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Australia v Jordan Live Commentary, 06/01/2019

0 - 1
Anas Bani Yassen (26)
Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium


FULL TIME - Jordan have caused a major upset by defeating the defending champions Australia 1-0. The Socceroos dominated possession but just could not find a way through in a frustrating day for one of the tournament favourites. The pressure will now be on Australia to defeat Palestine in their next match on Friday night.
90' + 6' Ikonomidis has his shot saved by Shafi before Ikonomidis can't get anything onto the rebound. The referee calls time as soon as Shafi gathered the ball.
90' + 5' Mabil's delivery to Ikonomidis is cleared out of danger.
90' + 4' Australia have a late corner. Can they do it at the set piece?
90' + 4' Australia have to throw everything into it now.
90' + 3' Shafi comes out to punch again. It's not very convincing but ends up doing the job.
90' + 1' Ahmad Ersan runs down the left and shoots at Ryan who sees the net shaking, but it's only the side netting.
90' + 1' We will have five minutes of stoppage time.
Ahmed Samir
Saeed Al Murjan
90' Substitution Saeed Mohammad Saeed Hasan Al Murjan Ahmed Saleh Samir
Ahmed Al-Ersan
Yaseen Al Bakhit
88' Substitution Yasen Al Bakhet Ahmed Al-Ersan
88' Australia are nearly caught on the counter but the shot is straight at Ryan.
87' Australia have found the back of the net through Maclaren but the goal has been ruled out due to offside.
85' Time is running out for the Socceroos.
83' The Australians go up in the box appealing for a penalty after Ikonomidis' effort was cleared off the line but it's only a corner.
82' Grant sends it into the box towards Irvine but he heads wide.
80' Bakheet is down with cramp and play is stopped for him to receive treatment. Matt Ryan is instantly on the scene to help him stretch.
79' Mabil tries to get the ball into the box but the ball is deflected out for a throw in.
78' Mabil has his shot slam off the post! So close yet so far for the Socceroos.
78' The non penalty decision probably squares up the one Australia wasn't paid given they probably both were penalties.
77' The free kick is sent in with the Jordanian bench up for a handball appeal, but play continues and the Socceroos clear.
77' A clumsy foul by Ikonomidis ngives Jordan the chance to send a set piece into the box.
J. Irvine
M. Luongo
74' Substitution Massimo Luongo Jackson Irvine
74' Baha' Faisal, fresh from coming on, runs to the box and shoots, but the shot lacks the power to beat Ryan.
Baha' Faisal
Mousa Al Tamari
72' Substitution Moussa Al Tamari Baha' Faisal Mohammad Seif
72' Behich delivers it low to Rogic who gets underneath it and sends it high and not so handsomely out for a goal kick. That was Australia's best chance and he had to get that on target.
68' Luongo goes down inside the box a little too easily and play is allowed to continue with Jordan clearing.
67' Play is stopped whilst Al Murjan receives treatment to a leg injury.
65' Grant clips it into the box towards Ikonomidis but he can't get any meaningful contact onto it.
62' Rogic is in but his ball is parried away by Shafi. Ikonomidis is first onto the scene but he can't get any power into his shot from close range.
62' Mabil elects for the far post this time but the ball is dealt with by the Jordanian defence.
62' Australia have another free kick after Mabil is fouled.
61' Mabil sends the free kick straight into the wall. Australia's set pieces have not been inspiring today.
60' Australia have the free kick right on the edge of the box. Big chance.
57' The corner spills out to Bakheet who shoots blistering shot wide of the target.
57' Bakheet with a dangerous run down the right but thankfully for the Socceroos it is deflected out for a corner.
C. Ikonomidis
R. Kruse
55' Substitution Robbie Kruse Chris Ikonomidis
53' Australia win another corner that is sent in by Mabil. It's cleared out of the box but goes straight to Behich who shoots over.
52' The Socceroos have a corner that's delivered into the box but they still can't get a shot on target in this second half.
Mousa Al Tamari
Yellow Card
51' Yellow card Moussa Al Tamari
50' A foul by Degenek on Rawshdeh gives Jordan a chance to slow things down.
49' Rogic shoots from distance but it's practice for the ball kids. Goal kick to Jordan.
48' Mabil with the cross but it's tipped away by Shafi.
R. Grant
J. Risdon
46' Substitution Josh Risdon Rhyan Grant
46' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - We have an upset on our hands at half-time with Jordan leading the defending champions 1-0. Australia will have to improve significantly if they are to overcome Jordan who are playing with confidence and run.
45' + 2' Behich's cross is cleared out of the box and it comes out to Rogic who sends it well over and out for a goal kick.
45' + 1' We are into the first of two minutes of added time.
44' Rogic gets it out to Behich who runs to the byline but sends the cross straight to Shafi who claims the ball.
44' There was a handball in the box by Jordan but the referee ignores the frantic appeals by the Socceroos players.
41' Risdon can't get Bani Yaseen who has been outstanding for Jordan in the first half.
41' Mabil tries to get forward but he falls over the ball and Jordan get it back.
40' Rogic is limping after he rolled his ankle.
39' It comes back to the far post where Maclaren rises to head the ball well over for a goal kick.
38' Mabil's corner drops to Rogic but his first touch sees him lose the ball.
38' Mabil with a good turn in the box but he will have to settle for a corner.
37' Luongo is all patched up and play is allowed to resume.
35' Play is stopped after Luongo comes off second best in the clash for an aerial ball against Suleiman who made the connection with his elbow.
34' Rogic looks for Behich who drifts in behind the defence, but he has too much on it and it goes out for another goal kick.
33' Miligan looks for Risdon who makes a run into the box, but he always always up against it, heading underneath the ball and sending it out for a goal kick.
33' Suleiman catches Miligan and he is lucky not to have been shown the yellow card.
32' Mabil sends it into the box but it's cleared by Abdel-Rahman.
31' Maclaren goes out wide to Behich who was in an offside position. That was poor play by the Socceroos there.
30' What a strike by Baha Abdel-Rahman! What an even better save by Matt Ryan who palms it onto the cross bar. The frame of the goal saves the Socceroos!
29' Jordan have the free kick in a very dangerous position.
T. Sainsbury
Yellow Card
28' Yellow card Trent Sainsbury
Anas Bani Yassen
26' Goal Anas Walid Khaled Bani Yassen
Mousa Al Tamari
26' Assist Moussa Al Tamari
26' Jordan have the corner after Risdon heads it out.
25' Rogic is getting his finger looked at by the Socceroos medical staff. He will of course be able to continue.
23' The free kick is sent into the box by Rogic but the referee spots a foul against Miligan on Shafi.
22' Luongo is fouled out to the right by Yaseen and Australia will have the set piece.
22' Suleiman goes down looking for the free kick but the referee ignores his plea.
21' Kruse is pushed off the ball by Abdel-Rahman and Jordan have possession once again.
20' The corner is sent in again with Shafi coming out for another punch.
20' Rogic with a long ball looking for Maclaren but it's headed out for a corner by Shilbaya.
19' Jordan are currently keeping possession and simply passing the ball around waiting for space to open up.
18' Kruse receives a knock to his leg but thankfully he is back on his feet.
17' Risdon looks to pick out Maclaren at the far post but instead he forces and less than confident looking save from Shafi this time.
17' Rogic with a fantastic chase back to win the ball back for the Socceroos deep inside his own half.
16' Behich sends it into the box but it's unable to find a Socceroos shirt and that allows Jordan to take possession again.
16' The fans supporting Jordan are making a lot of noise here today.
16' It is end to end football here at the moment.
15' Al Ajalin with the long throw in to Suleiman who spins and shoots from inside the box, but his effort is across the face of goal and out for a goal kick.
14' The corner is sent in by Mabil with Shafi rising once again to punch it some 30 metres.
13' The ball comes back in through Kruse and he wins the corner for Australia.
13' Mabil is put through in the box and his shot from close range is well saved by Shafi.
12' Jordan are taking the game to Australia with Ryan involved in the last couple of minutes.
11' Luongo falls asleep at the wheel with the ball going to Jordan. The shot comes from outside the box from Rawshdeh but it's saved by Ryan.
10' Mousa Suleiman runs at the Socceroos defence down the right but he is dispossessed just as he enters the box. He looks to the referee for assistance but there is nothing forthcoming.
8' The corner by Mabil is punched clear by Shafi.
7' Kruse has two defenders around him and he plays it off one of them to win the corner for Australia.
6' Luongo has been warned by the referee after he went a little high in his tackle on Salem Al Ajalin.
5' Mabil tries to play it through to Kruse in the box but he is offside.
4' Mabil with a step over looking to whip the ball into the box, but he has the last touch before it rolls out of play for a goal kick.
1' No Andrew Nabbout for Australia after he injured his groin at training yesterday. Maclaren comes straight into the line up in his place.
1' Australia's defence of their Asian Cup Title is underway.
Australia (4-2-3-1): Ryan (GK); Behich, Sainsbury, Degenek, Risdon; Luongo, Milligan; Kruse, Rogic, Mabil; Maclaren. Subs: Vukovic (GK), Langerak (GK), Giannou, Ikonomidis, Amini, Grant, Irvine, Jeggo, Jurman, Gersbach.
Jordan (4-2-3-1): Shafi (GK); Al Ajalin, Bani Yaseen, Khattab, Shilbaya; Al Murjan, Abdel-Rahman; Bani Ateyah, Bakheet, Rawshdeh; Suleiman. Subs: Yasin (GK), Nawwas (GK), Marie, Haddad, Ersan, Ratib, Saleh, Al Samrieh, Seif, Al Arab, Al-Qarra, Al-Basha.
Time to look at the line ups.
Australia will know better than to take any opponent lightly in their first match of their Asian Cup title defence.
The second ranked Asian team, Australia, are heavily favoured to take the points against the 19th ranked Jordan.
Good evening and welcome to tonight's Asian Cup Round One clash between Australia and Jordan.