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Fabio Capello resigns, Stuart Pearce in temporary charge - LIVE!
With George Ankers

Stay with us for all the news, views and reaction after the Three Lions boss dramatically stepped down from his post with immediate effect. Tweet us @GoalUK

22:05 GMT


And that, my friends, is that. It's been a heck of a day, hasn't it? Never fear, though, as Goal.com will be keeping you covered on all the rest of the evening's events and there'll be plenty more on the England saga in the coming days. Football, eh? It never sleeps. Unlike me. I've been George Ankers and you've been brilliant. Thanks for all your masterful Twitter contributions this evening - see you soon!

21:59 GMT


And I can bring you the full story of those quotes from Lord Triesman I mentioned earlier. The former FA chief has said that England were right to accept Fabio Capello's resignation but that the Italian has taught the country some important lessons for the future.

"What I do think Fabio Capello brought to English football was a continental understanding of the skills and qualities you need alongside English passion to be able to compete with the great continental footballing nations," he told Sky Sports News.

For plenty more from Lord Triesman, click 'read more'.
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21:56 GMT


Some BREAKING NEWS for you: New York Red Bulls boss Hans Backe has said that Thierry Henry has told him that he is "100 per cent" returning from his loan spell at Arsenal on February 17 - which would mean that he will not extend the deal to allow him to play against Tottenham the following week. Click 'read more' and keep checking as that story develops over the next few minutes.Read More

21:51 GMT


There's a lot of support on Twitter for a dream England partnership of Guus Hiddink and Ray Wilkins. It seems that you folks believe that the pair can recapture that brief success they had while the Russian was caretaker manager of Chelsea, when they won the FA Cup. Well, both are available. Hiddink doesn't seem like a fussy man when it comes to taking difficult jobs. It could be a goer.

I believe that I am now contractually obliged to say "my word".

21:46 GMT


Zee Yaghi on Twitter: "there are a lot of scotsmen in the EPL and they are doing a great job! Hire a scot"

Impossible to disagree with their records - and, in my view, there may be no finer young manager in the land than Norwich City's Paul Lambert - but all I'm saying is: Good luck getting one to agree to take the job.

21:38 GMT


David Hedgecock tweets @GoalUK: "got to be Alan Shearer till after #Euro2012 it works when other countries use ex players with no experience."

There have been some examples of former players taking international roles as their first coaching jobs (to mixed success, though) - but it depends on appointing the right former player, surely. Shearer is a man who, as a television pundit, openly mocked a colleague for having even heard of Slovakia captain and Napoli midfielder extraordinaire Marek Hamsik at the 2010 World Cup, among other ridiculous failures of research. As much as I'd like to see the man off my TV screen ... I'd rather appoint a tub of margarine as England manager.

21:31 GMT


The name David Beckham keeps cropping up on Twitter ... really? "the country would get behind him and he knows the squad well," argues James Jacobs, but would that be enough to get the job done - and would he even want to do it?

That said, I'd love for Becks to stay involved with England in some way. Coaching the players to handle the media? Personal groomer? Mascot?

Yeah, I'd stay in LA if were you, too, mate.

21:20 GMT


I promised you a full story on those Fabio Cannavaro quotes and a full story you shall have! The retired defender played under Fabio Capello at both Juventus and Real Madrid, so he should know a bit about what's in the gaffer's head.

You know the drill by now - 'read more' and away you go.Read More

21:12 GMT


Jay Duba knows how to get his tweets published: "George Ankers and Danny Hart. George would be the 1st tweeting coach and Hart would use devastating English on the press."

It would never work, I fear. There's no room for two egos that big in the same dressing room. Sparks would fly.

21:05 GMT


With all that Arsene Wenger talk earlier, let's take a glance at one of his rumoured transfer targets for Arsenal. Lukas Podolski has hinted that a reported €1.7m (£1.4m) pay rise might not be enough to keep him at Koln, with Lazio also believed to be amongst his suitors.

I won't pretend I wouldn't enjoy seeing the explosive German in the Premier League. He'd fit in well, I should think. 'Read more' if you want to ... er, read more.

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20:53 GMT


Ben Morrell suggests: "Simon Grayson for England?"

I believe you're looking for Danny Hart.

20:49 GMT


James Culverhouse tweets @GoalUK: "Ian Holloway and Kevin Keegan, they'd have to start selling tickets for the press conferences."

Beautiful. Holloway would create the most wonderful metaphors, then Keegan would muddle them up, laugh, cry, and resign. Can this be beaten? Keep your dream teams flooding in!

20:47 GMT


Former Chelsea player and manager Gianluca Vialli believes that Fabio Capello could be heading for either Inter as a coach or even Juventus as a director after his departure from England.

"I wouldn’t be surprised if Juventus offered him a role as a director," the ex-striker has been telling Sky Sport Italia.

I’d also expect Moratti to call him for the bench after Claudio Ranieri. He certainly has plenty of options."

The former Stamford Bridge favourite also says he sympathises with Capello's decision to leave - check that out by clicking 'read more'. Go on.
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20:38 GMT


In non-England news, Andre Villas-Boas appears to have finally conceded that Chelsea are out of the title race, saying that he is now aiming for "fourth, at least".

The young manager has also been telling reporters that owner Roman Abramovich visiting training in recent days is "not distracting". Hmm ... click 'read more' to get the whole story.

Why, yes, I was hoping for a reason to use this picture...Read More

20:29 GMT


Former FA chairman Lord Triesman has offered his two cents on the departure of Fabio Capello - he doubts that the FA could have done anything to change the Italian's mind about leaving.

"It was always going to be difficult to put it back together again," he told Sky Sports News.

"Those who were involved in the discussions would know just how difficult, but from the outside it does look like it would have been very difficult to make it work.

"With somebody as clear-cut and determined as Fabio Capello, if he says he's going to resign, the idea of saying 'I'm not going to accept it' and then working with someone who really doesn't want to be there as manager would be impossible.

"I don't think in this modern day and age it was conceivable that the FA could have done anything else," Lord Triesman added about the governing body's decision to remove the captaincy from John Terry.

"My own view was that when the charges were first made against John Terry, the decision should probably have been made at that point."

More quotes in the full story coming soon.

20:25 GMT


Bernard Okwatta with a zinger: "i think england are chasing after the wrong harry, he dosent even come with a magic wand"

Have you ever seen Jack Wilshere and Daniel Radcliffe in the same room? Just sayin'.

20:19 GMT


Goal.com's Joe Doyle on Twitter: "Kenny Dalglish and Sir Alex Ferguson. Destined for success."

What better way to heal a nation wounded by the racism scandal than for Liverpool and Manchester United to unite in solving another problem brought on by allegations of discrimination?

20:17 GMT


Some early ideas for managerial partnerships for England and it's a strong start, I must say. Steve Claridge and Manish Bhasin is my favourite so far, closely followed by Joe Kinnear and Vinnie Jones - they'd certainly make the Three Lions more competitive. Keep them coming to @GoalUK!

20:09 GMT


Abubakr has got a particularly novel idea, harking back to late-1990s-era Liverpool: "The best route forward 4 England is not an English or foreign coach, but a mix! the successful Evans/Houllier partnership might work"

Roy and Gerard, successful? The former had to resign after four months because it wasn't working! But that does bring up a lovely idea, though - what pair of coaches could combine to save England? Get your ideas in to @GoalUK or @channeldelibird!

19:59 GMT


We've got some quotes coming through from Italy legend Fabio Cannavaro on almost-but-not-quite-namesake Fabio Capello's resignation.

The World Cup-winning captain told RMC: "I am not astonished at all by his decision to quit the English post. I know him well, he didn't want that someone imposes a decision to him.

"He is different from [Marcello] Lippi and [Carlo] Ancelotti, but he is also a very big coach. To his players, he can cause fear, but also make them progress."

We'll have a full story on that very shortly for you.