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G. Montiel
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
N. Otamendi
Yellow Card
Lucas Paquetá
Yellow Card
Á. Di María
R. De Paul
1 - 0

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40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 345 488
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Both teams return to action in September for their World Cup qualifying campaigns. The newly-crowned Copa America champions Argentina are away against Venezuela, while Brazil are on the road to Chile.
Argentina claim the Copa America crown for the first time since 1993, defeating Brazil 1-0 in the final at the Maracana. Angel Di Maria's strike in the 22nd minute was enough for the Albiceleste to overcome Tite's men and end their run of failures in in major finals. Although Lionel Messi was not at his best tonight, he ends his drought without an international title. It was far from a classic, but Lionel Scaloni and his men will be elated to end Argentina's 28-year wait for the Copa America trophy.
90' + 5' Acuna is fouled by Casemiro on the left flank. Argentina can take further time off the clock. They're within touching distance.
90' + 3' SAVE! Emerson gifts possession straight to De Paul in the Brazil box and he tries to poke an effort past Ederson, but the keeper stretches and does enough to deny the midfielder.
90' + 1' Argentina are doing their utmost to take every second off the clock. They're almost over the line.
90' There will be five minutes of added time.
90' Casemiro sends a deep cross into the Argentina box, but he sends it too far and out for a goal-kick. Time is running out for the Selecao.
G. Montiel
Yellow Card
89' Montiel brings down Vinicius with a loose challenge and goes into the book.
89' MESSI MISSES A SITTER! The forward has the chance to surely wrap up the Copa America crown for the Albiceleste as he latches on to a precise offload from De Paul. He only needs to beat Ederson from six yards, but he takes a poor first touch and the Brazil keeper smothers the ball at his feet.
87' SAVE! Martinez produces a vital save to deny Barbosa. Neymar's cross from the left is deflected towards the forward in the right-inside channel. He takes on a strike on the half-volley with his left foot. It travels towards the target, but Martinez pushes it over the bar.
87' Vinicius draws a foul from Montiel down the left flank and wins Brazil a free-kick in a dangerous position.
85' CHANCE! Brazil crank up the pressure by winning a corner down the right flank. Neymar swings a cross into the box, but Thiago Silva can only glance his header over the bar.
83' OVER! Argentina clear Neymar's corner as far as Danilo 25 yards from goal. He goes for a drive on his right foot, but his effort sails over the bar.
83' BLOCK! Pezzella gets across just in time to divert a strike from Barbosa just wide of the target after the forward is teed up by Vinicius in the left-inside channel.
Yellow Card
82' Marquinhos reacts to the challenge by shoving Otamendi to the deck. He is booked by the referee.
N. Otamendi
Yellow Card
81' Otamendi wipes out Neymar on a run through the Argentina defence. The forward tumbles to the deck and the defender goes into the book.
E. Palacios
Á. Di María
79' Palacios replaces Di Maria on the pitch for the Albiceleste.
N. González
Lautaro Martínez
79' Gonzalez enters the action in the final third to replace Martinez.
G. Pezzella
C. Romero
79' Argentina are forced into a defensive change at the back. Romero is replaced by Pezzella for the final 11 minutes.
78' Barbosa goes down in the box amid a challenge from Rodriguez. The forward looks to the referee for a penalty, but the official dismisses his claim.
Gabriel Barbosa
Lucas Paquetá
76' Paqueta is withdrawn by Tite and replaces him with Barbosa.
Renan Lodi
76' Emerson enters the action to replace Renan Lodi down the left flank for the Selecao.
75' Brazil are sending plenty of men forward, but the Argentina defence is holding firm at the back for now.
74' Danilo makes an important headed clearance at the back post for the Selecao to clear Di Maria's cross away from Lautaro Martinez lurking in the box.
Lucas Paquetá
Yellow Card
72' Paqueta barges into Tagliafico and goes into the book. That was a harsh one from the official.
71' WIDE! Neymar threads the needle and finds Paqueta in the Argentina box. He wraps his left foot around the ball, but he can only send his strike wide of the target amid pressure from Romero.
Renan Lodi
Yellow Card
70' Renan Lodi goes into the book for a challenge on De Paul as the midfielder tries to break upfield.
70' Argentina are doing their utmost to take the pace out of the game. They're trying to manage the clock here as we enter the final 20 minutes.
R. De Paul
Yellow Card
68' De Paul brings down Neymar on a surge upfield and goes into the book. He takes one for the team there.
65' BLOCK! Messi spurns a good opening in the final third as his strike is blocked. The forward capitalises on a mistake from Marquinhos and races through into the Brazil box. He has Di Maria in support, but fails to spot his team-mate in space. Messi shoots, but sees his effort charged down and then falls to the deck, only to be told to get to his feet.
64' Renan Lodi fends off Di Maria on the byline to quell the threat from the Argentina corner, allowing Thiago Silva to breathe.
Vinícius Júnior
63' Vinicius Junior replaces Everton down the left flank for the Selecao.
N. Tagliafico
G. Lo Celso
63' Lo Celso is withdrawn for the Albiceleste and is replaced by Tagliafico.
63' Thiago Silva sends an awful backpass towards Ederson that travels straight out for a corner. The defender will hope that Argentina do no capitalise.
61' De Paul draws a foul down the right flank and Messi clips a dangerous cross into the box from the free-kick, but the Brazil defence are organised to clear the danger.
60' Montiel does well down the right flank to clear the danger amid the advancing run of Renan Lodi. He wins a throw-in for his team to allow the Albiceleste to take the pace out of the game.
57' Brazil have responded well since the restart and are flooding men forward into the final third. The Albiceleste need to remain resolute under pressure.
56' Neymar goes down in the box, but the referee does not have a decision to make as an offside against Renan Lodi earlier in the move hands Argentine a free-kick.
55' SAVE! Emi Martinez denies Richarlison with a solid stop. Neymar plays the forward into acres of space in the right-inside channel, but he takes a poor first touch. He hammers an effort towards goal with his second, but Martinez holds firm to make the save before Acuna draws a foul to ease the pressure.
G. Rodríguez
L. Paredes
54' Paredes is withdrawn from the middle of the park by Scaloni and is replaced by Rodriguez.
52' DISALLOWED GOAL! Richarlison fires the ball into the net from close range, but the flag goes up for offside. Paqueta releases the forward in the right-inside channel and he attempts an offload towards Firmino. Otamendi blocks the cross, but Richarlison turns home the rebound. The celebrations of the Selecao are cut short though by a late offside flag against the Everton man.
G. Lo Celso
Yellow Card
51' Lo Celso wipes out Neymar on the charge in the middle of the park and goes into the book.
50' BLOCK! Messi drops his shoulder on the right flank and cuts inside. He offloads to Di Maria in the box, who takes a touch before firing at goal, but his effort is charged down by Thiago Silva.
48' Richarlison makes progress down the right and goes down under pressure from Acuna. However, the referee points only for a goal-kick to the Albiceleste.
46' We're back under way at the Marcana.
Roberto Firmino
46' Tite makes an attacking change at the break. Firmino enters the action to replace Fred, who had been booked in the first half. Firmino will operate as Brazil's spearhead.
Lionel Scaloni's men have been solid at the back and have nullified the threat of Neymar so far in the contest. The second half will be a test of their resolve and their composure given their wait for a major international title.
Argentina hold a 1-0 lead over Brazil at the break in the Copa America final at the Maracana. Angel Di Maria fired his team in front after chasing a long ball over the top from Rodrigo de Paul before lifting his effort over Ederson. The Selecao have been quiet in the final third and will need to find their form to retain their crown and deny the Albiceleste their first major final win since 1993.
45' + 1' Messi and Lo Celso attempt to combine with a one-two in the Brazil box. Marquinhos does well to track the run of Messi and guide the ball back into the arms of Ederson.
45' There will be one minute of added time.
44' WIDE! Richarlison attacks the resulting corner from Neymar's delivery, but his effort travels away from yellow and Argentina shirts and behind for a goal-kick.
43' Richarlison sends a sublime cross in from the right flank for Paqueta to attack, but the midfielder fails to make contact with a diving header before Montiel sends the ball behind for a corner.
42' SAVE! Everton turns inside from the left flank and finds half-a-yard for a strike. However, three Albicelete defenders converge to take the pace off his shot and allow Emi Martinez to make an easy claim.
42' Neymar tries to break down the right flank, but Romero tracks his progress all the way and diverts the ball out for a throw-in with a fine challenge.
41' Richarlison gets back to thwart Acuna down the left flank and then wins a free-kick amid niggly challenges from the full-back.
41' Acuna is pulled back by Paqueta in the Brazil half, earning Argentina a free-kick in a useful position.
38' Neymar tries to chip a throughball forward for Richarlison's run in the left-inside channel, but Montiel covers and heads back to Emi Martinez.
37' Di Maria tries to break behind Renan Lodi once again, but he pulls up after failing to control the ball. He limps off the field and requires treatment on his ankle.
34' BLOCK! Neymar lines up the resulting free-kick, but he can only hammer his effort straight into the Argentina wall.
L. Paredes
Yellow Card
33' Paredes brings down Neymar on the charge and goes into the book. Brazil have a dangerous free-kick 25 yards from goal.
32' WIDE! Messi has a run at the Brazil defence and weaves his way past Marquinhos on the edge of the box. He goes for a low strike towards the bottom-left corner that travels just wide of the post.
30' Neymar has been quiet in the opening 30 minutes of the contest. The Albiceleste have done a solid quelling the threat of the forward thus far.
29' BLOCK! Argentina move the ball from right to left and back with precision. Di Maria runs at the Brazil defence as he cuts in from the right flank. He hammers a left-footed strike towards goal, but his effort is blocked by Thiago Silva and the rebound runs away from Lautaro Martinez before Marquinhos clears.
26' Casemiro tries to combine with Paqueta in the final third, but his effort from 20 yards travels straight into the arms of Emi Martinez.
24' Di María is the first Argentina player to score in a Copa America final since Cesar Delgado in 2004.
R. De Paul
22' De Paul angles a sublime ball over the top for Di Maria to collect and score with a sublime finish.
Á. Di María
22' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! DI MARIA PUTS ARGENTINA AHEAD!!! 1-0!!!! Di Maria latches on to a ball over the top and capitalises on a mistake from Renan Lodi before lobbing Ederson to find the back of the net. De Paul lifts a sublime pass over the Brazil defence and Renan Lodi fails to make the interception with an outstretched boot. Di Maria latches on to the ball and takes a good first touch before lifting his effort over the Brazil keeper.
20' BLOCK! Neymar nods the ball back to Richarlison on the charge, but the forward sees his effort on the half-volley blocked by Romero.
18' Argentina work together a series of passes, but Fred wins the ball with a well-timed challenge to quell the attack down the right flank.
16' Neither team has been able to get their foot on the ball and attempt to build phases of possession. It's not a classic out there at the moment.
14' Casemiro bundles over Montiel and the referee awards a free-kick to Argentina. It has been a scrappy start to the contest to say the least.
13' BLOCK! Richarlison nods an offload back to Neymar in the box, but the striker sees his effort on the half-volley blocked by Otamendi.
12' Paqueta tries to release Renan Lodi down the left flank. Romero gets across to make the interception, but gets clattered by Renan Lodi after the fact.
10' Richarlison tries to put the pressure on De Paul to attempt to win possession in the final third, but he fouls the Argentina midfielder.
8' Both sides are putting in heavy challenges in the early stages of the game. The referee will have his work cut out tonight.
6' Acuna tries to press down the left flank, but he fouls Danilo as he tries to reach an offload on the byline.
5' The Albiceleste get their foot on the ball in the early stages to press at Brazil's backline, but are yet to make any meaningful penetration in the final third.
Yellow Card
3' Fred catches Montiel with a late challenge and goes into the book.
1' We're under way at the Maracana.
In the 111 matches between the two sides, Brazil are edging the head-to-head duel winning 46 of the contests compared to Argentina's 40.
Brazil are unchanged from their win over Peru in their semi-final clash. Neymar leads the line for the Selecao supported by Everton, Richarlison and Paqueta. Marquinhos and Thiago Silva will draw on their experience to attempt to thwart Messi at the back.
Scaloni has made five changes to his side that advanced to the final in their shootout win over Colombia. Montiel, Romero and Acuna slot into the backline to replace Pezzella, Molina and Tagliafico. Paredes comes into the side in the middle of the park, while Di Maria replaces Gonzalez in the final third.
BRAZIL SUBS: Alisson, Alex Sandro, Everton Ribeiro, Weverton, Emerson, Eder Militao, Fabinho, Vinicius Junior, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Barbosa, Leo Ortiz, Douglas Luiz.
BRAZIL (4-2-3-1): Ederson; Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Renan Lodi; Casemiro, Fred; Richarlison, Lucas Paqueta, Everton; Neymar.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Franco Armani, Nicolas Tagliafico, German Pezzella, Sergio Aguero, Agustin Marchesin, Exequiel Palacios, Nicolas Gonzalez, Guido Rodriguez, Angel Correa, Alejandro Gomez, Lisandro Martinez, Nahuel Molina.
ARGENTINA (4-3-3): Emiliano Martinez; Gonzalo Montiel, Cristian Romero, Nicolas Otamendi, Marcos Acuna; Rodrigo de Paul, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria.
Brazil are chasing their eighth Copa America crown and to successfully defend their title won in the 2019 competition. The Selecao defeated Peru 3-1 in a routine victory in 2019, but know the Albicelete will provide a tough test of their mettle. Tite's side overcame Peru in th semi-finals courtesy of a strike from Lucas Paqueta. They have been solid in the knockout stages and will be determined to see off Messi and company tonight.
Argentina are aiming to win the Copa America for the first time since 1993 and to end a dismal run of failures in the final. The Albiceleste have qualified for the final four times since their last triumph, but have ultimately failed on the grand stage. Lionel Messi has the chance to win a first major crown at international level after playing a starring role in the tournament to date. It will not be easy as Lionel Scaloni's men had to go through the drama of a penalty shootout to reach the final, narrowly seeing off Colombia in a shootout. They need a flawless performance tonight to overcome Brazil.
Good evening and welcome to the live commentary of the Copa America final between Argentina and Brazil at the Maracana.