'Wait, wait, wait, wait!' - PGMOL release sensational audio from incorrect Luis Diaz VAR decision during Liverpool's defeat to Tottenham

  • Liverpool see goal controversially disallowed
  • Call for VAR audio to be released
  • PGMOL has now responded

WHAT HAPPENED: Referees' body PGMOL has released the audio that led to Diaz's goal being disallowed for Liverpool against Tottenham during Saturday's 2-1 defeat. The PGMOL have already confirmed the decision was incorrect and the goal should have stood. They have now followed it up by releasing the footage that led to the call.

WHAT THEY SAID: The audio begins with footage of Diaz scoring and the whistle being blown for offside. A discussion then takes place in the VAR hub, the lines are drawn and show Diaz to be clearly onside. "Check complete, check complete. That's fine, perfect," says the VAR. The goal is then confirmed as offside with the referee saying, "Well done boys, good process." However, it then becomes clear that a huge mistake has been made:

Replay operator: Wait, wait, wait, wait, The on-field decision was offside. Are you happy with this? 

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Assistant VAR: Yeah. Offside. Goal. Yeah. That’s wrong Daz. 

Replay operator: The on-field decision was offside. Are you happy with this image. 

VAR: What? 

Replay operator: Yeah. The image that we gave them is onside.

Assistant VAR: He’s played him, he’s gone offside.

VAR: Oh (expletive)!

Replay Operator: "Delay, delay. Oli (PGMOL Hub Ops) is saying to delay. Oli is saying to delay."

VAR: "Pardon?"

Replay Operator: "Oli is calling in to say delay the game. The decision is onside."

VAR: "Can't do anything."

Replay Operator: "Oli is saying to delay. Oli is saying to delay."

VAR: "Oli?"

Fourth official: "Yeah."

Replay Operator: "Delay the game, stop the game."

VAR: "They've restarted the game. Can't do anything, can't do anything."

Assistant VAR: "Yeah, they've restarted. Yeah."

VAR: "I can't do anything. I can't do anything. ****."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The PGMOL also issued a statement alongside the audio confirming that they "recognise standards fell short of expectations." A report has been sent to the Premier League and shared with clubs with several "key learnings" emerging.

"Guidance to Video Match Officials has always emphasised the need for efficiency, but never at the expense of accuracy. This principle will be clearly reiterated," read the statement.

"A new VAR Communication Protocol will be developed to enhance the clarity of communication between the referee and the VAR team in relation to on-field decisions
"As an additional step to the process, the VAR will confirm the outcome of the VAR check process with the AVAR before confirming the final decision to the on-field officials."

VAR officials Darren England and Dan Cook have also been removed from games for this weekend in the wake of the blunder, while the Premier League and FA "will review" allowing officials to take charge of matches outside FIFA and UEFA competitions.


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WHAT NEXT? It remains to be seen if Liverpool will respond to the release of the audio. The Reds are currently preparing for a Europa League clash with Union Saint-Gilloise on Thursday.