Obama gets special invite to visit his favourite European football club

Barack Obama
Darmstadt are the only European club the former president of the United States follows on Twitter, prompting them to try to lure him for a visit


After leaving office as president of the United States, Barack Obama must work out what to do with life after retirement.

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George Washington ended his tenure in charge of the country and decided to start making whisky, George W. Bush found himself dedicating time to painting world leaders and... dogs, while his father is known for skydiving.

But as many Americans worry about what will become of his legacy and indeed the country under president Donald Trump, Obama has an excuse to leave it all behind and focus on something completely different.

Not welcome in the White House anymore, the 55-year-old can seek shelter in Germany, where Bundesliga side Darmstadt are waiting for him.

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Darmstadt posted a message to Obama on Twitter, inviting him to attend one of their games as they are the only European football team he follows on Twitter. That he follows 631,000 other accounts may cheapen the club's achievement somewhat, but they are looking to entice him further with his name on the back of one of their jerseys.

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As Darmstadt lie bottom of the German top flight, Obama may have second thoughts about taking them up on their offer, but last week's 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund could be enough to persuade him to make the journey.