WATCH: Will Ferrell mocks Man Utd legend Gary Neville & embraces 'old team-mate' Roy Keane while on LAFC 'recruiting trip'

Will-Ferrell-Gary-Neville-Sky-Sports-Man-City-Aston-Villa-GFXGetty/GOAL/Sky Sports
  • Ferrell gate crashed Sky Sports Super Sunday
  • Mocked Gary Neville as he used his mic
  • Embraced Roy Keane & recalled Soccer Aid experience

WHAT HAPPENED? Ferrell has swapped Hollywood for the English football pyramid in the last few days as he undergoes a "recruiting trip" for MLS champions LAFC in his capacity as a co-owner of the club. After enjoying a pint with the Wrexham faithful on Saturday, he was in attendance for Manchester City's Premier League game against Aston Villa a day later, and brutally mocked former Manchester United defender Gary Neville during a brief appearance on Sky Sports.

WHAT HE SAID: When handed Neville's microphone Ferrell said: “We don’t need to hear from Gary, we’re bored stiff by Gary! Sorry, I watch religiously… until you speak."

Before this hilarious exchange, he had warmly embraced another Manchester United legend in the form of Roy Keane, and went on to recall their experience together in the same team for Soccer Aid years ago, saying he still plays a bit of football but tries not to injure his "hammy".

Ferrell added on his presence at the Etihad Stadium: "I’m on a recruiting trip for LAFC, I’m just seeing if they measure up to MLS. I watch a fair amount [of football], I don’t really have a side over here, I just enjoy following the storylines. It’s obviously a very good league, I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are some very good teams and players here."

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Ferrell is a part owner of the current MLS champions LAFC and he was seen enjoying himself when the team won their first championship on penalties late last year.

WHAT NEXT? LAFC are back in MLS action in two weeks as they kick off their season with the Los Angeles derby, El Trafico, playing LA Galaxy at the Rose Bowl on February 25.

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