Mahmoud Al Mawas
Yellow 2nd/RC
94' RED CARD - Mahmoud Al Maowas brings down Mooy. The referee pulls out a yellow card for the second time to Al Maowas and then pulls the red card out. He is out of here and Syria are down to ten men.
93' Rukavytsya is through in the box but his shot is straight at the keeper.
92' Mooy crosses into the box but it's easily cleared away.
91' We are back underway for the first period of extra time.
FULL TIME - We are off to extra time after the scoreline at the end of 90 minutes of 1-1 and 2-2 on aggregate.
90' + 2' Mooy's long ball puts Kruse through but the referee has pulled Kruse up for handball. He hasn't had the best of nights.
Osama Omari
Mardik Mardikian
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION SYRIA - Mardik Mardikian is replaced by Osama Omari as Syria complete their changes.
90' There will be four minutes of stoppage time.
90' We are inside the final minute with the corner hacked out of danger by Al Soma.
89' Rukavytsya tees it up for Rogic who shoots but it is deflected out for another corner.
Esraa Alhamwiah
Yellow Card
88' YELLOW CARD - Hamwiah is shown the yellow card for a high boot.
88' Mardikian comes back on and the home fans aren't happy.
87' Play is held up whilst Mardikian receives treatment for cramp.
85' Leckie gets around two defenders in the box but his shot is charged down and it's an easy save for the keeper.
83' Rukavytsya comes down the left but his cross drifts out of play for a goal kick.
82' Miligan picks it up outside the box but his pass intended for a Socceroos shirt inside the box goes straight to the keeper.
81' Tonight's attendance has been confirmed at 42,136.
Mahmoud Al Mawas
Yellow Card
79' YELLOW CARD - Al Mawas brings down Aaron Mooy for an obvious yellow card.
76' Leckie crosses to the far post for Rukavytsya but his header lacks the power and direction to trouble the keeper.
76' Mooy's cross swings in dangerously but after Rukavytsya's header it's cleared out for a throw in to Australia.
Esraa Alhamwiah
Hamid Mido
75' SUBSTITUTION SYRIA - Hamid Mido gives in to injury and he is replaced by Israa Hamwiah.
75' Mooy with a shot from outside the box and it takes a touch for a corner.
75' Rogic sends the free kick smack bang into the defensive wall and another opportunity goes begging for Australia.
74' Mido has been taken off on a stretcher for Syria and it looks unlikely that he will take any further part in the match.
N. Rukavytsya
J. Troisi
73' SUBSTITUTION SOCCEROOS - James Troisi is replaced by Nikita Rukavytsya.
72' Leckie is brought down just outside the box by Hamid Mido and the Socceroos have a set piece opportunity.
72' Kruse crosses into the box but it's over the head of Cahill.
71' As we stand this match is going to extra time. Come on Socceroos!
70' Australia have had 13 shots at goal with 7 of those on target.
70' The corner comes out to Rogic who shoots just wide from just inside the box.
69' Leckie cuts it back to Rogic who forces a brilliant save by Ibrahim Almeh.
69' Al Khatib with a late run into the box but his cut back is cleared out of danger again.
67' Mooy's corner comes back to him before Cahill's shot lacks the power and direction to find the back of the net and it's an easy save.
66' Mooy's attempted cross is deflected out of play for a corner.
66' Delivery into the Australian penalty area in large has been below the standard required to beat Syria tonight. The Socceroos must lift.
65' Syria are happy to sit back and hit on the counter attack.
65' Kruse wins the ball but crosses it straight to a Syrian player in the box.
63' Cahill tries to get things moving but he is caught offside.
61' Mardikian is really warming to the challenge here. His shot from the edge of the box is saved by Ryan.
Firas Al Khatib
Oday Al Jafal
60' SUBSTITUTION SYRIA - Oday Al Jafal is replaced by Firas Mohamad Al Khatib.
60' Mooy sends the corner into the box but Leckie heads it wide.
59' The Socceroos have another corner here. They really need to take their chances.
56' Mardikian works his way into the box but his shot is saved by Ryan.
56' Mardikian crosses into the box but it is headed clear once again. It's end to end action here.
55' Rogic shoots from distance but it's an easy save for the Keeper.
55' Mooy sends the cross into the box but it is cleared away.
52' Mooy goes down deep in attack but the referee waves play on.
Mardik Mardikian
Yellow Card
48' YELLOW CARD - Mardikian is shown the yellow card for his challenge on Jurman.
46' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - Australia went a goal down but recovered seven minutes later to equalise. It's 1-1 at half-time and if the scores remain the same we will be headed to extra time. For Australia's sake lets hope they get the job done in regulation time.
45' Just the one minute of added time for the first half.
M. Milligan
Yellow Card
42' YELLOW CARD - Miligan is shown the yellow card for his challenge on Mardik Mardikian.
41' Kruse is free inside the box. Instead of taking the shot he tries to pass to Cahill through traffic and the attacking move comes undone.
38' After a flurry of activity the match has finally slowed to a more sustainable pace.
35' Rogic tries one from distance but his shot is off target.
34' Sainsbury wins the ball ahead of Oday Al Jafal and he wins the free kick to clear out of defence.
33' Kruse is offside once again. He needs to be a lot better than this.
31' Leckie cuts inside and shoots from inside the box, but it's a fine save by Ibrahim Almeh.
29' Australia push forward once again but it's poor positioning by Kruse who is found to be offside quite clearly.
26' Kruse passes inside to Rogic who shoots wide, but it takes a deflection for a corner.
M. Leckie
Yellow Card
25' YELLOW CARD - Leckie has been booked for his foul on Mouaiad Al Ajjan and that's his second yellow card in this qualifying series.
23' Oday Al Jafal is through in the box but it's a big interception by Milos Degenek that saves the day for the Socceroos.
22' Kruse makes the break into the box but he is found to be offside.
19' Mooy's corner is over the head of Leckie and it's cleared out of danger.
19' It opens up for Troisi and his shot is saved at the near post. Australia have the corner.
17' A good ball by Mahmoud Al Maowas but it's just a fraction too high for Omar Al Soma to get onto the end of it. Australia have been let off the hook.
15' Troisi gets away from his opponent but his pass is cut off way too easily.
T. Cahill
13' GOAL AUSTRALIA - Leckie puts it out on a platter for the great Tim Cahill and he heads it past the keeper into the back of the net. Australia have levelled and it's 1-1.
A. Mooy
B. Smith
11' SUBSTITUTION AUSTRALIA - An injury enforced substitution for the Socceroos with Jones coming off and replaced by Mooy.
10' Jones looks to be in trouble and that may see Aaron Mooy, controversially left on the bench, come on earlier than expected.
8' The equation for the Socceroos is that they must score two unanswered goals before the match is over.
Omar Al Somah
6' GOAL SYRIA - A horror moment for Mark Miligan who gives the ball away in midfield. Syria run it into the box and Omar Al Soma shoots past Ryan to put Syria in front! It's Syria in the box seat and they lead 1-0.
5' Smith runs down the left but his cross intended for Cahill is out of play for a goal kick.
4' Rogic works his way through traffic and passes to Troisi who can't find the space to get the shot away.
2' Leckie is fouled and Australia have the free kick inside their own half.
1' Australia kick off and we are underway.
We are all set and ready to go.
Good evening and welcome to Stadium Australia for a crucial contest between Australia and Syria. It's all on the line here and the Socceroos must win or achieve a goalless draw to progress to the next stage. Any other result and they are out of the World Cup.